As the houseguests round the half-way part of the game this week, a critical eviction and HOH shape today’s activities.

No one is awake until their BB-issued music wake-up call at about 9:30 in the morning. Later we’ll find out the songs all had to do with rumors and/or secrets. April, Ollie and Michelle immediately start to speculate about the HOH competition. They think it’ll be a true/false question competition about the current houseguests. They start to ask each other and other members of the house more questions about their lives, families, and significant others, past and present. They talk about how it might be an eliminator HOH, which we find out later turns out to be their only correct guess of the morning.

At about 10:20, Renny tells Michelle she is very excited about the day. Michelle is asking Jerry more questions about his family. Jerry continues to talk trash about Dan, thinking he went into the diary room without being called (he took a few minutes before actually going into the DR).

The houseguests are on lockdown in the HOH at 10:50. The only notable event is when Jerry jumps on Renny and kisses her, then laughs a “dirty old man laugh.” Memphis says he’s scarred for life after witnessing this joke.

When the lockdown is over at 12:18, Libra watches Keesha pack while everyone else cleans the house. The guys are the first to stop cleaning until Renny and April comment about how they aren’t helping as much. Dan jumps up to continue at these remarks. April talks to Michelle about how she is sick of Jerry being a pervert and thinking things like that are funny. Michelle tells April about how Jerry was mad at her for conversing with Dan. Dan, Memphis and Renny confirm to Keesha that she is staying.

Trivia comes on the feeds starting at 2:05 and is on until after the live show. Libra is evicted by a vote of 6 to 0. The HOH competition is an eliminator, asking questions about the diary room sessions of the first four evicted houseguests. Renny eliminates April first, Dan eliminates Jerry, and then Ollie gets a question wrong and is out. Dan and Memphis eliminate themselves as well, and Renny gets the last question right, beating Keesha, and is HOH! CBS shows us how Renny goes to the 70’s room by herself to think while the other houseguests mill around talking about the competition questions.

At 6:03 the feeds are back, and Renny says she can’t believe she won. They all had trouble hearing the first question, which was about Jessie’s naps paying off. Keesha and Memphis say the competition went the best way possible. April and Ollie are instantly being followed by Jerry. They retreat to the 80’s room to lie down together, Jerry is soon to follow, but doesn’t spark conversation.

Dan, Memphis, Keesha and Michelle talk intermittently in the sauna room around 6:30. Michelle’s shirt matches the walls! Dan tells each person individually about how Libra had pulled him aside the night before saying he was the “fourth vote” but wouldn’t give her names as to the other three. Michelle says she walked in on Libra and Ollie having the same conversation, but that Ollie was the fourth (ed: Pretty sure Ollie was lying to Michelle, could be wrong). April and Ollie talk game in bed, April telling Ollie not to save her if it means he could win money otherwise.

At 7:06 Jerry reminds Michelle and Keesha in the kitchen that he kept his word to both of them, and that everyone in the house knows how he feels about everyone. Everyone keeps making comments about how quiet the house is.

Almost an hour later, Memphis, Michelle, Keesha and Renny go outside now that it’s open and talk on the couches. Jerry goes straight outside after his DR session to play pool. Memphis ends up playing a game with Jerry.

At 8:16, Renny and Keesha talk in the 70’s room while Keesha unpacks. Renny asks Keesha what Memphis’s story is, to which Keesha says she doesn’t really know and he never really promised anything to her. Renny sees Memphis as a real threat and thinks he’s probably using her and Keesha right now. He didn’t work for the POV to help Keesha last week. They talk about how no one would probably take either of them to the final two because they’re well-liked. Keesha keeps telling Renny to do what she thinks is best for herself. Renny doesn’t want anyone to feel safe in the house. While Renny goes to the DR, Keesha, Dan and Memphis have a Libra-bashing session, which many people in the house have at different points during the night.

At 9:15, Renny gets to open her HOH room. She goes in first and instantly starts bawling at the sight of her parents’ pictures. The rest of the houseguests are reluctant to follow her in, but she says to go on in. Renny got flowers, white wine, perfumes, breast petals, iced tea, diet coke….annnnd....

Ella Fitzgerald for her CD – Ollie: Who?, Keesha: I’ve heard of her name. Michelle: Wwwooooowwww. Apparently Ollie and Keesha are unfamiliar with Ella Fitzgerald. Renny reads her letter to everyone, which is written by her children and husband. It is a pretty long letter. After everyone asks a few questions about the pictures and they discuss what she got, Renny announces she is leaving the room and going outside to have some white wine. She feels bad though because she’s the only one who can eat before midnight (the rest are on slop).

Once everyone starts filtering outside, an outdoor lockdown is announced. Outside, Memphis and Dan do a mini-abs class while everyone on the couches talks about how few people there are left. At about 10:05, the lockdown is over and about 20 or so boxes are wrapped in five different color papers and are sitting on the kitchen table. It’s April’s five designer outfits!

Everyone sits and watches her unwrap the outfits one by one. Each has multiple pieces, including jewelry and shoes. As far as it can be seen, the outfits are:
1. Black dress (Pelosi?) with black and silver Coach shoes, earring and necklace
2. Rag & Bone pants, with a halter top, black wedge shoes and earrings
3. Black Dolce&Gabbana dress with earrings and black stilettos
4. A black Andrew Marc leather jacket, a teal camisole, black/dark Seven jeans and short black boots with earrings
5. J-Brand Jeans (“I have no idea who these people are!-A) , a fuchsia tank top and bra with high Cole Hahn boots (Nike Air?), a necklace and earrings
All are surprised at how much BB spent on the outfits and the twinges of jealousy are shown around the table. Memphis just imagines what he possibly could have gotten. They all guess it adds up to about $10,000. It’s all “very Hollywood.”

Memphis changes into his bathing suit, checks his weight and then goes into the sauna. Keesha and Dan sit outside and talk about the outfits and how they hope this means “bye bye” for April.

Renny asks Michelle to talk to her in the HOH for a little bit. She tells Michelle she respects her game and knows she’s a great competitor. She says if it came down to them as final two, she’d hope Michelle would win the money. Michelle tells Renny she wouldn’t put her up, and would swear on the Bible if asked to do so. She tells Michelle someone threw her name around as a target but won’t tell Michelle who. She asks Michelle’s take on Memphis, to which Michelle says she thinks he’s a cool guy but they just have a connection because of hanging out with Jessie. Michelle brings up with the idea of putting April and Ollie up, because April has Ollie and Jerry wrapped around her finger. Renny says she knows, and saw how April acted towards her as she got her HOH room. She thinks April is unstoppable, but she will definitely go with her gut.

It’s now about 11:15, and April is going around talking to the girls, apologizing for getting all of the stuff. She tells Michelle in the kitchen she has something to tell her, nothing bad, after Michelle says Renny said her name is being brought up.

At about midnight, Memphis and Keesha talk about how he wants April out really bad, but says he doesn’t trust Dan still. They question what Ollie and Jerry would do after April were to leave. The houseguests get some beer and wine along with their food at midnight. At 12:45, Dan complains in the living room about his stomach hurting from eating, so a tipsy Michelle jumps on his stomach. Ollie tries to do the same but ends up going headfirst into the couch. He later says he saw stars!

At about 1:15, Jerry talks to Keesha about how if he had wanted to disrupt her game; he could have taken Libra off of the block. He then says, Libra needed one vote, because she had three. Keesha tries to correct him in a way, saying she needed four votes. (ed: I didn’t watch this directly, so I’m not sure if this was Jerry telling Keesha there was a possible plan to vote her out instead of Libra)

Michelle’s a little tipsy as she talks to April and Ollie about being upset with Jerry. April says Jerry is throwing them all under the bus and is a floater. They make fun of Keesha’s laugh while she talks in the other room. April apparently gave Michelle a pair of the earrings (this is what she had to talk to Michelle about) because she kept her word to April. There is some light chit chat in the 70’s and 50’s rooms, but all are asleep around 2 a.m.