8:18PM   KITCHEN - McCrae is called to the DR. The Exterminators do the exterminator dance while McCrae is in the DR.

GM complains she has to clean the kitchen up now. Spencer says they would have had to keep Elissa's eviction quiet all week if it wasn't a Double Eviction.Judd asks if Andy heard Elissa say, "you're lying, why are you lying?" Andy gets dramatic, explaining that he did, indeed, lie to Elissa.

GM brags she went up to McCrae and told him she knew about the rings, and she knew how Elissa voted. GM says Elissa asked her why was McCrae saying  that GM knew about her rings? GM told Elissa she told McCrae that Elissa told her when she did GM's hair. GM claims she's a "real person; check it," and goes back to stuffing Elissa's belongings in her suitcase. Andy laughs again about lying to Elissa and then says she's "devoid of emotion."

Andy brags he said, "Yes you did" and he 'pulled a Jessie' when Elissa said she didn't know about the backdoor Judd plan. (She didn't until just before the vote, as we remember). Andy claims that everyone was in on it, as he sits down in the Living Room and calls Elissa a liar. They all agree that GM didn't lie. Andy says that he will give Elissa this, that she did find out about it later that it was Helen and Amanda that (engineered Judd's eviction.) Spencer makes a whiney voice, "bye".  GM laughs again that "I got that b... to do my hair again."

GM asks everyone to stand up and says "the deceased is leaving" as the boys take Elissa's things into the SR. They put Elissa's belongings by the trash,  act like they're spraying the belongings and then take Spencer's stuff out of the SR. They all highfive in the Hall Bedroom.

Andy thinks he might have lost a couple of jury votes tonite.  Andy brags about his goodbye message to Elissa that he told her he lied to her and he revealed the Exterminators to her.  Spencer says he redid his to include Mark David Chapman. Andy brags again about yelling at Elissa to "quit lying." and telling her "what the F" in the cockpit when Elissa was trying to talk to McCrae and he came into accuse her of lying. He seems perversely excited that he was finally able to cuss at Elissa.

Andy admits he was "such a B..." when he went over to GM in front of Elissa and said, "I love you and you're not going anywhere." They make fun of how Elissa looked confused.  Judd calls Amanda b...y and cocky. Andy brags that he winked at Amanda and swore to God that he wouldn't vote her out. Everybody is trying to one-up each other with how-mean-I -was-to-Elissa stories.  Andy is back at the memory wall and is pointing out everyone he's lied to and double-crossed. 

Spencer says it feels "real" now. Tonite was the biggest night of the entire season.

GM is busying herself washing dishes as the guys nervous out between the Kitchen and the couches waiting for the HOH comp to start. Andy whines out he can't believe "my lies" got Elissa out of there. He was asked by the DR if he threw the comp.

Judd says if he got HOH Elissa said to put up Andy and GM and Judd can't understand why since she was working with Andy. "Right?" he asks Andy.  Andy says it makes no sense that (Elissa) was gunning after him for weeks because she was working with him and McCrae and Amanda. Judd says that's why he can't work with Elissa "she has random targets like that." (oh boy)

8:50PM - TRIVIA and HOH COMP (10:01PM still trivia)

10:44PM -  Spencer wins HOH!  Good job, Spencer !

It sounds like it was a kind of Morph competition but there were 3 gifts/punishments to go with the competition that Spencer needs to assign.

10:50PM - Talk turns to Elissa and Amanda and how the Jury House will react. Andy is worried that jury could see BBAD (?.) Andy thinks Helen will be excited to see Amanda evicted and Aaryn will be excited to see Elissa evicted. Judd calls it the "cathouse."

Spencer retells his saying to Elissa, when she asked Julie if she could get her bag, that she had "sixty seconds." 

11:00PM - We come back from FISH to Spencer in the kitchen in midsentence, "that anyone (Elissa) is on the block against, would go home."  Andy says she did threaten that. Judd says Rachel and Brendon are probably ripping them a new one.  Spencer says "F those Fheads. They need a new one ripped." Andy says snobbily, "Who cares? You know what?  If the Brenchel Army supported me, I would be offended." Judd brings up his hairbrained theory that Elissa was really using Rachel's birthday. Judd and Andy complain that Elissa wouldn't give up her personal details. Andy says there were 900 instances where he would ask her for a specific something and Elissa wouldn't tell him. Now they think she's 30.

 Judd says the girls really f...d up, and says again, "they're all in the cathouse." Spencer mentions the prostitute house in Nevada of the same name. GM says they work for a few months a year and then they're done. Andy can't resist: "just like bottle service girls in Vegas, according to Elissa." Spencer says for someone as moral as (Elissa) is, showing tits and flirting for money is not pie in the sky morality. Judd says as long as it makes you more money it's ok. 'cause I'm mature.  (Button Boy zooms in on the crumbs in Spencer's beard.) Andy thinks it's going to be great thing to go to a HOH that's not Elissa's. Spencer says, or Aaryn's. We looked at pictures of goats.

Spencer says Elissa was the only person in this house, even with Candice, he wanted to be "mean" to. GM says, like you wanted to say something but you couldn't. Andy agrees strongly, he wanted to be mean to her, too. Judd asks if he's the only one who got a FU Elissa in?  "America," Andy proclaims, "this woman is an absolute monster, and she's a robot devoid of human feelings, and if you vote for her, I'd be like, please, I'm begging you, do not vote for her for America's player. She does not "deserve" it, give it to anyone else. And to the Brenchel Army, Like, yeah,  I don't care if you don't want to support me, I'd be offended if you supported me." (um. we heard that, Andy.)

11:32PM -  Spencer is called to the DR. McCrae discovers design your ducks sets and origami in the SR.  GM is trying to do origami but finding it difficult. Judd talks about getting mono at 23. Andy bashes a chemistry teacher of his, who didn't give him special treatment after returning from school after 3 weeks off with mono. The teacher expected him to have kept up while at home. GM complains that Elissa would complain she was bloated.  "Oh, look what I have, a new comforter- go F yourself, Elissa!" as she takes the comforter off Elissa's hallway bedroom bed and goes back to the Color Room .

12:00AM - Andy wants to have "the most offensive party" on 9/11. GM's glad to be the last girl. Andy says if it can't be Candice he'll settle for GM. He calls Candice his "angel." GM says, "OMG." Andy says he was "super-c..ty" when he voted out Elissa.  GM sings, "Ding-dong, the b... is dead" Judd said she made it further than Rachel and sixth place was great. Judd brags, "This is the group that really deserves to be here!" GM, "Real people."
Andy thinks he's a bad Big Brother fan compared to McCrae. He's never seen BBAD or Live Feeds. Judd has never watched Live Feed because he thought was the same as BBAD.

12:16PM - They hear a door. Spencer comes out and stands there, but doesn't say anything. Andy whines, "What's going onnn?" McCrae chews what's left of his nails.

12:36AM -  Spencer is back out and gives GM a hug. Judd asks why do they get punished for not winning the HOH? GM looks bummed.  She wants to take a shower before their 24-hr punishment. He talks to GM in the Lounge and says that he didn't want Judd making any deals with McCrae and that's why he chose who to hook up. GM says she's going to be excluded from everything but whatever. Spencer said it doesn't matter, McCrae is going home. GM wonders how she will change clothes and complains about her foot. 

12:42AM - McCrae receives his basket. His letter is from his sister. He's choaking up and doesn't want to read the letter."If you're reading this letter, you've won HOH. Mom and Dad are so proud of you" he starts and then pauses. "I don't want to read this," he says, starting to cry.  GM tells him he doesn't have to and goes and gives him a hug. Judd asks if everything's ok and he's just happy? McCrae's ok. Spencer tells him he should be proud of himself and gives him a hug.  McCrae puts his letter away and puts on his new hat and a shirt a former girlfriend made. GM thinks Amanda will burn it. GM laughs like Amanda. McCrae laughs at himself. Juggling balls, socks, hat, Cheese-its, sugar pops, men grooming products, candy, and beer are in his basket. (no pictures, tho.) The HouseGuests dig in to the goodies.

12:47AM -  A whistle goes off.  Judd jumps up and the Drill sergeant voice tells Judd to "give me 50 jumping jacks!" After 30 we hear, "Pick up the pace, pinhead." GM counts off.  Spencer says McCrae's shirt is a 'goin' to town' shirt.  Spencer hasn't been told when his HOH reveal is. 

GM thinks they can't play veto locked up so she thinks the "friendship bracelets" shackling will happen tonight. GM tells McCrae that they are sleeping in the Color Room.

12:56AM -  GM and McCrae are called to the DR. GM is mad she didn't get to take a shower. Spencer jokes they're having a joint DR. Andy says he'll take any punishments and to drop right after McCrae if it's a timed competition.

1:08AM - "Who wants to see our friendship bracelet?!"  We can hear McCrae and GM practice before they come through the door. The rules are they can't take them off, she even has to follow him into the DR and stand outside the door. Andy checks for alcohol and there's none. GM thinks she can take the bracelet off "for a second" to change her shirts. Andy thinks it's a penalty nom. The guys try to talk McCrae out of his beer. McCrae says, "I dunno."

Andy complains Helen always wanted to play hide and seek. Spencer got tired of her games and dress up pageants. GM says Helen always tried to drag her into it. Andy says he can verify that Jessie got a sympathy win for the BBQ.  GM immitates Elissa's "Brooklyn girl" and asks, "did she want to be like me?" Helen's kind of funny, you're kind of not," she says of Elissa.  Andy says he hates her. McCrae says "good riddance to bad rubbish."

Andy, our resident instigator, brings up Candice. Again., "My sweet angel,"  he sighs. GM says of Candice, "where's your crown, b ? Oops, I forgot, you never won a HOH. She sucked at everything." They want Elisabeth Shue to host a comp. and Spencer makes a lewd remark. FISH. Andy brings up how Judd searched Howard's bed and belongings and was called to the DR and told to stop. FISH

Andy says when Elissa walked in the room his heart would sink. McCrae says, yeah,  that was the worst, "everyone would have to censor themselves." Andy asks if they saw him be a 'total c..t' to Elissa and retells hugging GM in front of Elissa and telling GM she wasn't going anywhere. They laugh. He says he was so (witchy) and he finally needed to say something (witchy.)

Andy asks Spencer if they should tell McCrae and GM the truth about Candice, and then tells McCrae that Howard and Candice didn't do a DR together, that it was a lie. Andy says Spencer talked about it and winked at Andy and Andy decided to play it up as much as he could.

1:38AM - Houseguests please check the storeroom. They have 4 cans of beer.

Everyone complains and Spencer calls the DR 'ungrateful Fs'. He says they should chug them and tell Judd they didn't get any. Andy wants to give his to Spencer. Spencer chugs a beer, tosses the can and pops another top. They cheer to Final 5 again. Spencer feels great about being F4. 

They tell GM that Nick was put up by Elissa because Nick said that he wouldn't vote to keep Elissa. GM thinks that was dumb of Nick. Andy admits they used Elissa. GM resented Elissa getting MVP. GM says as long as everyone was equal, that's a fair game, and she hated that Elissa would get MVP every week, because she's cool, and she should have got it. GM tells McCrae that now he's not "stuck with" Amanda and she can finally talk to him and have some "guy time" with him.

McCrae says when Amanda went off on Elissa he knew he had to stop it..and he knew that when she came out of DR she wasn't smiling at GM because of DR. The "Bubby"stuff with Elissa he stupidly in a way didn't care, because if she's going to keep attacking,  that means she's going to be such a big target.

GM thinks it went a little too far and that she was antagonizing Elissa. But then they were all best friends. Amanda had asked if GM was mad that she and Elissa were 'best friends." McCrae says he would have played more victim if he was her.

McCrae says two nights ago Amanda was, like, in the middle of the night saying, didn't Janelle have a fake engagement ring? GM mentions Elissa "had that fake diamond to give to you to give to Amanda."  Andy asks if Amanda left with the ring and McCrae says yes and they all laugh that Amanda took Elissa's rings. "Good riddance to bad rubbish," McCrae repeats, "what comes around goes around. BYE" "OMG," Andy says, "It's ladies night at the jury house every night!"

Spencer is called to the DR at 2:04AM

GM assumes a terrible British accent and immitates Elissa: "I'm a lady, Andy. I don't fart or take dumps or even toot. I put the water running so they don't hear me do the hershey's squirts. OMG, my hip is going to destroy my career. oh oh oh." McCrae reads his beer label. GM burps.