This is the first night of the last semi-final. Once again the men are singing. Are you excited? Me either, but we've got to do what we've got to do; send two more of these guys home.

Blake might be better off keeping his acting characters to himself. There are plenty better on YouTube these days. He is doing rap-reggae which is cute but does nothing to show off his voice. Even I can sing these two notes. I can't do the beat-boxing bit, but it wasn't a big part of this song. It was good, but, not worth getting up out of my chair for a boomboom shake or two. Randy didn't know what the song is either, nor does Paula. Simon says Blake will be here next week and I hope so too. If we have to keep six guys, he's one of them. If he's not great, he is at least interesting and sings on key.

Sanjaya has straightened his hair, but has he straightened up his act? No. Not really. He just doesn't have a strong enough voice to be a solo artist at this time. Maybe a brother-sister act is more his thing. “Waiting on the World to Change” has never been sung with less conviction or more off-key. He seems lost. If he is in the top twelve, it'll be a mistake for him and us.

Sundance is next. He started out looking interesting and has tanked ever since. Tonight follows suit. It's not only a bad song, it's sung badly. That was probably bad grammar, but it seems catching. It wasn't good. It sounded like some teen's idea of a hard rocking time, but off-key and shrill is not cool. Pearl Jam might have screamed it, but they screamed it on-key. The judges are desperate to find positive things to say. They actually have to put through six of these semi-talented boys, knowing that at least eight of the women are better. Life isn't fair and neither is Idol.

Chris Richardson is up next. Will he do the corkscrew bounce? No, he's sitting singing a ballad, trying to get out of his bouncing box. It is Keith Urban sung in a true boyband oh-girl-you-broke-my-heart tearjerker style. Especially moving if you're sixteen and have more hormones than IQ. All the girls in the audience squealed at the end, so he must have pleased his audience. He'll probably be in the final twelve, unless everyone is great that sings after him. Odds: a kabillion to one.

Jared Cotter is trying to win, but he got the scary face while doing it. “If You Really Love Me” is OK, not memorable or worth writing granny about, but it was on-key and he put effort into it. Paula thinks he tried too hard, and Simon thinks he understands what she is saying. What is going on? Coherent Paula and Simon agreeing with her. Scary stuff. Maybe Randy signed on to be the whack one this season.

Brandon the back-up singer that is wanting to move to the front needs to step his game up. He just wants to “Celebrate”. This song needs a strong voice and personality to carry it and Brandon isn't showing either. Terrible song choice and way too many off-key notes. Like a high-school talent show. Randy says it was solid, Paula says it was phenomenal. Simon thinks he hasn't represented himself well and I agree. Poor choice and not a great performance. These guys are boring to watch. If all is fair in the world, we'll vote the boys off first in the final twelve part and get on with the good singers.

Phil Stacey had hair at one time. He actually shaved it on purpose. They locked Britney up for that. Whatever he is singing once again starts off subsonic and grows into a Celine song? Phil looks like the type of guy that sings to impress, not because he loves it. He is screeching this one off key and by the time he gets to the middle it is terrible. Who cares about the “Big Notes” when the other ninety percent sucks? Has there ever been a worse bunch of guy singers in any Idol?

Chris Sligh is bring up the rear. He is humorous in addition to being the most interesting contestant on Idol tonight and maybe the most interesting man this season. It's a Tellytubby with soul. “We All Want to be Loved” is a great song for his voice and his style. Kinda hippy-soul-rock. Paula is on downers tonight instead of her usual feelgoods. She is a DebbyDowner all the way. Simon sort of agrees, but you can tell he likes Chris. Chris must be in the top twelve if there is any karma left in the universe. Some days you have your doubts.

All in all it was a borefest of medium to poor talent. In a fair world, Sanjaya would have already been at home, but please send him home this time and I don't care who goes with him as long as you keep Chris Sligh. Send home Jordon, Jared, Phil, Sundance... whoever. I'm in this one for the ladies. The producers may demand equal numbers, but there is no equality between the sexes as far as talent is concerned this year. Oh. And I want Loopy Paula back, the Feelgood Girl. Paula Partypooper wasn't nearly as much fun and the constant agreement by Simon was truly annoying.