Letter time:  Mom and Freddy write: Hey G! How ya doing. Well, we're all doing good... and the house is finally finished (Ed note: their house was damaged in Hurricane Sandy.) I can't wait until you see it. Baby Andrew is getting so big, he's talking up a storm. Little Teddy misses you. He wants to go to the movies with you. G, you won't believe this - Andrew was out in the backyard playing with his cars and started eating dirt. It was all over his face; we couldn't get it out of his mouth. (GM laughs) He got sick all over Freddy. It was such a big mess! (GM laughs) He really does miss TTgina. Happy Birthday, Baby! Me and Freddy are going to have a birthday cake for you on your birthday. We all love you so much. Everybody wishes you a happy birthday and we'll have a party when you come home. Stay focused and stay strong. Know that we love and miss you. Bella says wooof and Ted and Kathy say hi. We love you. Mom and Freddy-boy. (everyone claps)

Spencer thinks GM's basket is "so much better than that previous HOH." Elissa laughs. GM is exuberant as she talks about her nephew. McCrae says he has a nice smile. GM continues to show off her pictures and reveals she got a nose job 5 years ago. Elissa tells GM of one picture, 'this is so special." and says she looks gorgeous in it. At 11:35pm Amanda comes over and just takes the photo out of Elissa's hand. Elissa laughs. The only thing GM is missing is hair dye.

11:47PM - Amanda says she wishes Poopie could see this. Elissa says she'll see it from Jury. Elissa says it feels like "nothing's the same without Poopie already." She misses her laugh. GM agrees. McCrae wanted to say, I vote to evict Poopie. Amanda cracks up and then puts her hand up like she can't look at Elissa. Andy wonders if Aaryn's identified as Poopie to the outside world. GM says she calls Aaryn 'bunny."  Amanda, sitting on the couch, looks like she wants to roast Elissa alive. McCrae is critiquing Nick's picture in a sexual way. GM wants to see and they laugh. Elissa thinks that all of GM's pictures are amazing.

GM goes downstairs to fetch a knife and some water and her Nick shrine stuff and is followed by Elissa. As soon as Elissa leaves, Amanda says "I miss Poopie so much? I love her? Com'n Com'n"  Judd asks, 'What?" Amanda says, "You didn't hear her say that twice? Com'n !! Everybody heard that, right?" Yes-man Andy speaks up quickly to say, "yes!"

Elisssa and GM come back in. Amanda plays with the monitor controls. While Elissa uses the restroom Amanda mouths to GM, "she loves her so much?!" and giggles. She sits on the bed and whispers again that when GM was in the DR Elissa, "was so nasty and made me cry." (She leaves to go smoke a cigarette and continue her chant that Elissa has to go.) They all love swedish fish. Never one to miss an opportunity to throw some shade at Elissa, Andy says that they're 'high in mercury because they're fish.'

GM and Elissa go downstairs again.  Andy says, "I feel like both of you know how to push each other buttons." Amanda cuts him off and asks, "Do you see what she's doing? She misses (Aaryn)? Why did she make sure she got her evicted this last week?" Judd says Elissa does miss her.

GM and Elissa come back up.McCrae goes outside to smoke, followed by Amanda. Elissa says 'oh my gosh' I think it's so gross she's sitting there with her legs wide open and you can see right through her pants. Amanda comes back in and digs into the food. Judd and Andy leave, Judd to go to bed and Andy to go run and burn energy. Elissa asks GM to come with her so she can make sure she gets the right sheets for her bed. Amanda says they'll come down, too.  Alone for a moment, Elissa says she was just trying to save GM from Amanda's crass and 'disgusting' behavior. Elissa asks, "when did she hang out with the girls all of a sudden?" GM asks if she said something to her about Jessie and Elissa says she's just mad because Jessie told her FU. She thinks that Aaryn is gorgeous but Jessie is too.

12:32AM  OUTSIDE - Amanda comes out to vent and asks if she can tell the boys something funny. Andy tells her not to let things get to her. Amanda laughs that Elissa asked GM come downstairs to show her how to put sheets on the bed.  Amanda says GM winked at Amanda and that means GM knows that Elissa is being antagonistic. She asks Judd if he sees what Elissa is doing? Judd says he sees both sides. As she chainsmokes, Amana tells Spencer about Elissa asking for GM's help with the sheets. "God if we were not in this house, what I would do to that girl, You have no f... idea!" Spencer tells her to stick on GM like 'white on rice."

Judd tells Spencer they don't even have to campaign because they'll wear each other out. He says he wants McCrae gone first because he's a bigger competition threat. Judd says he could tell Amanda was ticked he was coming back in the house and he was mad that when he got back everyone was still kissing McManda's butt.

GM thinks that Aaryn reminds her of Britney Spears. McCrae says she thinks she looks like Baby Spice. Elissa says, aww, little Aaryn, went to jury. She thinks Aaryn will be happy that GM won HOH. GM says happy and ticked at the same time.

GM wants to go in the pool but Elissa tells her it's superfoggy because (production) didn't clean it and they need chlorine tabs. GM says she's going to chill out. Elissa says that's what they both should do, just relax. Amanda tells GM she'll go in the pool with her. Elissa decides to go look at the pool, too. "If you're not going in, why do you care," Amanda interrogates Elissa. Elissa doesn't respond. Amanda leaves and GM and Elissa follow her downstairs.

12:50AM - Elissa says she's totally just messing with Amanda. She really doesn't want to hang out with Amanda at all but she's hanging with GM because she doesn't deserve to be harassed. That every HOH, Amanda acts like it's her HOH and she's so annoying, it's obnoxious.  Amanda comes back in to report the pool is cloudy but the hottub is clear. Elissa asks GM if she's ok and GM says yes. Elissa says she should just go relax.

Andy comes out of the DR, excited, and says GM is all he talked about. GM laughs.  Elissa thinks it's bad that Amanda will hound her until she makes the nominations and she feels bad for GM because it's exactly what Amanda did to her last week.

Elissa goes outside to get sheets and Amanda follows her and then turns around and goes into the bathroom and says to the mirror, "If you don't see that taunting is what she's doing, I've lost all hope in humanity." Going outside, she says to McCrae she's going to kill herself, a slow and painful death. FISH  Amanda smokes yet another cigarette before following Elissa inside again.

Amanda comes back outside and starts talking to McCrae and Spencer about Elissa telling GM, "don't go in the pool it's disgusting you're going to get a disease or something. you definitely shouldn't do anything tonite."  Spencer asks if Amanda was a megab... in highschool. Amanda says she was picked on actually. Judd asks she was picked on? Spencer asks if it was for her beauty?  Amanda says she wouldn't say that. Spencer asks her to tell him about it, let's get deep.  Amanda says she doesn't know, she was loud and obnoxious from ADHD. Judd asks if they were mean to her? Spencer says he'd really like her especially in a highschool setting. Amanda says she was heavier and had no boobs and had one really close girlfrield at a time. Spencer asks if she would have one girlfriend at a time and get into it and need to go to another girlfriend? Amanda says she's not used to girls like Elissa and it's very defeating for her and she knows it's a game the way that she plays and she doesn't know if it's a game or her personality but it's exhausting and she doesn't want to walk around the house on eggshells around this b.... who like tells GM not to go in the pool with her because it's digusting and dirty and she's gong to get diseases. She's just as nasty person, and she's over it, Amanda rants on.