10:00 Most everyone is in the kitchen talking and joking around, the newbies ask Boogie if the producers like it when people go to the DR and request stuff, and he says not so much.

10:07 Janie, Britt and 2 other girls go to the DR to request more booze.

10:10 We find out Ashely and Danielle are have not's.

10:11 We find out that Kara and Frank are nominated. Frank is the target. POV hasn't happened yet though.

10:14 We learn that Team Janie and Britt are against Team Dan and Boogie in monster size alliances.

10:17 Looks like the mentors are sleeping in the pandor's box room up until 10:30 just general game talk and then Britt and some of the other girls are trash talking about Boogie and his various genital issues. We find out JoJo is the host of the POV contest.

10:40 Ashely is crying feels like no one loves her in the house having a pity party and Willie is invited. Sounds like she's sick and not feeling well and she doesn't want to be on camera when she's sick.

10:47 They get booze. They decide tonight the women get to drink and tomorrow the men get to drink. Wil is upset that he doesn't get to drink tonight.

11:18 We learn that Boogie made a deal with Willie if his team is safe Boogie won't go after him next week. Brittney doesn't believe it and tells him that Boogie is dangerous. I wonder if Willie realizes coach's can't be HOH. . .Britt thinks Boogie brainwashed Willie and is explaining that if Boogies best guy goes home Boogies team will have no power. Willie wants Frank to stay but Brittney thinks he's going home per the rest of the people in the house.

11:30 Britteny is not impressed with Joe's cooking. He made spaghetti and macaroni for dinner. . . in a skillet. Danielle is opening up to Dan about her troubled childhood and how her dad was an abusive drunk. Says that's why she doesn't ever drink much.

11:50 Brittany talks to Janie and others in their team and they talk about how Dan's a good guy and Boogie is a booger that they need to pick and how they all have to work on Willie to be on board with getting rid of Frank. Many of that group are annoyed with Danielle and they want her gone next week. Janie says she loves Willie but he's stupid.

12:06 Kara joins them and tells them that Boogie is talking to Willie so Janie leaves to break that up. Jo Jo got in a fight with Joe about tomato sauce. They contemplate who will go up if someone gets the POV. They want Joe but don't think he'll go up. They are thinking maybe Jo Jo.

12:25 Kara is crying. Various house guests are giving each other massages. Some of the parents are talking about their kids. Brittany asks Boogie if he wants his son to grow up like him and he says no that he wants a better childhood for his son than he had and that he wants his son to be like him, only to be less of a risk taker.

12:30 Willie is telling Frank he wants to work with him and it would be a smart move for him to do so. He thinks that it will be a good alliance because everyone will think they don't trust each other since he put Frank on the block. They talk about how everyone is afraid of Boogie but it's dumb because he has no power in this game. So he does realize! Willie tells Frank he is not gunning for him to go home.

12:45 Janie and Britt are talking they think it's good for their teams to work together and that Jo Jo is going to sink herself and it was disrespectful of her to drink Wil's beer. They are both wanting to get Frank out this week.

1:00 Brit and Janie are grilling Willie about what Boogie told him.

1:10 Ashely is on some heavy pain medication for her back and is having a hard time getting up. She says she'll feel better in a couple of days. Willie and Danielle carry her down the stairs because she can't walk. I guess it didn't work out because the feeds come back and she's in the HOH and seems very out of it.

2:15 Janie is working on Willie to get him on board with getting rid of Frank. Filling his head with "what if's"

2:56 Brittany says to Janelle "Everyone know's the model goes home week 2." They don't understand why Willie wants her to go home now. Says that your supposed to get out the guy who's tried out 3 times and is in great shape and will kick everyone's butt in comps the first week.

3:20 More talk about why its illogical to keep Frank in the game. Beating a dead horse. A dead horse that might not even matter if Frank win's POV. Boogie won a contest with some special power and they say it was a mistake for him not to protect Frank with his special power and how it will be hard to get Frank on the block again if they don't get him out this week.

3:55 Janie and Britt talk about Dan vs. Boogie and how they think Dan is more easy to work than Boogie. They think that Dan picked bad players for his team. Janie said she almost picked Frank but didn't because she got a weird vibe off of him.

4:20 Brit and Janie are washing their faces and getting ready for bed. By 4:37 all house guests are asleep.

What will happen next? Oh I can hardly wait.