Happy Love Day Soulmates! Will YOU be my Valentine?

8:30 AM – 9:30 AM

Shelia and James are awake. Shelia takes a shower and then heads to the kitchen. James and Shelia make breakfast in bed for their soul mates. French Toast for Adam and Sunny-side eggs and bacon for Chelsia. Shelia admits that she has treated Adam very unfairly and wants to do something nice for him to make it up to him. She is also relieved that she wasn’t nominated since all the couples have threatened to evict them because of how they behaved the first night. Apparently, she and Adam have bonded and she claims that she has learned her lesson not to trust first impressions.

James talks about how living in the BB House is easy compared to biking around the world with no money or food. He hasn’t had any money since July,(He also revealed that the HG’s get $750 a week for being in the house) but he will not use the money when he gets out. He plans on returning to cycling and living on the street. (ED: we’ll see about that!)

9:30 AM – 11:00 AM

Shelia serves Adam his breakfast. She tells him Happy Valentine’s Day, gives him a kiss on the cheek and apologizes for being mean. Adam responds with “You’re the best”. Adam offers to share his breakfast with her, but she tells him that it is for him. They talk a little strategy before the feeds cut to the Guinea Pigs.

BB Wake Up Call now with Guinea Pigs! BB announces that there are fresh batteries in the storage room. Is that a hint BB?

Everyone starts to stir. Adam seems to be truly shocked by the breakfast and the kind gesture from Shelia. James serves Chelsia her breakfast and she thanks him but says that she doesn’t eat breakfast. (ED: I think she still ate it though). Everyone in the house was excited about Shelia making Adam breakfast. Matt gave Natalie a homemade Valentine’s Day card using nail polish and she gives him a kiss on the cheek.

Not everyone is feeling the love this morning. Parker told Jen that he has no faith in his partnership with Jen and they won’t win. Jen tries to give Parker a pep talk, but he doesn’t buy it and is intent on being negative. He dwells on the fact that Jen didn’t tell him about Ryan. He doesn’t yell at her, but he just won’t let it go. A few minutes later, Parker and Amanda talk about Jen and he says that he has told Jen twice that he hates her in this game.

BB calls for a lockdown and everyone goes outside. Shelia and Allison talk about other people in the house. Shelia is on the defensive and says that the other HG’s make her sick since they all thought that her and Adam were the weak ones in the house. She now thinks that all the guys in the house are lame and everyone has been telling her that they did her a big favor by keeping her in the game. Apparently, Shelia has discovered that it will be to her benefit to work with Adam instead of against him. Alex joined the conversation and talk turns to his father and the World Trade Centers. Shelia says that she knew a lot of people that worked there on 9/11.

Ryan, James, and Adam play pool and Alex runs laps around the yard.

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Alex leaves the conversation and Shelia and Allison start talking again about the other HG’s. Allison got yelled at for taking Alex’s cereal. Parker talked about suicide with Shelia. Shelia thinks that Jen bosses Ryan around and that is it wrong that she threw him under the bus. She wants Ryan and Allison to win the POV. Allison is confident that they will win POV and she thinks that there won’t be any couples in the end.

Sharon and Josh talk in the hammock. Sharon tells him that they have to show everyone that they are worth keeping around. They talk about all the drama and Josh comments about how when something happens everyone jumps in the middle of it. Sharon tells him that the best thing to do is sit back, lay low, watch the drama happen and let everyone else put their foots in their mouths. (ED: good advice!). Sharon jumps on the Jen-haters bandwagon and thinks that she is on a power-trip because she got Power Couple.

Everyone goes back inside and looks at the Memory Wall. Sharon’s picture is put back up and BB cleaned the piggy’s cage. (You could see hands in the cage on the feeds) Allison and Jen wash dishes while everyone else wonders around the kitchen and dining room aimlessly.

Amanda and James have a meeting in the Storage Room. Amanda tells him that she wants Ryan and Allison to go home and everyone in the house is in agreement. They don’t think it is fair that Ryan and Jen have a double chance in the game.

12 Noon – 1:00 PM

The indoor lockdown is over and everyone eats and gets ready for the day. James goes to the sauna and we see his nakedness as he changes into his shorts. Talk in the kitchen includes bathroom regularity. Jen tells everyone that she used to go once a week but now goes every day. (ED: Thanks for that information Jen.  )

Parker continues his whine-fest in the bathroom with Allison. He tells her that he has told Jen that he hates her in the game. He thinks he wants to break up with her. (ED: Is that even allowed?)Allison says she feels the same way and Ryan won’t even talk to her.

Ryan gets reprimanded by BB for sleeping in the living room. Natalie and Amanda talk in the HOH. Natalie complains about the house drying out her sinuses and Allison stinking up the bathroom.

Matt joins Parker in the hot tub and they talk about working out at Bally’s when Matt moves to CA . Parker tells him to move to the Valley. Chelsia joins them and they talk about James and her type. All her ex’s were like football players. She tells them about James making her breakfast but that she felt bad because she wasn’t hungry. Matt tells her he thinks James really likes her. Parker thinks Chelsia would date someone crazy like James. Chelsia thinks James is cool.

Natalie and Allison talk in the bathroom. Allison says that she is already in love with someone at home and comparing them to the guys in the house makes her realize how special he is. Natalie takes a shower.

Allison and Josh talk about the POV. Allison is confident that she isn’t going home and Josh says he feels like he has lost a best friend and that he will hang out with her later since he doesn’t want people to think that they have an alliance. They think that Shelia and Adam will go up as a replacement nomination.

1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

The cattiness has begun. Amanda and Sharon lie in the hammock and talk smack about Chelsia. Amanda says that someone told her that Chelsia doesn’t like her because she wears BCBG shoes. (ED: Fifth grade anyone?). She also said that Josh approached her to go to the final four together. Sharon thinks that Jen will want to go home after Ryan is gone. Amanda wants to target James and Chelsia after Ryan and Jen are gone.

Parker continues to whine beside the hammock. He can’t wait to get out and cuss everyone at BB out. Amanda flirts with Parker and tells him he has nice lips and wants to know why he doesn’t cuddle with her. He says he doesn’t want to be too obvious. Sharon says that she and Jacob almost got married when they were 18. Parker says he doesn’t want to get married until he is 35 and has had a chance to do stuff. Amanda wants to settle down and have kids in two years. Talk then turns to speculation about how the rest of the season is going to go down. They all wonder if they will be put into sequester as couples since there aren’t as many people due to evicting as a couple.

Matt, James, and Alex relax in the sauna and talk about their jobs and whether Shelia and Adam knew each other outside of the house based on their initial reaction when being paired up.

Amanda and Parker move to towels in the backyard. They talk about how tall they are. Amanda is 5’2 ½” and Parker is 5’11”. Allison and Shelia compare themselves to Evel Dick because they don’t care what other people think of them. (ED: Sorry but you are nothing like ED). Allison hates some more on Jen and said that she would rather get Jen out than win the money.

Jen and Amanda talk in the bedroom. Jen hates on Allison and thinks that the house will be better when Allison and Ryan are gone. Jen blames the nomination on him and says that Parker has been really honest with her. Amanda tells Jen that she likes her and leaves to find Alex. A few minutes later Amanda joins Parker in bed. She is annoyed at Alex because he thinks that he is smarter than her and won’t let her talk to anyone. Parker says he wishes he could be open with everyone, but because if his situation he can’t talk to James/Chelsia or Shelia/Adam. Parker tells her he can’t wait to get out of the house and he wishes they could switch partners.

3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

All hell breaks loose in the backyard. During a conversation the night before, James speculated that there were more twists to come and that is was possible that more people knew each other outside of the house. Alex asks Amanda is she and Parker knew each other outside of the house. She says no, but she likes him because he is honest and nice to her. Parker goes outside and announces to everyone that he knew no one outside of the house. Amanda gets defensive and confronts James. James says that he never said any names, but said there had to be another piece to the puzzle. Amanda and Alex yell at each other and Alex calls her a B*t#h, but soon apologizes. Alex apologizes to James and Amanda goes into the house to cut Matt’s hair.

Parker comes into the bathroom and Amanda apologizes to him for bringing him into the argument. Jen tells Parker that he has burned that bridge with James now. Parker is very angry with James. James is very angry with Parker and calls him out. Amanda throws Alex under the bus and tells them that Alex doesn’t want to take Ryan off the block because he wants Ryan or Alex to go home. Ryan joins them in the bathroom and they discuss all the rumors in the house. Parker says that if he knew someone in the house he would have told Jen. Amanda and Parker blame James, but Jen points out that it was Alex that started the whole thing. Jen thinks the whole thing started because Alex thinks Amanda has a crush on Parker. Talk then turns to Ryan and Jen having sex in the bathroom last night. Parker makes fun of them and they all laugh.

Natalie, Alex, Sharon, and Josh are standing around the hot tub talking about the fight. Natalie says nothing can be discussed in the house without it being blown up. James joins the group and Alex apologizes to him. Matt also comes out to let everyone know that he wasn’t involved.

A little while later everyone has calmed down and moved around. Amanda, Parker, Josh, Sharon and Natalie are in the hot tub. Alex, Matt, Jen, and Adam are in the kitchen chatting and joking around. There is some still some discussion about the fight, but everyone is much more light-hearted.

Ryan and Allison talk about votes and the POV. Ryan doesn’t think that Jen and Parker can win the POV and that they might be going home. He says he doesn’t want to see her go, but he will see her in a few months.

Jen and Amanda update Shelia on the fight. Amanda is still mad at Alex and throws him under the bus again.

James, Ryan, and Adam talk about the votes. James says he is 150% voting for Jen and Parker to go and Adam says he will vote that way too. Ryan agrees to not take himself off the block if they get POV if they promise he has their vote. (ED: Has Ryan not learned anything from past seasons?)

5:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Parker goes off on Allison and tells her she is a moron. As soon as Parker leaves for the HOH room to talk to Shelia, Allison tells James, Ryan, and Adam about what Parker just said to her. Parker is mad that Allison is already campaigning even before they have played for POV. He thinks that she stirs up trouble for the attention.

At dinnertime, the girls dressed in all black and grey. Before they eat they hold hands and say grace (ED: How sweet) and say why they love Valentine’s Day. After dinner, Ryan and Chelsia were nominated to do the dishes. Natalie and Amanda discuss their partners and how horny they are. Natalie talks about cuddling with Matt. Parker fed the guinea pigs some bell pepper and several HG’s are watching them eat.

Parker and James have a heart-to-heart. Parker tells James that he felt that he was being threatened and that’s why he got so aggressive. They apologize to each other and agree it was just a misunderstanding. Amanda joins the conversation and apologizes for getting everyone riled up. James points out that there are better, more civil ways of handling things. They agree and shake on it.

Everyone gets along very well. James, Adam, and Alex are playing pool and having a good time. Adam says that it is better for him to stay outside with the boys than for him to go inside and end up saying the wrong thing (ED: smart man).

Matt and Parker have really bonded. Matt says the only person he is true to is Parker and that he is telling Allison what she wants to hear. He doesn’t think that Parker is going home, but Parker isn’t so sure. He would like to put “Ma and Pa” (aka Shelia and Adam) up as a pawn, but they need to check their alliance and talk to Alex first.

Ryan and Jen have some alone time. Ryan is getting a message from Jen and they reminisce about when they first met.

8:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Parker reassures Alex that he doesn’t know anyone outside of the house. Alex says that he knows and if he would have thought it through before he said anything that he would have realized that. He also admits that he would like for their to be a connection with Amanda but they don’t mesh, and it is obvious that they (Parker and Amanda) like each other.

Amanda confronts Alex about the name calling and they start to bicker again. The conversation goes from not knowing anyone outside of the house, to who likes each other the least. Parker is stretched out in-between them watching the show. Amanda starts to cry and is still upset about him calling her a b*t$h. He apologized again, and says he didn’t mean it but that the word is in “his vocabulary”. Parker stands up, tells them they seriously need to talk and leaves. Amanda is going on about how she knows how men want to be in control and Alex harps on how she dresses in skimpy clothes all the time. It is much like a conversation a father would have with a teenage daughter. They compare themselves to Natalie and Matt, but Alex says the difference is that Matt doesn’t have feelings for Natalie so he doesn’t care what she wears. He feels like he has to defend her and he says it isn’t worth it since she doesn’t feel the same way about him. Alex asks Amanda if she likes Parker. She says he is nice to her and tries to get to know her. Alex tells her he has asked and she blew him off. She goes off on how she does all this stuff for him and he doesn’t show that he appreciates it. Amanda admits to having issues and doesn’t want to be with someone who is fake. She apologizes for making him uncomfortable concerning Parker and Alex apologizes for not taking the time to show her he cares. They both agree to work together and try harder to get to know each other. They hug and all’s well that ends well.

While Amanda and Alex were having a heart-to-heart the alcohol arrived, but the HG’s didn’t want to interrupt the conversation. Once they enter the kitchen, the drinking begins and they are play a game similar to pass it on. Amanda and Alex were called to the DR, and then everyone is called into the living room for the Veto Competition rules. They are the same rules as last year, except they are playing as couples. Then fire in the hole.

9: 00 PM – 10:00 PM

Allison and Josh talk about how much they hate Amanda. Josh said “If I was her Dad, I would commit suicide too”. (ED: OUCH!)

Josh gets into the hot tub. Everyone else is eating ice cream and having fun. Natalie joins Josh and the talk turns to the Parker/Allison drama earlier. They think Parker is wrong for telling Allison she shouldn’t be campaigning against him. He thinks Parker is bi-polar and that Parker and Allison make a good fit.

James has everyone convinced that he and Chelsia are related. Everyone asks him questions and he just smiles. Chelsia adamantly denies it. Everyone is freaking out and Chelsia is getting mad. James and Matt argue in the kitchen. James and Chelsia accuse Matt of starting the rumor. James tells Matt that he should have come to him to talk about it without involving the house. There is a lot of distrust in the house and everyone is arguing.

After a few minutes, things calm down again. Josh complains to Sharon in the hot tub about Amanda being too bossy. James, Matt and Alex are in the boat room. Matt apologizes to James but says that James and Chelsia do look like they are brother and sister and could have been separated at birth. Matt still thinks there are more pairs in the house.

After all the excitement, James needs to lie down. Chelsia joins him and they are worried that the others really believe that they are related. She is mad at James for not denying it. She is almost crying. James says that he is frustrated and feels like he was being interrogated. They agree that the whole thing is stupid, and James is trying to calm her down. Allison joins them and says that she doesn’t think they are related. Jen and Ryan join in on the conversation as well.

10:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Amanda and Alex prepare to go to bed in the HOH. They cuddle under the covers and Amanda asks Alex why he is so jealous. Just then the doorbell rings and Parker interrupts them to talk about the POV competition. Alex says he is concerned about the veto, but doesn’t see the votes going against Parker and Jen. He tries to reassure Parker and tells him that he has to win the POV or at least not get knocked out first. A few minutes later, Matt enters and tells them that if Ryan and Allison win HOH they are going to put James and Chelsia up and backdoor Alex and Amanda. This news infuriates Alex. Parker uses this to make his point that if they win POV they need to take him and Jen off the block and backdoor Allison and Ryan. Matt promises that he won’t use the POV if he wins it. They all talk trash about Allison and practicing their POV speeches.

Matt complains that he has to give Natalie a massage. He says he doesn’t want to, but he thinks he needs to try to keep her happy. He thinks she desperately wants to have sex with him, but he doesn’t want to have the whole state of Oregon mad at him. In the next breath, he says that if they were on the outside he would have sex with her and then not call her the next day. He doesn’t want her to get attached to him. (ED: I can’t believe the ego on this guy!)

Parker starts complaining about Jen again. Alex gets called to the Diary Room. After he leaves, Amanda starts complaining again that Alex is mean to her, rehashing all that happened earlier in the day. Amanda lies between Parker and Matt and is laying her flirt on with Parker. Parker obviously wanted to cuddle with Amanda, but she doesn’t get the hint. They talk about keeping in touch with outside the house. Amanda keeps asking what she should do about Alex since he gets so jealous and tells them that he tried to kiss her in the storage room but she isn’t that into him and she isn’t going to be hooking up with anyone on TV. Matt complains that Natalie is a “Crazy, lunatic partner” and says he thinks he’s going to get a BJ from her.

They see Alex coming back upstairs on the spy screen and adjust their positions on the bed. Matt gets on top of Amanda to make Alex jealous. Alex tells Amanda they want her in the Diary Room. She puts on more clothes and heads downstairs, leaving the three boys alone in the HOH. Alex calls Amanda an idiot for leaving the Diary Room and being called back in and they discuss fake breasts. Alex and Matt say that they are the stars of the show and everyone else are supporting cast. They talk about random “guy” stuff like masturbating and trash talking about everyone else. They all like Adam now.

11:00 PM – 12 AM

Matt gets called to the Diary Room leaving Parker and Alex in the HOH. Amanda flashes the spy screen on the way to the HOH room, making Alex and Parker laugh. Parker heads to bed after giving Amanda a hug. Amanda and Alex are alone and she gives him a big hug. She turns off the lights and gets into bed. Her stomach growls and Alex starts kissing her stomach. They cuddle and play the sniffing game (how many sniffs before running out of breath?) Alex is rubbing all over her and kisses her. Amanda laughs and rolls away, totally teasing him and telling him he is trouble. The back and forth goes on for quite awhile and it seems that Alex gets frustrated. The spooning turns into a pillow fight and Amanda is screaming at the top of her lungs.

Elsewhere in the house…

Parker and Jen discuss the long lost brother/sister rumor in bed with the lights off. Everyone else is outside wrapped in towels. Josh is bashing Amanda. They all talk about what role the HG’s are typecast as: James is the crazy guy, Josh is the gay guy, Parker is the black guy, Amanda is the dumb b*t$h.

Natalie gives Matt a massage while they discuss the veto competition and the Showtime viewers. They talk about feeling safe if James and Chelsia or Josh and Sharon get HOH. Matt apologizes for being mean to her ad Natalie talks about playing basketball in high school and how good she used to be at it. She talks non-stop. After a few minutes, they switch and Matt starts massaging Natalie. Matt wonders what is going on upstairs (you can hear Amanda in the feeds) while Natalie goes on and on. Matt just rolls his eyes, makes faces and gives her short one word answers pretending to listen. He tells her that her boobs are popping out the sides and it is hot (ED: LOL!) and they start talking about how she got into stripping.

12 AM – 1 AM

Alex leaves Amanda in the HOH to get her some milk and see who is outside.

Massage time is over. Natalie goes outside and joins Josh, James, Chelsia, and Sharon and tells them everything that went on with Matt. She says they want to save Parker and Jen and she was told to throw the POV. Josh tells her not to and she seems confused. She tells them that she got her massage and that their auras are aligned. At that, Josh tells her goodnight.

Sharon is still mad (at Jen?) and wants Jen and Amanda gone. Josh thinks that Amanda an evil whore and compares her to BB8’s Jen. They are really bashing Amanda and want to say “Bueno” when she leaves the house. James thinks the eviction order should be Jen, Amanda, Natalie, and then Matt because Matt is the one that caused all the brother/sister drama earlier. Josh told Sharon she has to be nice to everyone because they need her. Josh keeps telling Sharon how to play the game and she gets an attitude and asks him “Are you kidding me?”

Natalie returns to Matt and they cuddle in bed. He tells her she is lucky he is behaving himself. She talks him into hooking up with her, and they kiss. He says he is only doing it because it is Valentine’s Day. He then changes his mind, and turns away from her trying to go to sleep. She tries to cuddle one more time and is rejected so she turns around too and goes to sleep.

Chelsia goes to bed.

Josh, Sharon, and James talk game in the backyard. Sharon talks about being back-doored and how she didn’t know if she could trust Jacob. Josh reminds her that she has a clean slate now and no one dislikes her. James brings up the additional outside relationships again. He still thinks others are linked since everyone seems to be afraid to be intimate in the house. They now think that Matt and Chelsia are connected. They all agree that when it comes out it is going to blow the house apart.

1 AM –

Apparently Matt has changed his mind again. He and Natalie are under the covers and involved in some heavy making out. Based on the movement and sounds, Natalie is giving Matt a BJ and he is doing something to her too. Matt asked her if it was good, and she replied she almost forgot how good it was. A minute later she gives him another BJ. She starts asking him questions and he tells her not to stop (ED: LOL and Eww!) There is a lot of slurping and other noises going on (You can read the recap to get all the “juicy” details). After she is finished she says they have to wash the sheets (ED: double eww!). He asks her if she is sweaty and then pulls the covers. He holds her and tells her not to get emotionally attached (ED: What a guy!) and she promises she won’t. Natalie says that was fun and then snuggles on Matt’s shoulder. He mouths something to the camera and smiles and rolls away from Natalie to go to sleep.

At 1:33 AM all HG’s are fast asleep. Nighty night.