9:00 AM
Everyone was still sleeping this morning when BB woke them with a song called ‘Mr. Brightside’, by The Killers. No one seemed to care that the music was rock and loud…it took about ½ an hour before the person got up. James was the first one up and in the kitchen to make coffee. Boogie joined him. James says “It’s weird being on this side now, like I’m responsible for sending someone home.” Boogie says “It is harder this year for you because even though there are some people that annoy you here there is no one that you hate like last year.” James: “There was only one person I wanted to go after and I never got to….” Boogie: “Maggie?” James: “Yeah.”

James and Boogie in HOH
James and Boogie are now up in HOH. James says to Boogie “It looked like you were freaking out yesterday.” Boogie: “Danielle came to me and was like ‘are you gonna make a deal?’ I said ‘I'm not that kind of guy’, and I'm really not.” James: “Okay good, because I was like ‘why the f*** is he freaking out’? As long as there are floaters around.....some of the others were all like ‘you gotta go after Chilltown’.” Boogie asks “Who? S6 or the floaters?” James indicates he doesn’t really want to say, he says he doesn’t really like to share conversations with others.

(NOTE: There was talk in the BB Discussion forum at Jokers that the sub-alliance with James and Boogie (Dani and Will) was orchestrated by Nicole from the BB2 cast. It’s not far fetched, but I wasn’t able to verify it.)

Boogie offers up his ‘neutral’ opinion saying that it would be a waste to put Will up and that he (James) had expressed how much Chicken G annoys him. James tells Boogie “I asked Will if he wanted to go home and he said no, then I asked him if he minded being a pawn and he says no.” Boogie: “But he isn't much of a pawn…” James: “But he is if you secure the vote.” Boogie: “Doesn't S6 want Will out?” James: “I've convinced S6 that it is in their best interest to keep you guys in.” Boogie: “Nobody knows that you and I talk. I definitely enjoy Howie and Kaysar, but I'd rather see one of you four at the win than one of these floaters just trying to stir up trouble.” James: “That's why I want to put up Will as a pawn.” Boogie: “Well... if you can secure the votes…” James: “S6 knows that you put a target on their heads. If we put up part of Chilltown it forces the floaters to choose a side.” Boogie asks “Why can't we set up an understanding with the six of us? You're the only one that seems to be willing to talk to us.” James: “Well, can you blame them?” Boogie: “You wouldn't consider putting up two floaters?” James: “Well, there is one person I want out of the house, Chicken G is a wild card, and every time you are having a conversation he pops in the room. He basically told me that he was part of your alliance last night.” Boogie: “I'm not letting anyone into an alliance that I don't trust. I'd rather have a gentleman's understanding with someone like you that we'll look out for each other for a couple weeks.” James says “Why should Chicken G get a free pass because everyone else is going after bigger targets.”

10:30 AM
BB announced that everyone must get out of bed and that the food competition will start in 30 minutes. The feeds cut for about a half an hour and we came back to James telling everyone to gather in the LR and prepare to go outside for the competition.

11:15 AM Food Competition-A Balanced Diet
The HG’s pair up in teams of two people, each team working towards a different day of the week. If I had to describe the game board I would say it looks like a large Plinko game board (or ramp) with circles on the surface and a big ball (size of a bowling ball, likely is a bowling ball) that you roll on the board and navigate the ball by moving a large bar that goes across the whole board. The foods are listed inside the circles, so should the ball drop into a circle that is what you win. There are ‘slop’ circles too, so they have to be careful.

Each pair will attempt to earn food to a specific day of the week by maneuvering a ball.
If you get the ball to the end of the ramp you can win full food privileges for your day and a catered meal of your choice for everyone. There are several zones, the first one is slop, the second is vegetables and beer, third is breads and cumquats, meats and ice cream, the final is full food and catered meal. Slop spoiler holes are around to mess things up. Each pair gets two chances. If you're not satisfied with your first roll you can go again, but whatever you get the second time sticks.

The pairs are Chicken G & Jase, Marci & Janelle, Kaysar & Howie, Dani & Will, Diane & Boogie, James & Erika. Erika and James were up first and won full food rations and a catered meal Monday. Boogie and Di are up for Tuesday and they also win full food rations and another catered feast for Tuesday! Will and Dani are up and they end up with Bread & Cumquats and everything that is below that line (which I think is veggies and beer, but I’m not sure). They could go again if they wanted but everyone agreed to stick to the bread and cumquats etc. Kaysar and Howie were partnered and won another feast to be catered to the HG’s on Thursday.

Marc and Janie were next up and the first time out they got veggies/beer. They decided to roll again and ended up with the same items. While Janie and Marc are trying to get better food items, the others are yelling out to them telling them to slow down or do this or that. Janie is telling them to please be quiet and calm down (she couldn’t concentrate). When they were done Marc says “Well at least it ain’t slop.” Janie is kind of mad that the others were yelling and screaming.

Jase and Chicken G were up next. Jase helped talk George through this. George was a little nervous and very hot and stopped now and then to re-group and wipe sweat off. George kept asking Jase to tell him exactly what to do and it all paid off, because for Saturday they are having yet another catered feast! Howie is yelling “The force is with you Georgie!” LOL!! Jase and James played for the final day and they too have won a catered meal for Sunday.

So in a nut shell, there were 2 days they did not get a feast, that being Wednesday and Friday, so thanks to Dani/Will and Marc/Janie they will be eating veggies and cumquats on those days, besides they get beer too, so I know I wouldn’t complain.

However, Marc and Janie are upset by their loss. Marc says he drove himself crazy in high school playing sports he hated so he wouldn't be the weak gay guy. Janie says “It's okay, they can eat salads, guacamole etc., then they can eat whatever they want at midnight.” Marc keeps beating himself up over it; he says he wishes they'd just done as well as Kay. Janie says that Dani and Will didn't get a feast, but still did better than they did. Marc says “Oh well, at least we didn't get slop, and we get beer.”

1:00 PM
Everyone is gathered in the LR to talk about what foods they want to be catered; Sushi, Mexican, American comfort food, Chinese, Ribs etc. Kaysar says he wants Arabic food. No one knows what that is so Kaysar tries to explain it. Someone says surf and turf would be good and Will says he wants sushi from Geisha House.

Now Will has moved on to requesting to see the shrink. He says, “I’d like to see Dr. Zachary, I’ve requested it like 6 times!” The feeds cut.

James has returned from the DR to tell everyone that the food restrictions for each day are not lifted at midnight, but once they get up the next day. More food talk and where they should get their catered meals from, someone says Cheesecake Factory, Macaroni Grill, Geisha House to name a few of them being called out.

Today being Friday starts the week long food regimen. And sadly, today is also a veggie day (and beer) since that was what Marc and Janie won in the challenge. James is baffled and doesn’t understand why they didn’t do better; he tells Erika “The challenge was so easy, how did they not win?” James asks Erika if the veto competition is tomorrow and says “Awe, shit! We don't have food!” Erika says it’s okay; they can make a veggie stir fry beforehand. James complains that there aren't any calories in that. Erika suggests using lots of oil. James complains that's too fattening. Howie screams “James, is ice-cream a vegetable?” ROFL!!

2:00 PM
Not much was going on after the food game. Since HG’s are locked inside for now, most everyone falls asleep. Erica is cleaning and Marc Marc says he's tooo tired to shower and he is so sweaty from standing outside all that time. He complains that now BB is going to clean up the BY and make them go outside again while the nominations are being done.

They are able to move to the BY now, so some do. Boogie and Will are outside by the pool. Boogie tells Will that “James is putting you up with Chicken G; then we rally for Chicken G to go home. You need to say you want to stay for a couple of weeks, stop telling them to vote you out. Keep flirting with Janelle; keep up the Will/Howie romance/showmance.” Boogie thinks it's brilliant to get CG out because James will buy himself another week for not going after Erika and/or Marc. Boogie is confident they have they have the votes to get CG out. Will says “If S6 keeps him here they're keeping the fox in the henhouse.” Boogie says the S6 are really okay and not vengeful. Boogie says he would like to see the 2 sides being pitted against one another stopped. Will says he’s cool with it.

Erika has joined Will and Boogie and gets in the pool in her black bikini. Boogie asked her if she thinks the S6 will follow through on promises to vote a certain way, and Erika said she thinks they would.

Pre-Nomination Ceremony
Inside the house we have Chicken G who is in his room on the floor working with a pillow case, a bowl, a bandana, some tape and some chickens or just a chicken, not sure that he is taping (?) onto the bowl. No one knows exactly what it is that’s under construction, but it’s likely a hat to wear at the nominations ceremony.

Danielle, CG, Will, Diane and Boogie are in the SR, planning the meals they will make with the veggies and taking a bunch of veggies out. In the kitchen Boogie realizes that BB removed the salad dressing from the fridge. Marc is worried about the day they have bread and cumquats, because it seems that is all they will get. Not only was the dressing removed but the left over tea they had to drink was removed by BB. With the veggies they got wine and beer but no soft drinks. Marc is upset there is no diet coke. There are other condiments left to make dressing, Dani said she could take care of that problem.

James and Janelle in HOH
James and Janelle are in HOH. James says “George told me that I would get his vote if I were in the final 2, it’s kind of like a forced alliance. At this point I think George represents a free HOH week.” Janelle asks if Danielle is on their side, James says yes, but that Danielle would not vote for George because of a promise she made him not to.

Janie asks “If Will is taken off the block, who goes up?” James says “Boogie. Will only wants to stay because he's waiting on ‘the big twist’.” Janelle asks if they have the votes to get George out and James says Diane said she would vote for him, but “Danielle hates the idea and wants Jase out.” Janelle says “We have to make sure Marc and Danielle feel super safe.” James: “Marc wants Jase out, Dani wants Jase out. When Jase came in here, I told them there were people who wanted him out. When Jase asked who, I told him he needed to figure it out.” Janelle says: “Marc is going to be like, ‘what are you doing’?” James: “In the words of Kaysar, if you want something done, become HOH and do it.” James said he is thinking of calling out George for snooping at the storage room door and reporting to others.

Janie says that no matter how dark the Nerd Herd was, they were a strong alliance. James says “That’s why they took all the prize money in the end.”

4:00 PM
Erika has given Will a tan with her tanning spray. He is looking a little on the orange side already. LOL, Janie tells him he looks like an Oompa Loompa. Then Janie flirtatiously tells him she liked him white better, he looked hotter.

Erica and Marc are together in the BY. There is some talk that they need to get more aggressive in order to get out some of the S6 people. They talk about voting as a block for the winner at the end. Marc says fine to go after S6 but not Janie. Erika thinks it will be hard not to go after her with such a huge target on her (Janie) back. Marc says Howie is annoying and Kaysar can possibly win it all, so he would them out. Marc mentions he has noticed Dani stepping up her game and he’s not sure that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Marc agrees they should go after Chicken G this week. Dani comes out……

Marc, Erika, and Dani apologize to the "feeders" if it isn't as fun to watch. Erika blames her broken rib and Marc blames the food. Marc gave another shout out to Jokers Updates! Once again Will and Howie both say that if we are typing as they are doing things in the house we need to get a life! LOL

They are talking about Nicole from BB2 and James says he is quite friendly with her now. He says her cooking is awesome and every time he goes over there, she's got the vodka handy. He said he was expecting a small bottle of vodka in his HOH basket. James talks about Maggie and says that he told her there were no cameras in the HOH, and that she said all kinds of stuff she shouldn't have thinking she was safe in there to talk.

The feeds cut just as James and Howie were talking about an 18 year old that Howie met at the Reality Convention and how James and Sarah both thought she was a good match for Howie. Someone brought up Jeri Manthey being at the convention; Will says she is cooler than I thought she would be, and then James says “Well you have to understand that…..” feeds cut for quite some time….a really long time…like almost 2 hours now!

7:00 PM Feeds finally returned! Nominations are in.
We come back to the HG’s in the BY, Chicken G looking none too happy. Poor guy looks like he wants to cry. George is a nominee along side Will.

In the SR a paranoid Howie asks Kaysar if he thinks James will Backdoor him. Kaysar says that he may because he's not happy with him.

Dani, Will, Boogie and Jase are outside talking about the nomination ceremony. Will says “depending on how the veto goes and who plays I want to make sure no one uses it. If I win it, I will not use it on myself.” They comment on the change on Geroge’s demeanor once James called him out during the ceremony for spying on people. Jase says “Yeah, it was like his bluff was called.”

James says “This is going to send home a person who is not here to play.” Will says he is here to play; he's just here to pretend like he's not here to play. James: “Well George is up against someone who says they want to go home so if he wants to stay then how hard can it be to convince people?” Will says it's a win-win. He wins if he stays or goes. It's better to go home 3rd than 10th. Will says future HOH’s should make stuff up in their nomination speeches, “Like I saw you blowing Howie in the shower so you're going up.”

Janie and Marc are inside; they agree that Boogie should be on the block in Wills’ place and they wouldn’t mind seeing Jase up there too. Marc also tells Janie he was scared because his key was so far back in the line-up. Janie promises him he'll always be first for her and he says he will always put Janie's first, he doesn't care who sees!

James is explaining to Diane and Will catching George spying on him and Janie. He describes coming out of the SR after talking to Janie about who to evict between Nak and Diane and how George scooted away quickly.

8:00 PM
George has been called to the DR and has been in there a while already. Boogie says “Chicken George is in there spitting feathers.” James wonders aloud if CG is as fake to America as he is to the HG’s. Somebody asks James if he's worried about America possibly sending CG back in the house once he is voted out. James replies “I'll f*** his ass again.” Will starts talking about how they practiced what they would say in the DR on his season…then we got flames.

When feeds came back, Will is saying that the internet is a bizarre entity. James says the internet is good because it got him back in the house. Will: “My recommendation is don't look at it when you get back out of here. For every ten bad comments there is one good comment.” James says he likes responding to the people and interacting with them.

James admits Howie's key was last for effect and there was no particular order the other keys went in the box. Marc said he was scared that his key came out so late in the ceremony. Howie says “I’m practicing for the veto competition tomorrow – balcony diving. James you go ahead and go first.” LOL!!!!!

Howie, Janelle and James are in HOH. Howie is paranoid that he is going up if they don’t get HOH next week and he thinks people are starting to perceive him as a floater. James fills them in on the talks he has had so far as HOH. James says “What I did with Jase is I told him that what he did for you was one of the reasons he wasn't nominated. Erika didn’t really say much, except that she would vote how we want her to. Marcellas wants Jase out and so does Dani. At first I thought maybe it'd be good to put Jase up, but after he helped us out by voting with you when you both had HOH, I told him in the bathroom I was returning the favor and not putting him up. Then one more person wanted Jase out, oh yeah, it was you Janie.” Janie says “I was just throwing names out there.”

Kaysar has entered HOH now. James again compliments Howie telling him how nervous he was coming into the house with him this time, but his game is really stepped up this year. Kaysar says he feeels the same way about Howie. Janie says “I third it!” Kaysar says they have matured as a team. James says “George f'ing hates me right now!” Howie: “If you're going to piss off someone in the house he's the one to do it to.” James says “The thing is; if Chilltown gets in people's faces and is pushing people around then they can send Will home.” Kaysar: “I agree, if they're pushing people around then it's their bad.” James fills them in on how Will said he will lose money by going to sequester and that Will only wants to stay if there's a big twist.

Kaysar says he loves the idea of sending George home. Janie asks Kay “Do you think it's the perfect move?” James answers “It's not perfect but it works.” Apparently CG said something to James like ‘oh you're taking out the master strategist’ and it annoyed James so now he wants to see CG sweat this week.

Kaysar asks James about the truce with Chilltown. James explains “I said if they want to make an alliance with S6 they all need to talk to all of us. Not just me talking to Boogie.” Janelle says “I do not think we should take an offer to align….”, then FLAMES!

Outside Marc and Dani think Chilltown can be fine if Boogie calms down and they let Jase get all crazy. Dani says she didn't know what Jase was getting at about people throwing him under the bus. Marc: “His behavior has thrown him under the bus. When he came in he was cool and calm and now I see why people from his season talk about him.” Erika comes out and joins them. Dani says Jase and James are people who can't stop worrying about being back doored an that Jase didn't even get up when Nakomis left.

Back in HOH, Kaysar and Janie are talking alone. Kaysar says “James is working off what I did last week, and I worked off what you and Jase did the first week. We've created a pretty good safety net for ourselves considering the circumstances. George goes, not a bad situation. We can get screwed if Boogie, Will, Jase or Di gets HOH.” Janie agrees. Janie says “I have a bad feeling about Jase, I'm telling you, I have a really bad feeling about him.” Kaysar: “Me too, Jase is coming after us.”

9:00 PM
There is a group in the kitchen cooking up veggies and making French fries with the potatoes. James, Boogie and Erika are outside playing pool. Not much game talk going on for a while. Kaysar is also outside playing pool. Boogie and Erika start to tease Kaysar about his popularity with America and Americas Choice. Boogie says “I wonder if people watching are like, ‘they are soooo lucky to be playing pool with Kaysar’.” They are laughing.

Just before 10 BB calls Will to the DR. Will says to BB “Hey I'll catch up with you guys tomorrow, cool? I don't want to talk about Howie's bisexuality anymore.” Howie says “Awww, little Willie! Be nice, William.” Will to BB “Yes, he's bisexual!”

It’s 10:15 right now and other than the above, we’ve had cooking on all the feeds for at least an hour…they are cooking and eating and loving the fries Dani made; Howie says they are better than boobies, but that was about it for a while!

“Ain’t No Party Like A Big Brother All Stars Party!”
At 10:20 or so, the feeds switch to focusing on a bunch of booze in the SR. Dani and James go to the SR to find pyramids of beer cans. Dani says “Go wake up Janelle.” Then she whispers to James something about Jase and how he thinks someone is coming after him. James: “I don't know if he's trying to feel you out, but I'm going to do him a favor later today and tell him who actually said it.” Dani: “There's so much alcohol. People are going to be so drunk. Sorry Mom sorry Dad. Don't look at the TV!” James: “George needs to drink as much as he can.” Dani asks him why and James says “The veto competition tomorrow.” Dani and James head out of the storage room, Dani saying “Ain't no party like a big brother all-stars party!”

A toast to Big Brother All-Stars! Everyone is having drinks and making a big deal about Howie actually drinking. They have a nice group toast in the kitchen with Dani, Marc, Howie, Diane, Janelle, Will and Jase. George is there to but he's silent. Howie exclaims: “Here's to not being voted out and not being nominated!” Will: “Everybody's like ‘I'm not toasting that’.”

Janelle suggests to Diane “Should we go to the hot tub to get drunk?” They go to change into their swimsuits. Still inside, Jase says to George "George, drink this or I'm definitely voting you out." A few of them chant "Drink that beer!" to get George to chug his. Dani tells him he needs to breathe through his nose.

11:00 PM
James tells Boogie that beer is for girls. Boogie says beer is for men. James says "Vodka? 40% alcohol. Beer? 5% alcohol, it's like a wine cooler with more yeast." Now Will is talking about Mr. & Mrs. Smith. He blames the DR for letting the secret out. Will says the DR asked him about it and he was clueless. Jase excitedly yells he was clueless too, and then the feeds switched to the kitchen.

In the kitchen James says to Diane “So Diane, it's week 3, does Howie have any shot this year?” Diane says “No showmances this year. It was my sister's number one rule. No beer was rule number 2 and I've already broke that. My drinking buddy's gone.” James says “Boogie's still here.” Diane: “No I was gonna drink with Janelle tonight.” (BB called Janie to the DR a few minutes ago).

George says something about going home to Howie. Howie tells him he can win the POV. George interjects that he will have to compete against "the greatest players in big brother history." Howie tells him that Dr. Will is 5 years removed. George says he's 6. Howie says "you may have a point there Georgie.” They both laugh. George says “Ah well, life goes on, what’s meant to be Howie, is meant to be.”

James, Howie, and Janelle are talking game in the SR briefly. James tells Howie he needs to keep being nice to Chicken G so that he has no idea that he's the real target. James also says that if George wins veto, “he wants to confuse that mother f’er and try to get him to pull a Marcellas.” Janelle says “George will never do that. There are other options.” James says “George can't come off the block. We need to make George think we need him up to ensure Will leaves….” Then we got flames!

Janelle, Diane, Will and Jase are in hot tub. Jase is telling Boogie (somewhere else in the BY) it's not a party without him. Jase is inviting Dani over too. Will is calling for James. Diane says “What's going on with Boogie tonight?” Will answers “Every Friday and Saturday night he's always like ‘let's get crazy’ but whenever we go on a reality show he's like ‘you get me to do crazy shit’!” Di says “He looks like he's still pissed off.” Jase: “He thinks he could still go up.” Will says Boogie wants to play POV and save him. Jase: “He's getting mad; he's turning into Mad Boogie.” Will: “That's not good. I've seen it happen.”

We are back to George and Howie hanging out in the kitchen by themselves. They are at the dining table and George says “Here's looking at you Howie.” Howie: “Cheers, Georgie, cheers.” George exclaims “Agh! This beer tastes horrible! It sucks, actually." Howie says he's not big on the taste either. They are cooking more fries. George tells Howie he hopes Howie does well in the game. Howie says he sucks so badly, that’s why people let him stick around. George says “You go along with who you have to in order to win in the beginning, but watch out for the snake; he'll turn around and bite ya. I know you can do it don't let anyone tell you that you can't. You go for the money, Howie.” Howie: “I'll try Georgie.”

11:30 Dani and James in HOH
Danielle and James are in HOH. Dani says “You know I can't vote against George. So if I win POV, you don’t want me to use it right?” James says “Right.” James brags how he can beat anyone in this house at competitions. James and Danielle agree Janelle is a machine. James says Janelle, Danielle, and Will are his top 3 BB players ever. Danielle said she didn't want to come in the house with the stigma of being one of the ‘best players ever’.

James says he is worried George could win the POV. He says if Boogie wins the POV and takes Will off, Chilltown will f*** themselves. Dani asks James “If it were Sarah was on the block, is there anyway you would let her stay there?” James says it depends on who else is on the block. Dani says Boogie taking Will off is win-win for them, because then they’ll both be safe. James says then S6 will go after them instead of floaters because the truce was made between Chilltown and James not Chilltown and S6.

Erika heads up to HOH and tells Dani and James not to be anti-social, and then we get flames! When the feeds return Dani had left HOH. James tells Erika that after tomorrow he can get drunk and have fun, but for now he needs to do well in the veto competition to make sure everything stays the way he wants it. Erika says she is thankful her key was first after box. James laughs about Marcellas freaking out (about his key being almost last) and kissing him. Leaving Howie’s key for last was strategy although there is a small part of him that would like to put Howie up after some things that happened on BB6. Erika says “Josh always said if Howie makes it in the house to know that he's a lot smarter than he lets on.”

James asks Erika when she thinks she will want to get HOH. Erika says “When I need it.” James says he thought Dana would make it in. Erika says “It would have been Dana and Alison or me and Alison, but not all of us.” James says he is glad Ivette isn't in because as much as he likes her outside BB they would have been seen as an immediate alliance and that would have hurt him in the game. He's surprised more hasn't been said about James and Erika having the same person run each of their web sites (they shout out to Swampy). James then says something like “I hope he is feeling better….” Then flames.

Back in HOH James compliments Erika's game play. He says she's floating but she's still playing the game. Like if she got to the end people wouldn't penalize her for floating because she's playing also. James says it's so weird being this many weeks in a row and not being nominated. He says something needs to make him feel bad when he is forced to be on the offensive and that George’s attitude made his nomination easy. Erika says George looked at her in a sinister way when she knocked him off the pedestal in the HOH competition.

James asks if everyone is having fun in the hot tub. She says ‘Yeah, they are talking about who they would marry and who they would f*** if they could, etc.” (There are no feeds out there right now.) James mentions to Erika that he tried out for the reality show Boot Camp. Erika tells him how good he would have been on Survivor. She says ‘we would have cast you’ and she tells James he reminds her of Aras, who she cast for the last Survivor.

Enter Marc into HOH now with Erika and James saying he needs to stay out of the line of fire, now that drinking is involved. He said Chicken G is passed out on the floor next to his bed. Boogie asleep but farting..Marc couldn’t take anymore.

By now Janie and Jase seem pretty lit. Jase runs into Boogies room yelling ‘you’re sleeping?!’ Jase says something about Janie being a whore and Will says “I can't tell if Janelle is the world's smartest waitress or the world’s dumbest prostitute.” This gets Jase going and he looks at the camera and says “America, you love Janelle? Janelle is an f’ing bar whore. She gets drunk with men in bars for a living. Would you marry her? I don't think any man with morals would. She's a bar whore and I'm taking the bar whore out.” Boogie and Will are like ‘okaaayyyy’. Jase farts and says “That’s a bar whore getting murdered, then mimicks Janie saying ‘I have no personality unless I have 12 beers in me’. Jase continues “She ain’t just dishing out drinks…” Will and Boogie laugh. Jase says “I should go out there and tell her I want to be her pimp so I can slap her around.” Jase starts to rap about Janie being a whore. (Boy this was not nice at all!)

1:00 AM
Kaysar has joined the boys now, so Jase has cleaned up his rap and isn’t rapping about Janelle anymore, but he is rapping about his game and about floating so he won't be betrayed, what he'll do with the prize money (he'll build a barn and start a farm), and life in the Midwest…. They are all laughing so hard they are in tears.

Now the room is filled with people all trying to rap. Boogie is rapping, Will threw in a few lines; "I won't scream, I won't shout, come Thursday, vote me out.” Howie raps “My name is Will, I'm a rap singer, if I don't get the veto, I'm a dead ringer." Dani is there but she can’t rap. They all chant Chicken G’s name to get him up and in there to rap too. Chicken G does come in and he raps with them…he has them in stitches and seems to keep up pretty well, he raps about James wanting him out and calling him (James) a dick…everyone is laughing hysterically.

Dani is begging Will to get up and rap. Then Dani gets up on the stool and raps about Will letting her down “You’re supposed to be my hero, but you’re a zero.” She was rapping really slowly. In the back ground Kay yells “I thought they didn’t let Monica on the show!” Everyone was laughing. Now they pull Boogie out of bed for one more rap, he says if he does it then everyone needs to get the f*** out of the room! Boogie’s last rap was more like gangsta rap. Boogie and Will want to sleep now and want everyone out. Dani is disappointed saying “I thought you guys were Chilltown, what happened to you?!”

Once everyone left the room, Will and Boogie were irritated. Boogie says to Will “Now I know you’re leaving.” Will says, “There is nothing after that that could convince me to stay.” Boogie says Erika was getting frisky with him (She was sitting on Boogies bed during the rap session).

Dani is outside with the girls and they are clearly inebriated. Dani is freaking out, drunk and saying weird things. She says a girl is going to win the game. That's why they got out women in the first 2 weeks. Dani says “So what if Chicken G wins the veto?” Janie says “Then we’re fk’d!” The girls are teasing Howie, Howie is still rapping about Marc. Dnai tells Howie to shut up. Janie says something about being scarred by seeing Howie naked.

They are all talking about how cool Kaysar was when he told Maggie "I sealed your partner's fate.” Kay says he dreamt that Eric got back in the house over him in the Amreicas choice. They are smoking using the hookah. Even Dani is smoking, as she does so she says “I hope my husband isn’t watching.” Then she kind of covers her face with the pillow when she smokes from the hookah.

2:00 AM
Dani, Erika, and Diane observe how hot Kaysar looks when he smokes. Kaysar says they're just drunk. Diane says alcohol is truth serum. Kaysar seems embarrassed, smirking and hiding his face. They tease him about how women across the country are jealous of them for getting to smoke with Kaysar. Erika says “There's nothing else to do, might as well look at the hot Iraqi guy. Kaysar when you got it, you got it, and you got it kid. Thank you Kaysar's mom and dad, he's so hot!” Diane asks Kay “Do you have any brothers?” Kay is just covering his face trying not to laugh, he’s really embarrassed. Erika says “Part of what makes him hot is how he’s so unattainable, he’s so religious.” Diane asks him what is his perfect girl is like and Dani says “You're not it! You gotta stop drinking; have family values, material things have to be low on the list of priorities.” Diane says “I'm poor so that works for me, that’s 2 out of 3.”

They ask Kay if he has a girlfriend. Kay says he has an ‘interest’, but that she is just a girl and he doesn’t want to talk about it. They keep pestering him asking about her hair color, is she blonde? Brunette? He will not say. Right now Kaysar looks tired and like he needs an out to head to bed. Howie is asleep somewhere outside.

Dani and Howie are inside now getting ready for bed. Dani whispers to Howie that if she had won HOH, she would not have put up any of the S6, she says “There's the letter of the law, and then there's the spirit of the law. I know the only reason I'm still here is because of you guys. I'm not going to piss on that; I'm not going to betray that." Howie says “I like your style of play this year, Dani.” Dani: “I don't bite the hand that feeds me, that’s stupid. You might think you have me figured out but you don’t. Redemption is being a better person. People see you as a goof ball Howie, but you’re smart, you don't fool me.” Howie says “It’s a long road Dani.” Dani: “Do you think I can win this game absolutely not! But maybe I can help someone make it to final two.”

4:00 AM
It is after 4 in the morning. After Dani finished talking to Howie, she went to clean the kitchen, and then she headed outside. She was pacing the backyard, talking to herself very deep in thought. She did this for about a half hour. Then she picked up ‘something’ off the table and is now sitting on the ground behind the couches. She may be smoking, we see the lighter, but can’t really see her. Dani pulls herself up from behind the couch and wipes her mouth on her shoulder she looks trashed. Still no sound, she is pulling herself up and walking around to the front of the couches in BY, still pacing around the yard, staring at the ground and holding her head.

Finally around 4:40 AM Dani heads to bed. Everyone else is asleep.