1:24AM  Aaryn says that Elissa's basket makes her want to eat healthier instead of Fruity Pebbles. (It should be noted that Aaryn is genuinely trying to make an effort tonite to be pleasant.)  Amanda tries to get the room talking about Jessie. Elissa picks up her letter and shouts, "I love you, Rachel Reilly!!" The room goes quiet. Elissa is simply beaming!  Spencer and Judd agree the HOH bed is better than airplane seats. Amanda doesn't want a H/N competition. Judd wants to smoke a cigarette. Spencer asks Judd if he's out of smokes; he's got two packs left and they won't buy you cigarettes in Jury.

Elissa tells the Houseguests they can eat whatever they want - Andy goes in for a power bar but the others seem a little disappointed there's no candy. Aaryn says Elissa looks super young in her photos. Elissa jokes she tells people she's only 18 and she had her son at 11. Aaryn talks about being carded. The boys jump in with their own being carded for ID stories. Elissa is rereading her letter. McCrae likes Rachel saying, "Hey, Girl, Hey!" Elissa talks about her kids again.  She says she's so glad they're all there in HOH to share this with her.  Spencer likes people's HOH's because it helps them see the story behind the HouseGuests.

1:30AM -   Elissa picks up a photo and asks if they see the hockey jerseys? She explains she and her husband bought a hockey arena (where the Oilers practiced), and they've built an ice rink upstairs for parties. Judd and Spencer have never been ice-skating. McCrae offers to teach them 'hockey' skating. Elissa says they have a golf simulator and her husband can play on simulator in the winter when it's too cold. She took over one of the rooms so she could put in her fitness center. Aaryn congratulates Elissa and leaves.

Elissa is grateful to BB and is very happy to be there. She asks if she looks younger in her photos and Judd thinks with her hair darker she looks like a different person. Elissa  thinks she's aged 5 years from stress being in BB.  Amanda quips maybe Dr. Will will be in  Pandora's Box. Elissa keeps picking up photos and lights up while exclaiming her love for her family. She hopes her son is being a good boy. She thinks that he might have been upset when he painted one picture because he scribbled.

1:42AM -  Amanda has managed to squirrel her way onto the HOH bed. Elissa says she has a very slim option of people to sleep up here, "Amanda, hey hey". Amanda gets excited. Andy offers to sleep at the foot of the bed. Amanda complains there's no candy. Spencer announces it's 1:40. Judd asks Andy if he's kept his running up, and he says he runs with Elissa; Judd wants to join them tomorrow. Elissa loves her sister and thinks her brother-in-law is the best looking BB player ever. She talks about Brendon's friends that have successful companies they run out of their homes; he's friends with Rocket Scientists and one knows Richard Branson (Virgin Airlines) and that blows Elissa away.

1:53AM  - Andy bails, leaving Judd, McCrae, Spencer and Amanda with Elissa. Elissa talks about her stepson, that buys computers and resells them online to make money, and he's already made enough to buy himself a car but he's not old enough to drive yet. One stepson has 3 businesses already. Her husband, who is self-made, insists his sons work so they can be successful, too. Elissa thinks her sons will be "multisuccessful."  She beams with pride. 

1:58AM  COLOR ROOM - Andy tells Aaryn that he doesn't think Elissa will put her up against GM. Aaryn says Amanda told her different. Andy tells Aaryn he really doesn't want Aaryn or GM to go. He promises Aaryn to talk to Elissa tomorrow and see where her head is at but thinks once Elissa's mind is set, it's set.

1:58AM  HOH ROOM - Elissa gets out her yoga mat and says she'll be like a "spider monkey" now. She changes to a yoga top and tries to show Amanda she can touch her toes to her head. Judd gets goofy and does a yoga pose as GM walks in and cracks up. Elissa tells Judd they've been missing his dance every day, so he does a little Judd-dance. She high-fives him and tells him again how happy she is he's back. He says, "Thank you!"  GM is back from her DR. She's all smiles and looks relaxed. They talk abut the "mascot" that ran thru the competition - GM, our Birthday Girl tonite, thinks he was "cute!"

2:05AM  Judd clarifies that Elissa came up with Tempted with Prizes.  GM says she's claiming Shady Lane. GM admires Elissa's photos. Andy reports Aaryn went to bed. GM's happy to sleep in a real bed. Elissa listens to her CD and quotes lyrics, "you're a liar, and pathetic, and all alone.." she laughs.

Spencer comments that Helen got singing lessons but she didn't sing well. Judd asks Elissa if that's mean. Elissa says, yes. Judd asks Spencer "why do you have to be so mean?". 

Elissa continues to speak lyrics, "you with your switching sides, and your wildfire lies" as she smiles. The crew talk about Elissa being 'in the zone' during HOH. GM liked getting a hug and Happy Birthday from Candice. Judd asks GM if she and Jessie had a problem last week and GM denies any issues.


Andy and Spencer break into fake OTEV clues, rather rude ones about Jessie and one about Aaryn. GM decides to head for bed. Amanda is called to the DR. Andy and Judd head down; Judd worries about being called to DR. Andy promises to come back up. Spencer also leaves Elissa to HOH bliss but she needs to retrieve her pajamas and facewashing stuff from downstairs.

2:40AM  COLOR ROOM - Judd thinks Amanda lied in her goodbye message. He missed Andy. Judd says he's got Andy 100%. Judd says he trusts Elissa, too. He asks who he should not trust? Amanda? Andy says he trusts McCrae. Judd has always trusted McCrae more. Andy tells it was Amanda and Helen that wanted Judd out. Amanda thought Judd was MVP. Andy asks Judd to not tell Amanda everything because she still trusts Andy.

Andy says Elissa is breaking up couples, which is fine because it's not them. Judd said Elissa acts like she's not going to put him up but he didn't hug her when he left. Andy tells Judd everyone still likes Judd. Judd says he will never put Andy up and Andy agrees to the same.

2:50AM  Spencer tells Judd to never mention the Grasshopper Alliance. Judd tells Spencer that Amanda was the reason he left and he's not telling her anything. Spencer asks Judd to trust him and Andy. GM and Spencer tell Judd they didn't know about the blindside. 

3:09AM In a moment alone, Spencer asks GM to keep the Grasshopper Alliance a secret. Spencer asks GM to come clean about last week and she tells him about the girls attempt to save Helen, that it was Helen, Elissa, GM and Aaryn.

3:10AM  HOH ROOM - Elissa brags a little more on her mom and her family. Judd comes back up. McCrae is trying to explain to Judd and Elissa why GM needs to be nominated next to Aaryn.  Elissa thinks McCrae and Aaryn is a better option and everyone should know that everyone has an equal chance to go home.


Elissa says she doesn't trust anyone else being nominated against Aaryn except McCrae. She doesn't want them mad at her but she wants to make happen what she wants. Elissa asks Judd's opinion and Judd thinks people would want him up. Elissa says people will make a deal to take Aaryn off if GM goes up next to her and they won't do that if McCrae is on the block.  Amanda wants to argue statistical possibilities. Elissa insists it's critical for her game that Aaryn goes home. Elissa is tired, it's 3:30am and she promises to think more tomorrow. Judd leaves as Amanda cries. Elissa assures them she's not trying to break them up. She asks them to leave.

3:35AM  LOUNGE - Amanda tells McCrae, Judd and Andy that Helen put Elissa up to this, "it's 100% Helen." Andy feels it's like "talking to a wall." McCrae doesn't understand the logic. Amanda worries if Aaryn wins veto, she's going up. Amanda thinks Elissa wants one big move before she gets evicted because she knows she won't win. Judd denies being MVP and Amanda lists reasons she thinks he was. Judd leaves.

Spencer comes in and tells them to be thankful Elissa's not putting both of them up. He believes Elissa really does want Aaryn out.  Everyone comments how happy Elissa was that Judd returned. McCrae is worried because Judd heard their conversation in HOH about them wanting GM up. Spencer thinks Judd will tell.

4:03AM  Andy and Spencer talk alone for a moment and decide Elissa must want Amanda backdoored. Spencer knows that Amanda and McCrae would throw either one of them to the wolves. Andy would vote out Amanda and think Judd would, too.

4:15AM DOWNSTAIRS BATH - Amanda is crying, McCrae tells Amanda she just has to win veto and take him off the block. There's nothing they can do. Elissa's a robot programmed to catch balls. "I hate her!" Amanda complains. McCrae chirps, "yup' and Amanda goes back to sniffling as they head to bed. Spencer, now in bed, asks Amanda if she needs a Zyrtec.

5:20AM  All of our Houseguests are now tucked safely in their beds as we start another exciting day in the BigBrother House!

Will Elissa follow through and nominate McCrae and Aaryn? How will the House react? And just how well will Judd mesh back into the House? These questions, and more, may be answered tomorrow when nominations are made!

[To all our incredible JokerUpdaters - you guys are the very best of the web! Thanks, again for all your help unraveling this exciting day!]