Goodbye BrendonÖOr Is It

Brendon you were evicted from the house
A plan put together by the Evel spawn
But Iím hoping that this latest twist
Means that you arenít really gone

Last year I wrote a goodbye poem for you
And in it I was not very nice
But seeing how you were in the house this year
Has kind of made me think twice

I canít count how many times that Rachel
Was on the proverbial ledge
And you were always there without fail
To talk her back from going over the edge

That cast you in a different light to me
Seeing how you can be so caring
I think youíre taking on a lot in marrying her
But it proves you can also be daring

You played this game with all your heart
But yet didnít let it get in your head
There were times I thought you were going to lose it
But you remained somewhat calm instead

You left the house with class and tact
But still Evel Dani got her way
I hope you come back into this game
And live to fight another day

So goodbye Brendon but maybe not for long
The twist could bring you back once more
So as you walk out I just have this to say
BrendonÖdonít lock that door

Goodbye Brendon, thanks for staying true, oh and for the pink bandages.