Andy comes in saying he doesn't want an endurance and Elissa shouldn't want one either after how she did on the last one. Elissa laughs in embarassment and says she was sabatouged and Andy laughs and agrees he did do that. Andy mentions his friend, Shaun and talks a bit about his family.

2:00PM  LOUNGE -  Amanda is reviewing the fight Jessie had with the girls.  Amanda, McCrae and then Andy start rapping.  Elissa joins in but isn't very good. 

H/N ROOM - Helen is running down her list of grievances against Jessie to Aaryn and Elissa. Helen and Aaryn compare notes on Amanda. Andy pops in and tells Aaryn that Jessie accused Aaryn of stealing her position in the game and Jessie warned him Aaryn would do the same to Andy.

Aaryn and Elissa exit as Andy grabs a few minutes with Helen. Helen tells Andy she can only influence Elissa so much. Andy promises to influence Spencer as much as he can. Spencer can't win, she tells Andy.

2:41PM DOWNSTAIRS BATH - GM calls Candice a racial slur while looking up to the camera. Spencer tells her to "keep talking... to the camera."  Andy wanders in, stopping in to chat music with Spencer.

3:00PM HALL BEDROOM -  Andy, Jessie, McCrae, Amanda, Spencer and Elissa chitchat as they continue getting ready. In the Color Room, GM is putting makeup on sitting at her bed; Helen is on her bed.

3:04PM DOWNSTAIRS BATH - Aaryn grabs a whisper moment with Amanda. She says Helen and Elissa pulled her into the H/N room and told her that they think Jessie was trying to turn Aaryn on Helen, and Spencer "better be the target." When Aaryn worried about herself going up, Helen said "not necessarily." Aaryn says she's playing into Helen thinking that Aaryn's under Helen's thumb. Amanda tells Aaryn that Elissa said she wanted Spencer out. They agree either Spencer or Helen have to go.

Aaryn and Jessie make smalltalk on the couch as they put on makeup. Elissa comes in briefly, still in her pajamas. Amanda is showering.

3:13PM  FISH go to TRIVIA and we start our pre-show mad dash to get dressed.


The 3AM Alliance is named. 

The origins of Jessie's meltdown is shown and we come back to Julie talking about the Jury. Before commercial Julie leaves us with the tease:"they may not be there for long..."

We come back to Jessie deciding she's going to blow up the game and to the origins of the quarrel between GM and Aaryn that led to GM's 3am house meeting call.

Julie asks questions of Aaryn, Andy, Amanda and Helen, and we go to commercial.


Jessie is first: She makes a plea of loyalty to those who keep her and loves everyone

Spencer: Happy birthday to his brother Grant. Spencer is so happy to be in the house.

It's unanimous and Jessie is voted out. (We'll miss you, Jessie! Good game!!)


Jessie tells Julie she wouldn't have done anything differently. No regrets.

Up next, the HOH battle and we go to commercial. "The HOH that may change the course of the game."


It's a Knockout competition: Way off Broadway. A showtune will be played to describe a hoh,veto or HaveNot competition and the first to buzz in wins.  First song,  GM and Helen are up. GM is trying to buzz in but the buzzer isn't working.  GM wins.  GM picks Spencer and Elissa. Second song and Spencer rings in, Elissa  is out. Spencer chooses McCrae and GM. McCrae rings in. McCrae picks Spencer and Aaryn. Aaryn rings in. Aaryn picks Amanda and McCrae. McCrae is incorrect, and Amanda and Aaryn face off. Both hesitate then Aaryn rings in and wins.

Congratulations Aaryn, HOH #4  Awesome!!!