Big Brother Recap August 15, 2008
Slop, Rennyís Crazy thinking and Danís victory all in one day

The houseguests were woken up early today at 9:15. They immediately started speculating about the food competition. Michelle believed that the food competition was going to be something gross because they played monster mash and Thriller to wake them up Finally by 11:30 after the houseguests got ready and complained about how long they were waiting the food competition began. It lasted until 1:00. We find out that they had to eat crickets at one point and Michelle did it. That some of the house (the guys) are on slop but Memphis was going to use his slop pass so he could eat this week.

Renny cornered Dan and told him she wanted to put him up as a pawn. Dan with his big eyes tried to talk her out of it, and then said OK that next week he will put her up as a pawn too. He tried explaining to her that she had to put up 2 of the 3 of them (April, Ollie and Jerry) because she had to take one of their votes away or next week it will be 3 vs 3 for voting,. He worked hard trying to convince her not to put him up but was very positive about her putting Jerry up.

She then cornered Memphis and asked him to go up as the pawn. He said no way that the pawn always goes home. Renny was really talking weird, like she wants to nominate her alliance members because she does not want the others (April, Ollie or Jerry) to come after her the next week. (So dies she really think that by nominating one of her alliance that her alliance will be happy with that and support her decision?? Buy a clue Renny)

Renny then asked Michelle and Keesha if they want to go up as the pawn and both pretty much told her no way, the pawn always goes home. They explained that Ollie would understand being put up against April as long as April goes home. Ollie comes in and Renny then asked him about being a pawn and how would he feel if April left. He said he was there to play the game not get a girlfriend, that he would be fine if April left. Once Ollie leaves he immediately drags April into the storage room and tells her that the house wants her to go and what Renny said to him.

April tried talking to Renny. She explained that she was not a threat. She also tried to get Renny to pity her because her HOH was all messed up (because Jessie went home and he was the pawn).

Ollie again talks to Renny and offered her safety next week if she does not put him up. Renny said her mind was made up. Then Ollie said that people are crazy that believe that he wonít use the POV to save April if he was to win it.

Finally they have the nomination ceremony and once the feeds return we see that Renny finally made a decision and put up April and Jerry. Jerry started right away telling Renny that she is safe and how loyal he is etc. She kept repeating that she put him up because he had put her up. Renny told Jerry he was safe, and Jerry said that he will put on an act and make it look like he is the target. (that man is weird)

We also see April crying and whining to Ollie that everyone wants her out, Ollie said for her not to worry that he was going to win POV and save her. 9:51

After the ceremony Renny talked with Keesha and assured her that she did what she wanted to do. That Jerry never came to see her so she put him up. They started drinking wine and relaxing. Dan visited the HOH room and told them he thought something was going down because they were building something outside. That maybe POV would be tonight. Meanwhile April canít stop crying about being nominated. Michelle came back about 30 minutes later and confirmed that it would be a POV comp tonight and they might want to lay off the wine.

We get brief fishes and when they return we figure out that Michelle is the host for the POV tonight, that Memphis is benched so that leaves April, Ollie, Renny, Keesha, Dan and Jerry playing for the POV. We then hear April (who has quit crying because Ollie is playing in the POV) saying to Ollie that she was going to give her new clothes to the girls in hopes that America votes for her to win the 25,000 at the end.

Dan, Memphis and Keesha discuss the nominations and how Renny kept saying that she didnít want to put Ollie up. Keesha is worried that if Ollie wins POV that one of they will have to go up. Dan does not trust her not to put one of them up and feels the need to win this POV. They agree that they canít talk to Renny because she will use it against them. They speculate that the competition might be greedy and offer them prizes, and they wonder if Ollie will take a prize and not go for the POV to take April off the block.

General chit chats as the houseguests wait for POV to begin. Jerry was whining and complaining about slop and the lights being on. Memphis and Dan were discussing drinking and April looking for pity kept saying she ate pigs feet for her food this week and talking about how tired she is and how crampy blah blah blah.

Trivia on the feeds started right after midnight and stayed blackout until 3 am. When the feeds returned we see Dan with the VETO necklace and staring at the memory wall. April saying to Ollie that if it was meant for her to go she will go and Ollie telling her that Jerry will go, that they only need 1 more vote. Ollie wants to talk to Dan and see where his head is at.

Keesha approached Dan and asked if he was going to leave noms the same and he said probably but for her not to tell anyone yet. He told Jerry they would talk tomorrow (I personally hope that he really lets Jerry squirm after calling him Judas etc). Renny congratulated Dan and was way nicer to him then she was earlier in the day when she wanted to nominate him.

All houseguests were quiet and content sleeping by 3:34 am

What will Dan do? What will he say to Jerry? Will April really leave the BB house? How can Ollie save April? Why did BB do all the weeks comps in one day? What will the houseguests do for the rest of the week? Let the fighting begin!