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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
11:41 PMPaulie is preparing to cook dinner for himself and a few others. James and Natalie sharing ice cream. Mich is eating ice cream as well (I'm out for the night, other feeders!) -CassieM
11:28 PMEveryone is eating pizza (again). Mich is in shorts now, but has yet to shower/change. James asks Frank if he wants to join themat round table, but Frank says he's already sitting down. Bridgette sitting next to Frank. -CassieM
11:25 PMNicole goes over to Zakiyah. "Frank is so maaaad!" Zakiyah says there's nothing he can do. -CassieM
11:24 PMCorey gives Bridgette a hug. She says "just don't ***** with me at this point." Corey reassures her he won't. -CassieM
11:22 PMBridgette's crying. She says she wants to go home. She tries to laugh to play it off. -CassieM
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