Her basket includes Michael Kors platform heels from her Mom, a feathered Madi Gras mask from a previous birthday party, a necklace of some sort and some lotions. Elissa jokes she can't believe Aaryn got another pair of shoes, and asks if she's worn any of the ones she brought, because she wears the same pair all the time.  Elissa jokes that Kaytlyn sent the shoes for her because they're her size. Andy jokes that it's come full circle - he could finally make Aaryn a HaveNot. They all joke that Andy will get a lot of candy in his basket.

11:30PM  HALL BEDROOM - Amanda consoles a tearful McCrae who feels bad about Judd leaving and is worried the house will want him out now. She's grateful McCrae voted him out but McCrae doesn't think that Judd was as bad as she's made him out to be. Amanda thinks he was, he lied "a bunch of times" and he has to separate the person from the game, that she's here to protect him.  McCrae is saying "yup" and "yep" repeatedly. Amanda continues, everyone is on their side now.  "That's the problem," McCrae replies.  Amanda thinks they will stay in the game if they don't go up against Andy and she wants Helen to go next HOH. McCrae continues crying and saying, "yup, yeah, yep."

Andy wanders in and Amanda confirms that Andy's target is Jessie, and GinaMarie if Jessie comes down. They agree it's "easy" as long as Spencer doesn't win veto.  Andy jokes about 'going rogue' and putting Helen up and they laugh.  Spencer walks in and Andy says he feels he's lost two friends today.

11:48 KITCHEN - Helen tells GinaMarie that until she won HOH, Judd would talk bad about her behind her back. GinaMarie asks Helen if Judd made fun of her about Nick. Helen says yes, and he deserved to go to jury because he lied about being MVP and kept putting Amanda up.

12:00AM  HALL BEDROOM -  McCrae tells Spencer he thinks he needs to be nice to Elissa in case she gets MVP. They agree Aaryn is a threat. McCrae is out of ideas for what the new competitions will be. Spencer thinks they'll have a knock-out and maybe 2 more endurances. Spencer is impatient for the HOH reveal and hopes Andy gets good CDs.  Spencer would even take Madonna (!)  He says Carol King is music for divorced mothers to turn their children against their fathers.  McCrae goes to check for alcohol and Spencer notes only four people will be able to drink. 

Spencer talks about his family and family names. He describes Marilyn as a 'mom from a sit-com' and he thinks she's the one; he's thinking now of having kids. Spencer suggests McCrae could be Mr. Mom.  McCrae thinks he'd be a good Mr. Mom. McCrae wants a boy so he will like Batman.  Amanda's all for the idea.

LOUNGE - Aaryn, Jessie, GinaMarie, Elissa and Helen talk to Andy. Andy says he feels he's lost two friends today. Helen calls Judd a 'mastermind."  Jessie says that Elissa saved herself the week they evicted Nick, it wasn't Judd; Elissa came to her for a vote. Jessie wonders what Candice is doing now. Aaryn thinks after today, she'd never get voted back in. She calls Judd a "serial reality show auditioner." They think Judd wil be bitter in Jury while Candice will probably read a lot.  Helen says she was thinking about changing her mind when Judd was begging them not to vote him out.

Elissa puts her hair on Aaryn's head to show what she'd look like with dark hair. They agree it's "very different."  Aaryn says that Candice put one of the puffs off her costume in Aaryn's makeup bag and thinks that Candice did that because "we were best friends." She told Julie she voted to evict "Candice the clown."  GinaMarie called her a "tattletale" in her goodbye message. Aaryn says she said, 'it's karma,' in her message.  They comment that the crowd was loud for both Judd and Candice but GinaMarie and Helen think that Judd's applause was louder.

12:30AM - The girls remain in the Lounge while McManda and Spencer remain in the Hall Bedroom. Aaryn is describing Julie rushing them through the comps. Aaryn thinks that Kaytlyn saying they look for "future husbands in bars" makes Aaryn looks bad. Elissa thinks it's crazy they're part of the show for the rest of the game. She thinks it's the season of the girls. The guys were "ok", but the girls are "rockstars."  Aaryn agrees. Elissa jokes she's won every HOH comp and let Aaryn have 3. They all laugh again. Jessie says everyone has won a comp now "except Amanda."  Aaryn says Andy and McCrae have never been on the block. "Tick tock, tick tock," she quips, and they laugh some more. Aaryn tells Elissa she did well on the comp - she came close every time. "But I couldn't put the cherry on top," Elissa shrugs. Aaryn says she says that all the time and in all her DR sessions and repeats, "Cherry on top."

12:48 AM  Andy is out of the DR: "Hey everybody, who wants to see my HOH room?!"

The Houseguests chant ANDY, ANDY, ANDY on the way upstairs. Andy makes a speech, "Elissa is not allowed inside" and they laugh as Elissa is the first one in. McCrae is holding a dinosaur as he enters. Spencer asks Andy about Nico, Andy's golden retriever, and Thunder, another dog. There's a picture of Shandra, Andy's friend, and of his parents and neighbor; they're mini-golfing partners. A babytooth was sent by his mom, along with his thumbnail lost slamming a car door, and a shirt he's "obsessed" with. He has a piece of his crib bumper pad that is his 'security blanket' and his 'most prized possession in the entire world.'  Madonna, 'Confessions on a Dance Floor' is his CD.