It’s the first eviction day in September and the remaining five houseguests are all woken up at the normal Thursday time of 9 a.m. Renny walks around the house with a pillow but we soon find out this is because they have all been called to the HOH room briefly, but will be let out again before the actual HOH lockdown. Dan is the last one out of bed, jumping up when BB says “Dan?” at 9:15.

No one says much of anything during their ten minutes in the HOH room. They are let out at 9:25 to find that the memory wall pictures have changed. They each show snapshots of past competitions, while the middle photo says “HOH Competition.” They all look at them at first to see what they show, and how they all look in each of the pictures. They agree April’s picture in “Ladies Yelling” looks downright scary. Keesha is apparently not happy with how one of the pictures looks of her, but she just brushes it off.

It’s hard to say who Jerry wants to work with today, because in the morning he quietly says “study them good” to Keesha about the memory wall, but he’ll offer other advice later in the day.

The memory wall pictures start to quell any anxiety about a 14th houseguest or the chances someone would be returning to the house. The houseguests are all but certain they’re it for who is left, knowing however to expect the unexpected.

Just before 10:30, we become more aware of how Memphis and Keesha have limited knowledge of past seasons, because while looking at the wall they agree that the HOH will just be about past competitions, not necessarily what is shown in the pictures.

As 10:50 rolls around, it is time for the HOH lockdown. Once they’re all up in the room, Memphis is called to the DR. He gives a quizzical “is that for real?” look to Keesha but goes. Apparently it was just some last minute questioning. Everyone stays pretty quiet in the HOH, however Renny is concerned about a timer going off, which is suspected to be for her hair dye. The houseguests can hear the kitchen timer go off in the background for a good few minutes before it is switched off. They can also hear some drilling, along with Jerry’s brief snoring.

At 12:07 the lockdown is over. Memphis and Dan take some time to look over the wall pictures while they eat some breakfast. Memphis then joins Keesha in the 70’s room while she packs. She tells him about how she has clothes JJ bought her that are either way too big or too small, like a size 1. Memphis points out how when he buys himself something he always wants to get Ashley something too, but women are so difficult to shop for because of the sizing.

At 12:30 the BB fish make an appearance on the screens. After, cleaning commences in the house, so one can believe they were told to start the weekly ritual. While Memphis vacuums and Dan cleans the water closet, Renny apologizes for not helping but she has to fix her hair now because she just dyed it. Dan has his first scuffle of the day trying to get into the storage room to get a mop.

At about 1:20 Memphis deep-voice commentates to Dan about how the game “has come to this.” They agree that the HOH competition is going to be something that allows a level playing field with the pictures, because they hope the POV is something Jerry won’t necessarily have a chance to be good at.

The feeds took their usual break at 2 p.m., but actually returned at about 3:45.

Renny and Keesha tell each other how much they appreciate the time they’ve spent and the friendship they’ve developed. Most everyone is just prepping for the live show.

Jerry talks to Keesha, starting up his new strategy to get someone on his side. He tells her about how he thinks Dan and Memphis aren’t talking to him because they don’t need him. He tells her he can swing the jury house vote and they should have some courtesy.

During the live show, Renny is evicted 2 to 0, and Dan wins HOH because he gets a perfect score in the competition that was actually about details in the pictures. Julie announces that there will be a luxury competition this week that “could impact the game.” The houseguests were left in the house with a sumo wrestler in the living room who would only say something like “I am sitting on the information that you need,” in another language.

The feeds come back quickly after the show. Memphis and Keesha stand away from the sumo wrestler, but Jerry decides to sit on one couch while Dan perches on another and asks him questions, even though he doesn’t answer. The sumo man stands and lifts both feet up in sumo fashion once, then sits back down. The next time, which is at 6:05, Dan jumps and snatches the envelope from under the sumo wrestler.

Once Dan opens the letter everyone gets really excited, and he reads it and reacts before actually saying what it says to the others. They’re yelling at him to read it. It says,

“Congratulations houseguests: By being able to obtain this letter you've officially launched a luxury competition...The winner will be awarded an amazing trip out of the house.. a trip that could impact the game.. more details tomorrow.”

Dan immediately hopes that it is a trip to Japan, because that is the one place he has always wanted to go. The sumo wrestler gets up, grabs his stool, and without saying anything leaves out through the storage room. The houseguests talk about what the trip could be and Jerry keeps pointing out how it said it could impact the game.

About ten minutes later, Dan and Memphis retreat and do their Renegade gun-slinging handshake. Keesha goes to the 70’s room and lets out a pretty big sigh. She finds Renny’s flip flops on the side of one of the beds. Memphis follows her in and she gripes about how Jerry is already trying to break them up, telling him about what he was saying about the jury house earlier. They are afraid this luxury competition would pull them away from the POV, but Dan assures Keesha it would be very different if BB were to do that. They all agree they have to be on their toes about Jerry, because he’s going to be saying and/or doing anything to work around them. They agree his talk about swaying the jury house doesn’t matter because one of the three of them will be there anyways.

At about 6:45 Dan and Memphis talk about who they’d take with them on the trip if they were given the choice. Memphis says he’d have to take Dan because he would never go with Jerry and he thinks Ashley would be unhappy with him if he took Keesha.

Everyone goes out to the living room with Jerry as they wait for a pizza in the oven. They talk about what they hope the luxury trip is, but no one really answers the question correctly. Jerry says what he’d think it would be (a Japanese show in Las Vegas), Memphis says it’s probably Japanese food and Keesha hopes just to get out of the house for a couple days. She also wants her hair dye.

Once the backyard is open at 7:05, everyone jumps up, leaving Jerry in the kitchen to attend to the pizza. Keesha says that Jerry is going to creep her out this week, pointing out how he was looking at them out the doors at that moment. She wants to take turns having to talk to him. They question whether all three can fit on the HOH bed to sleep. Diary room sessions begin with Dan at 7:15.

Memphis and Keesha agree the game will end on Sept. 16th, despite what Jerry thinks. They joke about how they “are the show” now, and the show isn’t happening around them anymore. After some talk and Memphis thinking the trip could be the Olympics (he retracted that thought quickly because he knew it would probably be over now that it’s September), they go inside to join Jerry with the pizza.

At about 8:03, Dan is stuck talking to Jerry, and talk about past seasons. Dan points out how “those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it,” referring to Keesha completely missing out on this HOH competition. Jerry goes on to exclaim how stupid he thinks Ollie was and the continues to talk about his own game and the things he’s done.

At about 8:40 Dan decides to hide outside the diary room door and scares Keesha as she emerges after her session. Later, Dan has his second scuffle with BB about trying to get into the storage room. He listens outside the door, sometimes assisted by Keesha, to what is going on and continues despite warnings from BB – “Dan, what part of STOP IT don’t you understand?” He’s then called in to the DR to apparently get yelled at. He hasn’t gotten in trouble before.

Outside, Jerry is telling Memphis he’s in good shape right now in the game, including with the jury house. Memphis talks about an all-guy final three, and Jerry agrees that’s what he wants. He also mentions to Memphis about how two of his kids need some financial help of some kind.

At 9:15, Memphis escapes Jerry from the backyard and goes to 70’s room with Keesha and Dan. Jerry later comes into the room without knocking and joins the crew. After some time, Dan and Jerry leave, so Memphis tells Keesha that Jerry said that she would win the game because the women at the jury house would vote for any woman at the end. She completely disagrees, knowing April would never vote for her.

At about 10, Dan and Memphis finish a chess game then go into storage room to find Keesha there. They take a look through the food they’ve gotten for the week, happy with their seafood selection of salmon, halibut and ahi tuna. Keesha says she’s mad that Jerry is already targeting her, and Memphis points out how he probably doesn’t realize that all three of them talk game together and have a good repoire. They are all happy the game is only twelve more days. They go outside with Jerry.

At about 10:25 they all cheer because Dan is called to the DR in order to get his HOH room. He announces the room inside, but has to repeat it again because everyone is still in the backyard. There are apparently a lot of pictures of Monica, and ones of Dan in the past when he was chubbier according to Jerry. He got some beer and of course Cheez-Its, and The Killers for his CD. The letter from his family talks about how his sister has become better friends with Monica, and they joke about things Dan has done in the house without revealing anything. They thanked Renny for being Dan’s Mom away from home.

After, at about 10:50, Memphis and Keesha leave the room and Memphis talks about how mad Ashley is at him but thinks maybe she was interviewed instead, and how at that idea his family is probably pissed they didn’t get air time.

Dan jokes to Jerry how it might be “Judas and Jerry” to the end, no one knows. Jerry says Dan shouldn’t say that anymore because he said that in the heat of the moment, citing his age as an excuse. He tells Dan because he’s 25 he has no excuse for being stupid. Memphis and Keesha decide to go save Dan from Jerry but are too early because Jerry was on his way out but decides to stay when they come in.

They all leave the HOH room when Dan is called into the DR at about 11:10. Later Dan and Memphis discuss who to nominate and Memphis even says maybe he shouldn’t care because it’s the POV that matters so maybe he could go up. That way, they could tell Keesha they didn’t want her on the block two weeks in a row, but they have to stress they really want it to be a Dan, Keesha and Jerry final three. Meanwhile, Keesha has a bit of a cry by herself in the backyard, but once she’s inside and Dan sees her on the HOH screen he calls her up. She says she just misses Renny when Memphis asks her what’s wrong. They joke around to try to cheer her up.

After a while, the three all start getting ready to go to sleep. Memphis and Keesha are the last awake, talking about home and Ashley and Web sites like Jokers that write about what they say…because Keesha doesn’t realize they exist… ; ) And all are asleep and well just after 2 a.m.