BBll Daily Recap
August 18, 2009
A Dizzy Day of Waffling and What Ifs

8:15AM BBT: Michele is the first conscious HG this morning. She checks the time and heads to the WC, washes her hands, fusses with her hair and heads back to bed.

8:50AM BBT: Jeff gets out of bed, goes to the bathroom, uses mouthwash and heads back to bed.

9:20AM BBT: Michele cries out in her sleep, “Man, shut up!”

9:33AM BBT: BB: “Good morning houseguests. It is time to get up for the day.”

9:35AM BBT: Michele goes to the SR changes her batteries, and heads up to the HOH to check on Jeff and Jordan, who are both still asleep. She lies on the couch outside the HOH, until Jordon comes out wrapped in her blanket, and is on her way to change batteries.

When Jordan returns, Michele follows her into HOH bathroom and speculates on the POV. “It could be an indoor thing, where they just ask questions.”

Jordan crawls back in bed next to Jeff, and Michele stays in the bathroom and is applying makeup.

9:43 AM BBT: The rest of the houseguests are still sleeping.

9:48AM BBT: Control Room

9:52AM BBT: Kevin is up and at Lydia’s bedside talking. Lydia notices that one of her drawers is open and asks Natalie if she opened it. Kevin tells her that it was open yesterday, and she left it that way. Kevin leaves, and Lydia complains about there being no music this morning. Natalie tells Lydia that she heard the wake-up call but just “tunes them out of her head.”

9:54AM BBT: Michele is in the kitchen getting juice from the fridge. The feed changes back to the HOH room, where Jeff and Jordan and still snug in bed.

10:04AM BBT: Following a quick trip to the WC, Michele enters the SS room. Russel is awake and tells her that cried out loud again in her sleep. Michele says she’s going outside to eat her breakfast, and suggests that he join her so they can talk. She takes a purple hoodie out of her drawer and heads outside. She sits on the couch and stares into space, picks up her bowl and begins to eat, but appears very pensive.

10:16AM BBT: Michele is still alone in the backyard, while the rest of the HGs continue to ignore BB’s wake-up call.

10:27AM BBT: Michele is on the hammock. Russel comes into the backyard and tells her that he’s making coffee, and asks if she wants some. Russ sits on the ground and asks her what’s up. She explains that the last couple of days have been so weird. She was up late last night and Jeff was playing cards with Lydia, and she heard the others talking about her.

Russel is very calm and reassuring, telling her that he’s there for her if she needs him. He says that it’s obvious that Kevin Natalie and Lydia have been sucking up to Jeff and Jordan all week, but doesn’t believe that it’s anything to really worry about. He heads back inside, probably to check on coffee.

10:47AM BBT: Michele has joined Russel in the kitchen and the talk turns to the POV again. They still believe the POV is today, and Michele again speculates that it good be an indoor POV. She explains that they’ve done that before with the indoor art gallery comp that resulted in the classic Dustin eviction.

10:57AM BBT: Michele and Russel are both nervous about Jeff and Jordan’s behavior in the last couple of days. Russel comments that Jeff is hard to read and hopes he doesn’t do anything drastic, but believes that Jordan is sticking to the plan. Michele is concerned because they’ve been talking to one another since the beginning and now Jeff isn’t really talking to her.

Russel says that when they first came together and talked about a final four deal, that they all agreed to not listen to the other side and now Jeff is listening to Kevin. Russel says that Jeff is hard to read, and that he knows that Jeff really wants to win this game. Russel is concerned that Jeff may nominate both of them, and go with the other side. He talks about how the votes would come down if he and Michele made it to the final 2, and both agree that the votes would be split 3-3. Russ has decided to go back on his word to Jeff and not hand him the endurance comp. He asks Michele if she would give it to him, and she says no. They both do not feel a part of Jeff and Jordan any more. He says that he’s got good intuition and he’s basically not getting good vibes of either Jeff or Jordan the last couple of days. He says that if he doesn’t feel right tomorrow, he’s going to talk to Jeff.

Michele tells him that she’s been playing this game based on her intuition, and isn’t comfortable at this point either.

Game talk ends and turns to Russel’s past relationship, education, and careers. Russel is trying to decide if he will go to law school, start his own real estate business, or maybe to into business with his father.

Russel explains that his strategy in the game was to play it in quarters, and now they’re in the fourth quarter. He asks Michele what her strategy was coming into the house. She tells him that she didn’t want to get wrapped up in a strategy before coming in, because everything is dependent on who is in the house. She did say that she had to play down how badly she missed her husband early in the game to prevent someone using that as an excuse to nominate her that first week.

Russ says that he believes that the two of them have had the most difficult time in the house. Michele agrees, and tells Russel that she really broke down and cried after he called the town meeting. Russel sincerely apologizes, and gets a few jabs in at Chima. He says that people kept talking about Chima being such a strong woman, and Russel never agreed with that because she couldn’t control her emotions. He says that he feels that, after everything she’s been through in the house, that Michele is by far the stronger woman. He explains that Chima was the easiest to play, and when she flipped on him, he could easily egg her on. She was smart and an eloquent speaker, but not good with people.

11:34AM BBT: Michele says that she’s surprised that everyone is still in bed…just to avoid each other. Russel says that they asked him about that in the DR. His response was that it really is a stupid game move, because it allows people to talk freely without having to whisper. Michele says that it’s really nice [to be able to have this conversation openly without having to whisper]. Russ says that it’s just “such an amateur move.” And that’s why he knew Jessie just wouldn’t make it too far, “because he just f*cking sleeps all day” and walks around like he’s friends with everyone. But Russ didn’t buy it. He knew who Jessie’s friends were. Jessie thought he had Russel worked, but he didn’t. Jessie needed him, and he needed Jessie to believe that he was on his side so he wouldn’t go after him.

Michele comments that historically the people who cook and clean usually make it through the 5th week and make it to the jury because nobody else in the house wants to clean. She tells him that she and Chima got into an argument about who the cleaning person was.

Russel again expresses his concern about Jeff’s behavior…he’s just not acting normal, and they all need to talk about next week. He believes that part of Jeff’s concern comes from the fact that he thinks that Russ and Michele are spending too much time talking.

12:22PM BBT: All four feeds are on Kevin and Lydia in the Red Room. Lydia pulls up her Captain Unitard and as Kevin to zip her up. Kevin zips, and Lydia dons her cape. Kevin goes to the backyard, where Russel is still on the elliptical.

12:30PM BBT: Natalie is just out of the DR after her phone call from home. She tells Kevin and Lydia that it was amazing. Her biggest concern since being in the house was wondering if her dad was okay. He’s doing fine and watching every show with her boyfriend, and her boyfriend is up all night watching the live feeds and then has to get up at five in the morning to go to work. Now she feels like she’s not just doing this for herself, she’s doing it for them too. She asked about her sister, who lives in California. She’s doing well, is watching and supporting her. One of the biggest concerns when she came in was her dad’s job [as a manager of a car dealership] was kind of shaky because of the economy, but Dad said that it’s improved. She told him to tell her boyfriend that she is making good decisions, and that everything she’s done is for strategic reasons and he has nothing to worry about.

Lydia, who is waving her hand in the air to dry the recently applied polish, chimes in, “We all know what that was about! All I can say is that if you and Jason get married, I better get an invitations and f*ckface better not be there.”

She repeats that everything she’s done has been strategic, and explained that this has been a really rough week for her and to hear from him is precisely what she needed. Dad said that he’s supporting her, and wants her to be there. She’s ready to go now and do the next competition. Her dad said that Jason told him to tell her that he has a “twisty” to give her when she gets home. She explained to her father that Jason’s father had given her a twist-tie to put on her finger before he bought her the ring. Dad told her the twisty is fine as long as he replaces it with a ring.

Captain Unitard repeats that Jessie better not be at the wedding. Natalie says that she doubts Jason would let him come. Kevin says, “Well, if he’s been watching the live feeds, he’s probably like what’s up with this?” He then asks if the lasted 10 minutes. Nat says they weren’t done, but she got cut off at the end. It would have been nice if she could have talked to her boyfriend, but she got to hear about him through her dad. She’s thrilled that they’re watching the show together, something she never thought would happen. The call has really inspired her to stay and has to win the POV because her dad is rooting for her.

12:53PM BBT: Control Room

12:55PM BBT: Kevin is on the elliptical in the backyard. Michele is with Jordan in the HOH bathroom. She tells Jordan that Natalie got her phone call. [It’s hard to hear what they’re saying, because Michele is running bath water.] It stops, and Michele says that the water isn’t even warm today, while lathering her legs for a shave.

12:59PM BBT: Jordan is downstairs in the kitchen, and asks Natalie about her phone call. When Nat begins to repeat the basics of the call, Jeff comes into the kitchen and opens the fridge. Jordan asks how long the call was, and Nat tell her it was five minutes. Both Jeff and Jordan were surprised that it was that short. Natalie, who is still on a high from it, says that it’s okay, everything is good.

Jeff is making a clatter as he opens and shuts cabinet doors and shuffles through pots and pans. Things quiet down when he finds the right tools and moves to the counter and starts cutting up chicken.

1:06PM BBT: Jordon comes into the kitchen and asks Jeff if he will help her carry her suitcase down from the HOH room when its time. He agrees. Jordan wonders about the POV, and says that it has to be today. Jeff says, “Why can’t it be tomorrow?” Jordan says, I don’t know.

1:14PM BBT: Jordan says, “You know what?” Jeff says, “Huh? “I really like Natalie without Jessie, she’s really sweet. Jeff agrees and we get momentary Control Room. When the feed returns they’re talking about local beaches. Jeff says that when he lived here, he went to Hermosa Beach.

Russ comes into the kitchen and asks if they had a good night’s sleep. Jeff said it was the best sleep he’s had since being there. The room was really cold, and he wasn’t going anywhere. Russ tell him that he’s still sore from the deep muscle massage. Jeff is washing dishes and pretty much ignoring Russ, who soon leaves. Back to small talk between Jeff and Jordan. Jordan explains that she needed help when she got to LAX, because she not used to flying. And she’s going to need help on the way back because she doesn’t know how to do an e-ticket once she gets there.

1:16PM BBT: Meanwhile, Natalie, Kevin and Lydia are in the back yard, Lydia tells Natalie that Michele came up to her and apologized. The trio agrees that they aren’t going to talk about Jessie anymore, because it causes tension between them.

Russ has been in and out of the kitchen, is now back preparing food. He tells Jordan that she won’t have to worry about all that when she becomes a super star.

Russ wonders why they haven’t shut down the backyard yet. Jeff says, maybe the POV is tomorrow. Jordan says maybe it will be late tonight, and thinks that would be fun. Russ says that would be the worst time for him.

1:29PM BBT: Jordan leaves the kitchen and goes to the HOH, where she straightens things up and makes the bed.

1:30PM BBT: Jeff, Natalie and Lydia are on the couch in the backyard. Natalie is telling Jeff about her phone call and the “twisty” that’s waiting for her when she gets home. Of course, Jeff asks about the twisty, and Natalie explains. Jeff asked about the mechanics of the call and if she got to speak with her father directly. She says, “Yeah, they were there listening…[brief FOTH]. Lydia is lying on the couch in full uniform. Natalie tells her not to worry, she looks good with the goggles on.

Nat asks what’s up with the POV. Jeff says that they’re probably getting ready for tonight’s show. Natalie beings to lay out the normal pattern and we get FOTH.

Jeff extols the virtues of fresh basil. Lydia calls him Mr. Chef. Lydia says that their garden is dead. Jeff explains that it happened when they had them locked down for two days. But there’s still good stuff in there. Jeff asks when the Have and Have Not competitions will end. Natalie tells him that she thinks it will be when they get down to five. Jeff says he hopes the next one is another group competition. Lydia says she doesn’t, because people don’t communicate. Jeff says they did pretty good, and asks, “Would you rather have three people on slop. Lydia says that would be fine as long as she isn’t one of them.

Russel has now joined the backyard crew and is chowing down on nice looking sandwich. [I’m starving, and have to take a break here to get something to eat.]

Russel teases Jeff that it was the married women who voted for Jeff to win the CDT.

Natalie tells everyone that she always thought Jeff was hot. Jessie didn’t like it, but she did it all the time just to bug him. She says something about a night when Jeff was in his underwear, and she kept talking about how hot Jeff is. The next day Jessie modeled his underwear, and no one complimented him. She says Jeff is the sex symbol of the show. Jeff who turned red as a beat during this conversation, reaches over and gives Nat a high five.

Lydia tells Nat the she shouldn’t sit with her legs spread-eagled like that. Nat says, “Why, does it turn you on?” Lydia says, “You’re the one who called me intriguing and said you’d date me if you were gay. Natalie denies that she said that [but we all know her modus operandi is to lie and then deny, deny, deny.]

Natalie is clipping her fingernails again. Jeff says that he’s sending everyone a jar of jardenaire, but he’s going to send Natalie and nail clipper as well. Natalie smiles.

2:10PM BBT: Jordan comes outside and in a black bikini and heads straight to the hammock to tan. Jeff is on a raft in the pool.

2:20PM BBT: Michele is whispering to Russel. She asks if he remembers the night they were outside on the couch talking about being final four, and she called Lydia a c*nt. He says yeah. Michele tells him that Lydia confronted her about it today, and thinks that Jeff told her last night. Russel agrees, but tells her to be cool, pretend that you think that she must have over heard it somehow. Russel but he agrees that he and Michele are part of the Jeff and Jordan’s final four plans anymore.

2:42PM BBT: Michele almost get stung by a bee. Russ and Jeff don’t understand how she remains so calm, as they watch her quickly fishes it out of the pool and gets back in.

Russ and Jeff both want to know when Michele will get her HOH beers. She says that she has to ask production for it before Thursday. Jeff tells her to just ask them for a 12 pack. Russel leaves the pool, and it’s now just Jeff and Michele in the pool. Jeff tells Michele that he thinks the upcoming Veto competition is going to be sloppy. They both agree that the veto comps are clever.

In the meantime, Lydia and Natalie are in the kitchen cutting up and frying food.

2:55PM BBT: Natalie and Kevin are on the couch in the backyard. Natalie sounds confident when she tells Kevin that she’s going to win this Veto and the next HOH--“two competitions back to back.” Kevin replies with an unconvincing “Yep”. Two hawks souring above them catch Kevin’s attention. Natalie seems to want to talk game, while Kevin appears to want to relax for a while.

3:00PM BBT: Jordan joins Natalie and Kevin, and asks them if they want to make chocolate fondue. They both agree that it would give them something to do tonight. Jordan then wanders over to the pool to ask Michele and Jeff. Jeff wants a fire so they can make S’mores, but they don’t have marshmallows or graham crackers, and doesn’t want to mess up S’mores. He ultimately decides to fire up the grill and they will have chocolate fondue for dessert. Jeff, Michele and Jordan plan their grill bonfire tonight. The will put the table and chairs together outside and play cards and have a good time. After the party plans end, Jordan asks if a lady in production wears the same size bra, and wants to know if she can borrow one. They laugh, and we get Control Room.

4:20PM BBT: Michele crawls into the HOH bed, pulls the covers up to her chin and begins to cry. “It’s just so hard,” she sobs. “I’m so f*cking paranoid!” She continues to cry, and we soon hear BB, “Michele, please go to the Diary Room.” She says, “Oh, great!” sarcastically, throws back the covers and heads to the HOH bathroom to freshen up before she leaves.

4:42PM BBT: Jeff and Jordan have finally come inside and are in the kitchen. Jordan tells Jeff that she caught Russel staring at them while they were on the couch outside, and it’s scary and creepy. Jeff says he’s always staring at him, that he’s a weirdo. Jeff says he’ll have to cut his throat.

Michele passes through the kitchen and heads up to the HOH room without saying a word. She crawls into bed and watches the spy screen as Jeff hugs Jordan in the kitchen.

Downstairs, Jordan squeals when Jeff hugs her. Because Michele is in the HOH, they decide they might go hang out in the Green Room. Jeff goes into the DR to ask for batteries for the CD player.

4:57PM BBT: Michele prepares to do some laundry, but she is obviously upset. She puts her laundry in a bag and puts it in the Splish-Splash Room. She finds Jordan cleaning the bathroom and tries to make conversation. Jordan doesn’t even look at her when she speaks, and turns and walks away, bucket in hand, explaining that she’s done in there because she doesn’t do toilets because they’re icky.

5:02PM BBT: Michelle spots Jeff coming out of the DR, and asks him if they can talk. He says sure and follows her up to the HOH room. “What’s wrong?” Jeff asks when he realizes that she’s crying.

Michele says she wants to know if everything’s okay, she’s been getting strange vibes all day. She asks him why he said “colt 45” last night when he said good night.

“I didn’t say that. I have no idea what it means. She explains that all the negative energy is getting to her, implying that it’s coming from Russel.

Michele explains that when she heard his “no threesome” comment, she freaked out.

Jeff says that the comment was just about not being able to sleep in a crowded bed. Jeff assures her that everything is “totally cool” between them, that he has her back. It’s still the three of them to the end. But things just aren’t adding up, and that at some point the four of them need to get together and figure out what’s really going on. But this week, they need to get the other guys out. “I’m doing this for you and Russ. because they want you out. I got your back. Me, you and Jordan are solid.”

Michele is obviously relieved and says, “That’s all I have to hear.” She explains that she’s been feeling really down, and Russel is paranoid and trying to get her to turn on you guys.”

Jeff doesn’t understand why Russel is so paranoid, but he is upset that Russel has the nerve to come to someone who has been their ally from the get go and make a final two deal and then try to turn her against them. He can make up stories against Russel, if he does that to them.

She gets off the chair, hops on the bed and hugs him. Jeff says, “I know you like to hug it out,” and then suggest she stay and listen to some music. Michele tells him she’s going to go for a run later.

Jeff goes outside to the BY for a smoke.

5:26PM BBT: Jeff and Russell are on the couch in the backyard. Russell asks who Jordan wants out. Jeff says that’s not up to Jordan, because she doesn’t have a vote. It’s up to us to decide who goes home. Jeff asks Russel who he wants to see go.

Russel says, “In a perfect world it would be Kevin, but he’s not up there. So, of the two remaining, I think the smart move would be to get Natalie out because she’s the strongest. I don’t think Lydia’s playing the game anymore.”

Jeff agrees, and says this is the first time he’s had the numbers in this house to get someone from the other side out, and he doesn’t want to lose that.

5:54PM BBT: Kevin and Natalie are in the Red Room. Natalie is stressing out about the lack of a POV competition. Kevin wonders if they just might not have a POV competition this week. Natalie is upset by the thought, and says that would be like being backdoored by production, and would be totally unfair. Following in Chima’s footsteps, Natalie warns production that if happens toher, “Thursday’s live show is not going to be good one!”

It takes a bit more pondering the possibilities before Kevin realizes that it could very well be a live POV on Thursday. Natalie disagrees, and says that would still mess up the production schedule, it just doesn’t make sense. What would they show on Sunday, then?

Kevin finally puts the last puzzle piece in place and explains that production already had a quick POV scheduled for the double elimination, so they can have a live POV, PoV ceremony, eviction and an HOH all live on Thursday. It would be like a fast forward, except that Julie would only have one interview to do instead of two.

Soon after they figure it out, Jeff comes by and they pull him over and fill him in on it. He says, “Well, if we don’t play POV, I guess that’s what’s going to happen.”

5:35PM BBT: Natalie goes to the backyard to find Lydia doing laundry, and tells her that they figured it out and runs down the Thursday scenario.

5:40 PM BBT: Jordan comes up to Jeff, who is on the elliptical, and tells him that she’s been thinking while cleaning. Jeff tells her that he just had a talk with Michele and she was crying and stuff and wanted to know if they were okay. Jordan explains that she’s been keeping a distance from her. Jeff explains that he told her they are solid, but that there’s something fishy going on and we need to get everybody together to talk. He tells her that Russel came to talk to him too, and he’ll talk to her about that later.

5:58PM BBT: In the Red Room, Natalie tells Kevin and Lydia that this would be the perfect week to backdoor Russell, because [if the POV and eviction is live on Thursday], he won’t have any time to campaign. Kevin says he that he needs to talk to Jeff ahead of time and ask him what he wants him to do if he wins the POV. Who should he use it on to insure that Russel goes home?

Natalie has left the room, and Lydia who’s been lying in bed listening rather than contributing anything to the conversation quickly chimes in, “If you win and don’t take me off, O-M-G.

Kevin says that the only way he would feel bad is if Jeff tells him “Take Natalie off, and we’ll back door Russel,” and Lydia ends up going home. But it would be a hint to him if Jeff says, “Just save a friend, and take off Lydia,” because that would mean they really want Nat out. He say he already knows who the target is. Lydia wants to know who the target is, but Kevin refuses to tell her. ‘You don’t need to know. It doesn’t matter.”
Natalie returns, and Lydia says, “Natalie, Kevin just told me that I’m the target.” Nat says that she already knows that it’s her. Both girls try pressuring him to tell them who the target is. And for the 100th time Kevin tells them that knowing wouldn’t benefit them.

6:24PM BBT: Russel and Jeff are working out in the backyard. Russel is pushing Jeff to really work the weights to the point where he is totally spent.

6:42PMBBT: Jeff has finished his workout and he, Jordan and Michele are in the downstairs bathroom. Michele is fresh out of the shower and is dressing up for the evening. Jeff is lying on the lounge. Jeff comments on the fact that Michele is dressing up for their party. Jeff offers to zip her dress. She tells Jeff that he should know something is wrong if she doesn’t say, “Oh, Jeff you’re so hot today.” She giggles. And he agrees. Jeff calls, “Jordan, where you going?” She leaves the room.

Jeff tells Michele he needs a nap. Jeff tells Michele that they only have one more full day in the HOH. Michele says, “We’ll see. We could be permanent residents. He asks Jordon what she’s looking at. She says that she’s looking at him

Michele leaves and Jordan returns to the WC and asks Jeff, “What’s up.” He tells her that he’s getting ready to shower. She sits down next to him on the lounge. It’s obvious that she’s not feeling well, and tells Jeff that her stomach hurts. Jeff comments that he knows that she’s been moody today, and understands that she doesn’t want to talk to anybody because he gets moody too. He doesn’t want to talk to anybody but her, because she’s the only person who doesn’t frustrate him.

Jeff whispers something inaudible, his mic gets turned up and he’s talking about Russ and his final 2 deals. He tells Jordan that he doesn’t believe that Russ says as much as Michele leads them to believe.

Jordan tells Jeff than she’s thinking about changing the plan and keeping Natalie and getting rid of Lydia. Kevin comes in, and Jeff explains that they were just about to get romantic; he was going to tell Jordan to pull his finger. Kevin knocks and then enters the WC. Jeff and Jordan stealth whisper while he’s in there. When he comes out, Jordan asks Kevin what he thinks about the POV, and he tells her that if they don’t play tomorrow, they’ll know that it’s live Thursday.

Jeff says, “That’s obvious. If it’s not tomorrow, it’s for sure Thursday.”

Jordan wants to know how they can do it all Thursday. Kevin explains that they’ll play the Veto, have the Veto ceremony, eviction and HOH. . She says, “Just all in one day?” Kevin says, “No all in one hour.” Natalie comes in and there’s talk about the possibility of playing the POV during the day, before the live show. After some back and forth, Nat and Kevin agree that it’s going to be like a fast forward and everything will be done live within the hour.

7:02PM BBT: Jeff tells Jordan, “Now let’s get back to the real problem, let’s go upstairs. Jordan says, “For What? “ and start laughing. Jordan tells him “No, you’re supposed to help me work out.” Jeff says’ Yeah, you need to help me work one out!

Jeff tells Jordan about the conversation he had with Russ earlier. Jeff doesn’t believe that Russel is saying all the things that Michele claims he does. He thinks that Michele is talking more and more and is nervous and paranoid. He wants to call Russ out tonight on some of the stuff Michele claims he said. Jordan asks if he thinks that they should change alliances. Kevin comes in, and Jeff tells her that they will talk later.

The two argue back and forth about Jeff helping her work out, her liking him with the scruffy look, him telling her to tell her next boyfriend to get scruffy then. Jeff tells her that he’s going to do a Johnny Depp for the live show. She tells him to do it.

Jordan is upset when Jeff gets in the shower, and goes outside and gets on the elliptical. Russ comes into the bathroom eating a banana. Jeff asks how many bananas he’s eaten today. Russel laughs and says that he’s a f*cking monkey. Michele enters and talks about making chocolate covered strawberries tonight.

Russel comments about Jordan being in a bad mood. Jeff agrees that she’s crabby because of her period. Russel is relieved to hear that Jordan’s mood is just PMS.

7:39PM BBT: Jeff and Jordan are at the grill and talking about Jordan being moody and wanting to confront Russ and Michele to find out who’s lying. Jordan is worried that if Russ wins HOH, that he will put them up. Jordan is paranoid and talks about wanting to switch alliances if they agree that Russel and Michele are being shady. Jeff tells her to relax. Jordan says emphatically that if Jeff doesn’t want to talk to them, then she will talk to them tonight for sure. Jeff continues to calm her down. She says that she’s crabby and wants to find out what’s up. Jeff tells her that he understands that she’s crabby because of her period, but she should stop barking out orders. [Jordan really is being bitchy at this point.]

Control Room. When the feeds return, Jordan is doing ab work out. Russ comes outside with the meat for the grill, and asks Jeff if it’s hot. Jeff tells him that it’s ready to go, and he’ll help him after he finishes his cigarette.

7:50PM BBT: Jeff tells Jordan that they should wait until later tonight to talk to Russ and Michele. She agrees, but says that Russel will have to go up if Kevin wins POV and saves one of the girls. Jeff agrees, but tells her that doesn’t mean they have to vote him out, one of the others would go. Jordan asks how they should vote if that happens. Jeff says that he will know that after he talks to Russel tonight. He goes back to the grilling, and Jordan continues her workout.

8:13PM BBT: Jeff, Michele and Russel are in the backyard grilling and having a casual conversation, and that it would be a nice night to get in the hot tub.

8:27PM BBT: Jeff, Russel and Michele in the backyard eating. Jeff says that someone said that the POV might be live on Thursday. Michele says that it would make good TV if that happens.

8:32PM BBT: Jordan is in the kitchen warming up her dinner, and joins the others in the backyard. She asks who cooked the chicken. Jeff says he did. She says that it’s good. They talk about how when Jessie was there and someone from that side of the house cooked something, they never offered them anything.

Russel tells them that the week Jessie left, Russel had cooked himself a couple of steaks. Jessie came up to him and asked, “You going to eat all that big guy?” Russel laughs, and says they guy wants me on the block and is lobbying to get me out, and wants to eat my food.

Jordan says, “Jessie looked out for Jessie.” She takes a few bites of her food and then adds, “Jessie knew that he was leaving; he wore that shirt of himself.

Russ said that he didn’t know that the shirt Jessie wore had a picture of himself until Michele told him. What did it say? Jordan says that she doesn’t remember, and Russ says, “Yeah, it said ‘The man. The myth. The legend.’”

Jordan says that she would never wear a shirt of herself. Russ says he would buy it. Jordan says that it’s so corny, “Who would do that?”

8:50PM BBT: Just as Michele decides to go to the DR to request her beer, BB came through with an alcohol delivery. Natalie says that BB providing them alcohol is proof that there is no POV tomorrow.

8:58PM BBT: Russ and Michele are outside. Russ talks to Michele about his concerns with Jordan. He says she has been acting weird and isn't her usual self. Mi says it's probably because of her period and she can get like that too. Russ hopes it's just that and he didn't do anything else to piss her off. He says he told the DR he might get backdoored. They asked why he felt that why and Russ says he just has a sinking feeling in his gut. Mi says she had a breakdown in DR and they asked what was wrong, but she didn't want to cry in there. Russ says people breakdown at different times in the game and it happens to everyone. CONTROL ROOM They talk about how DR asks leading questions that imply different scenarios that make you say, “Huh! Maybe that is…”

Russ tells Michele that he waited until the right time to push Jeff to work out. Jeff [will be sore and] won’t be able to beat him in endurance on Thursday. He goes on to say that they are a strong team, and he would take the two of them over any other pair in the house. Russ says they can't talk to each other much or it will be obvious. That's why he was a loner today. Mi said she did the same. He tells her she's smart. They wonder if the others are coming out.

Russ says he is confused about Jeff. One minute he’s laughing with them, and the next he's talking to Kevin, Natalie, and Lydia.

Michele says that Jeff’s hedging his bets.

Russ says he knows that Jeff might be trying to beat them to the punch, but he doesn't think Jeff will do that till later. He says he won't give up without a fight. He tells Michele that they can relate to each other because they have similar backgrounds. Russ agrees that Jeff is hedging his bets, but he says we will get to that crossroad when we get there.

Michele says Jeff is smart and is always thinking ahead.

Russ says if that's the case, then Jeff will go before Kevin. Russ says he won't make any drastic moves until Jeff does something against him. He says they need to win HOH before making any decisions. Russ says he hopes they go to Final 4 together, but is worried Jeff might make a move earlier.

Mi says Jeff probably wont' screw them over before final 4.

Russ says nobody will expect them two to make it to the end.

While Michele and Russel are having this conversation in the backyard Jeff and Jordan are inside schmoozing with the other side, dipping Chima’s strawberries in chocolate and eating them. Jeff tries on Lydia’s goggles and says he wants a super hero name, and jokes that being dumped in the garbage was “little Jeff’s way out.”

Still in the backyard, Russ tells Michele that of all the women in the house she is the superior athlete, and certainly the smartest. She tells him that he underestimates his intelligence. Russ says he knows that he’s smart and she’s smart and he will take that tandem over anyone in this house any day. Michele says that it’s interesting that they never run out of things to talk about.

Russ questions why Jeff and Jordan are still inside. Russ says that he knows what Jeff’s doing, and right now the other side hates the two of them more than Jeff, but hopes that Jeff doesn’t beat him to the punch. They will get to that crossroad when it happens. He’s not going to make any drastic moves until Jeff makes a move on him, then questions if that’s being reactive rather than proactive. But really is concerned about what Jeff may do if he wins next week. Michele assures him again that Jeff is just covering his bases.

Michele giggles and says, “Sorry I’m drunk already.

9:15PM BBT: Inside, all the Houseguests are preparing to play BS. Jordan tells Jeff that this would be a good game for him to play right now. Jeff tells her that he’s going to go upstairs with her first.
They go up upstairs so they can talk privately. As they enter the room, Jeff tells Jordan that she needs to relax.

Jordan pulls back the cover on the bed and asks: “With what?’

Jeff is sitting in the big chair, and says: “With everything. You’re getting too stressed out. Don’t get frustrated with me please, I’m just telling you the facts. All right?”

Jordan: “You never even said anything [to Russel] did you?”

Jeff: “No I didn’t.” Jordan is quiet and just looking at him. Jeff tells her not to give him a dirty look.

Jordan’s frustrated. “I’m just saying…” She’s rubbing her tummy and really looks tired and stressed out.

Jeff explains that when the conversation does occur, it’s not going to be him asking Russel “did you say this? And then, Let’s shoot pool. It’s going to be a f*cking four hour thing. And then if the other side of the house knows that we’re fighting, they’re going to love it. Okay? And isn’t the plan just to get one of them out this week?

Jordan says, “Yeah, but even if we ask…I’m just saying watch one of them [Russ or Michele], and you go up. You don’t know where you stand with them.” She’s quiet for a moment. Her lips are pursed as she continues to rub her belly. “Get [Russel drunk, you know how he always messes up when he’s drunk.”

Jeff:”That’s true. Maybe I can ask him after the wine. Both of them, you know.”

Jordan: “He gets on my nerves. I don’t want to be around him.”

Jeff: “I know, I’ll do it when the time’s right. You’re not thinking right now with a clear head. You know, you’re very crabby. I understand, but just think for a second, we can’t be…You’re in power one day and you’re like flipping sides, throwing this person out and stuff. You’ve been good, level headed the entire game, you know. Don’t get too power crazy. Stay level headed.”

Jordan: “It’s not power crazy. It’s the fact that if he is still here, then next week, if him and Michele are a team, me and you are going up.”

Jeff is quiet, looking down and away from her, thinking. “Okay, and if we get him out of here and Natalie stays and she wins, we’re going up.”

Jordan: “I’m not saying get him out this week. I’m saying get one of them out, but I’m just preparing you for next week.

Jeff: “See, do you know how you’re talking to me right now?”

Jordan: “I’m just saying…”
Jeff is obviously irritated. “I know what you’re saying. I know the consequences, and it’s me that’s leaving, so you just tone it down a notch. “

Jordan: “That’s why I keep telling you to talk to them, or to say something…

Jeff: “I’m telling you, when the time’s right.”

Jordan: “Okay, I’m not asking you anymore.”

Jeff: “Well, you don’t have to get pissed at me, it’s my fate. Just because you’re crabby, think what you’re saying. You know what I mean?”

Jordan is quiet for a moment, and the replies, “I have nothing to say to them. She’s lying, and he’s probably lying too. I know she’s lying. And I need to know, just in case Kevin saves one of them. What do I do? Who do I put up? Who’s voting what way? If it is on Thursday, and Kevin pull…

Jeff: “I know.”

Jordan: If Kevin does win the veto and saves one of them, of course I’m going to have to put Russel up, but how are we voting? Are we voting to evict Russel, or are we voting to evict one of them? One of them, probably.” Jeff nods his agreement. “But does everybody know how to vote? Does Michele know how to vote?”

Jeff: “It’s got to be me and Michele, that’s it.”
Jordan: “Yeah, but it’s probably gonna be a tie.”

Jeff: And then it doesn’t matter, you’ve got the decision and we’ll know before.” Jordan doesn’t respond. “I’ll talk to them tonight. I swear, I’ll talk to them tonight after a couple of glasses of wine, it’s even better.”

Jordan: “Well, it’s good that you can go play BS, because you can see if they’re lying or not.”

Jeff: “That doesn’t have anything to do with anything. They’re lying. It’s a f*cking game! Obviously the stories don’t match up. Obviously, everyone in here’s been lying since they got here.”

Jordan: “Of course, we’ve all been lying. But I’m just saying if he’s coming after one of us, then I don’t want him here. If he’s coming after us next week, then I don’t want him here. Why keep him?”

Jeff: “And if one of their side wins, we’re going up, because one of us is going home if Michele wins POV.”

Jordan: “I know, but you’re the only one in here that I can trust. I can’t trust anybody else.”

Jeff: “Me too. You’re doing fine.” He stammers, as he searches for the right words. “Take it easy. I see you being extra nice to the other side. And take it easy with saying you’re going to flip sides and things like that, because they don’t give a f*ck about you, they never have an all of a sudden your backs against the wall and you think that they’re sweet, and you can trust them.”

Jordan: “I was just being nice to Natalie.”

Jeff: “I know.

Jordan: “And I’m annoyed with Russel and I’m trying to avoid him.”

Jeff: “That’s fine. Use your period as an excuse, say I’m on my period, I don’t feel like talking right now. I already said she’s on her period, she’s feeling really crabby don’t worry about it. So you can say whatever you want.

Jordan: “He already asked?”

Jeff: “Yeah. When we came in from working out, I told him I was busting Jordan’s balls because she’s super crabby. He said that’s why she’s been so stand-offish today. I told him yeah, she’s on her period and super mean to me, don’t worry about it. And he says, ‘Oh, that’s why.” I said yeah, I’m just joking around with her. But don’t joke around with her, because she’s pissed. And he says, ‘Okay.’ So don’t worry, he doesn’t think anything of it.” There’s a long silent pause, and Jeff continues. “I’m just saying that you’ve got to keep your head. And as much as you think it’s going to be a single questions, it’s going to be all night. Michele is going to go screaming through the house, and then their side is going to get all excited. What would you do if you were in their position right now? If you were the three of them in the corner like we’ve been all this whole game, and the other four were way stronger than you and they start fighting among themselves and know that[they’re going to send one of their own home], what would you be thinking if you were one of those three? You’d be think f*ck yeah, kick one of yourselves out.”

Jordan: “Yeah, but we’re not kicking him out.”

Jeff: “I’m just saying that when all this sh*t goes down. You know Michele’s not going to be able to keep her cool, she’s a wreck, and as much as people say she’s crazy, they’re right. She is crazy.”

Jordan: “Can they hear us?”

Jeff: I don’t know, put on the thing. Why is she such an emotional wreck, dude?

Jordan: “Because she’s probably guilty.”

Jeff: “Exactly!”

Jordan: “You do that when you’re guilty.”
Jeff turns the spy screen on and they watch the others play cards. Jeff: She didn’t talk to you today?”

Jordan responds curtly. “No!” [It’s not that Michele didn’t make the effort. She did. Jordan was obviously avoiding a conversation with her, and Michele knew it. And that’s what led to her emotiolnal breakdown earlier].

Jeff tells Jordan that she came up to him and wanted to talk. Jordan says, “She likes you better than me.” Jeff tells her that Michele is playing every side. He explains the crazy conversation he had with her and how she questioned him about saying Colt 45. Jordan asks,”What’s Colt 45?.

Jeff tells her that it’s a beer [he obviously doesn’t know that the beer derived its name from the famous Colt 45 revolver, and that it was the supposed reference to the gun that made Michele nervous.]

Jeff insists that Russel probably isn’t in as deep as they think he is, because they’re basing it on what Michele is telling them. And he told her that they were going to have a talk because the stories aren’t matching up. Jeff assures Jordan that he’s going to get to the bottom of it, but it’s not going to go smoothly. Jeff reminds her about the other side. He says that he would like to keep Natalie. But agrees with Jordan that Natalie has to go.

The conversation ends when Jordan tells him she has to go to the bathroom. On his way out the door, Jeff tells her that she needs to relax.

9:37PM BBT: Jeff goes to the backyard to have a smoke before joining the others inside. He’s obviously deep in thought.

9:41PM BBT: Jeff joins the card game. The group is all playing, laughing and getting along extremely well. The card game switches from BS to Texas Hold-Em at 10:10PM BBT.
10:29PM BBT: Jeff goes all in with a pair of sixes, but busts Lydia out of the game and goes to the DR. There’s a DR leak, and Lydia can be heard asking if she can go in the hot tub with her unitard.

10:40PM BBT: Lydia is in the shower, Jordan’s in bed with a hot pad on her tummy, Michele is buzzed and the rest are playing poker.

10:43PM BBT: Natalie bluff’s Jeff out of a hand he would have won on the river, and brags that she won $7,000 in a 320 player tournament. Rather than raising red flags about her age, Jeff and Russ are impressed. Kevin jokes that poker talk sounds like Chinese, “I have a river rock on a flush!”

10:55PM BBT: The poker game finally breaks up when Natalie is called to the DR.

11:00PM BBT: Russel questions how she can gamble so much at 18. She tells him she plays cash games. Then tells Russel that the biggest poker win she had was $7,000 in a tournament. Russel tells her that his boss staked him to a game, and he paid him back with his winnings.

Natalie tells Russel that the week before she came to the house she was in Vegas, stayed at the Rio for the World Series of Poker.

Russel asks if she played in it. I didn’t play tournaments, because that you can’t, because she would get caught too easily. She says she can get away with playing cash games, but not the tournaments because of the tax thing.

11:21PM BBT: The poker game continues, but almost in complete silence now.

11:25PMBBT: Kevin has been sitting at the table without uttering a word for the last 10 minutes. He gets up and heads to the Red Room. Jeff asks, “Where you going K-town?” Kevin tells him that he’s going to bed. Lydia is already in bed when Kevin comes in. Kevin asks what she’s doing, and she tells him that she’s going over things in her head. Thinking about the game, how we might go up as pawns again. She begins to tear up, and wipes the tears away with her hands. [FoTH]. When the camera comes back, we see a close up of Lydia wiping away her tears.

Kevin tells Lydia that he has to go to Jeff and Jordan and just ask what’s going to happen. Lydia is a wreck worrying about tomorrow. Kevin whispers to Lydia, “I want to ask him, are you going to backdoor Russel, or not? We need to know.

11:44PM BBT: The BB edition of the World Series of Poker continues. Russ and Natalie get into an argument about who won. Russel explodes on Natalie:
Russ bragging about how many games he's won.

A nice game turns instantly ugly when Natalie mentions that Russell wouldn't win if they were playing for real money, and a very oud shouting match ensues.

Nat: I'm not talkng sh*t!

Russell: How can you guarantee that I wouldn't win?

Nat: Because I know. I play poker. If you were playing for real money, you would lose it in a casino.

Russell: How do you know that?

Nat: I've played in casinos.

Russell, louder: I've played more casinos that you ever have.

Nat: Russell, I'm just trying to tell you. For money, you would lose, bottom line.

Russ: How do you know?

Nat: Because I know.

Russ: Oh that's a great one. You know.

Russell storms out of the kitchen

11:09PM BBT: Michele and Jordan are in the HOH talking. Jordan tells Michele, “You got rid of Chima; I’m getting rid of Natalie” They talk about Russel’s loyalty. Michele asks Jordan if she can trust Jeff to do the right thing. Jordan says she can trust him 110%, and talks about what Jeff has done for them in the game by getting rid of Jessie. Michele says that Lydia doesn’t seem so out of it anymore, and she may try to win competitions now.

Jordan says that she thinks that Russel and Nat have something together. Michele says that Nat wears Russel’s colors, so they must be together.

Jordan blindsides Michele by saying, “I honestly feel you might flip on me and go with Russel, because either you’re lying or he is, and I believe you. Michele assures Jordan that she would never side with Russel, “He’s an ass!”

Jordan wants to know if she tells Russel what they talk about. Michele tries to assure her that she doesn’t share that information with Russ. But she’s really been getting negative vibes from both Jeff and Jordan for the last couple of days

Jordan tells Michele to tell her the truth, and then asks her if she voted Jessie out. Michele says yes. Jordan continues her interrogation by asking Michele why she told that that Russel wanted Jeff out, and then told them that now he wants Kevin out.

Michele whispers that Russel told her earlier that if Jeff ever makes a move to get him out of the house, then it’s over. But until that happens, he’s in the Final 4 alliance. And she thinks that the reason Russel wants Kevin gone is because he’s afraid that Kevin could replace him in their final 4 deal.

Jordan tells Michele that she trusts Kevin more than Russel.

Michele thinks Russel will play along for now, but goes on to tell Jordan about how Russel told her that he got Jeff to work out hard today so that he would be hurt in the upcoming competition.

They talk about the final 3 deal, and Jordan assures Michele that she doesn’t have a deal with Jeff. If they can make it to the final 3, may the best person win. Jordan continues to overtly express her paranoia about Michele flipping on them.

Michele explains that when she’s talking to Russ, she’s doing undercover work, and she needs reassurance every day. Jordan tells her that it’s obvious when she lies by the way she acts. Michele laughs her nervous little laugh, and says she knows. Jordan says, “Like when you say ‘I don’t remember, or I forgot.’” Michele isn’t laughing now, she’s straight faced when she says, “No, sometimes I really don’t remember.” And goes on to say Russel and Natalie put that in her head. Jordan assures her that she always stuck up for her, even when Russel called you a cuckoo.

In the meantime, Jeff and Natalie are still playing cards downstairs. They talk about relationships, his and hers.

12:40PM BBT: Jeff, Jordan and Natalie are in the backyard talking about Lydia and Jessie and week 3.

Natalie and Jeff are playing pool, while Jordan watches. They all think Lydia is just saying she hates Jessie right now but as soon as she gets to the jury house that will change. Jordan says Lydia told Jeff and Jordan last week about what Lydia did with Jessie, and at first Jordan didn't believe her. Jordan tells Nat that when Lydia called her a ho during the HoH competition, she wanted to respond by bringing up Jessie, but didn't. Natalie thinks Lydia and Jessie will hook up in the jury house.

Michele comes out and joins Jeff, Jordan, and Natalie. Natalie says Lydia has told her that she thought Nat was c*ck-blocking Lydia and Jessie. But Natalie never wanted Jessie, and if she did want him, she could have had him. Natalie says she just didn't like Jessie talking to Lydia because it messed up his game.

They talk about Jordan going up week 3. Jeff says when that happened, he knew not to trust Jessie since it went from Jessie talking about the four of them working together to three all of a sudden. Natalie says the plan all along was to backdoor Casey that week, but she wanted Jessie to put Lydia and Michelle up as pawns instead of Jordan as a pawn. Natalie says she got in a fight with Jessie over his putting up Jordan as a pawn instead of Lydia, and wanted Jessie to at least talk to Jeff beforehand and thought Jessie did. Jeff and Jordan say that the conversation Jessie had with Jeff was something really short like "Trust me."
Jeff says Casey wasn't even after Jessie, and Natalie says they knew that but Jessie and Natalie thought Casey was coming after Natalie because that's what Russell told them Casey was planning. So that's why Jessie put Casey up. Jeff says Russell wasn't even talking to Casey then, and Natalie says he was because that's when they were getting worried about Russell; other people in the backyard chime in too that Russell was talking with Casey then. Jeff says oh. Jeff and Jordan say Casey never mentioned Natalie's name to them. Natalie says Jessie also put Casey up because Casey was the main person after Ronnie, and Jessie and Ronnie were best friends. Someone laughs about how Ronnie still went out the next week.

Jordan says Jessie was protecting Lydia because he she was giving him hand jobs. Michele says, “Maybe I should put out more in this house.” Jeff is on that remark in a flash, “Where are you sleeping tonight?” They all laugh.

They continue to talk to talk about Lydia, and how she’s still in love with Jessie, and how erratic her behavior has been since he left the house. They all agree that she’s still in love with Jessie. Jeff points out that she screamed at them and told them to send her home. They put her on the block and she’s upset. What does she want? It’s basically a no win situation with her. Natalie is working the group hard, getting them to turn on Lydia, by basically telling them that it was the bad things that Lydia was saying about them that caused them to stop talking to Jeff and Jordan. And that it was Lydia who was responsible for Braden being put on the block.

1:10AM BBT: After working Lydia over, Natalie is shooting pool with Michele while Jeff and Jordan watch. Natalie goes to work nailing the coffin shut on Russel. She complains about how Russel brags about being such a good winner, and how she can never win at anything.

The talk turns back to Poker, and Natalie tells them that she played in the World Series of Poker the week before she came into the house. Jordan asks how she did that, was it like for 18 year olds. Natalie says no, you have to be 21 to play, but used her fake ID. Jeff asks what would have happened if she won, and couldn’t get the payout with a fake ID. Natalie is a bit nervous, and starts fast talking, telling them that it depends on what kind of tournament it is. [Total BS!!!]

Natalie talks about her gambling obsession, and how she dug a hole for herself by playing in games she didn’t have a big enough bankroll for. And she’s digging herself out of that hole right now.
Jordan says she has a friend who gets comped all the time, and actually won $10,000 in one night.

Again Natalie says that the most she’s ever won was $7,200, by taking 3rd place in a tournament at an Arizona casino, where you can play when you’re 18 because it’s an Indian Reservation. [This is true.]

Nat tells them about how scared she was when Jeff used the CDT. She asks Jeff how he figured out what the votes would be when he couldn’t tell anyone that he had the power. He told her that he just talked in what if’s in future weeks.

Jordan tells Natalie that she loves her honesty. Michele complains that the pool game is dragging out too long. A few minutes later, Michele is done with pool and Jeff takes over. Jordan shares some personal stories while Jeff and Natalie shoot pool.

2:00AM BBT: Michele finally decides to go to bed. Jeff says, “Good night, Colt 45, and he and Michele laugh. There’s a lot of small talk after that about celebrities and TV shows.

2:17AM BBT: Jeff casually begins asking Natalie about her plans in the game. Jeff asks what her thoughts are about sticking around. She tells him that she wants to stay, but she assumed that because of her relationship with Jessie, she would automatically be the next one out. Jeff reminds her that they control the votes.

Natalie tells her that she wants to stay, and knows that they probably have a final 3 deal with Michele. Jordan tells her that they don’t have any formal deals, that she and Jeff are just like her and Jessie, and haven’t made a final 2 deal. She swears that she has never lied in the game.

Jeff wants to know who she’d put up if she won. Natalie says, I’m not going to lie, I’m going after Michele. I’d put up Michele and Lydia. Jeff asks what happens if Lydia’s gone. Natalie says that she doesn’t know; she wants Michele gone. Jeff says, “So it would be Michele and someone else.” Nat just shrugs her shoulders and nods affirmatively. She then starts into a long story about Kevin being a great guy, he’s been honest and loyal throughout the game. And she really appreciates loyalty. But he’s won $10,000 already and has never been on the block, so if she won HOH, she wouldn’t have a problem putting him up as a pawn. If Russel was still there, she would put him up opposite Michele. If Lydia is still there, she would put her up about Michele.

Natalie is working overtime now, rehashing her Green Room lie insisting it’s the truth. [Unfortunately, much of that lie is actually true].

Natalie insists that Russ told her that the only person he has to worry about for HOH is Jeff, because the girls are dead weight and no competition.
Jordan asks again if Nat and Russ are in an alliance and she says no. Did you see our fight after poker tonight?
The bottom line is that Jeff and Jordan make a firm commitment to keeping Natalie in the game, with the understanding that she will become an ally. [And IMO, just handed her the game].

The sincerely lie-fest in the backyard comes to an end at 3:14AM BBT, when Jeff says he’s got to go to bed. Nat agrees that it’s time to go bed. Jeff tells Nat, “You are safe with me. Let’s hug it out. They hug, and Natalie swear that she will show them her loyalty.

3:16AM BBT: Jeff and Jordan are alone in the HOH. Jeff is upset with Jordan. He tells her that they don’t know if they can trust Natalie. He explains that you can’t go through this whole game never talking to someone, and then suddenly talk to them for one night and think everything is great and tell them all your plans and talk about your numbers

Jeff: Maybe this is their play, you know.

Jordan: I think we should send Lydia home this week because that leaves Kevin alone and he would definitely come to us.

Jordan goes on to tell Jeff that Michele came up and said she was tipsy, and “we started talking, and I told her something isn't right. One of you is lying, and I feel like you are lying to me, Michele. Sometimes you [tell us that you] think that Russell and Natalie have something.”
Jordan explains how Michele said no, and feels like she’s an undercover person, like Leo in the movie Departed. She said that she has to keep Russell happy, but he was laughing today about how evil they are. Michele explained that she had to laugh with him, but didn’t like it. “Russell was laughing today when you were working out, because you think you are safe with him, because he’s working out with you.” According to Michele, Russel said that he’s definitely not giving up anything on endurance, because he knows that he can outlast you.

Everything Michele has told me is exactly what Kevin and Nat have told us. But I am nervous about losing one of our side. But for your sake, I really want to get him out. But what if Kevin wins and Russ is gone? Then we go up?

Jeff: I know it is so stupid and naive this late in the game, but i want to lean towards Natalie. But it is so hard, and i hate doing it. But at the same time, who do I trust more? Natalie who has never lied [to me] because I've never talked to her? Or Russell, who has stabbed me in the back?

Jordan: Michele was tipsy and telling me everything and I really don't think she was lying at all!

Jeff: If Natalie is not lying, then we still need Michele. And if Russ goes home, then it is Lydia and Kevin on the other side.

3:44AM BBT: Jeff and Jordan are now discussing every POV scenario possible, who might win HOH, their fear that Russel is coming after Jeff next week. This conversation is as crazy as the one above.
[These two have been going back and forth about the same things since Jordan won HOH, and they still can’t decide what they will do, but are definitely leaning toward keeping Natalie in the game. While I hope that I’m wrong, In my opinion, that decision will cost one of them $500,000!]