2:06PM  LOUNGE - Helen's not mad but she knows that Andy told Amanda that Helen wanted Amanda and McCrae up. Andy says he said it out of anger and says he's sorry. He asks if Amanda told Helen and she says yes. She wants Andy to win the game but he needs to wake up and see Amanda for who she is. They hug and they break up. Helen goes out to the kitchen to fry a final batch of slopballs and gets splattered with a few drops of grease.  Andy seems upset, pacing from the Lounge to the Dining Room and back.

2:22PM   SR - McCrae says if he puts GM and Aaryn up, one of them will come down gunning for him. McCrae wants to take Elissa to the end. McCrae can't win against Spencer. Elissa says she doesn't have jury friends, either. McCrae tells her he could influence the jury. He won't give the HOH to Elissa but they have similar goals.

2:20PM  LOUNGE - GM sends Andy after Aaryn.  He's now thinking of keeping Helen to go after McCrae and Amanda.  Aaryn 100% doesn't want to keep Helen. GM doesn't trust Spencer. Andy's gut feeling is to keep Helen; GM agrees with him. Aaryn shakes her head 'no.' Keeping Helen will keep Elissa strong. GM thinks she can work with Elissa.

Meanwhile, Amanda is upstairs and yells for Aaryn.  Aaryn yells back she's in the Cockpit. Amanda comes in and asks if they want her to leave? Aaryn says she wants Amanda to know "I did not call this meeting." GM says Spencer is too comfortable; he's not even packing. Amanda exits.

Aaryn is very against Helen staying. Spencer can go after Elissa. GM thinks Spencer is with Amanda, so where does that leave them? Aaryn does the math  "3 and 3 - and Elissa." Andy says he just wants to verify.  Aaryn remains 100% against keeping Helen. GM sends Aaryn to get Amanda. After Aaryn leaves, GM says she doesn't know why Aaryn doesn't believe them about Spencer and Amanda.

2:27PM  COLOR ROOM - Aaryn spills the conversation to Amanda.

2:29PM  - Aaryn spills to Spencer. Spencer doesn't understand why Andy and GM are freaking.  Aaryn says she was 'shaking.'

2:30PM  LOUNGE -  GM tells Spencer, who's come in, they're talking to Amanda next and he can be next. Spencer is suspicious and asks to sit down.  Amanda comes in and GM tells Spencer he's excused. GM says she's nervous about Spencer.  Andy says they're just verifying. GM says Spencer's a good liar. 

Amanda asks if they think they're doing the right thing and Andy says 100%. GM tells Amanda they want to make sure everyone was on the same page. Aaryn doesn't understand the talk questioning Spencer. "I just can't believe..." she trails off, looking terrified at the thought of Helen staying. She thinks Elissa has 'gotten into (GM's) head." GM doesn't trust Spencer. Andy assures Aaryn, "it's done, it's done." Aaryn says Helen told "everyone" that GM was the next target.

Everyone leaves the Lounge but McCrae and GM.  Andy can be heard telling Spencer that GM wants to talk to him, as Amanda, Andy and Aaryn pass by Elissa on the way to the Color Room.

2:35PM  COLOR ROOM - Aaryn tells Andy and Amanda she's upset that GM and Andy would even consider keeping Helen; she would have "put up a duo for no reason!" Andy passes the blame onto GM who was questioning Spencer's loyalty. Andy can see "the terror" in Aaryn's face. Aaryn says Helen has to go.

2:35PM  LOUNGE - GM assures Spencer they're keeping him and wants to confirm the plan is for him to put Elissa up if he wins HOH. Spencer says, "absolutely!" GM continues covering, saying she doesn't know what Helen is saying to people. GM wants to make sure everyone's on the same page.

2:43PM  COLOR ROOM -  Andy gives McCrae his revised version of the conversation with GM in the Lounge. McCrae just wants to make sure it was GM and not Aaryn who was pushing for Helen to stay. Spencer joins and Andy assures him it was GM who was questioning Spencer.

2:48PM - Aaryn reassures Amanda that she's down with them to F3. Amanda tells Aaryn GM has to go. Elissa will put up GM and try to backdoor Aaryn. Aaryn's not looking happy at this news. Andy pops in and Amanda says they need to backdoor Elissa. Aaryn says McCrae came in and told her that if he won HOH she'd have to 'trust' McCrae. "What does that mean?" she asks. Amanda tells Aaryn she needs to change her attitude, stop looking so worried and quit questioning them.

McCrae comes in. Aaryn is mad at GM for calling a meeting; she's lost control of GM. Aaryn is worried that Elissa is "in an amazing mood." Amanda tells Aaryn to just trust them and she leaves. McCrae says Elissa wanted McCrae to throw the HOH to her but he wants to have something to brag about in the game. Andy says that makes him mad. Aaryn looks like she's ready to cry. McCrae says Aaryn should have worked on GM more in the past couple of days.

3:04PM  HAVE/NOT ROOM - Elissa is reading and crying quietly to herself.  Andy pops in to ask how Elissa is doing; she's 'good' but obviously not ok. Andy says he doesn't think anyone's going to budge and Helen is going. GM will do what Aaryn wants.  He's been trying to talk to people today but it's not looking good. Elissa smiles but doesn't respond. Andy leaves.

3:05PM  COLOR ROOM -  (Helen is looking stunning, by the way, in a knockout yellow dress.) Aaryn's played an amazing game and Helen changed her opinion of her since being in the House. She regrets teaming with Elissa. She tried getting Elissa on board with working with Aaryn but "it is what it is."  She will be a fair juror and vote on gameplay and how far people took Helen in the game. Andy pops in to listen.

Helen says that she "bought into the hearsay" about Aaryn and lumped her in with Jeremy but see's she's different now and hopes Aaryn respects her. Aaryn blames her behavior on Elissa. Aaryn looks up to Helen. Helen thinks Aaryn has played the game in a "mature" way. Aaryn says if Elissa was (still) on the block it would be different. Aaryn doesn't think the game is fair. Helen thinks Aaryn will be loved by America. After Helen leaves, Andy says he loves Helen; Aaryn says that's why she has to go.