10:30 AM
Dani is the first one up this morning, but not until around 10:30. Will is up next, he finds Dani in the kitchen making some breakfast and he asks her what time Janie finally went to bed last night; Dani says she not sure. She and Will joke about the POV competition being at 3:00 in the morning and Janie will be the only one wide awake.

There Up to this point there hasn’t been much of anything going on. As a matter of fact Janie just woke up at like 12:15. She and Will were sleeping in the same room. Still lying in bed she told Will that she accidentally flashed the camera. Will asked her to do it again so he could see and she said "no" and rolled back over. At around 12:15 BB called for an inside lock down.

Finally Janie gets up to use the restroom and Will heads out to the kitchen to watch Boogie cook eggs. George is wandering around bored and Erika and Dani are up in HOH talking about family pets and things of that nature.

Will heads up to HOH and tells Dani and Erika how he kept Janelle up all night, so she couldn't play well for POV. Then Bb made the announcement that they were on inside lock down and Will says “Janelle jumped and said ‘YEAH, I can sleep now abd be rested for the competition’!” Dani says “I called it didn't I?” Will leaves the HOH room.

In the kitchen Will is telling Boogie about the talk he had last night with Erika and how he told her that Dani is a huge threat. He says he thinks that Erika is starting to see that too. Boogie tells Will “Erika may be more willing to put up Dani as a replacement. Erika told me that if you win POV that you could use it to save Chicken George and that will give her an excuse to put up Dani.” It’s a scenario that Will hadn’t thought of; he says he kind of likes the idea. Will says he can play up the speech like he's grown close to a certain housemate (meaning Janelle) and then shock everyone by using the veto on George.

Will tells Boogie that he's 0-28 in HOH and Veto competitions in BB. Mike says that he hopes Will doesn't have delusions of grandeur; that he can get to the final two without winning an HOH or Veto. Will says “I know, I’ve really been trying to win.”

1:00 PM
Will and Boogie are still talking about getting Dani out if they have the chance and trying to keep Janie in the house. Boogie says he can’t believe how much Erika is into him. Will tells Boogie that is his assignment for the day; to hold hands with Erika in front of everyone at least 2 times today, "Girls love that stuff." Then Will says his own assignment is to win POV, and then he says “we gotta stop talking about it.” LOL, Boogie says “too bad there isn’t an HOH competition for who sleeps the most; Janie would win!”

Boogie noted that the DR asked both him and Will if Dani had any hard feelings towards them over James being voted out and Will says “obviously she did or they wouldn’t have asked us that.”

Will tells Boogie that he's been telling Janelle she needs to change careers, that she'd be great as a pharmaceutical sales rep. She could make a lot of money that way. He talks about how smart Janelle is, she could make big money plus it's a reputable job. Boogie asks how much somebody in that career can make, Will starts to tell him about a friend that started when she was 24, then FLAMES.

Up in HOH, we get a brief snippet of Dani telling Erika that Will is the Devil, complete with her making devil horns over her head. Dani tells Erika that ever since she talked with Dr. Zachary that she decided to just be herself and to stop trying to play the game with honor. She says out with the nice Dani and in with the mean Dani from BB3. She said not to worry, she has something wicked planned. She says that Will and Boogie think she is going after George, but her plan is to ‘scumbag’ Chill T.

Erika says to Dani “maybe we should keep Janelle in the game.” Dani is not so sure, she says “if we win POV, we need to have a long talk and if George wins POV, we need to have a long talk.” Dani says Janie makes Will strong, she has to go, “she's like Chiara and Roddy, when we had to let her go, it was painful but necessary.” Dani tells Erika not to worry if Janie goes. She says “I tried to tell Boogie this, but he couldn't get it. Will has told me that Janelle has said ‘Chill Town is her target’. But why would she go after Will? She's going after Boogie, and then the princess will have her man (Will)!” Erika says “I think she likes Will because she realizes she can't get Boogie (if she means this the way it sounds, I almost lost my lunch thinking of Janie and Boogie ‘together’...lol).” Erika says “You could backdoor Will…” Dani: “I ain't backdooring shit!”

2:00 PM
We had flames for a bit and came back to Dani telling Erika that she had an epiphany and can not be nice anymore, which will cause her to lose because the others will be disgusted by it (Oh, let’s hope so, I want to see mean Dani! LOL). Dani said when she was in solitary confinement; she realized that everyone she was trusting to play for the POV betrayed her. She realizes that she was being played the whole time. She said that the people in the jury house are going to hate her for what she's about to do and that she HAS to win HOH.

Now Erika asks Dani why James wanted to keep Danielle in the game as much as he did. Dani just sat there….after a long moment of silence she says “I think James wanted to take someone to the end with him and I am not sure if James wanted to take me or Will. I really don’t know why he wanted to keep me in so badly.” Erika says “I miss Kaysar, I miss our talks…” Danielle: “It worked out for the best, though…” Erika: “I know…” Danielle: “He didn't say goodbye to me.” Erika: “The last night, he was making hot dogs; I tried to tell him that this is just a game, etc. He just told me to ‘watch the tapes’.”

Chicken G is telling Will and Boogie about the time he was struck by lightening. He said it struck a pole that he was holding on to and it knocked him out. He said didn't feel anything, but he was smoking when he woke up; the lightening exited through his knees and burned his knees, he lost all color in his body, he was completely pale. Boogie is amazed by this story! Will says “the important question is did you end up with any super powers afterwards?” CG laughs and says he would have used them by now if he did. (ROFL!) Shortly after this, Will and Boogie let Chicken G know they were going to try and save him with the POV and hopefully Dani will go on the block.

Back in HOH, Dani and Erika are talking about James. Erika says that James was great at getting them information, but she realized the information was also going the other way (back to the S6). Dani says that's why she had to nominate James because when his butt was on the line it kept him from sharing info the other way (with S6). Dani says that James would come to her when he was upset and she was able to calm him down. Erika asks Dani if she thinks it was the right thing to do in kicking James out. Dani says “yes, it was.” Dani said she also understands that Janelle voting out James would weaken her (Dani); she says it made complete sense. Dani relives her HOH win again; she says she can't wait to see that episode on TV.

Dani is like a fast moving whirlwind who is talking about herself. She and Erika are talking about the spider web challenge and Erika said “everyone else was struggling and I was just hanging out, watching what everyone was doing.” Dani starts imitating herself on the web again "sweet Jesus, I can't do this anymore!", she said it was great! Dani is wondering if they had the competition on the feeds. She says it has to be the best endurance competition in BB history. Dani said that was a survivor moment. Erika (trying hard to get a word in edge wise) says she was looking at Howie, knowing she was safe and she wasn't dropping before him. Dani says she kept saying to Howie "look at me, look at me!” She says “If they would have given me a couple more seconds, I would have shed a tear. Then even after I was HOH, Howie asked me if I was going to nominate him and I told him I gave him my word.”

Erika said that Dani’s HOH week was the worst week; she didn’t have a bed (I think it was when the cots were in) and was on slop. Dani continues “That time when Marcellas came in here trying to get information that was funny. He wanted Kaysar gone. He was like ‘what if Janelle wins POV, who you gonna put up now?’ I was like; I'm not telling you shit. Then he leaves and goes to Janelle. Last night I told Janelle that when she got mad at Marcellas because he didn't tell her what was going on, he was telling her the truth, I didn't tell him anything when I was HOH. Marcellas wanted Kaysar gone because he thought Kay was my Jason.” Erika says “Kaysar could never be anyone's Jason but Janelle's.” Dani: “Janelle is closer to Howie than she is to Kaysar.”

Back to current day, Dani tells Erika her plan to make Will and Boogie feel safe. She says she will tell them she is going to put up and go after Erika, so they will throw HOH. Dani says she is sure Will will throw it and she's sure she can talk Boogie into throwing it. She says “One thing about Boogie, I think he's totally committed to Will.” Erika:
100%.” Dani says she thinks Boogie didn’t use the coup for their own protection. Erika says “That seems very crazy, to shake up the game using the coup power. I mean that would have been great if he would have used it for dramatic purposes.” Dani: LOL “They would have called me down and asked if I was going to use it and I would have been like ‘is a pig pork’?" Erika: “I don't get….” Dani: “Because he gambled, it would have worked perfectly if either of us would have won HOH, but he had to win it (HOH) or his boy Will would have gone.”

Still talking about the coup, Erika wonders why Boogie didn't use the power to take Howie off the block and replace him with Janelle. Then Erika says “Unless there was a deal.” Dani says she doesn't believe Will when he says Janelle is going to put him and Boogie up. She thinks Boogie really wants Janelle gone, but that it doesn't matter to Will as long as he isn't targeted.

It’s some good stuff and getting better in the HOH!
Erika tells Dani “we can't backdoor Will this week because...” Dani says “Jani has to go.” Erika says “followed by CG. If we keep Chill T, they are still going to target Janie.” Dani: “Let's think about this out loud. Janie wins POV, takes herself off. If we get rid of Dr. Will, who is Janie going to target?” Erika: “That's why I was thinking we should keep Will and get rid of CG because she'll probably still target CT. She's not going to target CG. But their relationship is so complicated, Will and Janelle.” Dani: “Maybe they (Will and Janie) have a pre-game alliance we don't know about. Maybe Boogie doesn't even know about it. Why does she trust him so much when he is a liar?” Erika: “Letting him get so far is so f’ing dangerous.” Dani: “Let's see what happens. If I win the POV, we really need to discuss this. We need to discuss all different scenarios. Right now I can't think that far into the game because I don't know what will happen.” Erika: “Janie has got to go.” Dani: “She's got to go and next week I've got to win HOH. Our safety depends on it.” Erika: “Absolutely. They aren't going to want to compete in F3 with us.”

Dani says that CT are the Rob and Amber of BB; they are in an obvious alliance, “Why are we keeping them?” Erika asks Dani “Why didn't Janelle get rid of Will when her whole alliance was saying put him up?” Dani didn’t really answer that and says “So what if we do this, we win POV, we take down CG and put up Will. I'll vote to evict him (Will). CG will vote to evict him. It will be 2 to 1 and he'll walk out the door.” Erika: “Then we keep her in the game and she could win it.” Dani says “Before we tell her what we're going to do, we could tell her ‘let's squash this right now, there are obvious targets here’. No, this is stupid….” Erika: “No it makes sense.”

Dani says again that she will get Will and Boogie to throw HOH in the coming weeks. Erika says “I don't think they'll believe you.” Dani: “They will, I'm very convincing, all I have to do is say my target is you.” Erika: “Will has to go home...but it scares me to push Will into the jury.” Dani: “I don't care. He'll probably not be talking to anybody. He'll be behind a locked door. Afraid people are going to come after him. Like Blair Witch Project.” Erika: “That's the last thing Josh said to me ‘Don't let Will win this game’.” Dani: “Amy's husband told me he didn't know the game, but that I had to get the doctor out. Everybody warned us.” Erika: “You've got to win it. It all comes back to winning that HOH.” Dani: “I have to plant the seeds. I've got to convince them to throw the HOH to me.” Erika: Will will probably throw it; it will be hard to convince Boogie.” Dani: “I can do it. All I got to do is do the scumbag thing. Roddy started the scumbag thing.”

3:00 PM
Still in HOH, the talk about putting up Will and voting him out is changing because they realize that Janie doesn’t work well with women, so they now they think they will be better served to get rid of Janie now. LOL, Dani says she will pretend she was asleep if anyone asks what was going on in HOH. Erika says “everyone is probably at the door.” They both laugh. So Danielle really does go to sleep.

Erika walks out onto the balcony over looking the kitchen where Will, Boogie, Janie and Chicken G are. It seems as though she is in part spying, but also trying to catch Boogie’s eye, however, he will not look at her. In the kitchen Will says “I want to see a contest between Janie and Diane; lets put them in a room turn off lights let them sleep, first one up loses, we’ll just call is a sleep-off." Everyone is laughing…

Janie is cooking up a waffle and she says to Will “Will do you want some of my waffle?” He naturally says “YES! Is that a euphemism?” Everyone laughs! Will making remarks about the taste "It's like eating newspaper, it’s like eating cardboard, it’s like eating…." Janie finally says “Shut up Will! Just leave if you don't like it!” Will whispers “I'm sorry Janelle.” As they continue to eat in silence Will says "I shouldn't hang out with you because I'm annoying you". Janie says “No, you aren’t, stay here.”

4:00 PM
Geroge is cleaning like a mad man. Cleaning the bathroom and mopping floors etc. Janie, Will, Boogie and Erika talk about stuff outside the house and tell some child hood stories, Janie talks about her cabbage patch dolls and Will about being kicked out of Judo for fighting with another kid…like who cares right? LOL!

Just before 5:00 the HG’s started to be called to the DR one by one. Will was told they will get a 2 hour warning before the POV.

5:00 PM Adult Content!
Boogie took a towel and some lotion into the bathroom and Dani walked in on him. Dani is telling Janie, Will, and George at the table and they are laughing. George says, "I bet something shrunk real quickly! I just cleaned in the bathroom, too! Aw maaaan!" When Boogie was finished with his business he headed to the green room for a nap. The camera panned Boogie then panned the lotion…LOL.

Erika is in HOH, stressed! She says “I’m losing it BB; I have gotten myself into a tangled web of lies!” She is throwing pillows up in the air. She says to the camera that she is in deep and “how do I get myself out of this mess?” She then turns to her trusty teddy bear and says she must win the veto.

Will and Janie are in the bug room and Janie says she is worried that if she wins veto and uses it, that Erika will put him (Will) up. Will tells her not to worry and he heads out to take a nap.

Janie is talking about family and friends seeing things they are doing in the house. She mentioned something about the "naughty" books that all the girls talked about last night, she and Dani both talk about grandparents and parents tuning in to the show and the feeds. Janie tells Dani this morning she didn't have a bra on, and when she woke up this morning her entire boob came out and the camera was on her. They're laughing about it.

Janie and Dani talk about how easy it is to forget the cameras are there. Janie says her boob is for sure on the internet. She was like, "OH MY GOD!!" Dani talks about how as soon as you wake up the cameras fire up and follow you. Janie is SO embarrassed. She does not want that on the internet. She says has enough shit pop up when you Google her name.

Janielle says to Dani that BB does some bad editing for people as their time to leave the house nears. They are talking about April now and how her final episode was not favorable to her, Janie says Bb made her look all bad and she really wasn’t. Both Janelle and Danielle think that Maggie had good editing but agree that she was boring. Janelle said that she did find a place online where Maggie had said some horrible things about her. Janelle found out from Beau that Maggie got married and April was in attendance.

Janelle talks about how much she hates that some of the sites on the internet that are not in her favor post her mug shot photo from when she got arrested shop lifting. Janelle also mentioned how surprised she was at how much hate mail Kaysar got. Danielle says “the Internet fans try to dig up anything.”

6:00 PM
Everyone is readying for the pending POV competition. Showers, teeth brushing and the like happen for a long time at this point. While Janie is showering, Will and Dani are in one of the bedrooms and Will whispers “as long as Janelle doesn't win this (POV) we're great. Even if CG wins we're still OK.” Dani: “OK.” Will: “Janelle will be coming out of shower any second, so be ready…”

Erika and Will are talking now. She asks Will “Do you believe in diseases like fibromyalgia?” Will says “IN my opinion, it's just a form of depression. There are doctors that specialize in nothing but that. It's debatable. I don't know enough about it to comment with competence, but it's usually women and a lot of the symptoms at first blush can be correlated with depression. If you said to me, am I depressed in here, the answer would be absolute yes. There is no way as humans that we can be cut off from our natural life, day after day. This is jail, with beer.” Erika says “And no sex!” Danielle: “They have sex in jail a lot.” Will: “Yea, but in jail only one person is, you know, into it…” Danielle: “Not necessarily, you can change to your surroundings.” Will: “You mean if you went to jail you would become a lesbian?” Dani: “Absolutely not. But I watch the show OZ; he actually became gay after he went to prison.” Will: “Who knows, hopefully I won't have to deal with that. I pay my taxes……..”

Will says "If Erin dumps me over this show then it will automatically be the worst choice I have ever made." He is talking about how smart she is and that he doesn't know what she is doing for the summer because he wasn't planning on being in the house this long. Will is saying that he may need Danielle and Erika to make some phone calls to help him out after the show. Will thinks that out of the house Erika and Erin could be good friends. Erika says 'Thanks Will'.

Yes Dear!
Will, Dani and Erika are talking about the BB episode of Yes Dear. Will asks Dani “Why didn't they call you for that Yes Dear thing? Were you too far away?” Dani says “I'm in Northern California…..” Will: “I'll bet it's because they already had their villains, I was there…….” Dani: “I don't look good in a bikini, plus they had their tokens there - black, gay (referring to Marcellas).” Will: “Marcellus was a real pain on that show.” Dani: “I know, Lisa told me.” Will: “He kept wanting to retake his shots, over and over, trying to get the lines right. The rest of us were like, dude, we're all bad actors, get over it!”

Then Will asks Dani “why isn't Jason here?” Dani says “He decided not to, he got some advice career-wise that it wouldn't be a good move, plus he has a girlfriend now, and I think this one is ‘the one’.” Will: “I wish somebody had given me that advice. Did you tell them no, at first?” Danielle says “Yes! I kept telling them no, Jason and I discussed it; I kept asking him if he was going to do it. Will says he kept telling them no also, and as he starts to tell the story, we get flames.

Feeds come back and Dani says to Will “Of all the 20, who do you think the producers regret putting in here?” Dani says she thinks “Diane is one.” Will says “I adore Diane, but knowing now what they know I think they think she is too sensitive.” Dani “She was sensitive in our season too…” Will: “Maybe Lisa would have been better. If Nakomis had been here awhile, she may have been different. Kaysar wanted to put up Diane and Nakomis in the early weeks; I was like ‘What? They haven't even spoken in 2 weeks1!” Dani says “for a person that came up with that 6-finger plan, I was like, that girl is smart. The producers weren't even expecting somebody to come up with that.” Will “she is ballsy.”

7:00 PM
Everyone is getting ready for the competition. Janelle is looking really nervous or getting focused, it’s hard to say. She is sitting on the floor in the workout room doing stretches and deep breathing while Will and Danielle continue with some small talk. Chicken George is still in the HOH bathtub, constant splashing. Erica is trying to sleep in the HOH bed, but she is tossing and turning. Danielle has been drinking wine for the last hour or so, she is walking around the house carrying the glass, getting dressed without setting the glass down.

Janie is ready now and she finds Will and pulls him into the bug room. She tells him to swear to her on Ian’s life that he will save her and so he said ‘I swear on Erins’ life.” Will says “But the only problem is if Danielle wins it…” Janelle: “Don't let her win it!” Will says “I gotta go…” Janelle: “NO! ‘I’ve been wanting to talk to you.” Will says “We can't right now (and he leaves).”

A few minutes later Janie finds Will lying on the floor in the ant room, by himself in deep thought. Janie again is asking him to save her and he basically tells her to leave the room that they can’t talk now and eventually she does. Now Boogie is in there, they are whispering and Will is nervous. Will asked Boogie if he won POV would he use it to take George off. Boogie started to answer and then Will told Boogie to let him win, then he said “let me or Janelle win it.” Will said if he wins it, he'll take George off forcing Erika to put Dani up and Dani will go. Then next week, they'll get rid of Erika, followed by Janelle and finally CG, leaving CT in final 2. Boogie said if he wins it, he'll do whatever Erika wants him to do.

8:00 PM Pre-veto competition jitters
Jani is playing with her makeup while waiting for the POV. (She has been applying it now for an hour at least!) She admits she is caking it on thick and walks back into the kitchen laughing asking Dani if she looks like a hooker. They both laugh and Dani tells her it will probably look good in the lights at night for TV. Janie leaves and Dani begins rattling off a list of condiments she'd like to have BB give them. Her and Boogie are sitting down to eat chicken nuggets, Dani looks like she is still drinking wine or beer, not sure which is in her wine glass.

After Dani cooked up some nuggets and offered them to Boogie, he started to talk about a stand off he had with his step dad over food. He says “one night we were having shepherd's pie and I didn’t want any, I don’t like corn. He was like, ‘you're going to eat it’! I told him I don't like corn. He always traveled, so I’m not used to having to eat what I don't like and I'm looking at mom like "what's the deal; I never eat what I don't want to?” Then my step dad says, ‘well you will sit there until you eat it’. So we had a standoff for like 3 hours, finally I just went to bed.” Will says “It was like an endurance competition?” Boogie: “Yeah! It was an endurance competition.” George asks “what did your step dad do? How old were you?” Boogie: “About 9 or 10, I never ate it.” Will says “I would have forced you to eat it.” Boogie says the step dad threatened him a lot but they never did anything. He says “I was like, looking at my mother like ‘where is this coming from’?” Will says “Yeah, maybe you didn't get the memo (dad) but mom's cool with this.” Dani says her dad made her eat a few things she didn’t like but he wasn’t too forceful about it.

Boogie talks about what a spoiled kid he was. He says “One year, I asked for a Steelers jersey, Louis Lipps. The jersey came, I wanted white lettering but it came in yellow. I freaked, I went out and threw the shirt into the snow bank in the backyard. I was so spoiled. My mother has this thing in her mind, like quantity is better than quality, she will buy me 20 bad things over getting me 1 good thing.” Will mentions the upcoming ‘Christmas’ in the house will be just a story line and it will have nothing to do with them directly. Boogie says “my mom sends me my Christmas gifts way too early, she goes way overboard and it’s all junk.” George says “You probably have trouble working for somebody else, don't you Boogie?” Everyone laughs…Boogie says “I'm actually a very good employee.” Dani says “I am too; I get paranoid about being one minute late.” Boogie says “My business partner is very inconsiderate of other people's time, I hate that. He will call and say he's going to be there in one minute, when he's really in Santa Monica, 30 minutes away. I hate that! I think I’ve only actually been fired from one job - I was 14 - I got fired for playing a gambling game on this hockey video game. They didn't actually fire me; they just took me off the schedule, which they used to do instead of firing you. My mom took me down to the place and asked ‘Tim, what was going on?’ I wanted to die. She didn't know what I was up to. I used to have access to all the tokens - I used to sneak out the back door and people would give me cash for handing out tokens to them. Plus I had all the chicks I wanted.” Danielle asks “did you get free food, like free nachos?” Will: “Girl, I don't think you know who you're rolling with…” then we get flames!

8:30 PM POV Competition in progress – flames!

The feeds returned promptly at 11:00 PM showing Janelle with the POV necklace around her neck. Everyone seems to have enjoyed the competition. It sounds like it was the Morphomatic. Everyone is laughing and talking about the girls and how fast they were with their time in the competition. George says “I didn’t even have my first one punched in by the time Janie finished all of hers!”

So you know that Will and Boogie are telling Erika that she has to send Dani home and she says “I can’t.” Boogie says to Will “tell her what ‘she’ said.” Then in walked Janie so the conversation stopped for now. Once Janelle left the room, talk resumed. Boogie tells Erika that he knows it’s not her nature, but she is going to have to do something bad in this game at one point. Will suggests to Erika “Don’t even tell Dani you are putting her up, just do it and promise her she is safe.”

Boogie tells Erika that if Dani goes up and George goes home he will be vulnerable. Will says “And she'll start to do well when she wants to do well. I'll do whatever you want...never put you up and never vote against you.” Boogie: “You and Dani can drink lots of wine at the wrap party but we can't send George home.” Will: “This is the decision that makes the difference between final 5 and final 3 or 2 or 1.”

Erika is on her way upstairs and she says to Boogie “are you sure Will isn’t the better choice to put up rather than Danielle?” Boogie “NOOOOOO!!!! NOOOOO! Not at all!” Erika asks “Are you going to take him or me to the final 2 if you win?” Boogie: “If it's the 3 of us, I thought we were going to have a conversation down the road about what would happen.” Erika: “But I know your loyalty is to Will!” Will comes up and asks if they want food and Erika leaves the room.

Erika heads downstairs and Dani pulls her into the SR. Dani asked what the plan is; she said “You aren’t putting me up are you?” Erika said “No way.” Dani says “Okay, I just always ask to be sure. Who are you going to put up?” Erika says she isn’t sure, she needs to think about it and she headed out of the SR.

Boogie and Will are in the gym now and Will is worried! Boogie tells Will to calm down. Will says “you have to showmance Erika! I had a talk with Erika yesterday about her not being able to compete for HOH and I told her I would have her back.” Boogie says “she is such an f'n floater.” Will: “Janie will vote for me to stay, so will you and it will be wrap city.”

Dani comes into the gym room. She says “so what’s going on?” Boogie and Will both says things aren’t looking good. Will says "she is going to win the show." Dani says “I CAN’T vote for Janelle to win based on the one HOH win and the POV’s, I won’t do that." Will says “nothing can be done, it’s incredible!" Dani: “I told you before we went out if it’s morphomatic, SHE WILL WIN!" Then Dani says “A lot of the wins for Janelle are pure luck, or they were given to her.”

Just after midnight the 3 girls head outside. Janie is smoking, Dani took a hit off a cig and Erika is heading for the trampoline. Erika is obviously stressed and trying to release the stress by jumping away. When Erika is done she says to Dani “I hate this game.” Dani tells her to talk to Dr. Zachary.

Janelle is inside boiling eggs to make deviled eggs. Erika comes in from outside and asks Janelle to come up to HOH and asks for her input. She says “So, what do I do? Give me some input…” Janelle says “Well, there is 3 people, did you want me to vote a certain way?” There was silence for a moment. Erika says “I don't think I could beat Danielle in the final 2…” Janie: “Yeah, I don't think anyone can.” Then Erika says “If I take Dani out, we could team up and take out CT together.” THEN Erika says “Or we could take out Will or Boogie.” Janelle: “Do you think they are better at the competitions than Danielle?” Erika: “No.” Janelle: “Chill Town definitely needs to be dealt with next week.” Erika: “I put up you and CG thinking you'd win POV and we'd get rid of win but now I'm seeing what a threat Danielle is. She has the jury.” Janelle: “She definitely has the jury and she stands a good chance of winning HOH next week. And obviously I'm gonna try to win it and go after Chill Town.” Erika: “I don't think Will is as good at stuff…” Janelle: “He sucks, but Boogie is pretty good.” Erika: “If I keep Danielle, she'd go after Chill Town too.”

Erika says to Janie “Maybe Will is throwing competitions.” Janie doesn’t think so and hints that Boogie would be the better target, out of the two that’s who Janelle would want to see leave. Erika says “So you think we should leave CG in the game?” Janelle: “Definitely!” Erika: “If you were me, what would you do?” Janelle: “I'd want to have the least people be mad at me.” Erika: “I think I owe Dani because three times I was up on the block she voted to keep me.” Janelle: “Danielle's really smart; I only beat her by 20 seconds. She's lasted longer in the HOH competitions. I don't know do what's best for you. If you get rid of Will, will Boogie be mad at you?” Erika: “Probably.” Janelle: “Yeah, if you get rid of Danielle, no one will be mad.” Erika resigns herself “I have to put her up.” Janelle: “Every time I was HOH she'd always ask if she's safe and I'd say yes and to save face and not look like a liar I would keep her when I really wanted to get rid of her.” Erika says “I know, she asked me earlier if I was keeping her.”

Janelle: “As long as I win HOH which I plan on doing, one of them is going home.” Erika: “You won’t put me up even though I'm a better player?” Janelle: “No, I'm after Chill Town. The way they've treated me, especially Boogie, I can't take it anymore.” Erika: “I don't think Danielle will come after me but she's a better competitor than Will. Leaving those 2 (CT) together is dangerous.” Janelle: “Danielle is good; I don't want to go against her in endurance because I'm not good at that stuff. But I think she's good at Q&A too.” Erika: “Would it be silly to go after someone who I know isn't after me?” Janelle: “Well, at this point in the game, I kind of think everyone is after everyone. Just do what's best for you next week. I'm obviously not coming after you. I don't care who leaves, as far as I'm concerned all three of them are after me and I'll vote any of them out.” Erika laughs. Janelle: “I think Will is probably as bad as George in competitions. I don't think he remembers anything. I think if you're a fan of the show you do better because I know Boogie watches the show a lot and Danielle does too. Let me think about it and tomorrow I will tell you what I think. I'm not working with anyone but I'm definitely not after you. I look forward to working with you next week.” Erika laughs and says she is glad they are on the same team again.

When Janelle leaves HOH, Erika says to herself “Oh God, what the f*** am I going to do?” Then she calls Boogie up to HOH.

Boogie is in HOH now; he says “So what did you guys talk about? Did you make nice?” Erika: “Well I think everyone agrees that Danielle is the strongest threat to win this game.” Boogie: “But the 2 of them are the frontrunners. Everybody has our knocks (describes why everyone would lose including Erika) and those 2 will both be the cunning competitors who both got robbed in their years and if they get there again they'll win it.” Erika: “But Will is also a really dangerous player.” Boogie: “Dani just said in the gym, ‘I won't vote for Janelle to win because it's rigged’. The thing is we are going to have to lie to Danielle all week.” Erika: “What are we going to say to her all week? She wants George out because she thinks he will beat her in the end.” Boogie: “tell Dani ‘I know you are mature enough to handle it and if I put up one of CT they are both playing for HOH and they won't be able to handle it’. Just mention how I reacted to CG wanting to put up Will.”

Boogie says to Erika it won’t be easy sitting next to one of those girls at the end. Erika says “But what you guys did to Janelle by lying and putting out Marcellus, I don't want to feel like that fool.” Boogie: “But why would you feel like that? I told you what we were going to do (he's stuttering and seems a little shaken). So what's the alternative? What if you put up Will or me?” Erika: “I'm not going to put you up.” Boogie: “Right, right. How's Danielle going to vote?” Erika: “She'll vote out CG unless she's lying to me.”

Erika asks Boogie again “If you win HOH, who will you take to the F2?” Boogie says “You're trying to make this a season 5 issue…” Erika says “It's a yes or no type question.” Boogie says “George didn't take the opportunity to take out Janelle and she's here playing for HOH this Thursday. It serves my interest a little bit to take out Dani.” Erika: “Well it serves your interests too because Will stays in the game!” Boogie: “Yeah. But Will is looking out for me too and if you keep Danielle she isn't looking out for me too.”

1:00 AM
Boogie tells Erika that Will could have put out Janelle this week but that's not going to happen. He said in so many words that the Will's feelings for Janelle are definitely there and that Will didn't expect to have the feelings that he has developed for her (he was quite vague about this). Boogie says he is there to play the game for his ego and for his business and Will is there for the money.

Erika tells Boogie “Dani said she would take me to F2.” Boogie: “She's lying! Do you believe that?” Erika: “I do because she could beat anyone in this house so why would she lie?” Boogie: “Because you are HOH and she doesn't want to risk going home (he is speaking in a very condescending tone). I know you guys had fun drinking wine and talking about girl things, but you're gonna see me and Will all the time and we could have a cool friendship after this. We can all hang out and she's going to go back to her life and her family. It's going to be uncomfortable for a few minutes when she walks out that door, but she's a class act and will hug you Sept. 21 at the finale. You'll have one fun weekend and then she'll go back to her life, and I think all of us will be really close after this.” Boogie basically breaks it down to Will earning to stay in the game since he kept Erika in the game earlier on, when there was so much pressure to vote her out.

Will is summoned up to HOH
He comes in and says “Am I in trouble? Getting called to the principles office…” Erika says “We are talking about your demise.” Will promises Erika that Boogie will take her to the F2. Will says “you put Danielle up, we will vote her out, and you won’t need to do a thing. Next week we will give you protection. I will not participate in the final 3. I will walk away and go to the sequester house. You take boogie.” Will leaves HOH.

Will, Boogie and Dani are outside now. Boogie is on the trampoline taking jumping lessons from Will. Dani asks Will if Erika talked to him about who he would put up should he win HOH. Will says “Uh, no, she talked to Boogie not me.” Now Janie is outside and she and Will are bouncing around on the trampoline. Will is double bouncing her.

2:00 AM
Erika has Chicken G upstairs now asking him what she should do. He (of course) thinks Dani needs to go. CG says “It's very ironic that you were in the same situation that I was. I can't tell you what to do. Howie was really close to me, but putting him up was the right thing to do. Now you are in the exact same situation.” Erika: “But by saying that you had to do what you did you are ultimately telling me what I have to do. Just be honest with me George, I have your back and you are safe this week. But tell me why you think that's the best choice.” CG: “Because ultimately there is only one winner in this game...and you are a very smart girl. I could have made a better decision and we would not have to deal with Janelle right now; she's so hard to beat.”

Erika and Boogie are in HOH again. He tells Erika that Dani asked him about what he talked to Erika about earlier. Erika says “Chicken G said something interesting; he's smart. I asked him what his thoughts were about what I should do and he said that I had to put up a friend, someone closest to her, ‘DANI’.” Boogie: “I will give him this...he knows more in terms of interpersonal relationships.” He tells Erika that he told Dani that Erika is in a pickle and it would have been a lot easier if Janelle hadn't won POV. Erika says that George didn’t even put Wills’ name out there as a replacement nominee.

Erika tells Boogie that she will put Dani up. Boogie of course assures her she is making the right move. Boogie seems shocked at George's wise choice in replacement nominees. Erika wants Boogie to stay up with her tonight, but he says it’s not a good idea now that he has said how angry (bluffing) he is with Erika. Erika is asking Boogie exactly what she should say to Dani. He says she should tell her today or tomorrow that she is going up. He says he believes that Dani will be cool with it because he and Will will tell her they are keeping her. Erika laughs at this and says "Yeah after you guys just scumbagged the last 3 people out the door." Boogie claims to have told James that he was going before the live show because Boogie was crying over it and couldn't handle it.

3:00 AM
Will announces he is going to bed “tomorrow is Christmas!” Everyone heads inside to get ready for bed. Will says he better wake up tomorrow and find the BY full of snow and lots of presents. He thinks they will get Cingular phones and Sidekicks. George says “or maybe cars!”

In the bathroom Will is whispering to Janelle about voting out Danielle, he says “We work slowly quietly and swiftly, not like you guys.” He brushes her cheek with his hand. Will asks about Janelle's cranberry lotion he likes the smell. Janie says “Do you want to smell my arm?" He says "Sort of, don't start something you can't stop." She just laughs, "Oh, okay Will."

Up in HOH, Erika tells Boogie this is their last chance to make out. He says how great it is to do so with the head phones on. Boogie tells Erika about being caught by Dani this morning in the bathroom doing his business…lol.

4:00 AM
Well damn, I thought everyone was going to sleep, but it ain’t so. They are tossing and turning and can’t sleep, especially Will and Janelle. Janelle is awake in bed and Will gets up to find Erika in the kitchen. Erika tells him that she doesn’t want to put Dani up and make her feel safe when she clearly isn’t. Will says it is important that she goes. They discuss the different scenarios over the next HOH/POV and Will tells Erika that Janie's luck has to run out “if Janie wins the next HOH and POV and then next HOH, even I will give Janie my vote over Boogie! She is just too good.” Will goes over the fact that Dani has some relationship with everyone in sequester house and there is no way Erika can beat her.

Erika asks Will if he tried to talk Janie out of coming after Chill T. He said he did, but that Janie is a smart player and she told him that CT took out all her friends and there is no way he can change her mind. He also told Erika that Janie won't take out CG. Will confirms to Erika that if all goes well it will be Boogie and Erika F2. Will in the meantime will be in sequester house and will smooth things over and make them all friends again.

6:00 AM
Erika asked Will about Boogie. Will says he's been his friend for 5 years and he has a wall up because he's afraid of getting hurt. He grew up as a fat kid and that it affected him. Boogie is interested in having a wife and kids and after Boogie and Erika went out Boogie called Will and told him about it, but said he wasn’t’ quite ready yet for a relationship. Will says Boogies world is defined by hard work, 70-80 hours a week, he works more than Will. Boogie’s entire life is crazy partying with friends a decade younger than him and he meets many shallow women. Will believes Boogie is ready for a relationship and tells Erika that Boogie will snap and become ‘Lance Romance’. Will says Boogie hasn’t had a real girlfriend. Will said he had to make Boogie be nice to Erin, because Boogie felt that Erin was trying to steal Will from him. End of the day, Will loves Boogie to death and he is loyal. Will thinks Erika and Boogie have a lot of potential. Will tells her “Take a breather after the show for 3 weeks and take a look at it.”

Will tells Erika that he thinks Erin might have dumped him. He says he asked Jonah (DR) to check with Erin and make sure everything was good to go for wedding they were supposed to attend the end of September. Jonah told him he's done more than he should and he talked to her and that Will should not concern himself with the wedding. Will asked Jonah does that mean she's got the plane tickets or does that mean don't worry about it because I'm not going because she dumped me? Jonah said I can't confirm or deny anything you should just not concern yourself with it. Will said they won't tell you if your life is falling apart outside, he said look at Monica her cousin had died in the WTC and they were just like ‘its ok they are looking for her’.

Will is wondering about BB Christmas, thinks the presents will be lame. Erika said she needs shirts. Will says he and Dani want Eggnog, Will didn't think he liked it until he had it at a company party and it had rum in it and he said it was great. Will says: “This is going to be a sucky bad Christmas and I'm not even Christian.” Will asked Erika if he should be upset because they won't let him talk nor do they talk to him on the live show. Erika says “well you did call the bosses wife sweetheart.” Will: “But still it's a live show, like if I make even 1 more week there's not going to be many people here. They are going to have to talk to me eventually. I mean what if I'm in final 3 and they're like well Erika… asking you a question and asking Boogie stuff and they're like not going to even act like I'm here?” Erika: “I don't know.”

Will and Erika finally headed off to bed at around 7:00 AM.