10:00 PM
Amanda and Andy have been going to great lengths to convince Elissa that Kaitlin is aligned with Howard and Spencer. And that Howard is very dangerous to them in the game. With excellent timing, Helen walks in tells them about Aaryn’s offer. Then GinaMarie comes in they ask her who is better to keep. She skirts around the question but gives them just enough to finally get Elissa to say she will vote out Kaitlin.

Down in the Storage Room Elissa confirms to Helen that keeping Aaryn is the better way to go. She thinks Aaryn should try to win HOH because she doesn't want Howard or Spencer to win it. Helen says they can't tell Candice or she will freak out. They’ll tell Candice the day of the vote how they're going to vote. They bash on Howard a bit before leaving the room.

 Immediately in the hallway, Elissa is now spouting all the advantages to keeping Aaryn. Amanda agrees and tells her to “trust me.” Elissa responds, "I do, now."

 Next Amanda whispers to Aaryn in the kitchen about the deal. Aaryn wants to know how she found out and Amanda lets her know it was Helen. Amanda thinks it was a great idea and really smart.

 Next up is Howard and Candice in the backyard where he is trying to convince her to vote out Kaitlin. She really wants to get Aaryn out.  

 While up in the HOH, Amanda starts working on Judd to get on board with getting out Howard or Spencer next week. She’s not too happy about the Howard and Candice connection too. Judd says he'll die if Candice wins HOH. Aaryn comes in and wants to know if she should try for HOH. Amanda mentions nominating Howard and Spencer if she wins HOH. Judd tells her to try to win and to make it look like an accident. Amanda says that Howard and Spencer can't find out that Kaitlin is going home or else they'll try to do damage control (Whoopsie again). Amanda tells Judd to play dumb because he has no vote as HOH. When he asks, Amanda instructs Andy not to tell Kaitlin that they're voting her out, “Yes we're blindsiding Kaitlin.” (Wait, when did Andy come in?)

 Now it’s just Judd, taking questions from Spencer and Howard in the HOH. They want to know if Amanda made a deal to get rid of Kaitlin. Judd says yea but Howard thinks Amanda is putting up a facade and she wants Howard and Spencer to think she wants Kaitlin out, but she really wants to keep Kaitlin (oh for crying out loud!). Talk turns to how weird Elissa was acting just before the POV competition.

Spencer spills the beans about Aaryn letting them know about the deal she made. Judd tries to deny that happened, but does say right now he feels Aaryn is a better choice to keep. Spencer and Howard don't seem to care either way. Spencer thinks he can smooth things over with GinaMarie if Kaitlin leaves should they not tell Kaitlin whether she's safe or not until the day of eviction. Howard adds that Kaitlin failed a trust test when something he said only to her got back to him.

 Later Jessie comes up and Judd asks her who she wants out. Jessie says she trusts Aaryn more, but she just wants to do what the house wants. Judd wants to warn Kaitlin instead of blindsiding her. When Jessie leaves, Judd tells Spencer game talk with Jessie is on a need-to-know basis.

Spencer thinks Andy will be extremely loyal. Spencer says that when Andy comes up, they should name the alliance (of Howard ,Spencer, Andy and Judd) and make it official so Andy feels he's included.

 Outside Jessie is concerned because Judd included her in what he was telling Howard and Spencer. Andy isn't worried but tells Jessie that Howard and Spencer are good manipulators. He tells Jessie that they are voting Kaitlin out this week. Jessie is worried that Howard and Spencer are working Judd over. Andy tells her that Judd is solid and can't even vote.  

 2:00 AM
Aaryn pranks Kaitlin into thinking Jeremy is her brother and Kaitlin freaks out. Aaryn really plays it up before admitting it was all a joke. Kaitlin is very relieved.

 Out in the Hammock Judd lets GinaMarie know in certain words that Kaitlin will be going home this week, but warns her not to tell Kaitlin yet. He says they may need to work with Amanda and McCrae. GinaMarie asks him if he thinks Elissa is going soon and he says she’ll probably go right before Jury.

They make a pact to go as far as they can together.

 Next up, the cinnamon challenge.  Aaryn, Jessie and Judd agree to do it (swallow a teaspoon of cinnamon). Everyone laughs as in quick succession they each cough it right up. GinaMarie then takes the challenge by herself and after about thirty seconds shows the crowd she swallowed it all. We learn that Judd eventually threw up right before GinaMarie goes for a second time. This time we get fish and it seems BB may have shut them down on this (as there is some danger involved).





3:30 AM
Amanda and McCrae get some alone time in the lounge. Amanda asks him if she was the first girl he proposed to and he says she is. Amanda says, “And the last!” (Why am I getting the feeling that was more creepy than romantic!)

 GinaMarie gets assurance from Judd, Howard and Spencer that she is safe this week.  Judd makes a point to say Jessie and he have never even kissed and asks GinaMarie to correct people if they think they are a pair. Spencer makes a point to say Andy is like a butterfly floating around everywhere. Judd agrees and says he wouldn’t be surprised to see Andy sitting behind him in the Diary Room. They still think Elissa put herself up on the block this week. Howard is asked about being a pro football player. Howard says he worked out with some teams but never actually made a team.

 Once GinaMarie leaves Judd says he is leaning toward having Aaryn go home, but after some round and round, changes his mind that Kaitlin really would be the smarter move. He thinks they can offer Aaryn a better deal, but they would want her to win HOH this week.

 And with that the house goes quiet just after 5:00 AM.

 Has the house really flipped from voting out Aaryn to voting out Kaitlin? Will Howard figure out he is toast if he doesn’t win HOH? Will they ever be told that America is the MVP this week?

 Another fantastic job by the updaters today! Also thanks to liquid8d for the Capture option on the viewer! And lastly, thanks to CBS for fixing the flippin clock on the live feeds (I was getting tired of taking the Update Time and subtracting 2 hours and 13 minutes to get to the Flashback Time)!