McCrae's glad Spencer didn't give him a heads up beforehand because he would have been super-(mad.) They all agree again they love McCrae and told him "out of respect." McCrae looks defeated and embarrassed as he continues to pace and swear.

Andy believed the more Amanda and Elissa hung out, the more Amanda would trust Elissa over Andy and it frustrated him. McCrae "totally trusted Elissa, I totally trusted her." Andy agrees, "You could have." Spencer says they just needed to make McCrae believed them  for "8 minutes." That McCrae would have to regroup after Amanda left and they'd offer a boy's alliance.

GM admits again she lied about saying that Elissa told her about the rings and Andy admits to instigating the lie. She noticed Elissa had only two rings instead of three when she did GM's hair so GM knew that (Andy had told her the truth.) McCrae says he thought it was a real ring for sure but then convinced himself she gave him a fake ring. Andy says, "We all jumped on that train real quick!" 

He brags Elissa didn't act well under pressure (before nominations) "but we all did." GM re-acts her yelling at Elissa. McCrae regrets not believing Elissa. GM says, "We had to attack." McCrae thinks he's the "dumbest M/F." Andy says everyone did exactly what they needed to. They wanted multiple people saying the same thing to make Elissa look like a liar.

The crew moves to the Color Room, where the door falls off the top hinge (again) and they laugh as they offer competition things to McCrae (for him to sell on EBay.)

The boys wander back out to the kitchen where McCrae says he feels totally "the Britney of the season."  Andy says the DR told him that, too,  when he asked the DR if they could tell McCrae he was going. McCrae says if Elissa wins AFH, he will 'puke.' Andy wonders if his organ shirt is safe as GM goes off to the bathroom to do her makeup.

2:04PM - McCrae, pacing and still looking stunned, wonders again what he will say to questions about Elissa's loyalty. Andy says his own behavior, "at the height of me hating Elissa," he'd "go upstairs" and brag that Amanda was going to leave with Elissa's wedding rings. Spencer told Amanda if she left he would take care of Andy and McCrae. "You guys took care of me!" McCrae exclaims. "Oh God, don't say that!" Andy cries in reply.

McCrae's mad at himself; he had so many chances to win. Andy was mad that McCrae won the veto. Andy can't decide if Judd was a "master schemer" or just "kind of a hot head." McCrae doesn't understand Judd, that his "I'll tell you more later" eviction speech seemed like "an infomercial thing." McCrae knew that they were lying to him after Amanda was evicted but felt if he said anything, that it would be worse for him.

Andy reitterates the plan was to attack either Elissa or McCrae, depending on who won HOH. They had to bombard him separately with the same information, Spencer adds. McCrae says if (he lost HOH to Elissa) they would have seen a different side of McCrae that day. That they would have been shocked; he would have been livid. He wouldn't have been like Elissa. There's "no way I would have... allowed that!" Andy says that's kind of how he felt when he yelled at McCrae, "why don't you... believe me?!".

McCrae says he "would be in such dismay" if he was in Elissa's position. Spencer laughs she "short-circuited." Andy says, "we all just pounced." McCrae swears again. Andy breaks a brief silence to say they really wanted Elissa out more than McCrae. Andy jokingly wonders if they cut the season short because Elissa was evicted. Andy claims that it was hard to tell McCrae he was leaving but if it had been Elissa it would have been like, "B.. , your (butt) just got Exterminated." McCrae comments he has "four more hours."

GM sits to complain her stitches are "bubbling." McCrae is called out by Production for taking the Bathroom "occupied" sign to pack. GM goes to the Color Room to continue makeup time.The boys follow McCrae around the house. Andy comments Candice's bed is "one of the stops on the Amanda and McCrae (sex) tour." (McCrae is just outside the open doorway.) GM wants to paint a mannequin head and she is also called out by Production. They find a small green Bible. McCrae says he brought two Bibles in because he wasn't sure if (Production) would let him bring the one in with the "coloring and (stuff) in it." 

GM throws some shade on Amanda smoking McCrae's cigarettes, but McCrae says he factored that in when planning how many to bring and has 4 packs left. McCrae doesn't see the Judd coin in his Bible but says he knows where it is, and offers it to the other HouseGuests. He thinks it's "poison" and "bad luck" because everything went down hill for Judd after he used it as collateral - he still left.

McCrae is called to his last Diary Room.

2:26PM HALL BEDROOM - Andy says it hurts him a little because he knows how much McCrae loves the game. They agree he's taking it better than Amanda. GM thinks McCrae understands game-view and calls Amanda a "psycho person."  She likes Jessie more than Amanda.The only reason she fought with Candice, she says, was because of Aaryn. She was trying to protect Aaryn but Aaryn threw her under the bus. GM hates that it's an all  girl jury. Andy says the jury is "b.t..hy girls who I have screwed over." GM says it's "all f... Elissa's fault."

Andy wonders what the DR is talking to McCrae about. Spencer thinks they're telling him "not to steal (stuff.)" GM tries to tie herself into the original Moving Company. They think Judd was proud to be an Exterminator. Spencer mentions Andy won the last veto of the season.

Spencer asks about McCrae's DR session and if McCrae has any last questions and wants McCrae to know that him going is "not a slight against you." He says that Ian rooting McCrae on should give McCrae perspective on how McCrae is viewed outside the house and that's "pretty phenominal." To trust what Spencer says in his goodbye message to McCrae.  McCrae is just mad at himself. He knew from their late night conversation that he was going.

2:56PM - HALL BEDROOM - Andy begins his campaign for McCrae's jury vote. He hopes McCrae doesn't take his eviction personally. It will be an extremely bitter jury and he's only counting two votes for himself. McCrae admits he saw both sides but he didn't do anything. McCrae thinks the only reason someone would be bitter was if they were stabbed in the back, and he'd have to think about how he feels about that. Andy says that it was always his thing to tell people, "don't stab me in the back."

Andy thinks he played a "Dan-isk" game, "Even if it took (messing) people over." He feels his strength is his relationships - that he worked his (butt) off to get people to trust him even if he screwed them over in the end. McCrae has no idea how he will vote or what jury will think.