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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
11:53 AMBobby says to himself his fate lies is Sarah/Willow's hands, no one elses. NT
11:52 AMBobby wishes Sarah good luck kicking the showmances butts if he goes. NT
11:51 AMGodfrey telling Britt the times Bobby has lied. Britt tells him Bobby volunteered to go up to make the veto believable. NT
11:49 AMGod tells Britt she has at least 3 votes, and really wants her to stay. But doesn't know Bruno/Sarah/Willow are thinking. NT
11:48 AMBritt asks God if she has his vote, but he won't tell her at the moment, until he finds out alliances stand. NT
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May 3 (Finale) Secrets and Lies
May 4 (Finale) Gotham
May 5 (Finale) Person of Interest
May 5 (Finale) New Girl
May 6 (Finale) Criminal Minds