Big Brother Recap 8/19/06

The snake and the Queen wrestle for the VETO – Chill Town claim another victory!

James was the first awake this morning at 10:30 am. Bb soon woke everyone up. Erika and Danni comment on how quiet the house is without Howie. We then hear Boogie tell Will he lost his coup power since he has HOH this week he can’t overthrow himself! Boogie then tells him he wants to nominate Janelle and James. If Janelle wins Veto then James would go. He wants to use Erika for the replacement nominee. Will tells Boogie that if Janelle wins she is totally down to splitting the money. Will comments on how much Janelle hates Danni and they will take each other out. Will also told Boogie that Janelle was so upset that they (Danielle and Erika) cheered when she was eliminated form the HOH competition. James interrupts and asks Boogie if he wants him to tell Janelle that she is going up? Boogie said no he will tell her. James left HOH and Janelle entered. Janelle asks them if they are her friends. Boogie tells her that he is putting her up to save face with the house, but they will help her get POV. Janelle tells them that James told her that if Danielle wins POV she is saving him. Will said it would be best if she won the Veto. Janelle left and Chicken George entered the revolving door. Boogie said that Janelle and James was going up and that Janelle was the target, that is what the house wants. George said he had to do what he had to do. Boogie also told him that he knows Will won’t be around forever. George commented that Howie was his friend. He said eventually ties have to be cut that it is a game. Boogie said he just wants things to run smooth this week that it has been crazy enough.

Chicken George and Janelle have a conversation. She tells him how she was completely played by CT. He tells her how he was used for his vote. They agree to align and shake the house up. George said that if he plays for Veto and wins he will take her off. They hugged and agreed to watch each others backs.

At 2:30 pm BB announced that the POV would occur this evening. After flames we realize James and Janelle have been nominated. (Surprise!)

They all try to sleep, but Janelle’s mind is working overtime. She keeps trying to talk to James. She wondered who will go up if one of them win and what the competition will be physical or mental, whether they play alone and will be isolated etc.

After flames again we find out that the only one not playing for Veto is Chicken George. He will host the competition.

While waiting for POV to begin James told Boogie that he was rooting for Janelle because today she told him she had no friends in the house and he knows how that feels from last season. Boogie said that if Janelle can pull some Houdini act and win she deserves it because it will be 5 to 1. They talk about what a downer Marcellas was in the house and how glad they are that Howie was gone.

At 10 pm we get flames and the Veto ceremony was being held. The houseguests return at 10:30 and we hear Will say that James is pulling a fit in the back yard. Then we see that Janelle has won POV! We then hear Danni say to Erika it is even better now because James is so pissed at her. Danni also said she wants the vote to be 2-2 so that Boogie has to be the executioner (and he loses his jury vote). Erika comments that Janelle is good at competitions but sucks at strategy and then said she is 12 years younger then her! Danni again makes the comment that Janelle was born under a lucky moon and she was not. They discuss briefly the competition. The competition had questions about eviction votes and after you had the answers you had to get that person’s doll (?). Danielle thinks that Janelle will join forces with them to eliminate CT. Danni said she will tell Janelle later how evil CT really is.

Janelle sneaks up to the HOH and Boogie and her jump up and down to celebrate her victory. She said James is pissed at her. James thinks Janelle cheated because they wrestled for a Howie doll during the competition

Later Erika and Danni discuss James and Erika said that James got what he deserved for not picking sides. . Danni then said it was time for Boogie to make a commitment (CT or LOD). They think that Chicken George will go up and that if a tie James will go. They said they need to find out how Janelle is voting and force the tie to make Boogie do the dirty work. They think Janelle is now aligned with Chicken George. Danni said that Chicken George kept the one person in the game that could kill them in competitions, Erika said Chicken George is a fu$%*ng idiot.

James is really freaking out about the competition. He feels that the game was rigged because they did not do anything when Janelle took the Howie doll from him, he claims that was their not suppose to be any physical contact. He is raving and raving. He keeps saying “the whore wins everything” that the producers want her to win to make a good show. He kept saying she cheats. When he is ranting to Danni he said that the Dr called it incidental touching and that he had talked to Allison. He believes the game is rigged for the prom queen to win. He rants for at least an hour! Erika wanted to cal a house meeting with Alison James has convinced Danni and Erika that it was unfair.

While everyone is in the HOH listening to James rant Chicken George and Janelle chat. George believes everyone is mad because he did not put her up. He said he thought it was fair to put up Howie because he had played for POV when she had not. Janelle said she was sorry for that and she felt so alone in the house right now. Erika joins them and Janelle asked her what she thought and how James was. Erika said she listened for a few minutes and left and that she did not see anything (but she wants a house meeting). Janelle then tells Erika that James does not want to sleep in the room with Janelel and Chicken George.

A bit later Danielle comes out of the Dr and talks to Chicken George. Her brain actually HURTS because of her working so hard to protect people and she just can't do it anymore. CG gets up to hug her and tells her at least he is good for something in this game. He is giving her a pep talk and consoling her and telling her to just play for herself and watch out for herself (ed: Danni is just playing on poor CG's sympathies -- he should only know that just an hour ago she was saying "CG's GOT TO GO!").

Will talks to Janelle. He tells her James is pissed, she replied what does he want me to do? Will said veto him off the block (hahahah). Will then said Danni was pissed and is demanding to se the tape. Janelle said how he could think it is fixed that James tackled her for a doll! Will then said that he was glad she decided to stay and play the game. She thanked him for that. Janie is telling Will that Danni and Erika approached her to talk about the special power. Now they want to her to work with them. Danni is so pissed that she is losing her parachute (James). Will and Janelle are going over how to work people in the house. Even if one of them has to go to sequester that person will work the house for votes. Will is willing to go to sequester and work the house for votes since he is not good at comps, but is good with people. Will gets up to check if anyone is outside the room or around. He doesn't want people to see them talking. Janie says that it would be weird if they didn't talk anymore since they talk all the time.

Will wants Janie to make sure she tells the others that she wants to go after CT. The Danni and Erika might throw HOH to her to have her go after CT. Will says that he is so glad that Janie decided to stay because now it will be so much fun. He's explaining that Boogie is so happy now and he was just intimated when Janie told him to go win an HOH. Janie explains that she is just direct.

Erika comes back into room from DR and Will is leaving. Erika goes out with Will and asks what Janie said to Will. Will says that Janie was so funny. She just said that she was lucky that she wins.

When everyone went to bed, Chicken George, Janelle and Will chat outside. Chicken George talks about Howie again and wonders if he will be mad at him. Janelle said no he will be fine, he just took it personally and was mad at CT. They discuss James being mad and Will had the comment of the night saying “When James doesn't get his way, he's like a 4 yr old kid pumped up on Pez” Janelle then talks about late night meetings of her old alliance in the BY. Will and Chicken George never knew these happened. George commented that they missed the whole show and they were in it. They also discuss Marcellas leaving wearing the afro wig! How embarrassed he must have been.

Once George went to bed Janelle and Will discuss the game. He asked her how Boogie was when she went up to HOH and she said so happy he picked her up! Will tehn said that they acted pissed at you while James ranted on and on. Janelle said that Erika was now trying to be nice with her and that she can’t do it. She can’t stand Erika. Will said he needs her to be nice to Erika that she needs to tell her that she is going after CT next week so they might throw her HOH. She said James told her earlier today (before POV) that she had to work with Erika and Danni to get rid of CT. Will wants her to tell James that she is going after CT next week.

Will and Janelle talk about Erika and all the pre-show alliances she made. She called Will and talked to him. She showed up where Janelle worked and tried talking to her . She told her that they all wanted Allison gone first. Janelle said she didn’t know Allison and didn’t think she would make the show. Will said the phone calls started like six months before the show. That he listened to everyone not knowing who would be on the show. He said even Kaysar called him.

They then discuss James. Will tells Janelle that in the DR he said “You know what? James calls it cheating. You know what I call it? I call it Janelle taking him to the ass kicking buffet and he can go off as much as he wants.(they both laugh) Janelle said: that's funny! Will: last time I saw two girls fight over a doll was over a Barbie at a playground

Will then went on to explain how he voted out Howie. Here is that conversation:

Will is going over how Janie almost got nominated by CG. Boogie had told him that he went up to talk to CG and was told that Janie was going up. He thinks it was James who gave CG the idea. Will went up asked CG to put him up. Then they didn't know what happened and all of a sudden Howie was nominated. They were going to vote out Erika, but then How exploded which made it hard to keep him. Then one day Will saw Janie talking to Howie and got an idea that Janie would never leave Howie. He blames Janie for voting out Howie because earlier Janie had said that if Danni goes, James will return to S6 and CT. He realized that if Howie went Janie would go to CT. That's why he voted out How to get Janie to play with CT. He says that if Janie wants to make it up to Howie, they can give him some money too.

Janelle talks about James and how he is with Danni. That he does not even try to hide it anymore. How he threw her the POV and how much they work together. They talk about his hissy fit again and how he wants it redone. They discuss all the times that they know when James is acting. They say that it is very obvious. Will telling Janie about James working with everyone and floating. He was working the jury vote and wouldn't agree to vote out Howie. Janie says that she understands how important POV is to James. He will continue to be mad for a long time. Janie is worried about all the bad things that James will say about her when he gets out. Will says that James takes it too personal. Janie is wondering how much James is going to stew about fighting over dolls. Janelle is still upset over her tiff with James about the POV comp. Will explains that she shouldn't take it personally. James just thinks he has this reputation for being a veto king and it's all over his website. It's a big thing for him and since she beat him, he has to find some excuse for it. James just thinks too much about the game.

Janelle then tells Will that Chicken George was cute, that while they were all in the HOH trashing her because she won, he waited for her on the couch so he could tell her they were all after her and up in the HOH. Janelle again said he is a super guy and that he told her that Danielle has been controlling his vote, Will agreed that she was.

Will again (he said it like 5 times tonight already) tells Janelle that she has to keep putting up a front that she hates CT. That no one can catch on to their alliance. Janelle hopes Danni tells her that she and Erika are going after CT. Janelle also said she likes Danielle as a person.

Danielle got up and said she had a hard time sleeping. Will told her they were talking about Marcellas going out with the afro on and other evictions. Will then headed to bed and Janelle to the shower.

House is quiet at 6:30 am. Night hamsters!

Will they really oust James or will the Chicken be fried this week? Still 4 days till Thursday and a lot can happen. Danielle can work her devilish ways and convinve others to keep her parachute and dispose of the rotten chicken that she does not know how or what he is thinking! Could be a very interesting week. If James keeps his mouth closed he jus might slither his way to the final 6!