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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
3:20 AM2:50 Johnny and Naeha in the storage room. Johnny tells Naeha that she is Graig's number one target. They want to team up with Kevin, Brittanee, and Sarah. Naeha wants to put Graig up if she gets HOH, maybe against Bruno.
12:36 AMGraig just full on picked his nose NT
12:34 AMGraig, Bobby and Kevin in bedroom. G talking about which girls they are "in with." Kevin or "K-Mart" with Pilar, G with Sarah, Bwith Ash. Bobby says he isn't really anymore. Pilar comes back in. Kevin: "Are we going to kiss more tonight?" Everyone agrees they are cute.
12:32 AMPilar says there is no drama in the house. NT
12:32 AMPilar to Bobby - "What are your intentions with Ashleigh". Bobby says "none" NT
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