JUST AFTER MIDNIGHT-continued from our last recap

Kaysar and Janelle spent quite a while talking outside. Kaysar says his problem is that the two people who trust him (James and Michael) hate each other. Kaysar says Eric thinks Howie is a threat. Kaysar said he wished that Howie or Janelle would have won HOH. Kaysar thinks the basis of Eric & Ivette’s alliance is that Eric is attracted to Ivette. Kaysar: “Eric's eyes lit up when Ivette said she wanted to sit on his face.” Kaysar and Jan both express disgust at this. Janelle starts to say something about Ivette and her looks and Kay told her “not to be catty.” Janelle counters that “Ivette hates on me because of how I look.”

Janelle is upset that James doesn't trust her (he seems stuck on the idea that Janelle was gunning to get all the guys out first). Kaysar suggests she go to James and explain what she really meant (about not wanting ‘all’ the guys out, just a specific couple of them), because “James doesn’t know how to read you right now.” Janelle asks if Kaysar knew he would be nominated and Kay responded that it was all set up by Rachel and that Ashlea had no chance. Then Janelle says “Rachel wants to get rid of the girls, too.”

Janelle says maybe she should go to James and say "I am sorry I said get rid of the guys." Kaysar: “Say this ‘James, at the time I thought it was the right thing to do. When Rachel asked for suggestions, it was just a suggestion. Not knowing what I was getting myself into, I suggested that.’ Then Janelle says she will say “I want you to know that I have changed my opinion since then and now I want the girls to go, primarily Ivette.”

Just before 2:00 a.m. and feeds switch to Howie and Eric in the kitchen. Eric saying “the girls want Michael gone, he's too physically aggressive, he's trying to intimidate people and it just doesn't work. I think a lot of the women feel he is not the most stable person in the house.” Howie is trying to tell Eric that he likes Mike and they have a lot in common. Eric goes on to tell Howie “the difference between your heart and his heart is night and day, dude.” Then Eric says “you've got to realize what the house wants”. Howie: “yea, you have to do what the government wants.” Howie asked Eric if he thought Michael was the one who voted (for Kaysar), and Eric said “I don't know, I think so.”

Eric says he doesn't trust Kaysar. Howie says Kaysar trusts him (Howie) but that Kaysar plays him for a fool. Eric says Kaysar talks about the Koran all the time but doesn't live up to it, he smokes, swears, doesn’t respect women, doesn’t clean up etc. Eric says Kaysar and Janelle have separated themselves from the rest of the group. Eric said he warned Kaysar that he was hanging out with Janelle too much. At some point during this conversation there is mention that they have to be up at 8:00 for a food competition.

Back to Janelle and Kaysar, who are now talking about the ‘MTA-3-17’ that they saw in the house and Kaysar thinks maybe these letters and numbers have something to do with opening one of the safes in the gold room. So they head inside and try some numbers to open the safes and they don’t work. Janelle says to try the HOH and the nominated HG’s birthdays, thinking BB changes to combo each week. Janelle then checked out the golden books in there but there was nothing. They think it is some sort of golden key-- to keep them safe
Janelle said if they find the golden key they aren't telling anyone. Janelle notices that the map on the wall is incomplete; it cuts off part of Asia and Australia. They take the map off the wall but there's nothing behind it. They look behind the chairs, and then they start to wonder what the number 3 and the number 17 along with "MTA" means (Mass Transit Authority? The subway?) Janelle says they will look for golden key tomorrow.

Howie has now come into the gold room, so all treasure hunting stops. Howie enters the room, Janelle tells Howie to get into bed with her, Howie responds come on, really? Oh, thank you God, thank you, thank you, thank you." Howie tells Janelle that he doesn’t think Eric will put him up. Janelle suggests that it could be her and Jenny. Howie says "I'm not sure I could get the veto for you then" Janelle says "remember our alliance?" Howie: "Oh YEAH! Boobies!!" Janelle was laughing. Kaysar gets up; to leave them alone, but Janelle begs him to stay. Howie finally rolls over to go sleep muttering about boobies and Janelle piles all the pillows between her and him. Howie is asleep, so Jan and Kaysar decide to switch spots, she took the other bed and Kaysar will sleep in the bed with Howie. Janelle and Kaysar can’t wait for Howie’s expression when he wakes up next to Kay and not Janelle. Kaysar eventually left for the bathroom and Howie and Janelle appear to be asleep in separate beds. Kaysar went into the big bedroom after using the bathroom and praying and slept there. FINALLY, they are all asleep at around 3:00 a.m.

MORNING 6:30 a.m.

Rachel is the first one up this morning, followed by Beau at around 7:00, then Eric. At 7:30 BB announces: “Good morning HG’s it is time to get up, food competition will be in 90 minutes.”

There is a group in the kitchen (sans Janelle, Mike, Kay). Eric tells his core group that he is going to go with ‘plan B’ and that he will see them all individually to fill them in. Sarah said that Kayser told her last night that Michael, Kayser & Janelle know they are going up on the block. Eric says Michael came up late last night, and talked to him privately in the HOH room, and basically told him “I'm OK with whoever you decide to put up.” Eric says he is sure Michael was the second Kaysar vote and that Janelle and Michael exchanged a look when the vote was announced. James says “I've heard rumors people think I'm the second vote.” Eric: “No, no, of course not!”

MORNING 9:00 a.m.

Maggie, James and Eric are now in the HOH watching the spy cam (Mike is on it right now). Kaysar is in the HOH bathroom. James comments that he can’t believe that Mike has any friends. James says he wishes he had seen the outburst. Maggie asks “which one?” James says there was the one where Mike punched the wall in the bathroom. Maggie thinks BB has set this situation with Mike up, that they shouldn’t be allowing his actions to go un-noticed. Kaysar just kind of listens to them Mike-bash some more and says that “the only reason I hang out with him is because no one else wants to hang out with me; I get dirty looks from a couple people. I wouldn’t’ hang out with him otherwise.”

In the kitchen Mike says to April “come on over here and rub my earlobes.” She says “uh, I don’t think so.” April then goes into the bedroom with her ‘posse’ and starts to bad mouth Michael; she is sniffling like she is crying because she is so afraid of Michael. She said that ‘he’ “grabbed my toes in HT last night and would not let go.” She says how much she hates him. Sarah whispered that she felt horrible because every time he walks in the room, she wants to walk out.


There is a desert scene set up in the backyard, including an old rusted truck, rocks, cacti, shrubs, barrels etc. The HG’s have all been seated outside. Eric says "you are all seated in pairs; look carefully at the person seated across the barrel from you because you will be partners in a test of gastro-intestinal fortitude. One at a time each pair will flip over the top of the barrel revealing the category of food they will be playing for. In order to win that category, the pair must choose an item from the menu and eat everything on your plate in under 3 minutes. If you complete the category, you will win that category for the entire house. But choose carefully, because things are not always what they seem. I'd like to welcome everyone to the Snack Shack - The Snack Shack FROM HELL!”

Starting with Howie and James, they are playing for beverages. Eric: “Choose anything off the menu, but make it quick.” They choose Ice Cream Sundae, and then Eric tells them “sorry the last couple ordered the last of it, so instead you will get Ice Clam Sundae and there is plenty of it!” (They are frozen New England clams with whipped cream, nuts and a cherry on top.) Howie and James cannot keep the clams down and are throwing them up (they were told they must keep them down, and their partner could eat for both of them if need be) back into the bucket. Howie yells “I want peanut butter!” As you may have guessed, they lost and there will be no beverages this week (well maybe)!

Next up is Beau and Janelle, playing for breads and cereals. From the menu, they choose pepperoni pizza and what they get is a ‘pepper-ONLY pizza. Jan yells, “bring it on!” Eric pulls the pizza out of oven, it looks to be about 12” across piled high with freshly ground Madagascar black pepper. “So delicious, it will make you cry.” They managed to gag it down and the HG’s will have bread and cereal for the week!

Rachel and April are up playing for dairy, they chose the Coconut Cream Pie. Instead they get Sauerkraut Cream Pie. It appears to be a custard pie topped with kraut. April tells Rachel to eat the custard and she will eat the sauerkraut. They were not able to finish so there will be no dairy (milk, ice-cream) for the week!

Kaysar and Mike are playing for snacks and sweets. They chose the tuna melt; however, they end up with tuna ‘malt’. The ingredients of tuna, vanilla ice cream and malt are blended up by Eric. They both downed the shakes in record time and the HG’s will get their snacks and sweets for the week!

Maggie and Jennifer compete for meats, they chose the chocolate cake and instead they get ‘chocolate snake’. It is chilled rattlesnake covered in chocolate. Maggie refuses to eat this since she does not eat meat. So Jennifer starts to eat for them both, and one point she says “you better never f’in put me up!” Jenn finished all of it! HG’s will have meat for the week!

Last couple to compete are Ivette and Sarah and they play for fruits and veggies. They choose ‘turkey pot pie’ that is actually ‘turkey pot POI’. They both start to gag and get sick and then lose. No fruits and veggies this week.

BONUS ROUND – Beer and wine are up for grabs for the week! Eric asks for a volunteer pair, and then Mike asks can we mix and match people? Eric says any two can step up, and give it their best shot. Ivette and Michael offer, and Mike says to Ivette “no offense but you've been throwing up, I mean are you up for it?” Janelle said she would do it. They choose Egg Salad Sandwich and instead they will eat “Egg Salad Sardines”. They both say they like sardines. Eric pulls out two sandwiches made of eggs, mayonnaise, bread and imported sardines. Eric now steps up and tells Janelle that he will take her place; he announces to everyone that he did not have to do this! They all started to cheer for "CAPPY!" With a little gagging and help from each other (actually Eric helped Mike finish his) they managed to get it all down, and the good news is….the HG’s have BOOZE for the week!! (Later Eric said “I feel if you have to lead you lead by example, and that’s why I did what I did.)


The message on the TV in the living room has changed to “Nominations Today.” Now is the time that everyone will be going to see King Eric. Eric heads up to his room and the first person to follow is Howie. Eric tells Howie “right now my intentions are to put up Michael and Janelle.” Howie: “who do you want me to vote for?” Eric: “I want to see Michael gone, if you agree with it, let me know.” Howie says “yes.” Eric says “he is dangerous, he is unstable and he is hanging around Janelle, and Janelle wants me out. Send the next one up.”

Kaysar is up next. First thing he says to Eric is “I know I haven't earned any brownie points by hanging out with the outcasts.” Eric says “you realize Janelle wants me out right?” Kay: “That’s why I am telling you, based on the agreement we had, to keep James, keep Michael and vote Janelle out. Eric: “Ok, but only if you can guarantee me that you won't put me up if you win HOH, just for one week.” Kay: “I can promise you that.” Eric says “so if you pull that key out of the box, you promise that for one week you will not nominate me if you win HOH”, Kay: “on my life.”

Now Beau is there. Eric says “this is the deal, if I put up Michael and Janelle, Michael has to go. As long as you are in agreement with me, this has to happen.” Beau: “you got it, ok.” Eric: “The only thing I ask is if you win HOH, I am just doing a week to week, if you win HOH next week you won't put me up.” Beau: “you got a deal.”

Mike is next; he goes in and says, "As planned?" Eric tells him to sit down, that there are a couple things that concern him. One of Eric’s concerns is Mike’s relationship with Janelle, because Eric says “I know she wants me out.” He tells Mike that he doesn't know what he's going to do at this point because it seems to him that Mike, Kaysar and Janelle have formed an alliance. Mike says he doesn't care who goes up, he just wants to know if it's as planned with putting up Jennifer and Janelle. Eric says no, he doesn't know what he's going to do. Eric said the alliance with the guys going to the end has gone to s*** because Kaysar broke his trust. Eric says “all I am looking for right now is for you to guarantee me that if you pull your key out of that box, that you don’t put me on the block if you get HOH next week.” Mike said something about being a stand up guy and trusting Eric even if Eric does not trust him. Mike says something about Ivette having her nose so far up Eric’s a**. Mike says when he does win HOH, Ivette is going up. That was it and he left the room without giving Eric any clear answers.

Next into the lair was April. Eric says “Mike and Janelle are going up and they will know why, everyone will.” He asks her for the same deal, one week safe if she gets HOH and if he puts up Michael, she has to vote him out, she says “Oh, yeah, I swear on my life!” She says she owes him and won't put him up if she gets HOH. He says if they're down to four people and she has a deal with others, he totally understands that. She says she's going to give it her all and fight for it.

Mike and Janelle in the Gold Room

Feeds switch to Mike and Janelle in the gold room. Mike saying Kaysar is the only honest person in the house and Janelle agrees. Mike tells Janelle what Eric said about them being an item and she says “no we’re not, did you tell him you have no interest at all?” Mike teases her and says he said that he thinks she's ugly, short, has fat arms and thick ankles (she laughs). Howie comes in and says he wants to gaze at Janelle. Mike says stay and look as long as you want but tuck your b***s in. Howie says they're in “and besides Janey has seen them before.” He keeps making comments and Janelle says he is trying to get her mad at him. He says, “No, I love you, don't you ever get tired of being really cute?” Janelle says “I wish I was ugly so the girls would stop hating on me.”

Howie left the room and Mike tells Janelle that he told Eric he was going to put Ivette up if he got HOH and that Eric was safe. Janelle says “now Eric will put you up because he knows you are going after Ivette.” Janelle says if she finds the golden key, she'd be safe. Says she was getting close, trying to break into the gold safe last night, she says she knows that the combination is somewhere in the room. She told Mike her and Kaysar were trying to figure out the combo to the safes last night.

Mike says he doesn't think Eric will put him up because he stands a good chance of winning the POV challenge. Janelle thinks Howie is safe this week. Mike says Howie is flying so low under the radar that no one sees his potential; no one takes him serious and they don't see him as a threat.

1:00 p.m. Meanwhile back in the HOH

Ivette is in HOH now. Eric says to her: “you know what I am looking to do. Tell me your thoughts.” She says Mike is “out of control, he is not a team player.” Eric: “Just to let you know, he is gunning for you.” Ivette: “How do you know?” Eric: “He just is, trust me like I trust you, keep your emotions in check, and keep above his games. He wants to suck you in, get you emotional.” Ivette: “I just voice my opinions..” Eric: “All I can tell you is that he thinks you are kissing my ass, where that came from I have no idea.” Ivette: “I don't know where that came from.” E: “Just know I have your back”, Ivette: “I can tell you there are people we are going to have to hurt; I honestly want you and me to be there in the end.” Eric: “I know that when I walk out that door, if I walk out before you, that you have a friend forever.” Ivette: “You have a friend in me, you've got my heart in this game, and to me you are my brother playing the game.”

Next in is James. Eric says “I can't tell you exactly what I am going to do; if you have an idea, tell me your thoughts.” James: “My thoughts are we stick with the plan. Janelle and Michael did wonderful today, but it p***** me off when you announced it was our choice of who does the booze challenge, and Janelle was yelling, ‘make James and Howie do it!’ She wasn't thinking about the team, she was wanting to make someone else suffer like she did.”

Sarah is in the HOH now. Eric: “tell me your thoughts.” Sarah: “He makes me feel very uncomfortable.” Eric: “You're not the only one who feels that way.” Sarah: “I mean Howie, he”...Eric: “He has a good heart.” Sarah says “he will probably stop.” She says Mike gives her goose bumps and makes people uncomfortable. Eric repeats that his reasons for nominating the people he chooses will be very clear and just asks her for her promise not to put him up when she gets it, if she pulls her key out. She says she can’t imagine putting him up.

Maggie is in there now pumping Eric up telling him his speech in the kitchen was great. He says it was all heart felt. Eric says “Don't think for a minute that I didn’t know the 2 people who I am going to put up came forward (in the food comp).” Maggie asks him to recap what everyone has come in and said to him. Maggie says what a brilliant idea it was to ask each of them not to put him up, just for one week, which could cover a lot of weeks.

Rachel is now in the HOH. Eric says “Just to be clear, you know you're safe. I made the deal; I'll stick to the deal. What I've told everybody else is that if I keep them safe I am asking for one week of safety.” Eric: “I am going to keep you safe, but we're even as far as I’m concerned.” Rachel: “Uh huh.” Eric goes into his talk of “everyone will know the exact reason for the two nominees.” Rachel: “There is one person in this house that needs to go…” Eric: “He is scaring people”, Rachel: “They are un-comfortable.”

Ivette is back in HOH and Eric says “I don't think Janelle is coming up.” Ivette: “It would be hypocritical if she did!” Eric: “I actually respect her more!”

Ivette leaves and Janelle pops in! She and Eric are apologizing to one another. Janelle: “I just want to say I am sorry I upset you. The reason I was upset is because Ash told me that you were campaigning against her. I am not going to be upset if you do nominate me. I realize I didn't really get a chance to get to know you.” Eric: “I haven't made any final decisions, I am looking to have somebody leave here and that might not necessarily be you, if you ARE nominated you may not be the target. I would appreciate it if this conversation stays between you and me.” Janelle says “thank you Eric.” Eric: “Hopefully, if things go the way I would like them to go, you will be here next week.”

2:30 The Food Has Arrived

HG’s were told to go to the store room. Jennifer, Mike and Howie ran to the storage room, Janelle and Kaysar weren't far behind. Jennifer: “Oooooooooh! M & Ms! And granola!” Janelle screams: “Ice Cream!” Jennifer: “Why do they have to keep getting us these types of chips?” Eric lectures everyone saying “Now we have to be careful here, I think this is the food for the week. Last time we were out of M&Ms and ice cream within 8 hours. That's when people start getting upset around here, when they don't get to eat something.”

Now...in the bedroom, James is giving Sarah a massage. Someone came in to tell James about the protein that they got, and he didn't stop. After that person left, Sarah pulls him down for a kiss. James was telling Sarah “the fact that everyone is paired is taking the fun out of the game. What do you think about revealing the pairings to the whole house?” She said “maybe next week” Janelle then comes in the room interrupting James and Sarah and talking about how sick she still is. Janelle: “I probably shouldn't have eaten that sundae just now. But I need something to balance out that bread! (from the pepper pizza)”

Outside Beau sat on the hammock and it broke. He went crashing down. James picked Beau up and carried him across the yard into the house. In the house everyone starts babying him and someone said the medics were there. They went to FISH. When feeds come back Maggie is standing next to Beau in the kitchen administering a heat pac. Kaysar is in the kitchen eating. James is not happy that BB won't let him in the storage room because Howie's in the DR. James says “I just want some roast beef or something.”

Mike and Kaysar were talking and Mike is telling him about his conversation with Eric in the HOH. He says "Eric says the people in the house think that me and Janelle are an item because we are always together - this coming from a guy who is conspiring all the time, is hypocritical. When you walk into a room and you see him sitting there with everyone else, all they are doing is whispering, because they are scare sh**less. And another thing, why would Eric say something about Janelle and I being a couple when he sees James and that other girl with no personality cuddling for hours?” Kaysar says “because we are the outcasts.”

4:00 p.m.

HG’s are sitting around, talking mostly about the food competition and how gross it was. Someone mentioned they are doing Fear Factor and BB all in one. Eric is still talking about how he had a choice of whether he wanted to compete in the food challenge or not.

We had FISH from about 5:00 – 6:30 p.m. for the Nomination Ceremony

6:30 p.m. Janelle and Michael on the Block

We are back now with Janelle telling Mike that Eric’s speech was horrible, “to ridicule someone for hanging out with another person is awful, I am sorry you are on the block.” Mike says to Janelle “now we can hang out all we want to.” Janelle says “I thought he might nominate Kaysar too, I hate him. He's just threatening Kaysar, or whichever one of us doesn't leave. Kaysar can easily win and so can Howie and so can you.”

Janelle and Mike want the gold room for the rest of the week; they say the 2 nominees should have it. April says “no, we are sticking to the original arrangements that were in place, its Howie and Janelle’s turn in the gold room so it should stay that way.” Beau is in there now with Janelle and Mike and they are making jokes and they are all 3 under the blankets being goofy. Outside Eric is mad that Beau is in there with them. Beau left, Mike is really trying to be passionate with Janelle and she is saying "no." Then he covers them with a blanket, she says "what are you doing there are cameras everywhere?" They are kissing for a minute then she takes the blanket off. They are now back to trying combos on the safes, convinced that if they get into one and find the golden key one of them will be safe.

Kay is on the hammock all by himself, James comes out and tells him that he should not be so obviously upset about things. He said "you should do your thinking at night, get up and get in there and play coasters or something and keep in the mix. Don't let them see you being upset." Kaysar says "good advice."

Janelle is convinced that she has found a set of doors in the main bedroom that opens (they are the ones that look like subway doors). Janelle is pointing to something that lights up like a stop light. Mike thinks they open too, but from the other side.

April and Janelle talk and April says she will campaign for Janelle to stay in the house, but tells Janelle to make sure she fights hard to get the POV to save herself. She says “if you do win it, do not let Mike talk you into using it to save him, and try to distance yourself from him.” April was telling Janelle that Michael creeps out most of the girls. She tells Janelle that she misses everything, her eyes are not open and that Michael has licked other girls tummies and tries to bite their necks and how he just tried to touch Sarah with his big toe 'there' with Janelle right there and that she didn't see it. Janelle is surprised to hear all of this (or so she acts); she said she had no idea of some of the things he has said and done to the other females. April asked Janelle not to repeat what she is telling her.

April and Mike were talking outside. Mike says he's bitter, he wants to know why he is considered a threat for being friendly to someone, when Ivette is so far up...
April said “to be honest with you I loved you to death the first week and then things happened with some of the women.” Beau walks up to the table. Michael tells April to go ahead and continue, so she starts giving him examples of what is bugging the women. Michael says he doesn't randomly do those things. Jenny was flirting with him! Mike says to BB “are you gonna call me in the diary room or what?” April says “Don't be spiteful, chill out” Mike: “the Lord said vengeance is mine.” April: “Eric is a good person, Michael, he is.” Mike: “He is a liar.” April: “He told you that you were his biggest threat, I don't think he's gonna lie, I don't think there was any other reason. I wouldn't take it is a bad thing, I'd take it as a compliment.” Mike said Eric was going to look like an idiot on National TV and that people will see just how out in left field Eric is and has been.

8:00 p.m.

Janelle, Beau, Kaysar, April, and Ivette were in the back yard and Eric said “I gave Janelle respect because she kept a healthy distance from me. She is not pretending she is my best buddy. I can respect that 100x more. I promise you Janelle that if you keep things as they are, I can assure you, you'll beat him this week. Well I can't assure you, because I don't know all the votes, but with our 4 votes...” he trailed off.

Janelle & Beau talking are in the kitchen talking about Ashlea's 2nd vote. They don't think it was James, Beau says “Kaysar?” Janelle says “no, he couldn’t vote.” They both think it was a girl. Janelle says she wants to eat since she's sad about Ashlea being gone.

Beau went to HOH and said that he is in a bit of a predicament; he asked Eric what he should do if Michael asked him to play for POV. Eric said he couldn't tell him what to do, but they don't want Michael to take himself off the block.

Mike just came out of the DR and he is quite mad. Mike yells “unscrupulous!” Kaysar says “If you don't keep your cool it'll be worse. Be diplomatic, if you bump heads, there'll be more force.” Mike: “From who? A midget and a ghetto bird?”
Michael is shouting “I have been honest about everything. I have been honest with each and every one of you. Hey Jennifer, did you know after our discussion, I was punching walls in the bathroom?? I was also molesting you, and all the other girls, too!” Kaysar says he realizes how upset that Michael is. Mike says “if we were out of this, I'd pick him up by his ankles and hang him out of a 100 story building!” Howie yells from a distance “who, me?” Mike: “no not you, Howie.”
Mike says to Kaysar: “I've got an Irish temper, dude.” Kaysar: “Don't make threats.” Mike “I'm not making threats. It's against the rules, I won't make threats, and I’m ready to walk out of this f’in thing!” Kay says “they will do anything; if it means defaming you then they'll do it. I feel helpless at this point.” Mike says “I know that this is a game, the one thing is, what's a man’s life worth? I make $500,000 in 2 years so it's not about the money, but I didn't expect the people at CBS to put someone in here that has no scruples whatsoever. He's a scumbag.”

At the same time we have April and Eric in the HOH. Eric says “what does it say about someone's character when you put them up and then they start to S*** talk you. April: “don't go to him. Don't feed the monster.” Eric: “I'm not even making eye contact with the guy, I knew he'd try to make me look like a piece of s***, but hopefully my track record....(feeds switched.)

It’s after 9:00 and April, Ivette, Eric, Beau and not sure who else are in the HOH. This situation with Mike is all they talk about now. Eric says “let him dig his own f’in grave, this stuff won’t make the show.” April: “No this is over the top.” Ivette: “Honestly, the guy as an ego problem, he is upset he came in here and wasn't the Papi Chulo.” April: “Do I love Cappy? Yes, I love him to death. Do I have his back? Yes, because he hasn't done anything to me, that's what I told Michael.” (This Michael thing is so frustrating to hear about for so dang long!) Alas, they change their target – to Kaysar! Eric tells them all to not make eye contact with Mike or Kaysar.

EVENING 10:00 p.m.

Eric, Maggie, Ivette, Rachel and Jennifer are, guess where?? The HOH! Eric now seems to be back-tracking; he said Mike is just playing the game, "he hasn't threatened anyone, neither physically or sexually. In other words, Mike's just playing the game and there's nothing anyone can do. (Before that Maggie said that BB is not going to step in, so she counseled Eric to keep his cool.) Eric says “I'm at the point where I could pack my s***, I don't need this for my family.” Now Sarah and James are in there and Eric re-hashes this whole drama again and keeps asking “am I fanning the flames?”

Beau and Janelle are outside on the hammock. Beau is explaining to Janelle that he feels Mike makes inappropriate comments, Beau mentions how Mike pointed out April's chin implant. (In truth Mike felt her jaw line and said it was interesting). Beau suggests she pick April or Howie to play for POV for her.
Janelle said “she's mad because I hooked up with Mike, it's not true but for some reason Howie thinks it is too, he came in all mad at me and I told him to shut up.” Janelle then says “Ashlea told me that you knew Ivette, is that true?” Beau says “no” Janelle asks “are you sure?” Beau: “yes, we know the same people, just like you and I know each other, I know her as well as I know you.” Janelle (yawns) and says “interesting.” Then Beau asked Janelle “did you know Ashlea? Somebody said you guys knew each other.” Janelle says “no, but I liked her and everything. She told me about you and Ivette and I was like ok back it up with some evidence.” Beau: “I would think you and Ivette know each other because you live a block apart.” Janelle: “yea, but I don't know her.” Janelle asked Beau “did you vote to evict Kaysar?” Beau says “no Ashlea, but after the fact, I wanted to vote Kaysar out because he ticked me off, when he told Jennifer that he was going to put me and Ivette up if he got HOH.” While they were talking they said they can smell food cooking and assume it's coming from a set on the lot nearby. Janelle says it makes her think of Universal's lot. Said she used to work there, then we got FISH.

We are back to Jan and Beau in the hammock. Beau says to Janelle “Ivette told me and April that Ashlea was the epitome of what she didn't like.” Janelle says “oh my god, Ashlea said the same thing about Ivette.” They both laugh…(lol, it was funny).

11:00 p.m.

April and Ivette and Maggie are outside and Ivette says all Janelle did was hang around and all Ashlea did was degrade people. Ivette says (in third person) “Ivette doesn't like you because you didn't even give her 12 hours to get to know her before you wanted to put her up, and you started talking bad about her.” April is starting in on Howie now; she says that Howie is inconsistent at times. She says “he came in here saying he's in pharmaceutical sales and going to school to become a meteorologist. I asked him what products he sold and he had to think at least 10 minutes, then the other day I asked him what pharmaceutical company he worked for and he had to think about it and his answer and it was a company I have never heard of. Then the other day I asked him again what company he worked for and he said ‘oh, I'm not in it anymore, I'm just going to school to be a meteorologist.... Maggie breaks up the party and says “well I think I am gonna head in to listen to James Taylor, good night you guys.”

Maggie is in the HOH listening to music and crying. Eric comes into HOH and sees her crying and hands her tissue. Maggie says “it's every friggin' song. I knew when I saw the CD I was going to cry so hard.” Eric: “I knew you were gonna lose it, I knew it. I'm gonna leave you alone for a while and let you cry, I know the feeling.” Maggie says “come back in like 5 minutes.” Eric leaves and Maggie is really crying, sniffling, and trying to catch her breath.

Most of the others are in the kitchen having a late night snack. At around 11:30 all 4 feeds show Howie and Jennifer trying to get into the work out room. Jen says “Maybe the glass comes off? I guarantee if we guess the code it won't work until they're ready to let us in. Maybe if they'll see us trying, they'll let US IN!!”

Janelle and Mike are out on the hammock talking more about the events of the evening. Mike is saying how scared Eric is of him, primarily because he has a short man complex. Mike again tells her that he was not the one that made Jennifer cry in the room that day, it was Eric and how he was acting when he came in the room. Kaysar says that they are working on Howie (to get him to vote out Janelle), but they all agree Howie flies solo. Before Kaysar walks off he tells Jan they are trying to get her out. She is confused now, saying she thought they were trying to get Mike out. Mike starts to talk about James and Sarah and how half the time he can’t understand James because he has a lisp. He then says that Sarah has stretch marks under her arm pit. Mike says, “She works at a lingerie store. She has no excuse. I want to say, honey, I'll buy you a bra, from your own store!” Mike says they look like they (James & Sarah) could be brother and sister. Mike tells Jan that he almost left today, she asked him why. He says “The money doesn't matter to me. I thought this would be a different experience, and wanted to go back to work refreshed, whether I won or lost. Hopefully won, of course, but I thought I can't continue something if I'm being portrayed as some kind of sex offender. I have a lot to talk about to the DR.”


Now Mike and Janelle move on to talking about Ivette, Janelle says “she looks like a cleaning lady.” Mike says “she doesn’t speak Spanish to me, so I wonder if she can even speak it.” He goes on to make fun of her crying over Eric’s pictures when got HOH. Kaysar comes outside now telling them that Beau is like their little watch dog. He says “Beau has been assigned to stay up late, follow people around, keep tabs and make sure to keep us busy. I want to tell you this so you can stay on your toes and understand what's going on.” Mike is telling Kaysar & Janelle about a 'dirty' way to get at someone, he says one of the rules of BB is that you can't physically threaten someone....then we got FISH. Kaysar says he is sure there is another couple in the house; Janelle says she thinks it’s James and Sarah and Kay says “no I don’t think so, but I will figure it out.”

Mike starts to talk about Eric - Mik: "If he shoots low, I'll shoot lower, did you see his kids? They look like leprechauns, and his wife?....” Then Mike says “what’s with him crying all the time? I've never seen a grown man cry so much!” Mike starts to talk about Eric using steroids, how his body is not proportional. Kaysar told Mike to stop “and not get so personal, don’t get wrapped in personal lives.”

They finally go inside. Mike and Howie are in the gold room. Howie wondering what is in the safe. Howie wonders “is it cash? Is it a 3 week HOH key? Is it Janelle's panties? The day you're out of the house who's the first girl you're gonna ‘pleasure yourself’ to? I gotta go with Janelle first, then Jennifer."

The HG's are asleep. Janelle and Mike are in the same bed snuggling and I think a little petting or making out, not too sure what’s going on there.

We are sleeping now, just before 4:00 a.m.