And Then There Were 6

So tonight’s epi began as usual with a look back at the week of the quitters.

I have to be honest here, our power went out at this point and was out for the first 15 minutes or so of the episode and came back on at the end of the Luxury Challenge. I gathered that it was Chase that won the challenge and decided to take Jane and Holly with him for the reward. I am going to try to pick up the show at this point.

As Chase, Jane and Holly head off for their reward, you see them chowing down on some fresh watermelon as Holly says that Chase is sitting with the two oldest women left......He remarks that he is in good company. As they head into their tikki hut to see what they got, Jane was extremely energized at having a nice proper shower and just even being able to sit in the hut. As Jane has her shower, Chase and Holly are sitting inside talking game. Chase remarks that he was stupid and he should of picked Sash he is sitting back at camp with Benry, Fabio, and Dan..........the three of them are probably talking his ear off.

Back at camp, Benry and Fabio are talking and they are worried that Sash will team up with Chase. While the other 3 were on their reward, Benry and Fabio killed their last chicken in camp. Fabio remarks, I wonder if Jane will be upset that we killed her chicken.......immediately Benry chimes in saying that it isn’t her chicken....... things were definitely tense.

The next day, the 3 that were on reward come back to camp and Jane finds out that the chicken is gone. Jane was really upset saying that they didn’t have to eat her, they had lots of rice.........Jane made a little buriel site for the chicken and then went down to the beach for some alone time. When she was feeling better, Chase, Holly and Jane met up to talk some game. They were talking of how Holly doesn’t necessarily trust Sash, but they still need him for the number’s sake. Chase comes up with a plan that he and Holly were to make Sash feel that they would take Sash to the finals with the two of them and will ditch Jane somewhere along the way. When the trio get back to camp and share what their reward was, you hear Benry saying in a PI of how he is really worried that he might be the one to go. At the fire while the others were talking about the reward, Benry asks Chase if his name came up as someone that they wanted to vote out.......Chase said no, then Chase asked what about Fabio to vote out..........Benry agreed. Then in a PI, Chase said that he definitely doesn’t trust Benry now and never has.

Later, Chase and Sash meet up in the woods to discuss game. Sash admitted that it didn’t bother him that Chase took Holly as he was sure anyone of them would of considering she deserved it, but it did bother Sash that Jane went .........made him nervous he was saying. Chase then tried to convince him that it bothered him that he didn’t take Sash on the reward. During their conversation, Sash tried to get Chase to swear on his mother and father that he will be taking Sash to the final 3........Chase said absolutely that he wouldn’t swear on that, but will definitely take Sash and Holly with him to the final 3 or final 2, that Chase would take Sash to the end. Holly then shows up and gets in on the conversation by first apologizing for Sash not coming for the reward. With Holly and Sash there, Chase told them that Benry is with him and that he wants Fabio to go out next.........Sash immediately pipes in with saying that it was a straight up lie and thinks that Benry should be the next one out the door.

Then Benry comes down to talk to the other 3 and as long as Benry doesn’t go, he is fine with Fabio going. During Benry’s PI, he stated that he was fine with voting Fabio out even though it would break up his alliance a bit. He finishes it off by saying that it is amazing what a couple of hours can do around camp.....

Up Next.............Immunity Challenge

As everyone heads into the challenge area we see these beams with a rope intertwined through it..........The idea of the challenge is to wind yourself up and over the beam while attached to the are to unwind enough rope to allow yourself to get to the staging area and pick up a bag of coins........the first 3 there will carry on to part 2 of the challenge where you take the gold coins from the bag and add them to the gold coin puzzle pieces stacked up to form a proper puzzle.......once the puzzle is formed, close your box around it and you are the winner. Fabio, Benry and Sash won round 1 and Sash won round 2 and has won the immunity challenge.

When they get back to camp, Sash admits in a PI that he is a triple threat........hidden immunity, game immunity and in the majority alliance.........he also says that he has been sandbagging the challenges and only been working at a 70% - 80% capacity. Now he is going to kick it into gear and the challengers like Fabio and Benry are on the slippery slope down. In a PI, Fabio states that he feels the closest to Sash than anyone out there and feels he can trust Sash to let him know if Fabio is on the chopping block. Meanwhile, Dan starts walking along the beach and Chase asks Dan what he thinks for tonight...........that is when Sash and Chase tell him that it looks like it will be Fabio heading home. In a PI, Sash is looking like the cat who ate the canary when he says that he and Chase are stringing along Dan, Benry and Fabio into thinking the other one is going home. Back around the fire, you see Chase, Dan, Benry and Sash......they are all discussing who’s name they should give to Fabio as the one to get the votes......they decide on Jane, except for Benry who says that it should be Holly’s name written down. Holly is sitting around the fire listening to everything.

Sash and Jane head off for some talk and Sash opens up to her saying that to him, Jane is like the 2nd mom out there...........Is that the truth or just game figure it out.......LOL.

In a PI, Jane describes how she feels the relationship is going that she has with Holly and Chase.....she also feels that she can trust Sash. As Jane puts it, they are meshing like spokes on a wheel, just turning the clock, just turning the clock.

Up Next..................Tribal Council

As the tribe gets settled, Probst says that they will bring in the members of the jury......Alina, Marty, Brenda and our two quitters, NaOnka, and Purple Kelly who quit at the last tribal council. Probst talks to Chase about the reward challenge and the upcoming much of a physical threat that he is becoming. Then Fabio is brought into things by Jeff asking him about the alliances. Benry has voiced confidence that he is fine and safe for tonight. There wasn’t much talked about in the council tonight so they went to the vote rather quickly. As the votes were being read out, you could see shock on the Jury’s faces as I guess the voting wasn’t making sense to them. Even Marty had to get his “What the H is going on?” When the votes were counted, you could see the look of shock on Benry’s face when he found out he was gone.

Well, I guess that’s all for tonight......hope you enjoyed the blog. Until next week, I hope you all have a good one.