You thought I was sitting close to BB's front door last year? I was even closer this time around Yep that was me patting Jeff on the back as he exited the house.

See last year I was somewhere around 3 feet from Big Brother's front door. This year it was more like 2 feet. As far as getting to the studio and the timing of everything; that was all pretty much the same as it was in this recap from last year.

This time around... with the help of a special friend, I got to pick my same seat... the one right by the door - to the left if you are facing the house; there's just something about it that I LOVE.

Pre Show Audience Participation/Big Brother Trivia Questions

Before taping got started, one of the stage/production crew asks trivia questions of the audience... people raise their hands and can go down facing the audience to answer the questions and win a t-shirt (audience participation is highly encouraged, so there are no Well there I sit, not raising my hand, I was all by my lonesome and NOT wanting to go down there and the next thing I know.... "You up there in the top row, in the black with your hand down, come on down!" lol I was like "but, but.. my hand .... hello? it's not UP...." so I go.

He asked me who I would like see win the game and I said Michele... that was a crowd pleaser. Then he asked me who I think might win the show... I was SO BOOOOO'd by the crowd when I said some in the audience were saying "but she hasn't WON anything! booo, hiss!" I stood my ground... she may not have won anything, some of which I think is intentional, but she has in fact manipulated and lied to players to get where she is at. Kevin and Jordan imo, were coattail riders... I am one that doesn't really care how they do it if it works... lie cheat and even steal (but don't replace contact solution with bleach or otherwise physically harm anyone or their property).

The other question they asked me was what the denomination was of the bills that fell from the sky in the Pandora's Box money event. The answer being $1 bills. Anyway although my answers were as unpopular as Natalie, the fabulous Don Wollman; the voice of BB himself gave me my Big Brother Audience t-shirt! Love the t-shirt, love Don W!

Julie Chen

Pregnant and fabulous as EVER!! I'm serious. She is so pretty and so delightful. She is on such a tight schedule with the live show that she doesn't have much time to interact with the crowd. But if she is up there with us, she might talk breifly in our direction. I know I said this last time... but I so admire her stage presence and ability to easily navigate the sound stage with the monitors being moved at every break, the chairs get moved around.. she flows like a butterfly and makes it look so easy down to the second as they tape.

Then there is JEFF!

When he came out those doors, we gave him the very first ever standing ovation. He is, in my opinion, the most popular HG to date. His eviction was crazy! He was absolutely adorable... probably cuter in person.. he is well spoken, super thoughtful and so funny!

You could see him decompressing and realizing there were other people in the audience... definetly different to see an ecivted HG later on in the game than it is to see the 'first' one in the game get the boot (BRIAN). He is definetly a bit shorter and smaller than he appeared on my screens. It's the best eviction I could ask for really (for purely selfish reasons)!

Julie seemed to really enjoy interviewing Jeff. She asked him all the hard questions, like "what happened to that kiss you were planning with Jordan?" He kind of got red in the face about that... she asked all those questions you have seen by now... will you date Jordan, will you take Jordan to Hawaii? He waffled... he didn't seem too sure about dating Jordan, he said they would of course remain 'friends', but distance sets them apart. That's when Julie asked him if they lived in the same town did she think he would date Jordan and the answer was similar.. they 'might'. Sounds like Jordan isn't going to Hawaii with him unless she wins the money to pay her own

He pretty much blames himself for his eviction. Said if he had to do it over again he would still have gotten Russell out (ooh, not popular with the audience...), even though that isn't exactly how it came across on the Early show. He says no matter what "it's my fault for not winning the POV, that's what it all boils down to." Julie let him know for his benefit that his pride got in the way of 1/2 mil by him not campaigning to Kevin to save him. He defended those actions simply saying that after Kev stabbed him in the back he didn't even want to talk to him.

As I thought... I didn't really feel a love connection in the house between J & J and I wasn't feeling it upon his eviction. He did say though, and I agree, that Jordan was good for him in the game... he could have used her help of course winning a few but all in all she helped to calm him and was there for him to lean on, and you could see he is emotionally and eternally grateful for that part of their relationship in the house.

After the end of the show, when they brought Jeff back into the sound stage to talk again with Julie, it was like it hit him that the audience was there... he kept staring at a few people thinking he knew them because "I haven't seen people in so long... everyone looks familiar to me.. this is weird."

Jeff made everyone in that place laugh with the simplest of one liners...hopefully I can tell you this because it was funny as heck.. Julie had a teary eye, so her make up artist came over to apply a dab to clear it up and Jeff says "don't cry Julie, you'll see me on finale night September 15th!" Everyone in the place laughed!

At that, I too will be at the finale on September 15th. It will be must see T.V. - don't miss it

Thanks for reading