Season Two - Episode 4 - Shake and Fingerpop

After dinner with the Newlins, Jason returns to his dorm to find his roommates slaughtered by vampires. He is attacked from behind and starts to fight the guy off when everyone starts laughing at him. Jason seems to take the “joke” pretty well until he punches Luke, his attacker, in the face and breaks his nose. Stunned into silence, he informs everyone that vampires aren’t a joke and that there is a war going on out there. (Steve spoke to Jason about the “war” over dinner.)

In Bon Temps, Bill is furious to find Hoyt and Jessia messing around. Though he tries to warn Hoyt that Jessica is dangerous, Hoyt refuses to believe such a thing. In a tension filled moment, Jessica says “Is it my fault my fangs come out when I’m turned on?” The comical aspect of all this eases the situation and Sookie suggests that Jessica go with them to Dallas. Bill confesses to Sookie that he is a little jealous of Jessica because she doesn’t have to hide what she is, like he did. Elsewhere, Sam and Daphne are getting to know each other away from the workplace. Despite their turbulent employee/employer relationship, they seem to enjoy each other’s company. After their swim, Sam notices the scars on Daphne’s back but doesn’t mention them.

Tara decides to accept Sookie’s offer of moving in with her. She tells Maryann that she’s moving out and thanks her for her support. Maryann seems okay with it and tells her she is sure Tara would do the same for her. When Tara gets to Sookie’s house, Sookie tells her she has to go to Dallas with Bill. Sookie explains that she agreed to go in order to save Lafayette which upsets Tara because this is the first time hearing about his troubles with the vampires. Tara rushes to Lafayette’s house to check in on him and then berates him for getting into the mess in the first place. Lafayette isn’t having any of it and tells her to keep quiet about the vampires and makes her leave. (He just wants to be left alone.) Meanwhile, Sheriff Dearborn, Kenya and the coroner are discussing Miss Jeanette’s autopsy when Andy bursts in talking about wild pigs. The Sheriff realizes that Andy is drunk and forces him to give him his badge. He tells him to get his act together. Back at Merlotte’s, Sookie finds out from Terry that Sam might be leaving. When she asks him about it he basically tells her to mind her own business.

Jason and Steve are at the LODI compound driving around in a jeep and shooting at “vampire” targets with paint ball guns. They are really pumped up by it and Steve is impressed with Jason’s technique. Jason confesses that he has seen a vampire staked before which further impresses Steve. They head back to Steve’s house where Sarah is barbequing dinner. (This part is kind of funny because Steve is trying to have a conversation with Jason, but Jason is sitting there daydreaming about Sarah showing him a dirty little dance routine behind her husband’s back.) Steve is preparing an army against the vampires and wants Jason to become a soldier of God. He invites Jason to stay at their house. When Jason goes to his dorm to pack, his roommate tease him about the Reverend’s wife having a thing for Jason.

Maryann and Eggs show up at Sookie’s house to surprise Tara for her birthday. She informs Tara that all of her “friends” will be over for a party that night. The surprise party for Tara leaves Merlotte’s empty, so Sam decides to close at Arlene’s and Daphne’s urgings. But before Sam leaves, Lettie Mae shows up with a gift for Tara. (She looks absolutely lost and unsure about her relationship with Tara. The gift is obviously a peace offering.) Sam agrees to give it to Tara for her. When Sam gets to Sookie’s house, he runs into Maryann. They exchange words but Maryann blows him off. Maryann goes outside and stands apart from the partygoers and starts to chant and vibrate. It seems that her chanting causes the people to get louder and wilder. (Let the fornicating begin!)

Meanwhile, Sookie, Bill and Jessica arrive in Dallas just as the sun is setting. While waiting for the coffins to be unloaded, the limo driver attempts to abduct Sookie. Bill comes to her rescue. They take him to the hotel with them for questioning. Bill teaches Jessica how to glamour and she has a little fun with it at the poor man’s expense. They discover that the Fellowship of the Sun hired the man to kidnap the human woman with the vampires arriving on that flight. Bill calls Eric with the information and gets frustrated at Eric‘s short and curt replies. Eric cuts their conversation short. Bill is unaware that when he is speaking to Eric, Lafayette is drinking blood from Eric’s wrist. Eric showed up at Lafayette’s house and offered to heal his leg. (Lafayette wouldn’t go to a hospital for fear of exposing the vampires. Left untreated, his leg got infected.) Lafayette asks why he would make such an offer and Eric explains that he is interested in things that Sookie has an interest in. Bill’s call interrupts them and Eric leaves, but not before a healed Lafayette boogies all over the living room and humps everything in sight. (Very funny!) Eric arrives at the hotel and tells Bill that the Dallas vampires are going to start a war if Godric isn‘t found. Bill doesn’t believe him and blames him for putting Sookie in danger, especially since the Fellowship is involved and there appears to be a traitor among the vampires.

Maryann continues to chant and vibrate and is causing everyone to lose control. Tara and Eggs are having crazy sex in Sookie’s bed, and their eyes have gone all black. Everyone is in the demon/zombie mode, except for Sam and Daphne who are in the kitchen talking. They seem unaware that a full blown orgy has erupted in the yard. After a brief chat, Daphne whispers to him, “I know what you are.” (It also appears that Maryann is drawing power from all the sex. Her hands seemed to change shape, possibly into LONG CLAWS!!!)

At the hotel, Sookie is waiting for Bill to get back from his meeting with Eric. Someone knocks on the door and when she answers a bellboy is standing there. Jessica rushes out of her room and says she ordered room service. She ordered a “live donor” right off a menu. Sookie is wondering how old the guy is and the bellboy says “He’s over 21.” Sookie is stunned that he read her mind, and the bellboy is stunned when he realizes she can read his. He freaks out and starts running down the hallway with Sookie chasing after him.