Ryan says he has seen Simon's puppet. He also promised no filler in an hour show so take it with a grain of salt. This whole show is such crap filler I'm chatting online and watching YouTubes. Reuben made a plea for more Idol Gives Back donations but they didn't ask him to sing anything. Ingrates.

I don't know about you, but Allen Thicke's son weirds me out more than a little. Grown men shouldn't sing like that for long periods of time. It's okay as a sometimes featured extra attraction, but as a main event it is just strange. The lone exception is Marvin Gaye. Thicke, Jr. sounds like someone's strange ex-roommate that sang too loudly in the shower and hence the ex-ness. How do you get signed up to appear on Idol? Can anyone apply? I sing really good falsetto in the shower or at least I used to prior to the eviction.

This year we can't blame the hokiness of the finale song on the producers. We get to choose from a field of 20 selections. Finally Ryan conducts some elimination business. Melinda and Lakisha are safe and Phil is going home. My Idol fairy is double-dosing me tonight if Phil and Chris go home. Let Our Divas Go (through to the next round). It started as a battle of the Divas so it is only fitting that we end it that way. Blake can come along for the ride if he dresses better. No more Member's Only, please. We got that look about 3 years back and didn't like it then. Phil is singing “Blaze of Glory” like he means it. Someone complained that I said the wrong song last night. I'm lucky if I find the right website, so don't hold me to anything. And yes be sure to remind me. I don't have enough evidence of advancing age yet. Bye bye Phil and good luck. Back to YouTube.

Ryan thanks us for staying with them. If you call closed captioning and an occasional glance staying with, then you are welcome, Ryan. Bon Jovi is singing something soft and unfamiliar. My question is what market is this geared toward? Is this the country stuff or are we supposed to headbang. I have decided the Country Connection to Bon Jovi is the big hair of course. They had the correct hair volume for country. Sometimes the obvious is right there above your/their nose.

America has voted and Chris, Jordin, and Blake are waiting for the results. They let Taylor do a quick promo. There seems to be a distance between Idol and Taylor Hicks. Maybe a little friction. He probably realizes how contractually screwed he is for a year, but you either pay your dues or a better lawyer. The other option is to lay low and save your better material for the second record, if there ever is a second one. Good luck Taylor. It's a Dawg Eat Dawg world out there.

Finally it is down to Blake and Chris. They say they are “best friends”. Maybe that explains the dressing alike last night. Anyhow after much talking, Chris is going home. My Idol fairy was loaded tonight and not like Paula. Phil and Chris in one swoop. Someone made some money in Vegas, but it wasn't me. Next week is Barry Gibb as mentor. Anything can happen in Idol and does.

P.S. The formerly funniest YouTube reviewer of American Idol got his account suspended at YouTube (over 100 videos unavailable now) by Freemantle because they didn't like what he said. They claimed copyright violation because he used still photos from the show, but they really just didn't like his humor. Watch and judge for yourself and Subscribe to Buck if you like it. He probably will not discuss American Idol anymore, but he covers lots of other reality shows. He has the best one-liners outside Ugly Betty.

P.S.S. YouTube gave Buck his original account back and restored all his videos. Yay.

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