Meanwhile while this conversation was going on Helen either forgot or did not know that Candice was in the HOH bathroom showering, by the time Helen and Jeremy went in the HOH to talk she was out of the shower and heard them say everything by sitting in the HOH bathroom.  This did not bother Helen she just told Candice that the ‘boys” had an alliance. Helen said she already knew it that McCrea had told her that.

McCrea then comes up to the HOH He then tells her he was just buying time before exposing the Moving co, and leave the moving company. Helen then told him that she knew about the moving co. from Amanda. (SO who really revealed the moving co to Helen?) McCrea suggest she put up Aaryn and Spencer or Howard and backdoor Jeremy. She tells him about her deal with Jeremy incase Jeremy gets picked to play VETO. Candice then said that Howie deserves a second chance and they can convince him to do what they want, said the racism has broken his spirit.


McCrea and Candice leave and in walks Kaitlin. Helen said she will be honest with her. That she would like to work with her and that she has respect for Jeremy. She said she told Jeremy that she might put her up as a pawn. That she expects that if she was to win HOH the same respect be given to her. She then told her that she had told Aaryn that she would work with her but after last night she can’t. Kaitlin said it will almost be better if she went up as a pawn, she said she gave Aaryn her loyalty on day two and has stuck to it. Kaitlin further said that Aaryn needs to go. Helen then told her she is not going home, Andy loves her and she is going after the people that broke her loyalty.


Next in the room was Amanda. She had the same plan as McCrea (surprising,) put up Aaryn and Kaitlin and either Howard or Spencer, back door Jeremy. Helen said she will tell Aaryn she is the pawn.

Howard reenters the HOH. He said he wanted Aaryn to be a have not, Helen told Howie that it was fishy that Spencer wants Amanda to be the replacement nomination. She then asks him again why the vote was 8/3 and not 7/4. Howard still denied knowing anything about the vote. Howard then said he thought Judd was 0/50 going into the vote and that he saw Jeremy talking to McCrea right before the vote casting suspicion on them. Helen said she will not put up Gina Marie. She then told Howard that he was not her target. Howard said maybe Spencer threw the hinky vote. He then told her again he is aligned with them 100% and will be strong for them. She then said she will give Spencer a shot to explain his vote. Helen then asked Howie if he as working with Nick, Howie further denied it and said he was not working with anyone. Then the guilt must have gotten to Howie or he realized he was sinking fast, he took Helen into the HOH bathroom and tells her that Jeremy told him they could go far together and once Amanda told him everyone was voting Nick out he over thought himself and thought he would vote against Elissa to make everyone think Amanda was the stray vote. Helen thanked him for coming clean. She again asked if he was working with Nick and Howard again said no. He kept saying Amanda scares him. Howard then said he would not lie to her again. Helen then said she knows about the guy alliance and Howie still denies knowing about it. Howie even went on to say that guys can’t trust each other. Howie then suggests that she put up McCrea as the pawn instead of him.