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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
4:24 PMMichelle: Hey guys, it's ... then Fish starting at 4:08 PM BBT. Then Jeff Interviews. -Scott3325
4:21 PMMichelle exited DR a few minutes ago. Fish for veto competition. -Tigrress
3:38 PMJames is back upstairs and eating his food & Nicole eating the one gave James gave her. They are all eating while some HGs are eating downstairsthat is Day/Victor/Bronte/Natalie/Paulie/Frank/Tiffany. DAY getting her own food. Bridgette goes upstairs to join James/Nicole/Michelle upstairs. -jaguar3
3:36 PMNicole wanted more food so James gave him back his plate & Nicole said no & he said dont worry - just take it & he will go get more food. Nicole says thank you and takes the plate and started eating away while James goes downstairs to go get more for himself. -jaguar3
3:33 PMJames back upstairs in the outside loft & joins Nicole/Michelle. He is eating a bowl of rice (i believe) which he offered Nicole & she took a mouthfulmultiple times and gave the bowl back to James. -jaguar3
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