Andy feels like he did what he had to, to get to this point, just like Dan, and that people should be able to "take personal stuff out of it." He continues to press his case for McCrae's vote as McCrae says "yep" occassionally. Andy feels he didn't hide behind Helen; he and McCrae were pulling the strings from behind the women. McCrae was happy all the boys went home because he didn't want to compete "with any of those people."

McCrae wanders out to the kitchen, where flys seem to have invaded. McCrae comments, "Exterminators didn't do nothing about the flies." GM jokes about the names they made for Amanda and McCrae. "But you were our favorite," Andy adds. McCrae punches his hand and cusses to noone in particular.

McCrae is searching for the green ball from the baseball competition. Andy offers his instead; he 'hated' that competition. Andy is curious if McCrae would have taken Andy to the Final 2. McCrae affirms he would. Andy seems happy with that. Andy speculates that guys "are more rational" than girls in jury. He admits his goodbye messages were "kind of cutting." He feels Amanda was one of the hardest evictions and admits he preyed on the fact that Amanda thought Andy was loyal.

Spencer reads his letter as Andy paces. GM continues to vacuum and McCrae disappears into the bathroom stall. Andy comments it's wierd to lose 4 people in one week.

3:25PM - Everyone is laying about the Hall Bedroom as McCrae wanders back and forth to the coffee pot. and we cut to ..

3:26PM   FISH

6:00PM BBT Live Show!

 Julie tells us we get to see JURY !! (Yay!)

Aaryn arrives at the Jury House and apologizes to Helen and Candice. Amanda comes in and Aaryn and Amanda realized they got big boo's. Amanda exposes Andy.

 Elissa arrives at the Jury House and Candice is very disappointed. Elissa exposes Judd and Andy. Amanda returns Elissa's ring. We come back from commercial to see with Judd enter the Jury House.


Elissa thinks the jury will support GM but they all say for Elissa to talk for herself. Aaryn thinks Amanda is trying to run the Jury House and she's ready for the drama to be over. Candice thinks McCrae floated under Amanda. Amanda wants to dominate the conversation, as she campaigns for McCrae.

Up next, "The most important Veto competition of the summer."  Also, we're told the voting is officially open for "Which Houseguest Should Win $25K?"

The Veto competition consists of matching a HouseGuest "fly" to clues on a spider web. If  the contestants ring their buzzer and the answer is wrong, the flys fall from the web and they have to start from the beginning.

McCrae, in a fight for his life, thinks he has his puzzle right but his spiders fall when he hits his buzzer. Andy wins! (good job, Andy!)

Andy will ultimately not use the veto on McCrae.

 Spencer and McCrae give a plea to GM - McCrae gives a shoutout back home; he loves GM, no worries. Spencer says GM is a wonderful lady. It's been one of the most amazing summers of his life.

GM faces the two nominees - They're like her brothers, they think McCrae is awesome and "an allstar" and they love him. She chooses to evict him. (sorry McCrae, you played a great competitive game. See you in a week!)