9:30 AM
The Houseguests get the wake-up call and their day begins.
Outside of breakfast and battery changes, nothing of note happens prior to the Veto meeting.

Danielle, Shane, and Dan are still sporting bandages from the last Veto competition.

11:30 AM
When feeds return from the Veto meeting, we see Jenn giving Ian a hard time in the Arcade Room. She is getting loud. Everyone else is just trying to avoid the drama.

Turns out Shane used the Veto on himself and Ian replaced him with Danielle. Jenn is not happy with that choice and thinks Dan would have been the better option. Ian explains he is just trying to break up the couple. He didn't want to give a couple the voting power.

Next Jenn asks Shane to talk in private, “I know you and Dani are tight, but I do really want to stay here. I can't take this lying down." She confronts him about working with Ian. When Shane looks surprised she says "He was helping you with the puzzle [during the Veto competition] Shane, c'mon!"
Shane tells her he doesn’t know why Ian did that and he will keep an open mind and his personal relationship with Danielle aside.

Dan and Danielle talk game; Mainly Dan wanting to know if Shane will vote out Ian if it came down to the two of them on the block. Danielle replies, "Oh yeah, he doesn't think he can win against him either." She tells Dan he has been very paranoid the last few weeks.
She then goes into detail about her father and his anger problems. When Dan asks her if he will get mad because she is talking about this on camera she responds that she doesn't care; maybe he will realize then.

Ian pops in on the two of them to relay what Jenn was upset about earlier. She wanted to know if it was a tie who would Ian vote for. He tells Dan it better not come to a tie. Dan says it won't.

A little later Jenn and Ian chat again. Ian reiterates it was his plan from the beginning to break up the couple. This time Jenn seems to be buying into it.

1:00 PM – Danielle’s ailment of the day…
Danielle tells Dan she has a mass in her breast that she has to have removed when she leaves BB. It's not malignant. It is scar tissue. She’s already had radiation therapy and also chemo to reduce the scar tissue related to her implants.
Later in the conversation Dan wants to be reassured that Danielle will take him to final two over Shane. She says she had a great time on the date out of the house but she is with Dan.

4:00 PM
Dan asks Shane if he thinks they will be able to get "us 3 through". Shane says he hopes so and one of them has to win HOH.

Later while Dan is alone looking at his HOH pictures he says, “Shane has to go.”

6:30 PM

They are put on outdoor lockdown, screwing up their dinner plans. It goes about 2 hours and they get really antsy asking several times for BB to let them back in, plus Danielle really has to go to the bathroom.

When they are allowed to go back in, Dan pretends he is going to run for the bathroom before Danielle, putting her into a mild tizzy. Before the partition is fully raised, Danielle bolts underneath to beat Dan there.

9:00 PM
They get to finish preparing dinner. There is some Joe bashing related to the grill being really bad and attracting ants. Dan cleans it up, removing large chunks of burnt salmon. Jenn, still on slop, helps the others by frying up some potatoes then heads out back while they eat. There are some Quack Pack duck noises made after she leaves.

Ian takes it upon himself to change the mood lighting to green prompting BB to tell him to stop.

10:00 PM
Dan is alone with Danielle. She is upset but doesn't want to talk about it. Two minutes later, she talks about it anyway. Among other things, she's upset that Jenn is walking around smiling and being Dan's BFF while she has to act like she isn’t friendly with him (The funeral strategy).

Meanwhile Jenn does a long serious workout by herself outside.

Next, Shane takes a turn with Danielle, still upset. She says it's because she's on the block. She's upset that Dan asked Jenn to help cook fries. She doesn't trust Dan. He's nuts and could do something crazy. Since Ian is the tiebreaker, Shane explains it doesn’t matter if Dan does try to pull something.
They talk about their trip out of the house yesterday (They got to go see the Olympic gymnastics team and meet them in person). Dani says it was so great that they didn't have to worry about how much they snuggled and held hands. Shane agrees.

10:30 PM
Dan beats Ian at chess.

Afterwards Dan goes back on ‘Danielle watch’. She is still stressing and emotionally spent. She's worried about Ian voting her out. Dan says it's not going to get to that. They reaffirm their final two.

Later Danielle tells Shane and Ian that Frank was in love with her but asked her not to tell Shane because he was afraid of him.

Not much later Danielle wrestles Ian's monkey away. In the process it gets ripped and has stuffing coming out.

Jenn quietly approached and listened to the others from outside the bedroom. She mumbles, "Nothing important" and leaves.

After hearing the BB message to not talk about production, Jenn walks back to the bedroom and says "Snitches!" They let her know they were talking about OTEV competitions. She joins in.

1:12 AM
Danielle tends to Dan's hand. Dan thinks it looks much better.

Meanwhile Ian is out on the hammock mumbling to himself. He has done this a lot tonight. Much of it seems to be toward Dan. He doesn’t seem to be trusting Dan’s assurances.

Not much later, Dan goes outside and thanks Ian for not nominating him today. Ian says that was a given.

Danielle offers to rewrap Shane’s gauze, but he declines. She takes care of her own and everyone seems to be going to bed.

Dan makes note that Shane is in a different bed from Danielle tonight. She doesn’t seem happy about it.

Jenn gets up at 4:00 AM and goes out back. “I miss New York. I know it's 9/11. Wish I could be there.”

After a few minutes of quiet deep thought, she gets up and says, “OK folks, it's 9/11. Do something good for yourself today. Then do something good for a stranger. You never know how long you have here. Here one day, gone the next. So do something good.

With that she goes inside and the house goes quiet.

Will Jenn figure out playing the game means more than saying she wants to stay? Will Dan try to pull something and keep her anyway? And what will Danielle’s ailment of the day be tomorrow?

Thanks to the Updaters for sticking it out on a relatively slow day.