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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
9:21 PMTiffany is telling Bronte and Natalie about the Truman Show. -ChillTownChick
9:13 PMJames and Frank both agree Natalie is coming around and shouldn't be put on the block. -Anon
9:11 PMFrank relaying Victor conversations to James in the pantry. James wants to tell Victor about throwing the comp if confronted on it. Frank poses putting Bronte and Paul up to backdoor Victor. James seems torn on whether that is a good idea, says he's down for whatever they want though. Frank thinks the odds of a backdoor working would be successful. -Anon
9:10 PMJames said he's on board with whatever they want to do. James said his part is done (referring to him throwing the HOH comp) -NoleJP
9:10 PMNicole is saying that Bronte is suspiciously being nice to her. -ChillTownChick
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