Weightist, racist, ageist, sexist, and all the other ists you can list. Idol has been accused of them all. It is a reality show (at least at the Emmy's) and that pretty much reflects real life. All those things exist in some form everywhere every day but it is the telephonists that determine who stays and who goes. Is it 12-15 year old girls, grannies, people voting for the worst, or your average viewer that matters most? I guess we'll find out tonight.

“Stuck in the Middle With You” gives them all one more chance to sing and us one more chance to judge if they can. Some can. Some shouldn't. Oh. And the Big Announcement that has been drummed into our heads for a couple of weeks now. It's a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT. We'll see. Probably in the last 10 minute segment.

They are not wasting any time tonight. Someone is going home ten minutes into the show. It's not Blake or Lakisha. They are top twelve. Diana Ross is the special guest next week. Is that the Big Announcement? Oh well. So much for the new format. They seacrested right into commercial hell and I push my button that adds a demerit to their permanent record. As you know, you can never erase your Permanent Record. It's as important as any Big Announcement and maybe more so.

Chris Sligh is top twelve and so is Jordin Sparks. Everything is good so far. Phil Stacey is in the top twelve and acts shocked. He should. Jared did not make the top twelve. He is the first one going home tonight. Paula looks delighted. She knows he is available now. Simon says he is very good looking, but needs to improve his singing. Now I mute for the re-hash of the losing number, but I do peek to see if there is repeat of the scary faces Jared made last night. Nope, he's softened the look. The camera flashes to Antonella in tears. Maybe Jared should be singing, “Don't Fear the Reaper”.

The two backup singers, Jordan and Melinda are both through. One we were already sure about. Chris Richardson and Gina Glocksen are in the top twelve. Now we are going to the guest segment with Carrie Underwood. Country is not a music I listen to very much. Living in Nashville is no guarantee you'll like the product and product it is. Anyhow, Carrie sure made the best of her success. She is on her way to being the highest selling Idol ever. Oh, still the Special Announcement. It's gone from Big to Special. It could peak out at Amazing, but it is all a matter of timing. I'm nearly giddy.

Antonella and Stephanie are up next. Antonella is going home tonight, and Stephanie is in the top twelve. I'm overwhelmed with rightness and not because of all the public whoopla over a few intimate pictures. I bet more than a few of you have some in a drawer or box somewhere. I've seen some of you on the internet probably. It's OK as long as it is your choice. I'm mostly glad because she is not a confident enough singer yet. Keep on practicing Antonella. Who knows?

Haley Scarnato is in the top twelve and Sabrina Sloan is going home. All things are not fair and this is one of them. Randy says Sabrina should not be going home and I agree. This is the first of many yet to come disappointments though, both for us and the contestants. Sooner or later the split is going to get you. Sabrina was on a par with Stephanie and people probably got them mixed up a bit. Anyhow, good luck Sabrina. Many paths lead to success, not just one.

Idol Gives Back is the Big Announcement? Simon holding hands with children and being sympathetic is just not right. Simon and Ryan have been to Africa, and Randy and Paula are covering America in the areas devastated by hurricanes and other poverty stricken areas across America. They are having a special show for the Top Six. Borat is appearing along with Gwen Stephanie and others. It all sounds good, but who knows?

Sanjaya and Sundance are up for evaluation and we seacrest to commercial. I push my button once again. Permanent Record. I push it once more for the Big Announcement. We Are the World, We Are the Idol. Click, click, click.

Sanjaya is in the top twelve and Sundance is going home. Did it really matter? Paula is speechless. Simon says the sound must have been turned down (when Sanjaya was singing I assume). The truth is that neither one performed very well and my hopes and wishes don't lie with them. It's still a woman's world on this Idol, and unless America falls asleep at the wheel, I'm counting on an all female finale. Next week starts the real thing and it is every singer for themselves. The theme is going to be the music of Diana Ross so I predict there will be some soul singing going on. This “Love Child” will be ready and waiting.