8:30 AM
Keesha is the first one up followed by Libra. Keesha is nervous about being the replacement if the veto is used. Libra tries to calm her. They agree that Steven is resigned to going home. They go back to bed before 9:00 AM.

10:15 AM
After a FOTH, most everyone is up milling around talking about what they want, what they really really want. It’s a good bet that the wake-up music was the Spice Girls, ‘Wannabe’.

In the bathroom, Steven tries to talk Michelle into using the veto. She is non-committal.

Then the drama of the day begins. Jerry walks into the bedroom where April and Libra are and first mutters something about the slow, old people losing the food comp. He switched this to full on confronting Libra for saying it. Libra jumps out of bed screaming that she did not. She only said that the teams should be balanced. She follows him through the house wanting to know “WHO SAID THAT, JERRY – WHO SAID THAT, JERRY”. Jerry eventually says it was the “other old person” and Libra confronts Renny.

While Renny and Libra argue, Jerry goes to comb his hair in one of the mirrors. After an extended screaming match, Renny asserts that the word ‘old’ was used, but not the word ‘slow’. Libra does not deny it at that point and tries to smooth things with Renny and Jerry. (ed. Various clips of all this are posted in Media, as well as a couple clips of Libra previously talking to others about the old people on the team).

11:00 AM
Back in the bedroom, Libra and April rehash the argument. Renny joins them for a bit and points out that this was all Jerry stirring the pot, then leaves.

A little later Keesha tells Renny, “Libra does a lot of talking for not saying anything.”

Dan joins the bedroom crew and jokes around with Ollie and April about their sleeping arrangements. They joke right back with him.

Feed switch to Jerry, Keesha, and Jessie in the kitchen. Jerry makes slop for everyone. Jessie cooks some real food.

Back in the bedroom, Ollie, April and Libra continue rehashing the fight and questioning Jerry's motives. Libra tells April to be careful “Michelle runs upstairs and tells Jessie everything”. Libra tells Ollie that she's glad she fought with Jerry because now he knows not to come at her again. Everyone leaves Libra alone sitting on the side of her bed. She puts her head on her knees, arms covering her face and rocks back and forth.

The guys make a big deal about Angie taking off her clothes to get in the pool (She’s wearing swimwear underneath). Steven gets in too and they fake kiss by cupping their hands over their mouths.

Libra and April talk in the bedroom about how people know they are tight and people are going to come after them. Most everyone else is outside enjoying the sun.

Libra eventually breaks down crying. She is mad at herself for getting so angry. She stays in the room crying and telling this to a string of houseguests that eventually file through the room one at a time including Jerry, Keesha, April, Renny, Michelle and Steven.

Michelle and Memphis are talking in the backyard. They think Steven should be the one voted out this week. He has nothing to offer them in the game. Michelle will not be using the veto.

1:00 PM
Most Houseguests are outside talking about having a jump off with jump ropes.

We learn that April spent her 30th birthday on house arrest with an ankle bracelet due to a DUI.

Jessie, Michelle, April, Ollie, and Steven have a sex education discussion including a brief demonstration of the reverse cowgirl.

Renny made a ‘brown sugar oatmeal’ slop dish and Keesha, Memphis and Jerry join her in the kitchen.

Dan tells Steven about an idea for a talk show for later tonight featuring Ollie and April's budding romance. Steven asks if he can be the gay sidekick.

Outside, April says it's frustrating that the hot tub isn't warmer. Memphis asks BB to turn the hot tub heater on for tonight.

2:00 PM
All houseguests are outside enjoying the day and each other.

Keesha asked Steven if they eat armadillos. Renny tells her “No, it’s a rodent!”

We learn that Renny’s real name is Lorenza.

Steven wants into the DR to ask BB for some balls that went over the wall. But he thinks, "They're too busy editing footage together from this morning."

Still talking sex, Keesha tells Ollie and Steven how everyone is horny and jokes "Steven better watch out. I'm gonna rape him in the middle of the night". Ollie says out of respect for his mom and dad he won’t do anything like that on national TV. (ed. He better stay away from the end of this recap then!)

Libra makes the point to Jessie that Renny has started drama with Keesha, Jessie, and now her too. She didn’t want to come on the show and be the angry black women. She tells him she almost got an involuntary dismissal. They talk about confusion in what the eviction order was to be (Jerry, Renny, Dan, Steven, but Angie got added in there somewhere too).

Ollie and Steven talk about their hotel stay. Ollie was in room "1102." Steven says the producers would say things like "Have you been to 1102 yet?" Ollie thinks there was someone in 1202 because... and we get FISH!

Steven follows through on an earlier plan to streak through the backyard (ed. To defuse some of the tension from this morning). He has strategically placed pillows as he screams and runs around.

Later Steven tries to take advantage of some dissention in the ranks to pitch getting rid of Libra to Keesha, April and Ollie.

This morphs into another sex education conversation. Jerry offers to teach a course.

3:30 PM
Jerry talks about a bypass surgery when he was 64. Libra says she gained 28 lbs with her daughter and then 67 lbs. in her pregnancy with the twins.

Jessie, Libra, Ollie, and Michelle are in the kitchen having the boxers vs. briefs debate.

Libra tells the backyard crew when she and her husband fight, they both call her mom and tell their sides of the story and she mediates.

Houseguests in the back yard start cheering and dancing. They can hear music in the distance. This triggers an extended inside lockdown.

6:00 PM
Jesse & Michelle are in the HOH bed being a little flirty and having a pillow fight.

Steven wants to play a drinking game with coffee, but he gets called to the Storage Room to retrieve the wayward balls he asked for earlier. (ed. Good timing BB, they can’t loose them while they are on inside lockdown).

7:30 PM
Jessie, Jerry and Michelle are playing chess. Jessie is explaining how to play.

BB announces, “Did u know there are over 300 species of turtles”.

Michelle says she's bored. Angie offers to throw butter knives at her. (ed. Nice of her to offer. They usually just stab each other in the back.)

Michelle, Angie, Dan, Steven, and Ollie eat dinner. April, Renny and Keesha are at the table with them.

Michelle and Jesse adjourn to the Spa room. Michelle paints Jesse's nails and gives him a pedicure and says, "At least you can say you got your toe nails painted by a hot chick".

Later Steven, Jerry and Michelle think up answers for a BB Top 10 List for Dan’s talk show later tonight called ‘Top 10 things to do in BB house when there is nothing to do’.

9:00 PM
ShoToo Crawl: Jessie is the current HOH; Renny, Libra, and Jerry had an explosive fight with Jerry quietly backing out, Michelle and Jessie are starting to get closer while Libra begins to get on the houseguest’s bad side, the nomination ceremony airs on Sunday.

There is much activity as all the houseguests are getting dressed up for their show. Renny is supposed to dance for the opening act. Libra is going to play a therapist. Memphis put on a blue button shirt, tied at the waste & opened up then put on Steven's cowboy hat & was dancing in the bedroom. Jessie & Memphis are going to act like they are trying to sell something on The Antique Road Show. Jerry is dressed like a biker all in red with a bandana. The girls think April looks like Barbie in her very short dress.

Ollie puts on an afro wig with a bandana and announced he is Parker from Season 9. Everyone is cracking up at the sight of him. Keesha is wearing a blonde Renny wig and a gold sparkle tube top for the show. They are saying she belongs on Sunset Blvd.

10:00 PM
They do a run through before they start their show. Memphis goes to put on his outfit while Steven goes to put a mustache on Dan with mascara. We learn that Angie will be getting a makeover on their show.

Dan is called to the DR and everyone groans.

Finally, the show starts with Renny as the opening act. She is dressed as a flapper girl and does the Charleston. Dan comes out sporting a fu-man-chu moustache and chest hair painted on with mascara. He sits in the host’s chair and sets up the show. He introduces the Top Ten list and Michelle, Jerry, and Steven enthusiastically take turns with the answers to the Top Ten ‘Things to do in the BB House when there is nothing to do’. Next Dan introduces the Gay Antique Road Show, with Memphis as the host.

Memphis comes out wearing a homemade halter top and John Lennon glasses. He calls on Jessie who is sporting a green beret and thick mustache, not to mention a heavy French accent. He is trying to get an appraisal on a bird house they must have plucked off the wall. He ends up actually owing money for his antique. Everyone has been hooping and hollering throughout all the skits.

Next, Dan calls April to the guest couch and asks “Have you ever been in love before”? April says she has been in love, like 87 times, but this one is true love! “I know he loves me!... Ollie!” Ollie, still in the big afro wig, comes out and Dan asks for his story. Ollie says he’s only interested in one thing, Dan asks “True love”? Ollie says, “No! Love is for fools. When you come into a situation like this you’re only looking for one thing and that’s procreation!” The others are in hysterics. Ollie says he has 15 kids and April says “Now you have 16!” Ollie wants a paternity test. Dan brings out Libra, as the relationship therapist. They do some Jerry Springer show type banter before moving to the make over segment.

Keesha is the Fashion consultant with Renny as her assistant. Angie is ‘chosen from the studio audience’ to receive a make over and reacts with over the top excitement that was hilarious. When the make over is done, Francisco (Memphis) helps explain the hairstyle, dress, and adjusts her boobies in the process. Keesha says, “We went from Angie… to An-gel-a! ShowToo cut to commercial just as they were getting her up on a table to dance. The show ends with Dan hitting himself in the face with a whipped cream pie.

The whole thing is worth a look in the Media forum.

10:30 PM
All the houseguests bask in the success of the show and have a good time.
April wants to know if BB liked it and yells out “How was it?!” BB voice responded “You are not allowed to talk about production”

They move on to play several rounds of the Roll Call game.

Jesse and Michelle have left the group and discuss that one of the two of them is going to win BB10 and they both don’t want Angie to win. They talk about visiting each other after the show.

Steven puts an opened condom in Keesha's bed -- she later found it and they all had a laugh.

They start up a game of Heads up Seven up, a game where you have to guess who touched you while your head was down. Each time they say 'Heads up!' the four that doing the touching are striking a different pose and when the touchees look up, they all crack up laughing.

1:00 AM
Some Houseguests are starting to go to bed. Renny, Angie and Libra are first.

Michelle, Angie, Memphis, Steven, and Dan are in a bedroom playing an 'adult' word guessing game. Meanwhile Ollie and April begin cuddling in the Spa Room.

Ollie and April decide to entertain us with a rather unique version of a puppet show in the Spa room. With the lights on, they pull a blanket over themselves and get very imaginative with using various body parts to move the blanket about. I don’t think April was quite as good at it, since her feet were sticking out from under the blanket the whole time. They work very hard on their show as evidenced by the heavy breathing we can hear. Apparently Ollie got stuck in the puppet because at some point we hear April saying “Pull out, pull out”.
Ok, ok, many of the updaters think this was more than a puppet show. You can check it out in the Media forum if you want to decide for yourself ;-)

After their ‘show’, April said “That felt really good”. Ollie said “I know”. He said he just did something that he said he wasn't going to do. She said “Me too”. It would seem they are looking forward to sequester.

2:00 AM
Dan walked by and said he saw everything. Ollie gets paranoid. April is going on about being his girlfriend. He prefers the word 'girl.' She thinks her girlfriends will be like 'Way to go for hooking up with the hottest guy in the house!'

Now April and Ollie get their heads back in the game. She's wondering if the plan is the same, to get rid of Steven. She knows Memphis and Jessie are close. She says it's her, Ollie, Libra, and Keesha. Ollie says they have to keep their word. They then head off to their own beds and the house goes quiet.

Will Steven pull off a house flip? Should Libra be worried? Will the sheets on the spa bed be washed? These questions and others will soon be answered on the Big Brother live Feeds! Thanks to the updaters and the media jockeys for all their effort!