Marty the Farty is Sent Packing

As usual, tonight started off with a rewind of what happened last week. When the group got back to camp after the Tribal Council(TC), Jane was still hopping mad because of Marty calling her out in the TC. Jane, Chase, and Brenda were sitting around the fire talking of how Marty treated Jane and the things that he said.........

The next day, Marty and Sash head out for water and of course Marty starts talking game with him. At the water hole, Marty is trying to get info out of Sash by asking him who voted for Marty. In a PI, Marty says that he hates playing with dumb people.

Back at camp, Marty is talking to Dan and Benry.........and comes up with the plan to tell around camp that they are going to vote NaOnka off, meanwhile on council day, write Jane’s name down........Marty gets out Jane and hopefully the idol will be flushed out. Meanwhile, they are talking close enough to Jane that by the look on her face and her PI afterwards, she says that Marty was trying to poison everyone into thinking less of Jane and try to get her out........

Up next............Reward Challenge

This challenge’s reward is a Survivor BBQ. The winning team gets to do ziplining through the trees and at the end enjoys a bbq. The object of the challenge is that the team works together to get through an obstacle course while collecting 3 keys. Once the obstacle is cleared, 3 keys will be used for the 3 locks which unlock your flag.......the first flag up wins. As the randomly teams were selected, it still ended up with men against women..........Chase was the odd man out and chose to cheer on the women.......if they won, he would go on the reward. Needless to say, it was definitely a lobsided challenge but Jane definitely did her best.....The men won and they headed off for their reward as the women + Chase headed back to camp. As Chase and the ladies head off, we get a PI from Marty saying that watching Chase and Jane heading off together was like watching dumb and dumber. What a nice gent you are Marty.........NOT!

Everyone was totally enjoying themselves on the zipline.........Except Danny! He was going pretty slow down both sections of zipline......During the bbq, Marty couldn’t resist still talking game and spreading his plan to all the guys. He said that it is best that everyone says that they will vote NaOnka, but actually write Jane’s name down.......not only will they flush out the idol from Na, but will get Jane out of the game. LOL, Marty thinks he is pulling off a big coupe here, meanwhile, we at home know that Sash will be on Brenda and the ladies sides.....Right??

Meanwhile, back at camp, the ladies seemed impressed that Chase chose him and told him that it states his character.......After which, Chase talks to Na, Holly, and Brenda to find out where they stand.......everyone wants Marty gone, provided he doesn’t win immunity. During the talk between Chase and Brenda, Brenda has some PI’s that tell us Brenda is tired of Chase’s whining. The next day tree mail arrives with a note about what the immunity challenge will be.

Up next................Immunity is back up for grabs

The idea is to match up the symbols that Probst gives the have to remember the symbols and proper order of them. After two rounds, Brenda won the immunity challenge.

Back at camp, Fabio and Benry are talking game together.......they both decide that they need to lay low and if asked, vote Na. Next you see Marty and Dan talking to Chase.....they are telling him that they are going to vote for Na. Once out of earshot, Chase, Holly and Jane are talking about who is getting what votes and who each of them are voting for......Chase was smart and got it........he said that he thought that Marty / Dan said that they were going to vote for Na, but would actually blindside Jane and vote for her on paper.

Next we see Marty talking to Brenda on the beach stating that it was Sash’s plan to say that they were going to vote out Na, meanwhile putting Janes name down......therefore hopefully the idol will be flushed out and Jane will be gone. WOW, Marty definitely can say a lie or two.........LOL.

It is obvious that Brenda and Sash feel that they got the game in the bag when you listen to their PI’s..........mind you Marty felt that way about him and Jill to all of a sudden have the game do a 180 on them........nothing is for certain when you think you have it all figured out!

Tribal Council is up next................

After the group gets settled, Probst first picks on Jane and asking her about the reward challenge. Then the questions begin to go around to others including Marty. When Jeff asked Marty about the last tribal council and how he called out Jane, he asked Marty if he felt that there was a big target on his back. Marty replies that he has his bags packed but is confident that he will be staying..........Then Probst brings Jane back into the conversation of how things went since the last tribal council. Jane tried to briefly answer his question, then Jeff carried onto Na and her thieving of the food/supplies. Na answers it by saying that when it is always brought up JEFF, it will be there........then Marty pipes in saying that it was treated as if it was a really trivial lie, steal food and supplies, just isn’t right......Marty, Fabio, and Jeff get onto Na’s case regarding the stolen food.......kind of a comedy fest listening to Na trying to defend herself once again. Na gets into a swearing contest that totally baffles most of the people there either leaving them shaking their heads or in Probst’s case, he says that Na has left him speechless. Jeff says that the way she keeps going off at the tribal’s and is still there, then he should be looking at her being there for the finals.......That just started her off on another tantrum......WOW!

As everyone files up there to vote, we are given a glimpse of what Jane had to say as she is holding up her vote for Marty....... “You are a disgrace to every man who call himself a father. There is no way in heck that I would allow my child or grandchild to come play with your children. Plain and simple.” Why don’t you tell us how you really feel Jane........LOL. Then when Marty is holding up his vote for Jane, he says “y’alls catfishing trip has been terminated as y’alls messing with the wrong gator. Missy.” Talk about a spite match they got going. As Marty came back after his voting was done, you look at Na and she is giving him the finger.......LOL, definitely a class less thing to As the votes are tallied, Marty looked so full of himself as he is gloating that he got Jane voted out, all to find out that he is the one evicted and sent home.

Well, guess that is all for this week.......hope you enjoyed my and until next Wednesday, have a great week everyone!!