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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
1:17 AMJames says his deal with Nicole was for the 2 of them (nat,James). James says she could back out of the deal.. he's done that. -Shay
1:14 AMJames and Natalie have been discussing each other for past 20 minutes. Natalie asks "should we join the others?". James says "no, they are going to put 2 people up and the game continues. I want more personal talk with you. They both head into LBR and continue their chat. -Shay
12:51 AMVictor, Paul and Corey discuss physical fights they have had in the past. Paul: worse thing I did was kick a guy in face. -Shay
12:47 AMMeanwhile, in the KT, Corey vic and Paul talk about a DE next week. -Shay
12:45 AMNat and James bad mouth Paul.. James says he throws out the c-word a lot. Nat says Paul acts mad bc she and Meech are good friend -Shay
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