9:50 Franks up brushing his teeth, making coffee and changing his battery.
11:09 They are on lock down in the HOH. Frank says he wishes he could have made Jenn breakfast. She tells him that he made her coffee and that's the breakfast of champion's right there. Jenn asks him what time they closed the backyard last night and he told her they told them at 3 and then actually closed it at 3:30. Frank talks about how Dan said it will take them about a month to get back into their normal lives after they get back. Jenn says she's used to that because that's how it was when she'd come back from being on tour. Frank is worried because Joe was up late last night talking to Dani and he thinks that Joes going to use the pity card that he's got kids and needs the money to stay in the house. They get the theme music pumping and then we get trivia.

1:12 lock down is over, everyone is primping for the show or eating. They mention that they were in there for 2 hours and it was a long lock down.

4:45 Someone says to Joe at least he doesn't have to worry about someone else packing his stuff for the double eviction. So now we know that once again they know. Everyone is getting dressed for the show. They think that the live feeds are off.

5:33 Dan and Dani talking, she's complaining that Shane is always with her and never gives her room to breathe. Dan mentions the same thing and she tells him that Shane's a jerk to her when they are alone. Jenn comes in and all 3 of them swear on their mom's that it's them 3 to the end. Dan tells Dani that if she gets nervous just to grab him and he'll stand in front of her, I guess meaning if Frank goes off for leaving the house?

Then we get the live show where Frank is evicted 3 to 1 with Jenn being the only one who voted for him to stay, and Dan wins the next HOH with a tie breaker question on how many minutes Jodi was in the house. He puts up Ian and Joe. Ian wins the maze veto comp and pulls himself off the block, Dan than puts up Dani in his place. Sadly eagle eye Joe is evicted in a unanimous vote.

Feed's come back around 7:20, Dan says that Joe was going to come after him. Dan and Dani talking about how when someone wins HOH they will have to put up Shane and tell him that it's time for him to be a pawn. Dan tells Dani to calm Jenn down, they came up with a cover story to tell the other members of the Quack Pack why he didn't put Jenn up. He said that he's just going to say he freaked out at the last minute because Joe brought up to him about the Dani/Shane alliance.

7:30 Ian and Shane talk about how it's all about the Quack Pack and how Frank went out bitter and he only hugged Jenn. Said that he looked shocked that it was a 3-1 vote because he thought he had the votes to stay. Other 2 Quack Pack members enter the kitchen and Dan thanks them for trusting him and they all reassure each other that they are all out to get Jenn. Ian mentions how his first HOH was a bust but this time he got a 12 point buck. Shane suggests that they start studying for the next competition since they think it will be tonight. Dan is happy he's going to get a HOH basket and a letter. Jenn is lamenting being on slop for the rest of the season. Dani says she'll make her some slop cookies.

8:21 Ian is pacing again and reading and re-reading his letter in the boom boom room. Having a strategy session with himself mumbling under his breath.

8:30 Jenn and Dani have a girl power alliance conversation that's really hard to hear so might have some things wrong here but Dani says she pledges to Jenn her devotion and she'll sleep with Jenn in the other room if it would prove something to Shane, they think Shane sucks at puzzles and quiz's and they can beat him. Dani apologizes for having to get rid of Frank and Jenn says thank you but you don't have to say it but it's still nice to hear. Jenn tells Dani that she has anger issues and she's really been keeping herself in check in the house. Dani offers to eat slop with Jenn but Jenn says she doesn't want to have her eat that stuff. Jenn is worried about trusting Dan because of what he pulled tonight with the nominations putting Dani up and Dani tries to comfort her and put her at ease by saying that Dan didn't put Jenn up. We get trivia and assume that mean's it's time for the next HOH comp.

10 PM Feeds come back and we see Dan and Dani looking upset. Ian won HOH. We find out that both Jenn and Dani were pretty close but no cigar. We hear it came down to a tie breaker between Ian and Shane. Bunch's of sour grapes from just about everyone that they didn't win the Veto when Ian pulled himself off and that they didn't win this HOH. Seems Ian is going to pull straws for who is going up with Jenn. Shane notices that Joe's key is missing.

10:30 Ian's talking to himself saying that a socially inept loser made it into the final 4. Dan comes in and asks him who he's going to put up. He says he wants to put up Dan for appearances and because he's too afraid that he'll put up Shane or Dani and then the other will win veto and pull the other one off. Dan leaves and Ian starts talking to himself again about how he only has to win another couple of competitions and his family will have a better life. He keeps repeating what he said when he pulled himself off the block about how he wished he had 2 veto's so he could pull them both down. Dan comes back and they talk what would happen if Jenn wins the veto. Ian says he'd want Dani to go home because Shane isn't as smart for the quiz competitions. Dan pushes for it to be Jenn and Shane and to put up Dani if Shane wins the veto. Ian confirms that he's taking Dan to the end no matter what. Dan says nothing. Ian says basically they just need to win this next veto and they will be fine. Dan agrees with Ian that Dani is smart and can go toe to toe with Ian in a quiz and if Jenn doesn't go she should probably go. Dan mentions he's a little worried about final 4 when it comes down to Dani/Shane against Dan/Ian. Ian tells him not to even think that far yet. Dan tells him he put him up to hide their final 2 alliance. Ian says as long as a Quack Packer wins he can die happy, and then he leaves and Dan starts talking to himself about how he needs to get Jenn and Shane nominated and hummmm how can he make that happen . . .

11:45 Dan's called to the storage room to get his HOH basket. His letter is from his wife and he's reading it and keeps breaking down to almost crying. .. (ed. note I wonder if that's real or fake never know with this one lol) he also got 2 new pairs of swim trunks and a bunch of candy and cereal. He shares his goodies with the class. They all chow down as they had nothing but health food last week. Shane leaves the room and Dan tells Dani he wants Ian to put up Shane and Jenn and not to use the veto and take Shane out.

12:55 Ian gets his HOH room. Ian gets a letter from his grandma and grandpa, pop tarts, and other goodies. He says look they gave me my stuff back! He got a Matt and Kim CD.
1:37 Dan leaves the HOH last and says he thinks it should be Jenn and Shane, and Ian says that's what he was thinking too and going to do anyways.

1:59 Jenn and Dani are in the bathroom and they both agree that it's been a long day and they are tired.

2:30 Ian and Dan talk Dan tells him that Ian will be surprised how many girls will contact him once he gets out of the house. Ian ask's girls I know or you mean like girls in Canada? Dan just repeats that he'll be surprised. They say they feel bad that Joe had to go tonight. They compare Joes exit with Frank's exit. Joe hugged everyone and was gracious Frank only hugged Jenn and was arrogant. Ian says it's because Frank took on characteristics from his coach. They talk about how rude Boogie was to Ian how he would ask him if he was on medication and told him he's not in the dorms anymore he can't wear a duck on his head. Ian says how can you take this show seriously when someone will be running around in a unitard in a few weeks? Ian and Jenn talk he wanted to know if she had won the veto tonight if she would have used it. She tells him probably not but if someone offered her an honest deal then she would have and she would have been more likely to make a deal with Ian than with Joe.

2:45 Shane and Dani are worried about going up on the block. Dani thinks they will both be on the block and then Shane will win the Veto and leave her on the block. He says if he wins it he'll take her down because he owes her one. Dani says that she didn't know she was going up tonight and Dan surprised her with it. They think the next Veto will be the face morph and that Ian should be able to win it. They want to get Ian out at final 4. They snuggle. Dan comes in and they help him change the sheets so he can have Joes old bed. They talk about how drawing straws is the most fair way to do things but how none of them want to go on the block.

3:41 All house guests are in bed except for Jenn who's still in the diary room. She comes out of the diary room and says "I'd kick small children down the street for a piece of toast."
4:13 Finally everyone is in bed.

Will Dans mist get Shane out of the house this week? Can Jenn sneak by and take this to the end? Will Ted be on the jury? Only time will tell. . .

Thanks again to all the awesome feedsters who do the updates you all are totally freaking awesome and totally appreciated, keep up the great work!