Big Brother Recap August 24, 2007
Bubbles, Shopping, Tears and Fears!

Dick was the first one up this morning at 7 am. He starts laughing and talking to himself about how happy he is that Jen is gone. At 9:45 BB woke everyone up with songs about cleaning, bubbles and water. Dick thought it means that the food competition will have something to do with bubbles.

While waiting for the competition to start the houseguests talk some about school. Jameka comments that at the school she works at they handcuff the students that are in trouble so that their parents have to come get them, Jess said they handcuffed kids at her high school too. Danni and Eric talked about obese teachers and how they sweat. Dani said she had a 4.24 GPA when she graduated.

At 12:30 we get the lovely blue swirl indicating that the competition was taking place. When the feeds return we learn that it was a luxury competition and there will be no food competition this week! The house guests were in two teams, guys and gals. The gals won a 3 minute shopping spree where they could take all the clothes and accessories. The competition itself consisted of running around naked in bubbles. Lots of comments from the houseguests about naked bodies and bubbles. The guys sat around in bathrobes watching them. Eric and Dick both said they were happy the gals won. That it was more fun watching them shop.

Zach asked Jess if he could talk to her, she said in a few minutes, then grabbed Eric to talk in HOH. They talk about the nominations and Eric again said Amber and Zach. That they didn’t want to make Dick and Dani mad right now, that if one of them get it next week they will be sure to be put up. . Jess said she will not put up Jameka because of what she went through with Jen the week before.

They talk about being naked in the competition. Eric said it was no big deal for the guys, that they have all seen each other by now. Jess said that the gals really wanted to win but were shy about taking off their tops. Jess said she was surprised at how the other girls looked naked.

Zach finally got his chance to talk to Jess. Said he will vote anyway they want. He said that Dani or Dick should go, they are too strong together. Zach said that Jess can trust him he proved it last week. Zach said that they have him anyway they want him and that they could make a good team. Zach said he is not afraid of Dick, talked about the fight they had and how he stood up to him and Dick backed off.

After he leaves, Eric said to Jess that Zach was setting her up. He wanted her to put up Dani and Dick so that which ever one is left would gun after them the next week. He wanted them to-do his dirty work.

Dani then enters the HOH. She said she wouldn’t care if Zach or Amber left this week. Jess and Eric filled her in on what he just told them. They briefly talk about Amber and how she compliments herself so much. They talked about the competition and how much fun it was and how Amber wants one of Jess’s dresses.

While waiting for nomination ceremony to begin, Dick and Dani talk strategy. Dani told Dick that Jess wanted to nominate Zach and Amber. She said she wants Jameka out soon because once she can play for HOH again she will nail them. Dick said he wants the final four to be him, her, Jess and Eric. People that deserve to be there.

Once they return to the feed from the nomination ceremony we see Amber almost crying on her bed and Zach running on the treadmill. Dick went into the room and told Amber that Zach was the target. She said she knew that. Jess and Eric were in the HOH and Jess said she thought Zach was going to cry and that he will hate her for the rest of her life. Jameka enters and said that she understood what she did, thanked her for not putting her up. Dani entered and told Jess she did a good job and what she said was the truth.

Dick cooks dinner for the group, steak and noodles, Dani helped and set the table, meanwhile everyone else was holed up in the HOH discussing school, and TV shows (Eric was a huge Cosby fan).While grilling Dick works himself into a frenzy over Zach not cleaning the grill after he uses it. He kept muttering that he was going to vote Zach out this week because he is a slob and does not clean anything!

After dinner Dick and Jess had this conversation in the back yard.
Dick: Who do you want out?
Jess: I really don’t care any way
Dick: yeah, everyone thinks that..
Jess: It will be after Zach plays in the POV, he’s going to freak out.
Dick: He’s going to come to me, and I’m going to say I promised to vote the
way Jessica wanted.. It really pissed me off how he was acting the other day, like he was the reason I didn’t go home. You know what’s funny.. Watching last season around this point. Will and Boogie. Will said he didn’t even know who they were voting out...
Jess: Now you think about it. And it’s like I want them to stay the same.
Dick: I have a feeling they will
Jess: If its a tie vote.. uhhhh. ED Flip a coin, make them do rock paper scissors to decide.
Jess: HEHE what are you going to do for me
Dick: His (Zachs) lips are going to be attached to your ass all week.
Jess: I think Jameka was scared I was going to put her up.
Zach comes back to the couch and joins them
Dick: Hes back!
Zach: Im bored!
Dick talking about washer again, and how BB needs to get a repairman in there..
Zach: 3 days now it’s unacceptable.
Jess has to take more things upstairs. but doesn’t need Zach’s help doing it. Dick laughs and continues smoking.
Zach: The good thing about having Jen around was at least playing her in chess...
Zach tries to bug Dick to play one more time. But Dick's eye still hurting him. He goes to flush it out. (From the bubbles in the luxury competition.)
Zach follows Jess upstairs to eh HOH room to talk to her. He said he didn’t like talking to her last time in front of Eric. He said that he wanted her to use the VETO on him or Amber and backdoor Dick or Dani. He again said that they are explosive together. He asked her if it was a tie vote if he would have a shot at staying and she said he would. Zach then said he was not happy being put up but it was the safest play for her. Zach again tells her that he wants to stay and that he considers Jess one of his closest friends in the house. He again brought up backdooring Dick or Dani and he said if he came off the block he would vote anyway Jess wanted. Zach keeps repeating how powerful Dick and Dani are how they hold two votes in the jury house etc. Jess just keeps MMMMM him to death!

Dani and Dick talk again and Dick reminds her to her plan to stick to it. Dani said she wanted to send Jess home before Eric because she is too well liked. Then Dani wondered if Jess has an alliance with Jameka. Dick said he didn’t think so that she just wanted to give her a break this week and not nominate her. Dani said she really wants to play VETO tomorrow and does not want to watch. They talk about how boring it is in the house and Dani said she should throw hot coffee over Dick to spice things up. Dani said that Jess gets really nice things in her HOH baskets. Dick said she was jealous and Dani said she was. Then Dani said she will win HOH next week that she is determined to win, that third time is a charm. Dani said that everyone hated him (Dick). Dick said everyone does not hate him, so Dani lists everyone in the house and said see everyone hates you! Dani again said she wants Jameka to go home next week and that it will probably be a double eviction week because it is so boring in the house. Dick commented that right now he does not even have someone to yell at! Dani said on Thursday Nick will be gone a month and Mike for 5 weeks. She said that she can’t believe the people that are left. She then said she hated today’s competition because she has been trying so hard not to expose her body and today all the camera and America got to see her naked.. Dick told her that it was not on the internet and that they will not show it on TV so don’t worry about it. She then said she hated her trip with Amber because all she listened to was Amber compliment herself and tell everyone how good she was. ( Dani really hates everyone and everything!).

Jameka and Jess have another heart to heart chat in HOH. Jameka was trying to bring doubt to Jess about Eric, she kept brining up Jess’s letter from her Mom saying she needs to stay focused and Jameka said that she was referring to being with Eric, that maybe she shouldn’t trust Eric! Jess brushed it off and they just end up chit chatting.

Dick sat outside for his last cigarette and briefly talks to himself about how they have had two good weeks, first getting rid of Dustin then getting rid of Jen. He complains again about his eye. Then he heads to bed at about 3:30.

Jess and Eric chat in the HOH. They discuss how Jameka was crying earlier, which Eric said is because of being put up last week. They discuss Amber’s love fest with herself while she was in New York. Eric again told her how good her speech was at the nomination ceremony. Eric pushes for an Amber eviction saying she is better in competitions. Jess then tells Eric that Dustin told her in week one that Eric was smart. Eric then trashed Jen some and said that Jen threw him under the bus by talking about his girlfriend and evicting Dustin. He said that Jen really wanted him to save her. Jess again brings up Jen’s final remarks to Amber. The remarks were about Eric and his girlfriend. Jess feels it was weird for Jen to do that. Eric said he did not care what motivated her to do it, just as long as Jess is not upset about it. Jess questions his honesty about his girlfriend. Eric said he has been honest, Jess said he was not too honest about his occupation at the beginning of the game. Eric explained that he told her why he said what he had said. Eric then runs through the story again about his girlfriend,. How they are off again and on again. Eric said she is an ex girlfriend and is important in his life but they are not together. He said she would never commit. Eric then said that he never thought he would get feelings for someone in the house. That he is surprised it happened. She said she didn’t think she would either, that she came in not wanting to be the Erika from last season. Eric then said he was being 100% honest. He said he was not cheating or being dishonest with her. He said that this situation is awkward that he likes her and has feelings for her but both of them have to remain focused on the game. Jess goes back to the girlfriend. He states again that there is no girlfriend. That Jen was just trying to stir things up. He said he wants everything in the open with her so she has no doubts. Eric - there is nothing else about me I can tell you, there are no lies, this is me, and you know
what I am doing in terms of the game. I am not the cleanest person playing the game, but you know that. The game requires you to be unfair at times. I am smart and can manipulate in the game, but that has nothing to do with you. You will be very happy when you watch the show.

They briefly talk about the VETO, Jess asked who should she put up if one of them wins the VETO. Eric said Dick, Dani or Jameka and explain to them that they are safe.

Will Eric finally get to play in a VETO competition? Who will win it and what will they do with it? Will Zach finally get a clue and realize that playing both sides is finally catching up with him? How many more times will Amber cry tomorrow!