Big Brother Daily Update July 3, 2015

A trifecta of Competitions, Exhausted houseguests….and speculation of twin twist!!!

Thursday (live show day) and Friday blends into one. Since production wants to celebrate the birth of this country on Friday nominations, Battle of the Block and Veto was held.


When the feeds return after the live show we see the houseguests sitting around eating Chinese food and discussing the last laugh take over.

Jeff wanders into the hammock room and finds Audrey in there by herself. He asked her why she was in there alone, when everyone else was in the kitchen, she said because everyone hated her and she was better off alone. She then tried to tell Jeff she didn’t start anything or say anything to anyone else that everyone is blaming everything on her. Jeff didn’t believe her. They get thrown out of the room by Becky and Shelli, they said they have to talk about nominations.

Becky said the reason she wanted to win HOH so bad was because someone told her that Audrey called her a racist bigot. Her target was Audrey. Shelli acted like she did not want to talk game with Becky. She did not know who to target. Becky said she wanted Steve up as a pawn. Shelli said she did not want Clay nominated and Becky said she did not want Jackie nominated they both agreed not to nominate either of them.

9:00 pm   The feeds went to fish for about ten minutes. Becky and Shelli had to pick have nots, Jason, Steve, Meg and James are have nots for the week.  They then got their HOH keys and said who wants to see our HOH room, feeds went back to those happy fish.

Feeds return and everyone is talking about nominations. Becky wants to get out Audrey and Steve was her back up plan. She said she is not asking anyone to throw it if they win they win and can take themselves down.

Jeff and Becky talk, she tells him she wants Audrey out. He agrees and throws Audrey under the bus, saying she is the reason why Clay was thrown out of the 8 people alliance.

Shelli tells John that he might be the pawn up against Day and she guarantees his safety. She then keeps trying to convince him to throw the BOB competition so Day can go home.

Austin then tells Steve that he is going up as a pawn and Audrey is the target.  Then Austin tells Audrey that she was not getting nominated, that she would be back doored.

12:10 am  The feeds go to fish again, the poor fish are sleepy but still do their best to entertain us.

They return 2.30 am and we immediately hear Becky nominated Jason and Steve (with Audrey as the target), and Shelli nominated Davonne and John (Day as the target)

Jeff talks to Davonne and convinces her that Audrey is the target, while James straight out and tells Audrey that she is the target.

5:00 am  Audrey comes out of DR saying it is time for the Battle of the Block.

6:10 am  The feeds return, Jason saying it was a mental competition and was fun. Steve agreed. Jason and Steve won dethroning Becky (saving Audrey too), leaving Davonne and John on the block.

Jason and Meg talk and Jason said that they have to save Day… Meg said if you go against the HOH hell will be paid, Jason said then Day needs to win VETO. Jason then said Clay is running her HOH anyways and they just have to convince him. Jason, Meg and James start talking about the twin twist. Here is a snippet of their conversation:

Meg: NO WAY *(laughing)
Jason: just check his face he had a weird profile
Meg: omg (laughing)
Jason: they have done twin switches before and if there is he's the only one in here that it could be
James: they switch throughout the week?
Jason: it was done in season 5 they had to survive 4 weeks
James: well why don't we just plant something
Jason: they don't have that much time to switch, we could talk random topic then switch it up and confuse them
Meg: my brain will actually explode if this is true
Jason: he's the only one that it could be
Meg: that laugh can NOT be duplicated
Jason: you got that right
Meg: this is the question tho, Audrey she does not know the Canada stuff
Jason: this is not Canada this is us and season 5
Meg: ohhhh
Meg just keeps laughing!!
Meg: you know whats weird tho, you know that Mac is a nickname for Matthew
Jason: we're prob being so stupid, there's cameras all on us, the feeders think we're on crack
 Jason: I think James is a twin because all Asian ppl look like
they all laugh
Meg: I HAVE to go look at Johnny Mac right now, she gets up to go
Jason: he's more attractive at night
James: why don't you just paint one of his toenails with a dot
Jason: they'll be smarter than that

 Meg later tells Jeff and makes Jason repeat what he said. Jeff said to bait him, tell him something and see if he remembers it 4 days later.

We then see Day in the kitchen crying talking to the cameras telling them to stop following her and telling herself to get it together.

Finally at 8:15 am everyone seemed to have found a bed and is in it sleeping. (a lot of have nots last week and James did not know where to sleep)

9:30 am feeds go to fish again and when they return we see Shelli up, everyone else still sleeping, the houseguests slowly get up, exhausted.

12:30 pm they pick VETO players, Steve, Meg and Clay were picked to play in VETO with Shelli, Day and John.

Vanessa tells John she hopes he win POV.

Day asked Shelli when she became the target rather than Audrey, Shelli told her that she has no connection with her. Day thanked her left the room upset saw James and said her only option was to win VETO.

Meg talks to Clay and Shelli, (might as well be Shelli, they are stuck to each other like bees on honey), Meg tried telling them the house will be upset if Audrey is not the target, Shelli said she is going with her gut and getting out Day while she has a chance and Audrey can go next. Meg suggested she tell Becky privately about Audrey going next.

2:13 pm we get our happy tired fish back on the feeds and the VETO ceremony is under way.

4:00 pm feeds finally return again – and JOHN won VETO. We see Clay and Shelli trying to convince John not to use the VETO, John is insisting he will use it, they then talk to Liz and tell her she is going up as a pawn and Day will get voted out. Liz leaves saying she will take one for the team

 We then see Liz crying to Austin and Shelli saying she is scared. They try to convince her that she is safe and Austin then said he thinks Audrey must be America’s player.

7:00 pm all houseguests were napping after going through all the competitions.

8:40 pm Steve is awake and talking to himself saying he was going to offer his vote to Shelli, he then makes and eats some slop

Houseguests slowly get up still exhausted all night.

10:15 pm Jason gave Jokers Updates a shout out!  "Anyone who's a real fan has already gone to Jokers Updates, and knows exactly what's going on."  Thanks Jason!

Steve offers Shelli his vote this week, she said she wants him to vote out Day… that Day actually told her that Steve was one of the people on her radar to get out.

Houseguests speculate on who Shelli will put up. Audrey tried to do some damage control and tell Jeff that she would not put him up that her target is Becky. She tried the pity me routine no one will talk to me but Jeff did not buy it all he did was listen.

By 6:12 am all houseguests were back in bed.

The 4th should be uneventful with production in the house. I am sure the houseguests can cause their own fireworks. Day is not going to go out like a wimp and will cause some stuff, Austin still has things to settle and there is always Audrey for everyone to pick on! Thanks Joker’s Updaters you’re the best! Happy 4th of July everyone, play safe!