Big Brother Recap August 17, 2006

Who will the Chicken Fry? Lots of power floating around the house!

Danni and Erika were the first up this morning. They immediately start primping for the live show. Danni showers and Erika starts coloring her hair. By 10:30 BB has woken everyone up. Not much game chatter. At one point we do hear Erika say she was still going after “her” (Janelle). Danni also told Erika that she believes Boogie has the secret power that he acted strange once he left the diary room. Erika agreed. Boogie confirms this awhile later in the workout room with Will. He tells Will that he can’t
He tells Will that he needs help keeping people from asking him and that he can’t tell anyone not even him. They agree to continue as the power does not exist Will confides n Boogie and believes that Janelle might be playing him like he is playing her. Boogie said no that it is just his ego! They discuss the shower and how they have to contact Erin and set things straight with her. Boogie tells Will in the diary room that he said “what two girls can resist us; we are the smartest, funniest and wealthiest ones in here. (Your ego is not too big).

We then get flames from 3 pm till the live show begins.

A brief recap of the live show. First we see that Boogie indeed win the cout d’ete . So he now has the power to overthrow the HOH and put up two nominations before the live voting begins. He can’t put up the HOH or Veto holder. He would also break a tie if there was one. This is a huge power to be able to evict someone on the spot. It would be good for the next three evictions, starting with last night. (Since it is a double eviction week it would be last night, Sunday night’s eviction and next Thursday’s eviction.)

We then get a glimpse of Danni’s and Janelle’s mothers. Both say their daughters are fierce competitors. Janelle’s Mom wishes she would gang up with Danni and rip the house apart.

Next the voting with Marcellas getting voted out 6 to 0. Marcellas met with Julie who called him out for trash talking Janelle. He is the first person to go to the sequester house. (Marcellas acted like the old Marcellas with his interview with Julie, fun and even the tome of his voice was different then it has been in the house. Wish we saw that in the house)

Next the HOH competition. The prom begins! All houseguests dressed in their prom attire are given a lane. They will answer questions about who America thinks the superlatives are. We first find out that Janelle won prom queen, but since she was present HOH and couldn’t compete she did not get any advantage like previously stated in the competition, all she got was a plastic tiara and flowers. They had masks covering their eyes so they couldn’t see who was where in the lanes. The first person to get to the end of the lane wins HOH. James had a lead and Erika never even tried she only answered like 2 questions correctly. At the end of the eight questions Chicken George and Danielle are tied. The tie breaking question was how many minutes did the house go without hot water and sleeping on cots. Danielle guessed 308 and George 360. The real answer was like 6000 and Chicken George wins HOH. Once the houseguests gather again in the living room they find out it a double eviction week. George right then had to make his nominations, he nominated James and Erika.

Once the feeds return (meanwhile the boards are going nuts) we hear Boogie say to James that that was the worst person that could have won HOH and make nominations on the spot (why because you didn’t control them Boogie). Boogie, James, Erika and Danni are in the workout room talking. Dannie and Erika are convinced that George wants to backdoor Danni. Danni confronts and asks George and he said no he ever thought of that. James of course is freaking out and saying that he will win Veto and Janelle better go up. James saying that Janelle and Howie never even tried to console him that he was cut lose from them in week two (Was that the week you hooked up with Danni and started trash talking them James, oh no that was week one). James said he is going to threaten George and remind him that Janelle wanted to put him up last week and get rid of him (lie she always wanted Erika out)

Janelle was looking at the memory wall and Danielle walked by and said me and you final two Janelle, come on Janelle. Janelle just laughed (oh I wish she said yes, that would have been great).

Danni is upset that George won’t tell anyone how he is thinking or his next move. (Danni can’t control it and she is flipping out). Howie chats with James and told him not to worry that he is safe they have the votes that He wants Erika out.

While getting the pizzas out of the storage room George said to Boogie “I don’t know what to do” Boogie said don’t worry that he would fix it later!

Erika and Danielle discuss how to approach Chicken George and tell him the house will be pissed if he doesn’t get Janelle out of the house now. That he is tampering with jury votes. They don’t’ want to threaten but just want him to do what they say. Danni also said they she will not be outplayed by Chicken George. She then talks to Boogie and tells him he is the best one to talk to him and that she wants Howie and Janelle GONE. She then tells Boogie that Janelle is her Roddy!

James meets with Janelle and Howie and tries to get Howie to go BUSTO on George saying he lied to Kaysar and he lied to him (everyone lies but James right).

Will and Boogie consult each other and Will tells him as long as Danielle, Janelle and Howie are in the game they are coasting. To try to keep nominations the same and cut Erika this week. (we heard this last week then they flipped the votes.). Boogie said that he is more worried about Erika winning then James (what furniture does not move itself Boogie). Boogie then said that they have to find a way to get Janelle out and not by their hands. Will is pissed at James and wants him to stop throwing competitions and wants him gone.

Chicken George gets his HOH room. Everyone goes up there to see the lime green and yellow room. He got t-shirts (yeah throw away that orange one now), shorts, pictures of his family and pictures of season 1 cast. He also got a letter from home and a six pack of Bud.

After everyone leaves Howie has a brief conversation with George. He tells him he is in the middle of a battle. That everyone was telling them last week to put up Chicken George. That Danielle was dangerous and trying to control the game. George said he never wanted this power. Howie said to watch his back, to notice people that are playing differently. He said he definitely has Janie’s back and Will definitely has Boogie’s back.
George said he needed Howie to play, Howie asked if he was going to keep nominations the same all George said was that he needs him to play (probably because of the Danielle pressure to put him up). George said that he was not going after them but to keep that information to themselves. George again said he was not trying to win. He told Janelle and Howie that they could sleep tonight that he would not be putting them up.

At 9 pm George comes out of the DR and calls everyone to the living room to pick POV partners. George picks Howie, Erika picks Danielle, James draws Wills name, so that leaves Janelle and Boogie not playing.

A bit later George tells Erika that he picked her as the pawn so they can get James out. Erika asks if someone wins Veto who will he put up, George said to her that he didn’t want to answer that. Erika then tells George everything she has done for him.

James was talking to Erika and Danni and said “I hope that George knows that even though he is HOH he still has to do our dishes” He then said that Howie and Janelle are the reason George nominated him! (Not the fact that the poor guy has to eat slop for 60 days because YOU nominated him).

Boogie and Chicken George finally talk. George tells him that he has a beef with one person in the house and that is Danni. He said she lied to him about CT and that he was set up. He said that yesterday she told him to vote out Erika and that would have left him out to dry. Boogie tries talking trash about Janelle and Howie and George said he is more worried about James and Danni. He even asks George if he knows what they do after he goes to bed, George said “Jedi Drilling”. Boogie really tries hard to get Janelle put up saying he is fearful of her etc. Boogie said that Danni is good because she will go after Janelle. He tells George that Janie will put him up. He really is trying. George stuck to his ground and said that he would like James and Danni in the chairs. He knows James is aligned with Danni. He tells him not to make it personal and to get Janelle out because she wins all the competitions. James interrupts the conversation so it ends.

Boogie then reports the whole conversation to Danni and Erika. Janelle interrupted it so they said they were trying to figure out where George is and what he is going to do.

At 11:00 we get extended flames for the Veto competition.

Once the feeds return at 11:30 we hear Danni asking George if she is going to put her up.
He said he did not know, she said that was fine that she didn’t want to go up but it was fine! She then accuses him of making deals with Janelle and Howie; George said he made no deals with anyone. He asked Danielle to send in James.

We find out that the gnomes were back for the Veto competition. Will didn’t have a clue about the gnomes from season 3. JAMES won the Veto! He said he feels like when he won the piñata Veto last year. James enters and asks George why he was nominated. George said he likes his alliance of Howie and Janelle and that Janelle did not nominate him twice and that he likes he r honesty. James tells George that Howie and Janelle are lying to him! He said Marcellas was put up thanks to three people, Boogie, Will and James that Janelle wanted to put you up. George then said that he nominated him because James had nominated him first. James asks him if anyone else was behind him nominating him, George said NO One was! James laughs in George’s face and said he was using Veto. James really lied and tried to tell Chicken George that Janelle and Howie want him out. He said that Danni is the only truthful and honest person in the house. That they are not his friend. Chicken George listened then asked for James to send Erika up.

.Erika comes up and George again tells her that he was lied to by Danni and he can’t trust her. George said that he felt like he had no one. Erika said she has him that he was the first person she talked to once she got HOH. He asks who she thinks should go up, she said Chill town has the power so not them and that playing competitions against Danni is a crap shoot but she really did not want to name names ( Meaning Janelle wins competitions so put her up).Erika then said she has his back as he has hers. George said that Janelle didn’t nominate him for three weeks so he owes her, Erika replied you wer not a threat that is why you were not put up. Erika then said to stay safe the only two you can put up is Howie or Janelle. George then said he can’t go after Howie, so Erika replied then you better go after Janelle. George then told Erika that from now on he would work with her. George then said he wants to mend things with Danni. He asked Erika to please send in Boogie.

George tells Boogie he was right and that he understands now why Danni did what she did. Boogie then said Janelle has to go. George replied he knows what he has to do. George is going to put up Janelle so he takes out a big one! Howie will be no one Boogie told him without Janelle. Boogie then said the best part will be that Janelle will think Erika will be going because she does not know George is aligned with Ct and she believes she is aligned with CT.

Later Will, Danni, Erika and Boogie were all in the WO room laughing about how they suckered George into putting up Janelle. They said it is perfect that Janelle being evicted by the chicken man.

Meanwhile Howie and Janelle have no clue this all went down. They are in the red room Jedi drilling.

Will does pitch George later asking him to put himself up against Erika and send Erika home. (Now that he knows he is safe and he is putting up Janelle and aligned with Erika) George said he wouldn’t want to risk it and that he knows it would make good TV but still was uncomfortable with it. He pretty much told George that CT has the power .George again said he was not putting Will up. Erika interrupts them.

Erika tells George he will be a hero for taking out Janelle. George replies the weakest player is taking out the strongest player. Erika replied he will be respected for taking out Janelle, and George said he will let Janelle get a good nights sleep and talk to he him the morning.

Howie heads up to HOH to talk to George. Howie said that if he doesn’t put up Janelle and him that they will protect him next week. George replied that he will talk to them in the morning. Howie then reminded him that he did say he wouldn’t put them up. Howie leaves and tells Janelle what happened and they figure out they are not safe even thought George told them they were. He said they have to talk to him in the morning because Danielle and Erika have been up there filling his head with stuff.

House finally seems quiet at 6 am.

Who knows what the Chicken man will do? Looks like Janelle might be joining Marcellas in the penthouse this weekend. Why not make them use that power and show them where CT is? Would they use it to save anyone but themselves, no? Maybe Goerge will flip again after talking to Janelle and Howie. Who knows!