As soon as we parked, we started to see BB people, a lot of late arrivers this year, which was good, since I thought we were late too! We didn't end up missing anything though thankfully! We walked in starving and headed to the food which is always a good spread, complete with Slop for all the fans to try. Memphis was trying to get Ashley to try it and she didn't want to. I think she finally gave in and tried some.

After eating, time to hit the open bar and let the mingling commence! We met Jokerette and her friend and a couple of other posters from the site who we had never met before. It's always fun to see the people behind the username! Scattered around the party are all of the props from various games and a little DR set up! The gag reel was good, but not as good as prior years. It was heavy on the Dan portions, but it's always hilarious.

You can see the pictures to see who was there and these are other things worth mentioning:

Memphis family - The nicest people EVER, talked a little bit about what went on with the car and rest assured Memphis is happy with the results. That's all I can say. Memphis' mom was so cute when she saw us, she immediately asked where our other friends were from finale night and then told us, "I have some gossip for the hotel, we were waiting for the shuttle and Renny was painting her nails, didn't like the color and RAN upstairs for a new color! THEN she painted her nails on the bus! Can you believe that!?" It was SO cute! Memphis' family is the greatest. I have no doubt that Dan's family and Memphis' family will be close forever.

Daniele (Donato) - Looking as beautiful as ever. She always has the nicest skin and hair! She looks like she might have gained a tiny bit of weight giving her some beautiful curves! Love her!

Dick - Had a very pretty date with him and was working the crowd.

Nick - WOW, still as hot as ever. He remembered us from prior years and we talked for a while about how the internet fans are so fickle at times especially regarding who he is dating. He was surprised at the treatment he still gets. We talked about Arizona and with him was of course...

Jen Johnson - Jen looked really good, she was very sweet and was by Nicks side all night. For those who are wondering, there was no drama with Dani, Nick and her at the same party that we saw.

Diane - She made it! She's such a cutie and you can tell she is still a big fan of the show. She was running around getting pictures with her favorites.

Rachel was hanging out with Erika and her fiance Adam for most of the night. Erika looked really great!

There were a lot of Production peeps (The games designer, camera people, Robyn Kass, Alison Grodner, the audience prep people, etc.). They were all networking for the off season and very excited about getting picked up for an eleventh season!

Matty was there with Adam and Adam's brother. They spent a lot of the evening hanging out together.

Marcellas was there with Chi Chi again, and we ran into Ross the Intern again and took pictures with him for our friend in Alabama who LOVES him! He's really nice and friendly!

Shannen Elizabeth was our biggest surprise of the evening. Remember Dr. Will talking about what a huge fan of BB she is? It's all true. She was so beautiful and having such a good time meeting everyone too!

Jen from last season was there looking great. She has some new tattoos and was probably relieved that Ryan wasn't there!

Parker was "fro-less" and his hair looked really cute in braids. As we were leaving after the party, he was being hounded by the staffers in hte elevator about whether or not he "hit that" with Amanda. It was awkward and he was a complete gentleman even though they wouldn't let up with their questions!

Chelsia, Sharon and Josh, hung out a lot with Daniele too. James lived up to his Crazy James name once again. He was suprised to hear that there was a negative internet buzz about his crazy blogs, but reminded me that "crazy" is in his name for a reason! He wasn't in high demand for pictures or anything which we thought was strange. He and Chelsia hung out a little bit, but that dynamic was way off, IMO.

Zach hung out with JJ and Keesha most of the night, and it was funny when we finally made our way over to him that he asked Lovintheboogie, "You are a Dick fan aren't you since you've been avoiding me all night!!!" He remembered us from past years and we talked about what he's doing now and how Keesha and JJ are his neighbors as well as his friends.

Mike Dutz was there looking as sexy as ever. We forgot that he was supposed to be there with an eBay auction winner so of course we forgot to get the scoop on him/her.

Chicken George and his friend were there. He always gets so excited about the reunion, as he calls it. He and Gretchen from Housecalls were running around getting stuff signed. Gretchen is cuter in person and teensy!

Joe Barber has been working with Dick on some projects and loves it. He's currently dating a female, but still loves the boys. He was excited about the trip to Vegas this weekend.

Sheila looked really great! I talked to her at the after party and told her I thought for sure she'd already seen Dr. Will, but she said she's still trying to get in touch with him. She wanted him to be her date for the wrap party.

Forgot The Real Deal was there and really wanted to meet him!

BB10 - All of the current season people showed up with their families and Renny spent most of her time on the dance floor, showing off her great legs! Libra looked like she was having the time of her life and her husband was working the crowd too. Dan was so overwhelmed but he and Monica were still having a great time. Monica was still cracking up about how people on the street in Universal City want to take pics with her. She said, "I didn't do anything and they want my picture!" He posed for a picture with the sign that we made for Paradise, the jokers poster. They ended up putting the sign at the bar, which was funny! Talked to Jesse and his beautiful girlfriend, talked about his time in the house, how he's being treated now, and how hot it was the day of the gorilla! Talked to the hgs and families about how long they're staying in town, told them not to believe that the haters are the majority and that they just happen to be the loudest, but not really representative of the entire public. All of them said they'd do the show again. And again, we encouraged them to always try to make it to these parties since it's like a big reunion and they all said they would!

Headed off to various afterparties for more fun!

Some of our pictures are here...
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