9:51 The HGs get woken up to start their day. Jerry is shaving , Libra weighs herself and says she didnt lose any more overnight. Keesha, Memphis & Steven outside having coffee & enjoying the sun & talking about pets they had when they were younger. April, Michelle, Angie and Dan in the kitchen. Jerry come sin & says g'morning. Dan & Angie make omelets while April cleans. Renny & Libra join the outside crew, talk turns to dog pooping in the yard which leads to talk of adult bullies which leads to talk of malls. ( LOL these HGs do like to talk ! ) Dan & Angie are now outside as well. Talk has turned to real estate in California.

11:30 - Jessie comes outside with the HOH camera. Tells them they have 30 minutes to get ready for pictures. Says he wants a picture of him & Memphis. The only HG i see getting prettied up is Renny .. the rest of the HGs just sitting around chitchatting. Memhis, Keesha , Jessie & Libra start snapping pictures . They dont seem too enthused yet . Jessie wanders off to the spa room where Ollie & Dan are. Memphis & Keesha outside chatting & memphis tells Keesha he thought she was a Porn star when they first came into the house. Keesha confirms with Memphis that the whole house is voting Steven out. They talk a little about how Jerry is driving people nuts.. other Hgs start coming out & convo changes .
Ollie & Libra inside talking about how they can not trust Memphis because he is close with Jessie & Angie. Libra slips a little slop whine in and says she is not going to call people out because it only gets her into trouble.

1:00 - Keesha is laying out in the sun, Dan is jumping in the pool, memphis sitting in the pool & Steven is cooking hot dogs. Michelle, Ollie, Renny, Jessie in the kicthen. Angie goes in to make lunch. Random chitchat by all HGs. ( ED: Not sure where April & Libra are ) Outside crew talk about what music they want BB to wake them up with.
2:00 - All HGs called into the living room by Jessie. HGs gather and quietly speculate whats going on. Not much chatter going on and we get FISH... comes back quickly to HGs clapping & hollering.. They said something is happening at 5 today. They were told to dress up. They are speculating what it could be. Steven jump sup and says he better start getting ready. Tells everyone they only have 3 hours to prepare. Ollie says " remember, all suprises are not good" . Jerry sitting quietly( ED: he looks like the slop is really hitting him hard now.. poor fella ) HGs disperse with chatter about the 5 oclock suprise. Libra says they will be locked down outside in an hour but can start getting ready now. ( ED: Noone rushing to get ready .. ) Rumour through the house is that someone is coming into the house at 5. Ideas are thrown back & forth amongst the Hgs.
Michelle just told everyone they have 10 min then will be Outside LD and then will only have time to change when let in, so they have to shave & put makeup on outside. HGs race to get their stuff & finish ironing. Dan shaves in the kitchen sink.
2:51 - HGs are on outside Lockdown..HGs grab what they can to take out with them to get ready for the suprise. Lots of excitement and speculation going on.

We get Fish...

3:53- Feeds come back to the Hgs inside getting ready. Alot of speculation as to what guest they will be having. Hair being done, makeup being done, Steven aking questions about curling irons, half naked bodies walking around.. there is a Buzz of Excitement !
4:19 - Indoor lock down is called. Someone speculates they are getting a concert. Lots of chit chat back & forth as to what the suprise could be. Hgs all getting dressed & doing last minute things, as they get ready they sit in the kitchen laughing and joking. Everyone in good spirits.
4:56 - BB calls lockdown over. Hgs start trickling outside. Looking for anything different. They notice a new camera has been set up.
4:57 - BB calls an indoor lockdown .. ( i think BB is confused haha )

Live feeds go to FISH. 5:35 - Feeds return to HGs sitting on the couches. Alot of chatter. Sounds like they were on the Craig Ferguson show . Talk about the studio audience & wondering if they can get out of their good clothes now. April & Michelle are upset with some things that will be shown n the Craig Ferguson show tonite. General talk amongst the Hgs.

6:48 - BB calls an outdoor lockdown.. HGs all head outside. Jessie & Ollie work out, others just laying around talking. Keesha, April & Memphis talk about time they spent in jail. Libra & Michelle come out for a game of pool.
8:05 - Hgs are allowed inside. Libra, Jerry & Keesha hit the storage rooom & plan on what they will eat once they are off slop at midnight. Jerry starts preparing salad. Jessie, Michelle, Ollie, Libra and April outside. Renny & keesha inside watching Jerry cook. Renny & Keesha head to the bedroom to lay down. Steven comes in & asks if they are going to vote for him tomorrow. He says he just doesnt want to go out with zero votes.

9:00 - Hgs mingling about, idle chit chat. April talks of her dad raising her & her sister. Libra preparing food for midnight. Pretty quiet start to the night. The HGs on slop are counting down the minutes to Midnight. Renny & keesha cry because they will miss steven when he goes. Keesha double checks with April & Ollie to see if they feel the same way about Libra, that they need to distance from here because she is such a big target.
HGs play the question game. Steven gets asked " what one girl in the house could turn u straight ? Steven replies " Dan" !

12:00 - Lots of eating going on ! Slop eaters can now eat ! Hgs eat & chit chat. Angie throws up after eating.
Ollie & April cuddle in bed. Things get a lil hot & heavy. Jessie & Michelle playing pool, discussing other Hgs.... Meanwhile, Ollie & April do the nasty. (ED: saw that coming didnt ya's ! haha )
Renny, Keesha & LIbra general chit chat while laying in their beds. Ollie & April run in ( After getting dressed) to inform the others that Jerry farted real loud in his sleep. Memphis, Angie, dan & Steven in the other room playing the sentence game. Dan goes to bed. Steven climbs into bed with keesha. Jessie poses for the cameras . Jessie & Michelle play pool some more while Steven, Keesha , Libra & Renny do the nightly talk. ( ED: its going to suck with Steven gone ! waaa )
3:00- all Hgs in bed.

Live Show ~
Show starts off recapping the last show.. Dans first in DR , talks how his & Brians alliance has imploded. Steven second DR , says his feelings were hurt . Libra DR , her agreeing Steven should go. Dan & Jessie talk in HOH.. Jessie pretty much lets Dan knows he is not the target.
Steven & Angie talk about Steven being upset for being up on the block.
Cuts to Michelle doing Jessies toenails & talk about Jessies gf.
Memphis & Jessie decide to bring in Michelle & Angie to their alliance. Angie & Michelle agree. JAMM alliance is formed.
They pick players for POV. Steven picks Keesha, Jessie picks Michelle , Dan picks Libra.. Jerry hosts.
Talk amongst a few about who would use the POV if they won. Keesha mentions she might use it on steven. Michelle , April & Libra get catty. Michelle tells Memphis & Jessie she doesnt trust Keesha & wants her out soon.

POV - Called the DMV
Dan is shown in DR saying he is throwing the comp. Player with the most points and still standing wins.
1st out Dan
2nd out Jessie
Keesha scores 10 points
3rd out Steven
Michelle scores 10 points
Slop pass up for grabs if u take it, ur out of the comp. They are given 1 minute to answer. None take it.
4th out Libra
5th out Keesha
Michelle wins POV.

Jessie, Memphis & Angie wonder why Keesha wanted to win POV. Steven warns Keesha that the others dont trust her. Renny & Keesha talk.. Renny says Libra needs to go . Keesha tells Jessie, Michelle & Libra she knows they were talking bad about her & that she wanted to win to prove herself to them all again.
Keesha in HOh with Jessie & Memphis.. doing damage control and throwing Libra under the bus. Thoughts run of taking someone down & putting Libra up. Jessie is going to talk to Michelle.

Talk continues of Libra being a trouble maker. Renny tells jerry that Libra was talking smack about Jerry & Renny . jerry calls Libra out . Libra starts screaming at Jerry. ( Lying . LOL )
Libra and Renny argue. Reny & Jerry are angry that Libra said they lost the food comp because they had the 2 old people on their team.
Cuts to HOH , Steven asking Jessie to put Libra up.. have Michelle use the POV on Steven. Steven asks Michelle if she would be willing to do it, even by taking Dan off and putting Libra up. Michelle doesnt give an answer.

POV ceremony. Michelle does NOT use the veto. Reason being it would be foolish for her to use it. Veto meeting adjourns.. shows Dan in DR saying Steven is going home.
Stevens DR saying he is going to fight to stay in.
Keesha says she will try to convince ppl to keep Steven.
BB ends.
Catch it Live on Wed !