James: Let the chat begin
cjj3: Yes!
HappyPeanut: this is the most people we've had so far for a bb9 HG!

cjj3: caitlin asks: Hi James, you are really the only reason I loved this BB season so much... I would like to know, what has been your favorite or craziest fan encounter since you've been back in the real world?
James: The fans have all been really nice
James: nothing to crazy
cjj3: Not one strange one?
MissyinSC: lol no panties thrown at you?
James: a lot of drunk moms in Vegas
James: no panties
James: yet
James: I hope that happens
caren: so my package hasn't arrived then....
James: hahah
cjj3: I think HappyPeanut has sent you something too James
yennifer: lol
HappyPeanut: caren you were supposed to send the bra!! mine was the panties!! geesh

cjj3: pink_rd asks: Rumor has it, you and Chels left the wrap party together...is this true? and if so were in the same hotel with each other afterwards?
James: Me and chels left the wrap party to go to Bar 107
James: the rest of the cast did some Hollywood bullshit
James: no hotel
James: she went home

cjj3: pink_rd asks: CRAZY JAMES Are you really staying at Bar 107? Arenít you scared of Crazy Fans? Wouldnít you rather stay with She-bot? ( LMAO )
James: I am staying at Bar 107 and my buddies Brianís couch
James: no shebot
cjj3: You can stay at a Bar?
James: I know the owner he is my best friend
James: and I was at the other partners wedding
James: I have it tattooed on my neck

yennifer: alusia asks: James, what is your all time favorite book?
James: Favorite Book: On the Road
James: And Survivor
yennifer: nice!

cjj3: What are they about?
James: On the Road started the Beat Generation in the 60s and is a must read for all people who are about to travel and Survivor is just a crazy book to hard to explain
yennifer: You should write your own book James!!!!

cjj3: Have you ever thought about writing a book about your travels?
James: I have but since I am under contract with CBS I can't for three years unless they make an exception
cjj3: I didn't know about the 3 year rule
yennifer: Really???? they control that too???
James: yea they control everything
James: They are wonderful though
James: I have no complaints

yennifer: Stellar asks: What are you going to do with your fan favorite money?
James: I am going to help my mom, My grandmother got cancer so she is going through Chemo and I am going to see her
James: and I am going to try to see fans
James: Get a website started
cjj3: As you can see, the fans want to see you!
yennifer: that's great! make sure you keep us in the loop!!!!
James: I will

cjj3: natchr0628 asks: James I wanted to know other than having a shomance whatís one thing you wish you had not done on the show
James: I wish I would have teamed up with matt and back doored Adam, he took a lot for granted with me in the show
cjj3: Adam?
yennifer: wow - that would have been great!
James: But Matt and Adam make a great team now
yennifer: no one would have ever expected it
James: haha

HappyPeanut: if you'd had the chance to choose your partner, you'd have gone with Matt?
James: No Chelsia
James: I think matt would be a desperation partnership

cjj3: caitlin asks: how has your family reacted to you after big brother? were they surprised at anything you did?
James: My family thought it was awesome
cjj3: Cool!
James: They still can't get over people all over the country like me
James: Not everyone
yennifer: it must have been great for them to watch you and see what a fan fav you've become!

cjj3: Have any of the other HGs expressed remorse over their family's reactions
James: But a lot of people
James: I think families should be accepting of the situation their kids were in
James: itís hard
James: and it makes people do things they normally wouldn't do
cjj3: Yeah this season seemed pretty hard
James: hhahah
James: the people were just not really compatible

cjj3: caitlin asks: James you have said a few times since leaving the house how awful the BB cast was... do you really hate them all or which of them do you actually like?
James: I don't hate anyone from the cast I just wouldn't find myself at a bar with them.
yennifer: that's better than what some other seasons can say I guess

cjj3: How about a trip to Disneyland with them then?
James: I have to spread congrats to everyone who took the jump
James: peopleís lives arenít the same

cjj3: jennie-poo asks: what is the craziest thing you have done since the show?
James: Vegas with Evel Dick
James: was pretty epic
cjj3: How so?
James: Tons of fans and Rehab pool party
James: A lot of drinking and having fun with the fans
James: I love sharing a good beer with a good fan

yennifer: JayStarCanada asks: Have you ever had a Tim Hortonís Coffee James? If not when you are in Canada get one!! They are the best!!
James: I have not had tim hortons coffee

yennifer: PartyN asks: James, which girl had the hottest bod in the house?
James: Chelsia
cjj3: I knew you would say that, lol
James: hahah
yennifer: yeah - I figured that was a safe answer

cjj3: natchr0628 asks: if you had to pick one word for each of your houseguests what would it be and why
James: Convoluted embodies them all

cjj3: Who was the most convoluted?
James: Natalie, yet she had a really great heart
yennifer: Sheila too maybe?
James: I don't think she really knows how good her energy is
James: when she is not talking
yennifer: awwww - that's so sweet!
cjj3: I think her energy was channeled towards another HG
yennifer: oh yes! for sure!
James: Mattís pants

cjj3: JayStarCanada asks: I just want to say I am a huge fan of yours and was throughout the season. I wanted to ask why we havenít heard much about your family? They never showed them on BB or anything like that.
James: I think that has gotten 100000 views on YouTube
James: They wanted to focus on my friends
yennifer: that's cool
James: What did they show on bb9
James: for my friends and family
James: what did you guys think of my friend Brian the bar owner
HappyPeanut: they showed the bar and I think the owner/friend of yours
James: that is my home

yennifer: jpow asks: James, are you mad that you weren't asked to be in "Team Christ"?
James: No
James: Team Christ....seriously
James: that was a screwed up alliance
James: I like team trainwreck better

yennifer: MissConduct asks: James did you get an apt or a place in la?
James: A couch, and a bar booth
James: thatís all I need
yennifer: nothing to keep you in one place for too long?

cjj3: IggysPINKTights asks: Will you keep us updated on your biking thru blogs/videos on your new website?
James: I am going to try to do daily Video Blogs
James: but its hard

cjj3: pinkluver asks: You said that you thought America probably hated you while you were in the house, were you surprised when you found out you were Americaís fav. juror? And were you shocked when you saw all the fan sites?
James: But I love you guys and I know you all want to know what is going on in my life
James: I thought America would fall in love with a matt character or a Sheila
James: but me
James: It was unbelievable

cjj3: Well this chatter has a very personal question for ya.
James: ok

cjj3: bblicious asks: "what did you eat when you were young to get that thing that big?
James: Tomatoes
cjj3: Wow
James: lots and lots
cjj3: and I hated them as a child
cjj3: Go figure
MissyinSC: brb, going to give hubby some tomatos
James: hahahahhaahh

yennifer: Kyra asks: You may have answered this before James, but I've been wondering...a few times I've heard you say (somewhere) you left LA with only 100 dollars and immediately spent it on drinks when you were doing that biking trip. Now, I also heard (I think it was on one of the BB9 interviews on TV) that you don't accept money from people who offer it to you. How did you keep yourself taken care of and whatnot while riding all of those miles?
James: The people of this great country helped me through my rough time
yennifer: do you ever get scared or lonely out there???
James: We have some the kindest people, they just need a catalyst for kindness
cjj3: Can you give an example of how you were helped?
James: Life is lonely whether itís in a group of people or in the wilderness you just have to be comfortable within yourself
yennifer: very true!
James: Couchsurfing.com, and meals from people
cjj3: Nice!

cjj3: Noob asks: did the DR staff try to influence votes, what you said, your understanding of other houseguests?
yennifer: yes! we want to know!!!
James: I donít think they DR staff tried to influence anything or I would have won
James: They staff really was pulling for me
yennifer: damn - maybe they should have then!
cjj3: Yeah I think you would have!
James: haha
James: I won America which is worth more than money

cjj3: littlemissaly asks: Why didn't you try to hook up with Sharon in the house??
James: I was spiritually connected to Chelsia
James: I am not that big of a douche bag
yennifer: I just got chills!
cjj3: Yeah it actually did seem like it
James: hahah
yennifer: must have made your game super hard after developing feelings like that
cjj3: Did you see the episode of you coming into the jury house
James: sorta but not really
James: I was there
cjj3: They portrayed you as kind of harsh with her
yennifer: yeah, they did
James: I told her to give compliments when she left spread good energy but she only brought negative

HappyPeanut: do you really think Chelsias outburst when she left was what got you evicted?
James: it set a tone for the game
James: no I got me evicted
cjj3: Well she had already smashed their Easter bunnies
James: haha
cjj3: What did you expect
James: but saying nice things would have been amazing
James: something unpredictable
yennifer: does she regret it now?
James: I don't think she regrets anything
James: she is just that type of chick
cjj3: Your season was strange in that once HGs minds were made up they usually went that way
yennifer: well that's good....stand by what you do!
James: These people were block heads

yennifer: alusia asks: why the pink and purple James?
James: Pink is a gnarly color and the Cheshire cat from Alice and wonderland is amazing
James: wonderland
cjj3: Yah you do grin like him!
James: hhaha
yennifer: you probably would have loved bb8's themed house!
James: that shit eating grin
James: my mom makes fun of me
James: for the stink grin
James: You always know when I am about to do something with that grin
cjj3: Reminds me of my students , lol
James: hahah
James: I am still a kid at heart
yennifer: careful - don't give away all your secrets......there may be another time..... (bb allstars!)
James: I am the youngest living BB houseguest currently
cjj3: And I teach kindergarten, lol

cjj3: caitlin asks: you seem like someone who is always kind of on the move.... can you picture yourself one day settling down, getting married, and living in one place?
James: I do see me settling down
James: marriage is wonderful if you can get it to work
yennifer: it takes lots of work
James: and kids are necessary to bread an open minded civilization
James: Raising a kid is the most fulfilling job on the planet
James: you produce what energy you put into them
James: if its negative the kid will be negative if it is positive the kid is amazing

cjj3: MaggieLynn asks: Did you think that you and ED would have ever become friends you guys seem to have hit it off so well?
James: Me and ED are friends
James: you is a really amazing guy
James: I have a lot to learn from him
James: This BB experience is like no other
cjj3: I think Josh wanted to model himself after ED
James: hahah
cjj3: It didn't work
James: the gay ed
James: with no tats
James: hahah
James: thatís the shitty part
James: he had to try to be that mean James: reality is supposed to be real
cjj3: It was kinda real
James: people in that house were acting and holding back
cjj3: You think?
James: I don't care what people think when it comes to what I stand for and what I have done
yennifer: you have the best attitude!
James: listen I encourage people to through tough questions my way
James: I will tell you everything

yennifer: thinkpink asks: Are you going to pursue a reality show or get back on your bike?
James: A reality show that is about me biking on $100 dollars
James: showing people that there is alternative ways of traveling
James: think survivor man in the city
cjj3: Could be cool, but production will make you fake stuff
cjj3: like that Bear dude's show
James: all over the world
James: no
James: I just want people to have fun

cjj3: caitlin asks: Crazy James, is there anything at all that you would NEVER do?
James: and have fun watching
James: murder
James: rape
James: steal
James: the basics
cjj3: Good choices!

yennifer: ok James - you said you don't mind the tough questions....................................

yennifer: JayStarCanada asks: Did you feel bad for not telling Chelsia the actual amount of porn you did when you told her in the SH and why didnít you tell her the whole truth?
James: I didn't tell her the whole truth because I didn't know if she would tell the producers, I also didn't say the company I did with
yennifer: ah
yennifer: and after in the jury house?
James: I do feel bad about lying
James: but life is life
yennifer: some other hg's said they knew about it though
James: I didn't bring the porn thing into the house because that has no place
James: bullshit
James: That was my dark secret
James: the porn
James: and I let America know it
cjj3: How did you get into that scene?
James: imagine America finding out your dark secret
yennifer: I remember when you were in the bathroom hinting about it to her
James: it is weird
James: I used to be a male stripper, my fiancť got me the job and I always wanted to experiment but wanted it to be safe
James: Porn is safe
James: tested
cjj3: True
James: and in a secure realm
cjj3: But it is shared, lol
James: I don't have to do anything I didn't want to
James: I wanted to do that
cjj3: Does it pay really well?
James: no
yennifer: really??????????????
yennifer: I would think that it does
James: yea
yennifer: wow
James: At least I didn't get paid a lot

cjj3: Did ChiChi LaRue really approach you?
James: she is my friend
James: she knows I am not going down the path
cjj3: Ahh, ok!

yennifer: Joanie asks: James will you do housecalls for bb10
James: do you guys want me too
yennifer: YES!
James: itís what the fans want but I think CBS is eyeing Matt
cjj3: They all want to see you on Housecalls
James: can you vote
James: is that true
MissyinSC: All the fans can't answer right now, but I think they would say HELL YES!
James: hahah
cjj3: Yeah I think they would, too Missy
yennifer: yup for sure
James: within two weeks I have had over 40,000 views on my blogs
James: itís been nuts

cjj3: LOL, Derrick has suggested calling your HouseCalls Fun with Dick and James
James: hahah

yennifer: have you got a chance to see all the you tube tribute video's?
James: not all of them
James: The best thing I saw was a jibjab video where I am captain slaughter
yennifer: I love the wrestling matches against matt!
yennifer: i've got that one on my myspace!!!
James: the wrestling matches
cjj3: Yeah
yennifer: a WWE backlash

cjj3: Kelsey asks: James, why did they blur out your tattoos
James: because the brawny man is copyrighted and it say prestigious cunt
James: and the arm piece is a catholic priest holding a gun to her head and thinking about two guys butt fucking
James: it was free
James: and it was a drunk chicago tattoo
cjj3: From Brawny?
James: from Matt Moreno in Chicago
James: amazing artist
James: at insight tattoo

yennifer: Blondzilla5150 asks: Hello James!!! I love you much! Are you planning to go on any kind of mini tour of bars and clubs near northern cali soon? You have no idea how many fans would love to see you!!!
James: Soon but it takes time
James: I can get more people through chats
yennifer: lol as proven here tonight!

cjj3: xFANTASMAx asks: if you could be president whats the first thing you would change?
James: I would take away the income tax
James: and implement the fat tax
James: you pay 5 dollars per pound
yennifer: eek!
James: it would encourage people to be healthy
cjj3: I like being fat
James: and the rich couldn't escape it

cjj3: mosport asks: James do you know why the hg's weren't allowed to touch the guinea pigs?
James: Because we could barely play nice with ourselves more or less animals
yennifer: yeah - keep the little one's safe
James: indeed

yennifer: MaggieLynn asks: hi James, luv ya! are you any closer to answering any of your myspace fans yet I know there is tons
James: I am going to be
James: its hard

cjj3: cardinaire asks: if you were stranded on a deserted island what three things from the BB house would you want on the island with you, human or non-human?
James: Chelsia, the canoe, and the fishing rod

cjj3: helena asks: Hiya James. You seemed to develop a strong attraction to Chelsia (love her) right off the bat. What about her was so compelling to you?
James: she is open minded and she has the don't give a fuck attitude
James: I like a girl that knows how to handle herself
yennifer: that she does!

yennifer: mcLovinnn asks: James! you sexy beast you! are you going to be keeping that pink mohawk of yours? ... your trademark or are you going to go wild and change it up?
James: It will be pink

cjj3: Elliot asks: do you think if your mohawk wasn't pink, people wouldn't notice you?
James: they would still notice me
James: I had a hat on and someone still came up
cjj3: Cool
James: no hiding from you guys
cjj3: And no crazy ones yet ?
James: no

cjj3: java asks: James, if you could pick one person from any season, other than chelsia (obvious choice) to play all star with, who would it be?
James: evel dick
cjj3: You think you guys would do well?
cjj3: or just have fun?
James: maybe
James: I think he would target me
James: but it would be fun
James: for you guys at home

yennifer: Stellar asks: I wanna try out for big brother in the future, any suggestions for game play in the house?
James: Play everyone
yennifer: so what sets people apart to get on the show????
James: stories
James: belief
yennifer: great advice!
James: and lack of knowledge or knowledge of the game
James: outgoing
yennifer: so true!
James: shy people don't work
James: you on TV you have to make it good
James: but you have to be you

cjj3: tiki asks: would you and chelsia do the amazing race together?
James: if they asked us
James: I think it would rule
James: but I donít think they are going to cross promotionalize

HappyPeanut: was this the first season you'd applied for BB, James?
James: this was the first season
James: I was drunk in a bar in Brooklyn
James: and they scooped me up
James: I think it had to do a lot to my lifestyle
cjj3: So you didn't send in a tape?
James: and my look
James: no
James: I think you need to go to the casting calls
James: face to face
James: feel it out

MissyinSC: Lilbets asks: James - Do you plan on trying to catch any of the BB10 season on television?
James: if I get House calls I will watch it

yennifer: ljc asks: James, what is a fear of yours?
James: Knowing that I can't tell everyone all over the world I care
James: That I support them all

cjj3: crazyfan asks: James, would you have proffered for BB9 to be a short one season and the couple didn't split? Do you think it was harder when you were as singles?
James: it was harder when we split
James: I had the game when we were in couples
cjj3: Yeah it was definitely harder for remaining couples
James: yea

yennifer: cjvandy asks: what would you like to see changed about bb - rules, powers, etc.?
James: I would just like a balls out season...hardcore competitions and hardcore players
James: I hate drifters
cjj3: Floaters?
James: people who get far for doing nothing
cjj3: Yeah, floaters!
yennifer: ugh floaters!

James: I am going to head out soon
James: I have a meeting at bar 107
MissyinSC: Thanks James for chatting!
yennifer: have a drink for us James!
James: if youíre in Los Angeles come play at 107
cjj3: Yeah great talking to you!
James: I love you all

James: one last question
James: give me an epic one

yennifer: clone asks: yo James , now that the game has ended and the misery is over , do you see through phony ppl now in life , did the game open your eyes to ppl
James: It opened my eyes to how people said they would spend the money, we were asked in sequester how much we would donate to charity, Matt said 50,000 Chelsia said 50,000 Josh said 75,000 and Sharon said 40,000 I said 375,000
James: Don't let money consume what and who you are
James: use it to survive