Highlights - The house knows about the twins, discuss differences between the 2 and ways to catch them red handed by marking one somehow or planting information.

10:05 AM  Morning Wake up. 

11:07 AM  Vanessa and Austin in the backyard - Vanessa wants to know if they are still each others #1, and thinks they should work on strategic relationships with others. Vanessa feels him out about keeping Da'Vonne but he shoots that down. Austin thinks Steve needs to be the next to go because he is getting sketchy.

12:25 PM  Da'Vonne and Jason talk about confronting Liz about the twin thing and about Vanessa - Jason doesn't think  she is with them.

 Inside lockdown

 Have Nots try and get comfortable with little luck

James and Meg end up getting called out for sleeping somewhere other than the HN room. Then it's Jason's turn

1:54 PM    Time for HoH pictures

3:41 PM  Austin talks with Shelli and Clay about how he thinks Steve needs to go.

 Jason and Jeff talk about the twins and how one isn't remembering things as well. Jackie thinks Liz is just naïve. Jeff tells Jackie she's the one who is naïve.

 Audrey talks with Shelli and Clay tells them how the DR keeps asking her if she sees Clay taking over Shelli's HoH, and how it might look like she is being bullied by hypocrites because of how Clay presents himself and that from the outside it could look manipulative.   Later on Clay tells Shelli that Audrey is good with words but that she is working her own agenda.

5:45 PM  Vanessa gives Da'Vonne campaigning advice and tells her she really likes her and that Meg hasn't even approached her yet.  Day asks Vanessa if they teamed up who would her target be. Vanessa says it depends on what happens this week and that it is hard to look to far ahead in this game. Day says she understands that Shelli and Clay made a game move and that her #1 target is still Audrey, because Audrey made it personal by bringing Day's daughter into it. And asks if that would bother Vanessa.

6:16 PM   Jason and Steve talk bout being BB fans. Steve thinks Jason is a bigger Superfan but Jason says he isn't really a Superfan.  He is more a historian and that the people on Joker's know so much more than he does. Steve thought he would be the biggest Superfan this season. He thinks Ian would be on their level.

9:15 PM- 1:17 AM  Like a wildfire the news of the twins spreads through the house. And the house-guests all have ideas on everything from telling the two apart to how to "catch" them with odd questions or secretly marking them. They take turns quizzing "Liz", staring at the memory wall and comparing notes with each other.

In the mean time Da'Vonne has already told Liz that the house knows about her and her sister giving her advice on what to do and trying to trade the information for Liz's vote.

 Day tells Jason it just may be her time to go - after having Steve tell her he'd rather not play pool with her because he is afraid of being seen alone with her and what others would think.

7:00 AM  The house-guests all head to bed and the house goes quiet as everyone sleeps.


Quote of the day-Johnny Mac: "I'm waiting for the Drew Carey 'Price is Right' takeover. I want to win a car!"