8:35AM The first HG to appear this morning is Natalie. She comes out of DR and heads to the kitchen. The handle to the freezer comes off in her hand, but she manages to get it back on. She complained about her shoulder hurting to Jessie last night, and she’s rotating it as if it’s still bothering her. She gets back in bed
8:31AM BB: “Good morning Houseguests it’s time to get up for the day.” No one moves.
8:35AM Casey is the first one up, followed quickly by Laura. They head to SR to change batteries, Casey puts his shoes on in the LR, goes to the kitchen and starts making coffee, and we hear BB’s second wake-up call.
8:41 AM Jordan and Lydia in SR changing batteries.
8:42 AM Jordan, “Why are we up so early? We’re never up this early.” Casey’s outside smoking a cigarette. Jordan brushing her teeth.
8:46AM Lydia says she’s going to make bacon and eggs, and asks Jordan if she wants some.
8:49AM Casey comes back into the kitchen and asks Lydia if he missed anything last night. Said Ronnie got back up last night, asked what’s going on. They said nothing, and came back inside. Casey says Ronnie is a hustler.
8:52AM Lydia is frying bacon. Ronnie and Jeff are in the BR. Ronnie believes the reason they’re up so early is that they’ll be taping good-bye messages today.
9:00AM Casey asks Jordan if they slept in the same bed. She says, “Yeah.” “Did you patch things up?” Jordan says things are patched up as good as they can be for now, but she just doesn’t deserve to be treated like that, and she thought Lydia was someone she could trust.
9:05AM Russell and Lydia outside. Russ asks Lydia if she slept well. She tells him that Casey was screaming in his sleep. Russ laughs and says, yeah, he hit the wall.
9:22AM Braden , Jeff and Jess in BR. Braden is pitching his plan to stay and win to Jessie. He explains that his epiphany came last night at dinner when he began counting allies, and realized that he’s not dead in the water. He tells Jessie that he’d “run through a wall of fire” to prove himself. He insists that they could put it together and take it to the end. Jeff interjects; ‘You need to make some racial corrections. Braden and Jeff are in the spa now. Braden’s naming off all the people he could sway, and then tells Jess that he’s sorry he didn’t make this clearer from the beginning. Alliances are important, and since he grew up without a family, the brotherhood-- his friends-- are the people he always relied on. Braden points out Chima’s weak points, and reiterates that he’s not going to give up. He’s going to get busy today. Jess encourages him. J says that Russell, Nat are contributing factors. Braden says he’s going to find out if this is his toothbrush, because it would be weird to brush his teeth with someone else’s. J extends his hand; Braden takes it and shows him the Brotherhood hand shake.
Jess now outside, tells Russell and Casey that Braden is working him for votes, but it’s out of his hands now. He doesn’t have a vote. Casey agrees. They didn’t expect him to roll over.
Ronnie comes up. Casey questions his game play. Says there are people like Braden (durka, durka, durka), who come in and don’t seem to play at all, and then people like Ronnie who come in playing too hard. Braden goes out first, and people like Ronnie are out the first month.
Casey says Ronnie came into his room last night, and said that people were still up and talking, so he couldn’t sleep, because he can’t let people talk about him and strategize against him. Said when Ronnie was playing WoW, he’d sleep for 3 hours and get up and go back at it.
Kevin has joined the BY crew, then leaves to get coffee. Ronnie sits down. They talk about the movie Crash.
Ronnie back inside, in the BR, waders through the house back to the doom room.
9:45AM Kevin told Casey that he reminds him of his black dad. Casey says he thinks that’s funny. Kevin explains that everyone likes his dad; Casey says dad is good. Casey, “we’ve got a 3 in 12 chance to win HoH, that’s 25%.
9:47AM Russell goes to the HoH and tells Jessie he’s there to weigh himself. Jessie is under the blanket and says he’s going back to sleep. Russell announces that he’s gained 5 pounds.
Russell asks about Ronnie again, and Jesse tells him the longer Ronnie’s in here the better off we’ll be because he tells me everything: Casey doesn’t like Lydia, and Lydia doesn’t like Casey. During the fight all he heard was Lydia said this, Lydia said this, and bingo the light went on. Everyone knows that Ronnie makes the rounds to everyone.
Casey told Russell that they’d be a stronger group without Natalie. Russell says she’s young, and he thinks of her as a little sister. Russell uses the fight with Jeff as an example of how Natalie has the potential to damage their group. Jess agrees.
Russell tells Jessie that he’s the one that egged on yesterday’s fight with Lydia, by telling Braden that Lydia was in the HoH until 3 in the morning. He was planting seeds, watering them, and waiting for them to sprout. Then, as soon as he realized the job was done, he went and shaved his head so he wouldn’t be anywhere around when the explosion occurred between Braden and Lydia..
Russell thinks Laura is flip flopping. Laura scares Jessie. She talks to everyone, and doesn’t have anyone mad at her. She was talking open game in front of everyone. Laura, says I’d put up Jeff and Jordan. Russell: Nat gets excited and just poops out words. I don’t trust Lydia. Jessie agrees, but says she owes us one. I’ll have her sleep up here tonight to make sure [that she understands]. Lydia doesn’t have anyone but Kevin for now. I know Kevin wants Jeff out. Russell says, that they’ll just have to wait until Thurs and win HoH.
Russell gloats about how easy it was for him to get information out of Jordan when she was crying about how, after Braden is evicted, it’s just her and Laura. She’s worried about that because she and Laura aren’t really that close because she’s spent all her time talking to Jeff.
Neither of the boys trust Laura, and she probably just used them to stay off the block. Jess says that he was told that if Laura wins HoH, she would put the two of them up. If she does, she’ll have a big target on her back.
Evidently Casey expressed concern about Jessie’s relationship with Natalie, but he told Casey that he would never put a girl first [before the game]. Jessie insists that Casey is tight with them. Casey said “Let’s just make it to final 4” and we go from there.
Russell is still gloating about how he got to Braden. “I totally worked Braden up, man...It was awesome. It’s just so great when you find that little niche and you know you can work it.”
Jesse repeats Ronnie’s vicious little lie about Michelle. Jess said he told Natalie what Ronnie had said, and Nat said that just doesn’t make any sense, and she thinks he’s just trying to get the target off his back and onto Michele. Russ agrees that Michele would never say that, and Ronnie is using these stories to target the people he wants out.
Jess, “Or he’s trying to get the target off his back, but s…man, he’s still going up as a pawn because he hasn’t proved himself. He said he can win shit, and he has to win shit. If he goes up as a pawn and gets himself off the block, then he can have some say in who would take his place.
Russ is happy to hear that Jess is thinking that way.
Talk switches to workout. Russell needs to take a dump. Jessie says Chima finally brought some TP up there. Chima’s a good chick, but he doesn’t want her and Nat to F them in the end.
10:14AM feeds switch to by. Laura, Ronnie, Kevin. Small talk
Jordan and Lydia join the BY crew and continue putting on their makeup. Lydia thinks that Ronnie has deals with everyone in the house. Jordon defends him, saying that Ronnie just gets over excited about the game, and just wants to talk about it.
Jordan tells Laura that they should wear their Popular shirts. Lydia suggests that the two girls might be better off after Braden leaves. [I assume because it will take the target off their group, but it could be her way of justifying her betrayal.]
Lydia goes back inside, and Jordan climbs onto to the hammock with Jeff. People will probably think we’re scheming. Jeff doesn’t care what people think. Jeff tells Jordan that if she kissed him, he would kiss her back. Jordan encourages Jeff to talk to people today.
11:17AM BB this is a lock down. Please go outside and close the sliding glass doors. Casey, Jeff, and Braden are working out, while Ronnie is moving back and forth between them and the people on the couch. General chit chat.
11:42AM BB: House Guests, this is a lock down. Please go inside and close the sliding glass doors. Everyone moves inside.
12:10PM BB: House Guest, the lockdown is now over, You are free to move about the House
12:15PM Lydia and Kevin make omelets and bacon. Chima comments that Natalie has the best bed in the house. Jess said he had the best last year, but had to share it with Ollie. Jess talks about Dan’s deal with Ollie, and how he broke his deal. Natalie points out that April broke her deal with Michelle, by putting Jessie up, and he went home that week. Jess said that April’s biggest mistake was not using the veto to take him off the block that week. He doesn’t really care though, because as far as he’s concerned it was America’s fault that he went home that week.
Jeff comes in complaining about the heat. We get FISH when Chima says she knows how she’s being portrayed this year by the dumb questions she’s asked in DR.
12:30PM Feeds return. Laura and Jordan are in the BR. Laura was in training to be a Hooter’s girl, but never showed up to work. Jeff says he likes Hooter’s food, but the girls at the one he goes to look bad. Chima disrespects Chicago women by saying that’s one of the reasons she wants to go there, because she wouldn’t have any competition. [Love yourself much?]
Jeff says he likes his women without makeup. Casey comes in and Jess asks if his wife looks good without makeup. Casey says yes.
12:35PM Casey and Russell are in the backyard. Casey tells Russell that last night while talking with his clique he told them they should vote off the Brains, and they’re all down with it because they get to stay. Casey says Braden is gone this week, and believes that Laura and Jordan will go with the plan to get the Brains out as well. Russ expresses his concern that Laura is playing them.
Casey suggests that Russell get Kevin alone, because Kevin wants to team up with the Athletes. Casey warns Russell that Ronnie and Michele are dangerous for more reason than one. Russell agrees, and a few minutes later talks about how Braden has been working everyone hard. Casey tells Russ to keep this to himself, but Lydia and Kevin want Jeff out.
12:50PM Casey calls Michele “the silent assassin,” while rubbing sun block on Russell’s back .
1:09PM Russell tells Lydia that it would be a bad idea for anybody to nominate him, since he’s likely to win the POV and save himself, it would only mean putting a target on their back. He moves on to Kevin, and tells him the same thing, and then proposes an alliance with the Offbeats. Kevin says that he’s receptive to that, and he’ll check with Lydia and Casey.
2:10PM Kevin suggests that he and Jordan have a fake argument and act it out over the whole day. It could be about Jeff. Kevin will yell, “He’s my man.” He then asks Jordan why she isn’t going after Jeff. She says that she doesn’t want to be seen on TV doing that. Kevin thinks Jess is hot and is upset that the other HG’s “c**blocked her by teasing her, because he wants to see them kiss.
Kevin now defines the word Beaner to Jordan. Naturally, she had never heard the word. K asks, Don’t you have Mexicans in NC? She says not really.
2:33PM Jess and Russell in the kitchen .Russell, “You don’t want to see me on slop! I’ll be a real beast.” Jessie does a great George W impersonation!
2:45PM Ronnie and Jordan are in the re-cycle room. The volume is really low, but from what I can hear, Jordan is adamant about breaking up the athletes and wants to put Russell up. Ronnie says that he would put Russell up if he wins and “As a sign of good faith, I put you (Jordan) up as a pawn. That way I know I can trust you.”
Ronnie assures Jordan that he’ll tell the Brains that nominating Jordan would be a waste of time. Jordan thinks that Lydia might put Ronnie up. Ronnie says that Lydia told him last night that she wasn’t going to put him up. He’s not even on her radar.
3:11PM Jessie’s keeping his promise regarding keeping Lydia close to him. They’re in the HoH room cuddling under the blankets. He asks why she’s wearing that sweatshirt. She says, “I can take it off.” Jess makes Lydia blush.
3:17PM Casey talking to Michele, who is sunbathing again. Michele says that it’s strange that she really can’t eat today. It’s not like she thought it would be. They talk about the lap band procedure for weight loss but can’t remember what it’s called.
3:21PM Ronnie, Nat and Laura in the red room. Natalie asks Ronnie if his wife is cool with him doing the show, because of the video games and all. He says, yeah. [Not quite as talkative as he was with Jordan.]
Camera switches to BY, where Jordan has joined Casey, Michele and Russell. Michele asks Jordan if she plays pool at all. Jordan says not really. You should play me, you’ll probably win. Jordan now talking about how music would inspire her to work out. Michele wants to change her hair. Russell’s shoulder is messed up. Says a bone is sticking out. He messed it up in the motorcycle accident. He say girls in a car next to him, he was flirting with them, doing 80 mph, got up on his back wheel. A lady made a right hand turn, t-boned her and flew 105 feet in the air. The world record is 115 feet from impact to landing. He was conscious through the whole thing. His life flashed before his eyes. Knee cap fractured, and was actually on the side of his knee. He said he felt everything. He explained that he made it through the paralysis because he had a great medical staff and the determination to walk again. “I don’t miss any chance I have to live. “
Jordan now telling him about an accident she had in grade school that doesn’t quite live up to Russell’s. He asks if she cries a lot. She says not really, that last time was shortly before she came to the show, because she was really stressed out.
Jordan, “I remember you said your dad used to whip you.” He spanked us. He was strict.
Russ asks what she wants to do after this. Jordan says she wants to go back to school and get educated. She doesn’t know what she wants to study, because she’s not really passionate about anything. Jordan drops her mic in the pool. “Oh s***, there goes $4,000.”
BB: “Jordan, please exchange your microphone with one in the storage room.”
Michele asks Russell how he became a stockbroker. He says I have a degree in finance, and knew that I always wanted to work in New York, San Francisco or Boston. He got an offer in San Francisco, it was close and he jumped on it. San Francisco is his favorite city. Michele talks about Boston. He says, yeah, it’s compact like S.F., but I don’t think I could do the winters. There are a lot of Bostonians in S.F.”
Russ asked if she still lives in Boston. No, but her husband’s parents still live there and they visit often.
Russell asks if she ever thinks about moving out of Pasadena. She says she likes California, and wants to stay because her husband is trying to break into the business. He teaches to pay the bills, but does stand-up, and they spend a lot of time in Hollywood, and have thought about moving there to be closer.
3:46PM Kevin and Casey on BY couches.
3:47PM Feet intertwined and heavy breathing coming from under the blankets in the HoH room. BB zooms in on Jessie’s picture on the memory wall, then pans to Lydia’s to let us know who’s under the blanket tent.
3:59PM Lydia emerges from the blanket tent in her swim suit, goes to the dresser and gets Jessie a pair of pants.
4:07PM All 4 cameras are still basking in the after glow in HoH room.
4:22PM Ronnie and Jordan are in the BY. He asks what BB said about the mic? Nothing. Russell called to the DR. Jordan says he’s probably venting. She said Russell is really starting to work everyone. Ronnie says that if HoH is an elimination, Russell will be the first one out. Of course, Jordan doesn’t understand what he means, so he explains how a buzz-in, elimination is played. Jordan, “Oh, oh, oh, yeah, yeah.”
Ronnie says that he always thought he was ugly when he was in school. Girls wouldn’t talk to him. He tells a story about taking a box of chocolates and flowers to school, asked a girl out, and she said, No, you’re ugly and a geek. This was in 7th grade. Jordan is amazed that anyone could be that mean. Ronnie said he hated middle school. One of the richest and most popular girls in middle school sat behind him in psych class, and she said she knows that she doesn’t really know him, but asked him to write love notes to her to make her boyfriend jealous. That was also when the rumors about him being gay began.
Michele said that’s when the rumors about her being a lesbian began. She did consider herself bi-sexual, but hadn’t really acted on it yet.
Jordan asks Michelle if she’s bi. And Michele says yes.
4:43PM Jeff joins Michelle, Jordan and Ronnie in the BY. Jeff gets on the elliptical. Jordan wants to get in the pool. Ronnie says he has to change, then changes his mind and says he thinks he’ll lay down for a while.
4:45PM Ronnie makes his way through the kitchen. Russell is eating tuna out of the can. Takes the tuna outside.
5:12PM Nat and Jeff in HOH
Nat, “We’re aligned with the whole house. Jess, “Yeah, we’re so screwed.” Nat says, I don’t think we should make any official deals with people, because eventually you say I don’t screw people, but that’s how you end up screwing people. I’ve never said you and me to the end with you or Chima, but I think it’s there, it’s implied. If it came down to you and Russ up on the block and I win POV, when it comes down to it, I’ll take you down.
Jess says he wants Jeff in the house as long as possible, because he’s the one person that can’t put them up. Nat agrees that for now, Jeff is an ally.
Talk turns to non-game. Nat saying her father worked for Nestle for 17 years, but his job got out sourced to Canada. He became the manager of a car dealership, and she gets such great deals on cars that she traded in her 2005 Toyota for a 2009 and her payments stayed the same. Jess asks what her dad drives. She tells him that he just traded in his car for a truck, because he just imported two hunting dogs from Argentina and need the truck to transport them. Jess: “Your dad hunts?” N: He’s starting, too. J: He has guns and stuff? N: Yes. Jason hunts. Jess: Jason? N: My boyfriend.
5:27PM FISH.
5:30PM Jess and Nat now in kitchen with Chima, Jeff, Laura. Chima is cooking. Natalie has IcyHot for her shoulder. She thanks BB, and says her father uses this and it really helps him. Natalie turns to Jeff and tells him that it will be up him and Russ on Thursday.
[Ed. Why do these BB fanatics believe for a minute that Thursday’s HoH will be physical?]
5:42PM Jordan: “Jessie, it looks like somebody clawed your back.” Jess blushes, and Lydia says, “No, it’s from this”, pointing to where Jessie had been laying on the couch.
5:45PM Jordan, Laura and Lydia in the WC getting dressed for the night, talking about makeup.
5:54PM Lydia tells the girls she went to a Lit concert and the drummer threw his drumstick into the audience. Jordan: “And you caught it?” Lydia: No it hit me in the head and busted my melon open. It was so embarrassing.”
6:18PM Braden packed his clothes and brings his luggage into the SR. After dropping his luggage, he goes outside to talk to Jessie. He suggests that Jessie sell his pink tights from the rave competition on eBay. Unfortunately, the tights were washed with everyone’s clothes and the pink color faded and ruined some of the people’s clothes, including Jeff’s favorite shorts and Casey’s underwear.
Braden says that he, Jeff, Jessie, and Russ will be sent out the door one by one and people will say that it is the worst defeat in BB history. He tells Jessie that they should take out the weak competition and they should leave the strong players in for the excitement of the audience. He tells Jess to talk to Russ. Braden wants to talk again later. Braden says it will take more than 2 people to get through the game. You need four. Braden says a secret alliance between the four will help them go to the end.
Braden says the people that have been gossiping weren't telling the truth about Braden. Braden says "especially...Hey Ronnie!"
Ronnie comes out to interrupt it the talk. Ronnie will join the workout with Braden.
Braden says he talked to a professional for the perfect BB plan. The pro said to have a secret alliance with 2 on each side to take out the middle.
[Ed, My computer crashed just as this conversation started. Thanks to Zany for the great update.]
6:50PM Jeff, Chima and Jordan are in the kitchen, Jeff and Jordan are eating. Everyone else is outside. Natalie tells Casey that the pain in her shoulder is an 8 out of 10, but the nurse said there was nothing out of place. Casey tells her that some people would tell her to use ice, others heat. Nat said she did ice first and now heat.[Actually, you’re supposed to alternate ice and heat. I would think Natalie would know that.]
7:10PM Girls are in the WC primping for tonight’s BBAD. General chit chat.
7:20PM Ronnie and Chima are in the SR. Ronnie shares his theory that a secret will be revealed if people ride the bikes and light up the bulbs. Ronnie is serious about this, and tells Michele that they should devote hours to it, because it could be the key to a coup d’ etat. What if a box opens up and there’s a card that says, “Come to the Diary Room”, and they get the power to overthrow the HOH’s nominations.
7:28PM Kevin is on the lounge watching the girls curl their hair. Poor Kevin says he’s never felt so ill from working out. Chima suggests that he take a cold shower, “It’s the one on the left.”
Talk turns to having children. Lydia says she wants to be a soccer mom, but no van for her. She wants a Range Rover. She’ll be a PTA mom too; all she has to do is find a man to have a kid with. Michelle wants children too. She says her husband being a teacher is really great with rules and just loves the kids and gets along very well with them. She likes children too, but thinks she’ll be considered the cold mom. But she isn’t in a hurry. There’s plenty of time for children, and she wants to do other things, like travel, before she has a bunch of kids.
7:46PM Jeff is excited to have everyone feel his soft shirt. Jeff: Feel my shirt. Casey: Huh? Jeff: Feel my shirt, feel how soft it is. Ronnie, Jordan, Casey and Braden all feel his shirt. Braden: Is that American Apparel? Ronnie: It’s cotton. Jeff: It’s not cotton, Ronnie. You don’t know everything! I’ll give you a hint, you can smoke it! Braden: HEMP!
[5 minutes later] Jeff: Did you guys feel my shirt yet?
7:58PM The girls are STILL getting ready. Jessie’s there now, and he’s explaining body building competitions. Jess explains that body building doesn’t really lead to great success. Name one body builder in the last 20 years that has been successful. You can’t. He says the only two names people really know are Arnold and Lou Farigno. [We get fish when Jess explains that Gold’s Gym in Venice stripped the walls of Arnold’s pictures, because here he is as governor encouraging the kids to be natural after he admitted that he was all juiced up.]
8:04PM News flash! After 3 hours, Laura finally finishes curling her hair. Wait, she’s at it again!
Boys cooking tuna in the kitchen.
8:31PM Lydia is telling Kevin about her “afternoon delight” with Jessie. How he made a tent out of the blankets. She denies the oral sex, just whispering sweet nothings. Jessie kissed her all other the neck, and said he could help her with his 2 fingers, and she told him to keep his hands to yourself. He did grab her butt though.
She did put her hand “down there,” so she “gauged it.”
Kevin: Can you tweak his nipple for me?
Lydia says that she won’t kiss him, but will let him kiss her. Lydia says that Natalie came up to the HOH and was banging on the door, and Jessie made her wait before he opened the door.
Kevin can’t believe that she’s really into Jessie, and neither can Lydia. He’s only 23. I’ve never…
Laura and Jordan talking game and the need to break up the athletes.
8:50PM Russell says that Jordan has the face of a porn star. Pure little country girl.
9:08PM Ronnie promising his allegiance to Russell, and swears that he hasn’t done anything against the Athlete’s alliance. Russell tells Ronnie he needs to be straight with him, because if Ronnie lies, he [Russell] is smart and will find out. Of course, Ronnie agrees, then asks if Russell knows if Lydia is planning on putting him [Ronnie] on the block if she wins HoH. Russell says he hasn’t asked her specifically. Today their conversation was about her owing Russell one. That’s the extent he took it with her. If you’d like me to, I’ll ask her tomorrow, I wouldn’t ask her tonight because she might be suspicious, but will talk to her tomorrow and get back to Ronnie. Ronnie leaves and Russell watches him go, shakes his head as if to say you’re full of it and I know it.
A few minutes later, Ronnie catches Jess in the kitchen. He asks about whether someone [couldn’t hear] would put him up. Jess shakes his head no. Ronnie then tells him that Russell is pissed about him not telling Russell about the persuasive speaking thing. Jess asks Ronnie if he told Russell. Ronnie says, I did, because I thought you told him.” Jess confirms that he told Russell something about it, and then said, “Like, man, talk to him about it.” Ronnie shakes his head, Yeah, he asked me why I didn’t tell him about it. Ronnie expresses his concern that Jess would get rid of him because of it. Jess asks,”Why would anyone get rid of you?” Ronnie replies that Michele is trying to stir crap up about him. Jess reassures Ronnie again. Thankfully Casey enters the kitchen and ends the conversation.
9:15PM Lydia tells Kevin that she was hoping to snuggle with Jessie tonight, but Natalie’s going to sleep in the HOH, and she thinks Jessie plans on sleeping downstairs.
9:17PM Jessie tucking Natalie into the HOH bed, rubbing her shoulder with the IcyHot.
9:22PM BY crew talking about bringing another woman into a relationship. Laura said it would have to be with a random guy, because if she was already in a relationship, she would wonder if her man liked the other woman better.
Ronnie comes out and Jordan says, “Hey, I hear you’re horney!” Michele explains that she said married people are missing their spouses. Jordan asks Ronnie how he comes onto his wife when they’re in bed. He says he can’t talk about those things, he’s a teacher.
9:43PM With the exception of Natalie and Casey, everyone is in the BY, drinking and having endless senseless conversations about nothing
In the kitchen Russell talks to Laura about his conversation with Ronnie. Russell holds his hand to his mouth, pretending to be Ronnie’s cold sore, “Hi, I’m your friend for life.” Laura laughs. “Ah, I’m on a roll America!”
Natalie has now joined everyone else in the BY
9:55PM On the way to the storage room Ronnie tells Jordan that he’s “buzzed in a good way. Feelin’ loose.” Jordan tells Ronnie that she was talking about him. They enter the SR and Ronnie says, Oh, they did, they restocked. Yeah we got bananas and more beer. Ronnie wants to know who’s been talking about him. Jordan says, “I’m only telling you this because you’re my BFF.[I couldn’t hear specifically who Jordan was speaking about, but it was a he] He said he finds it funny that Ronnie is always following everyone around, and that they have to get him out. Ronnie decides to share the fact that he is a nationally ranked debater and persuasive speaker. Of course, Jordan has absolutely no clue what that means. Jordan listens with a blank look on her face, and says that’s good then. On the way out, Ronnie re-pledges his loyalty to Jordan, and insists that he will never lie to her.
10:15PM Ronnie has a buzz on and the group dares him to skinny dip in the pool. He says that he can’t do that because it would endanger his job as a teacher, but he will jump in the pool with his clothes on. They all cheer him on. He runs to the pool and does a rather impressive cannonball.
The alcohol has done its job and everyone is having a good time and getting along remarkably well. They begin playing a series of games, starting with one Casey created and called the haves and have nots, which involves going around the circle and asking questions that start with either “Who has” or “Who has not.”
10:25PM The next hour looks a bit like the schedule on GSM. The game changes to twenty questions, which is short lived because of Jessie’s choice of velociraptor. Nat guessed dinosaur and Jessie said that wasn’t specific enough. He wouldn’t have won if he had said a black man instead of Barack Obama to Casey’s. They go inside to play a game of Heads-Up Seven-Up, which becomes Four-Up because of the numbers. Casey begins running the game, and his position as a fifth-grade teacher is apparent in his control of his tipsy charges. This game goes on for a while, then they move outside to play Red Light, Green Light, followed by Simon Says converted to “Julie Says”, and last but not least a percussion band is created with items from the kitchen.
11:30PM Russell suggests that they play his 4-40 game, and gathers a couple of gallon jugs from the yards. Ronnie, Jessie and Lydia agree to join Russell in playing the game. As Russell prepares the jugs, we get FISH. [BB had to put a stop to this potentially lethal game before it started.]
11:54PM Chima warns the girls that they need to clean up after themselves in the BR [referencing disposal of personal hygiene items], and Jeff says, “Well, at least I know that’s not me.” Michele suggests that Chima assign the cleaning task to somebody else. Michele says she’ll do it, and Chima warns her not to get “an attitude with me. Nobody has to ask me, I clean it on my own. If you make the F***ing bathroom dirty, clean up after yourself.”
Michele says that Chima just gets to it before anyone else can do it, and that Chima has higher standards than everyone else.
Chima: “I have high standards because I don’t want S**t on the toilet?”
Michelle: “No, I’m just saying if you think the bathroom’s dirty, just ask someone to clean it, instead of yelling at everyone else.”
Chima: I clean it myself. If you see s**t on the toilet and you like it, sit you a** on the toilet.
Michele: “I do. I don’t blink.”
Nat suggests that everyone clean the WC. Michele says she doesn’t know when the toilet was last cleaned. Chima says, “It doesn’t matter. If you see s**t on the toilet, clean it. Kevin suggests that they rotate the responsibility. Michele tells Chima that she doesn’t have to yell at everyone. Chima says that Michele was the one yelling at her. [Ed. Michele never raised her voice throughout the confrontation, while Chima had her Diva groove going on.]
Michele walks outside, and Chima says, “You know what. It was probably her a**. ..That’s why she’s being so defensive about it.” Kevin said no. Chima: “I’d be mad too, if I s**t on the toilet and everyone kept talking about it.” They talk about schedules. Chima says with Michele’s low standards, it was definitely her.
12:14AM Jordan tells Jeff that everyone wants the two of them to make out so they can watch. Everyone turns to see if they will, but when it becomes apparent that nothing is going to happen, Chima announces that she wants to play Truth or Dare. Chima then said, “Braden is still calling Julie a HO, and we get FISH. When they return Chima says she [Julie implied] doesn’t care about them and just shows up every week for the money.
[Ed. Me thinks there will be some serious reprimands in the DR tomorrow about trash talking our beloved Chenbot.]
12:20AM In the bathroom, Braden is lobbying Michele for her vote. He says he’s a strong competitor, but Lydia made up lies about him. “I’ll have to deal with it. I’d love to stay. I need to stay, ideally. Michele smiles but remains non-committal.
12:35AM Jesse is talking to Casey about how boring last season’s cast was. He complains about Memphis floating his way to the end of the game. “Had he [Memphis] actually won something, he may have won the game.” Casey says something about Memphis and his girlfriend giving Jesse the cold shoulder after the show, and we get FISH.
When the feeds return, Casey and Jesse are still talking about last season. Casey said he hated the unanimous vote for Dan. Jesse called it mob mentality, and complains yet again that it was America who voted him out. Jesse goes on to complain about how the cards were stacked against him because of the twist, and called Evel Dick a douche bag for telling Jesse [in the post-eviction HC interview], “You got voted out by America, deal with it.” Yet again, we hear about him having the highest rated House Calls…and the pity party for Jesse by Jesse continues …
1:00AM Laura tells Casey she wants to win HoH because she’s not afraid to make a big move.
1:07AM Casey, Russel and Jessie are in the kitchen, and Casey says that Chima's laugh is annoying him, and he can't imagine listening to it for another 8 weeks. They talk about how inconsiderate they are when they laugh so loud and others just want to go to sleep.
1:16AM In the bedroom, Chima and Natalie joke that if they were back stabbed or nominated they would burn the clothes of the person who put them up. Michele seemed offended by the comment, got up and walked away say that they are all “psycho.”
Michele tells Jessie, Casey and Russel what was said. Jessie goes back to the bedroom, and they explain that it was a joke. Natalie and Chima can’t believe that Michele took it so seriously. Jordan returns, complaining that her “head lights are on,” and they ask her if she took them seriously when they talked about burning the clothes. Jordan says, “No.”
1:20AM Natalie promises Jordan that she is not her target next week if she wins HoH, that she has another target in mind. Chima says that everyone in the room is safe if she wins. [Ed. That would be Jordan, Natalie and Ronnie.]
1:31AM Natalie is in the kitchen complaining that anyone who can’t take a joke [i.e. Michele] doesn’t belong there.
1:43AM Laura joins Jordan and Jeff in the red BR. Jeff says that Lydia was exposed as a backstabber and now she's isolating herself. Laura tells Jeff and Jordan how Jessie tried to recruit her before nominations. Jordan tells Laura that Natalie said that she's going to go after Michele. Jordan and Laura realize that they may be put up against her and need to protect themselves. Laura says that they both should be willing to mix things up if they win HoH, with the athletes as their clear targets.
1:45AM Michele and Natalie are in the BY playing pool. Michele explains why she walked out of the room earlier. Michele assures Natalie that she still intends to vote to keep Chima.
2:09AM Casey joins Laura, Jordan and Jeff in the red BR, and agrees that Russell is ridiculous with the intimidation. A wise Casey tells them that there’s no point driving yourself crazy with the what-if scenarios, that once the HoH happens, everything will play out. Ronnie enters the room.
3:11AM Michele and Natalie are at it again. Michele assures Natalie that she’s not the person “who runs causing trouble and trying to make people look bad, that’s not my deal.” I’m not an emotional person who cries all the time. “You, out of your mouth, went outside and said I tried to make you look bad.” I did not do anything of the sort. I went outside to drink some water and Jessie came out to talk to me. Seriously, I don’t think you would really burn anything. You could have talked to me while I was out there instead of talking behind my back while I’m sleeping. You’re out there telling people that I’m talking behind your back. Natalie denies feeling that way. Says it was a miscommunication. Michele apologizes to her roommates for the interruption, rolls over and tries to sleep, but can’t believe that people thought she was outside crying, when all she was doing “was eating chips and stuff.”
3:34AM Ronnie explains the addendums to the rule book this year to Jessie, Natalie and Chima. People on slop can eat things from the garden, and that the light from the bikes can illuminate a quote (or something like that). They speculate what that can mean & start examining the green room.

Ronnie says that they have 5 in their alliance, which beats everybody else. Jeff and Jordan are scrambling, and the Offbeats aren't talking game with him anymore. None of them trust Michele anymore.
3:39AM Ronnie and Chima tell Jesse and Nat that Russell has been making secret deals. Russell has made final two deals with Michel, Jordan and Lydia. The news makes Jessie and Natalie very nervous. Ronnie also uses more misdirection to cover up how Braden figured out that he was going to be put up.
3:51Am Ronnie shares his thoughts on who he believes people will put up if they win HoH. Jeff will put up Lydia and Laura. If Ronnie wins, he wants to convince Jeff to be put up as a pawn. Natalie says she would put up Jordan and Michele, with Michele as her target. Ronnie badmouths Michele again, saying that she won’t disclose anything to them.
4:01AM Ronnie confesses that he’s seen every single episode of BB. Jessie, Natalie and Chima all say that the figured that out already. Jessie asks Ronnie what he thought of his game play last season. Ronnie says that he actually liked Jessie, and thinks that he got a bum rap, and that Renny was ridiculous. Ronnie then goes on to detail all sorts of things that have happened so far in the game.
4:12 AM Jess, Natalie, Chima and Ronnie in the re-cycle room prepping for the upcoming HoH. They are sharing house object and count information. Ronnie says that he will START feeding Laura and Jordan misinformation. Chima asks why BB took his DORK shirt. He said he doesn’t know. They took his Jesus Christ gym shirt too, which may have been a logo thing, but they may have taken the DORK shirt thinking that DORK is a penis reference. No one has ever heard that, but Ronnie said he’s heard it used quite often in W.V. He talks about competing in interpretive reading. Jesse asks if he’s an actor, and Jessie says, so you’re an actor. Ronnie says no, it is simply an interpretive reading of literature.
Ronnie asks Jessie if Lydia would put would put him up. Jess says he doesn’t think so, then question about Chima and Natalie.
Chima announces that she’s ready for bed, but doesn’t move.
Lydia, Kevin and Casey are the only people Ronnie thinks may put him up.
Laura told Jordan that if she won HoH she wouldn’t be intimidated by people throwing their weight around. Jess says that sucks. Ronnie said Laura specifically mentioned Russell.
Nat says if they do win they will absolute control of the house.
Jordan would definitely put up Russell if she wins. But he’s close enough to her that he believes he can influence her decision. Jeff’s are locked in stone.
Ronnie calls Michele, Lydia, Laura, and Casey the wild cards. Ronnie says that Lydia had said that she would definitely put Jessie up. Natalie said that was at the beginning, when not even she liked Jess, and she thinks that’s changed now.
Jess finally puts an end to the meeting of the minds and mindless. Everyone says their good nights and head their separate ways.
Nat and Jess head to the HoH room, talking about how smart Ronnie is. Jess tells Nat that Ronnie has promised to tell him everything that’s being said.
Chima brushing her teeth in WC, while Nat is doing the same in HoH bathroom. Chima heads upstairs and climbs in bed with Nat in HoH. Nat asks Jess if he fed the fish dinner. Jess, who is brushing his teeth, mutters yeah through his mouth full of toothpaste.
Nat and Chima talk about winning HoH and Have and Have Not Comps. Chima thanks Braden for calling Kevin a Beaner. Nat says that Julie seems really nice. Chima says that Julie reminds her of a robot. Jess climbs into bed between the two girls.
Jess is questioning Russell’s loyalty based on Ronnie’s misinformation. The three continue to talk and talk and talk about nothing. [Please, please, please shut your mouths and go to sleep.]
5:37AM Jessie, Chima, and Nat finally say good night to each other.
5:45AM All HGs are finally sleeping.
[Ed. Thanks to all the great updaters. The recap of this very long and eventful day wouldn’t have been possible without them. Now it’s my turn to sleep.]