I looked forward to tonight after last week's dynamic performance by most of the top twelve women. A couple of contestants scraped by on fan-base and not talent. I hope this doesn't continue for too long. If you can't sing, you need to go home and work on it. Ryan says they are girls, but I'd be careful throwing that word around this group. Ryan litmus tests Paula and her responses sound a bit delayed. I'm sure it's technical difficulties. Paula and microphones just don't mix, that's all it is.

Gina Glocksen is first tonight. Once again it is Dedications which can mean anything based on what we saw last night. “How Do I Get You Alone?” Well, not by singing like that. It made me want to “walk that way”. It sounded off-key and screamy to me, not the strength of Heart and not enough difference to stand on it's own. She isn't going to be in my top six at this rate. Everyone says she picked a great song, but no one says she sang it great, except Paula.

Alaina Alexander says she worked on song choice tonight. She was one of the lucky ones last week, so she better step it up tonight. Hey, she does sound better at first. It's the Dixie Chick's “Not Ready to Make Nice”. It's a big song and though she sounds good in places, she gets lost in the big mix. She wanders off key in the middle and gets lost for most of last. The finish is barely there. She asks for advice. Sing on key. If you can't, then Practice. If you don't get better, then get another career. I'm voting you off the island Alaina.

Lakisha Jones is up next. Me and Ms. Jones got a thang goin' on. Lakisa looks great in a miniskirt. She is singing “Midnight Train to Georgia”. She is a little nervous at first, but it doesn't last long. She doesn't sing it like Gladys, she does it with more power. I'd buy her record tomorrow. She is a grown woman soul singer. Simon thinks she is a phenomenal singer but doesn't like her outfit. He only says this to people he wants to win. It makes the public side with them more. Good job Simon.

Melinda Doolittle needs a dresser, but she has a trained, mature and rich voice. It's a joy to see singers like her. “My Funny Valentine” has never been sung better. It's like butter and honey. She only has to reign it in and control it. She is a Porsche on the carlot of singers. No one has ever been better than her on any Idol. Simon says it was incredible, which is incredible itself. She is the one to beat at this point in time.

Antonella Barba is singing Celine. Isn't there a rule against this? There should be. I give her props for living through the most public embarrassment and still coming back and singing. Every other line is not bad, but she is no Celine. She sings a good line every now and then, but is not consistent. Why do they pick such big songs? Because their ambition outweighs their talent. Life is hard.

Jordin Sparks is the cute teenage girl with the big hair and big voice. She is singing Christina's “Reflection” and all I can say is Wow. This is definitely turning out to be a woman's contest to win. Jordin has a big voice and though it's not perfect yet, she has more charisma than some of the more experienced singers. You can't help but love her and want her to do better. I'm sold. I want her back.

Stephanie Edwards is still a contender in this contest. It's great to have so many good singers in one group. It hasn't happened for me in a few years here in Idol USA. This must be a Beyonce song, because it's one of those non-songs with too many words and not a very good melody. It is not a singer's song. It is a mess of crammed up words and she misses the big note, then corrects it mid note. She knew she missed it. Anyhow, it was not as good for me as last week. It was spottier. Paula thinks she was fantastic and brilliant. Simon agrees with her. Eh. I think Paula and Simon are sharing meds. Simon is allowing Paula to lay on his shoulder. I'm sure of it.

Leslie Hunt says she is not going be gawky tonight. “Feeling Good” is a good song for her. She is trying more tricks than she is good at though. Parts of the performance were good, but her scatting was off and flat. Simon says Leslie sounded like Paula babbling and was overpowered by the better singers in the contest. I think so too. She might develop as an Indie artist-songwriter, but not as an Idol I think.

Haley Scarnato sounds like a girl that wants to be a better singer than she is. Volume doesn't substitute for tone. A party song is the best thing to disguise a weak voice, but it didn't work for me. As Randy says, there are more background parts than lead singing and thank goodness. I'm voting Haley off the island with Alaina. Antonella gets to stay because of her indifference to public finger pointers. Make your own rationalizations. These are mine.

Nine down and one to go. Sabrina Sloane was the biggest surprise for me last week. She laid it out on the table when I thought she was going to valley-girl it. These women with big voices are just what I like to listen to. Sabrina looks like a star and she has great pipes too. She has vocal dynamics and range too. She knows more than a few vocal tricks. I didn't like the song as much as last week, but I want to see her back next week.

Okay. So. I'm voting off Alaina and Haley. Antonella didn't sing much better, but she kept us talking last week, so she gets a reprieve. Who knows what will come out this week? So far, the women are still about an Idol mile ahead of the men. Such is life.