It was a slow day in the BB house, but the live show changed that when Jeff was evicted, and Nat was elected the new HOH. The HGs got wine, and new clothes, as well as Nat’s new HOH room.

As of bedtime, Nat was planning to nominate Kevin and Michele, so that Jordan could be put up if Michele wins POV. However, as always, things can change quickly in BB.


9:00 am BBT….It’s a normally quiet morning in the BB house…About 9:50, Nat gets up and warms up her microwavable heating pad for her stomach, then goes back to bed.

10:00 am BBT….The official BB wake-up call comes a little after 10:00 am…The HGs don’t get up immediately—although the lights are on in the SS room, the RR stays dark…Around 10:15, Michele walks through the kitchen, possibly to get new batteries for the day...Jeff is up and rolls his luggage from the SS room to the storage room, then gets himself some breakfast…Soon after, we see Jordan up in the SS room, wearing her pinkish/peach hoodie, zipping up her suitcase. The lights in the RR are still out…Michele is still in bed, but awake, and watching quietly.

Around 10:25, Jordan is in the kitchen getting some juice. She passes by Jeff, but doesn’t say anything…Nat comes in and heads for the microwave to heat up her heating pad…Jeff/Jordan go back to bed. Jordan is sitting up, playing with her hair, and drinking juice….Nat heads to HOH…Nat rings for Kevin to answer the door. No answer. There is still no answer as BB calls for Kevin to get up and change his batteries…In the SS room M/J/J are awake, but lying down and thinking. At some point, Jeff/Michelle appear to fall asleep…Kevin still doesn’t answer his door as Nat knocks… Nat finally gives up, and lies on the sofa outside HOH, with her blanket over herself…In the SS room, nothing is happening, but Jordan looks sad.

About 10:40, Kevin finally pops out of the HOH room and Nat demands that they go back into the HOH….However, Nat will not have Kevin to herself, because it appears that the usual Thurs. morning HOH lockdown has begun…Kevin goes downstairs for a minute to get juice, and Nat makes herself comfy in the HOH bed, using a lot of the blankets….Jordan walks by Kevin in the kitchen but doesn’t speak to him…Michele and Jeff go straight up to the HOH room, and Michele lies on the floor with her blankets…Jordan goes to the HOH WC and grabs a bunch of TP to blow her noise. Kevin is in bed listening to his CD.

As is typical for Thursdays, the HOH lockdown is very quiet…Jordan is resting in the big round chair and Jeff sits on the floor next to her playing solitaire. It appears that Kevin may be staring at Jeff.

11:00 am BB….The HOH lockdown continues…Jeff gives up solitaire and lies down on the floor under his blanket. Jordan asks Jeff if he wants to join her on the round chair, and Jeff says, “No thanks, Jordan.”…But about 11:25, Jordan goes to lie down on the floor next to Jeff.

The HOH lockdown ends at about 11:50…All the HGs, including Kevin, leave the HOH, although Nat apparently briefly says something to Kevin, but we don’t know what….Jordan/Jeff make themselves something to eat. Kevin is bringing his clothes from the HOH room to the RR.


About noon, Kevin goes into the storage room and gets out the vacuum cleaner. But, he doesn’t do much vacuuming—at first, only the decorative rug in front of the sofa in the LR and the rug that is in front of the HOH pictures, and he vacuums very slowly…Nat has gone back to bed….J/J are in the kitchen. Jeff is fixing what appears to be ground meat. There is no talk between Jeff/Jordan—not mad or sad, just “hangin.”…Then, as Jeff cooks, Kevin slowly vacuums the kitchen area behind the counter and around the stove.

As Jeff is cooking, Jeff/Jordan finally talk. (I’m assuming Kevin has left, but it’s not clear from the Updates.)…Jeff tells Jordan (who is doing dishes) that is “kinda excited” about going home. Jordan tells Jeff that he’ll be stress-free. Jordan says that she doesn’t want to be in the jury house with “them” and goes through the list of names of people in the jury house that she doesn’t want to be around. (Ed note: The updates don’t list the names, so I don’t know who she mentioned.)…J/J also comment that the jury house is big. Jeff says it won’t be so bad, that they’ll have movies to watch. And they can look forward to bashing the next person that comes in…Jordan starts to speculate on what Russel will say but Jeff interrupts her.... "yeh he'll... " then she interrupts Jeff. Basically they’re saying nothing, apparently just reading each other's mind as to how Russell will react and how they in turn should react to him….At 12:26 Jeff is called to the DR.

Jordan goes to take a shower…Michele is already in the WC applying make-up. Michele is wearing a red halter dress. As part of her make-up routine, Michele shaved her upper lip….Jeff isn’t in the DR for very long, and is back at the table alone eating by 12:40…Two of the feeds show Nat still sleeping…Michele joins Jeff at the table eating something, but there is no conversation between them, and when Jeff finishes eating, and washing his dishes, he leaves the kitchen….Jeff goes to the SS room and plays solitaire. Michele comes in and asks Jeff, “Are you winning today?” (meaning at solitaire), but Jeff says in a resigned way, “No, it’s not a winning day for me.”…Jordan is in the WC, out of the shower, and applying make-up. She’s wearing a red T-shirt, and cami pants.

1:00 pm BBT….About 1:20, Michele and Jordan are in the kitchen, talking about the upcoming HOH comp, with Michele saying, “Our fate will be decided soon.”….Then they talk about make-up and pimples..Jordan says the thought of walking out the door with an audience there makes her nervous, but it is also more exciting than if there was no audience. Michele talks about how it will be weird to have fans…In the SS room, Jeff is swearing at his cards….Michele says her clothes aren’t as loose as they were before, apparently implying that she’s regained some of the weight she lost in the house…Michele compliments Jordan on her eyes…They also talk about how they forget that they are on a TV show with cameras 24/7—that they’ve gotten used to the ritual and mics….Meanwhile, in the background, Jeff mumbles in frustration at another loss at solitaire.

Talk returns to comps…Jordan tells Michele she has been studying in her head over and over…Both M/J think it will be another “step up/step down” competition. Michele says that if the comp has steps or something, be quiet, and take your shoes off…Jordan agrees and says she could hear Michele on the steps (in the HOH that Jordan won). Michele says she was wearing clunky shoes…But, Jordan says she wasn’t paying attention to Michele, and was in the “zone.” Jordan says she likes it better when she is focuses, and gets “psyched out” if she looks around. Jordan says that “True or false” questions always get her because (BB) twists words around…Both Michele and Jordan agree that they just want to get the HOH and POV comps over with….After washing her dishes, Jordan leaves the room. Michele stands up and looks around, as if she is trying to figure out what to do with herself.

Jordan comes into the SS to check on Jeff. Jeff asks Jordan what she’s doing and she says, “Nothing.” Jeff tells her to prepare for the HOH comp. There isn’t any other major conversation between them…One one feed we see Kevin asleep in the RR…It appears that Nat may be in the RR, too, but it isn’t clear whether she is asleep, because it sounds like Jordan just said something, probably to Nat. (The RR cameras are on Kevin, and don’t include Nat.)…Jordan goes into the bathroom, and comes back and hands Jeff something saying, “Take this with you, it will give you something to do.” Michele, who is lying on her bed, laughs. We don’t see what Jordan handed Jeff, but it sounds like it might be some of her tooth whitening stuff, since Jeff responds that now his teeth will be nice and white…Jordan sits on her bed..Jeff is still frustrated because he keeps losing at solitaire.

In the RR, Kevin appears to be waking up from his nap…Nat is messing with blankets on one of the beds—can’t see whether it is her bed or someone else’s…Then Nat whispers to Kevin (who is half-asleep and doesn’t even make a facial expression to respond to her…A little later, we see Nat sitting on her bed, messing with a deck of cards….Nat/Kevin get up and go to the kitchen….Jordan has moved to the Green Room, where she is lying alone….It looks like Kevin is making pancakes. Nat stands next to Kevin, elbow to elbow. Nat then says she doesn’t like pancakes. Kevin is surprised, and says, “Really?”

As it approaches 2:00 pm, Jeff has gotten frustrated with solitaire, and joins Jordan in the Green Room…Jordan says she is wearing a pinkish coral dress or should they both wear black? Jeff replies, “Nobody is dying, that’s for sure!”…Jordan lies there quietly, with her eyes open…Jeff sits by her feet, leaning over her with his hands on her calves, just looking at her….Jordan sits up and fusses with her hair, and comments on using Jeff’s hairspray.

Jeff, who has been pretty cool until now (except for yelling at his cards), repeatedly tells Jordan to “Go for it,” and calls all the others “mother f*ckers and scumbags.” Among other things, Jeff says that when he gets to the jury house, he will tell the mother*ckers not to even look at him……Jordan just listens, and doesn’t respond….After some more name calling, and being PO’d, Jeff says he needs to get in the shower…Jordan follows him out, puts her hoody on, comes back to the green room for a piece of paper that fell on the floor (Ed. Note: Jordan’s letter from home is my guess.)….Jordan puts the piece of paper on the shelf in the WC, then heads toward the kitchen….On her way to the kitchen, she stops behind a wall in the LR. Jeff, passing her, asks what she is doing, and Jordan says, “Nuthin.” (Ed note: Spying on Nat/Kev?...The feeds switch to the SS where Jeff is getting clothes from his dresser, and we see Michelle in bed.

2:00 pm BBT…A little after 2:00, Jeff/Jordan are both in the WC….Jeff asks Jordan, “What did they say?” (Ed note: It’s not clear if Jordan asked the DR a question or if Jordan talked to Kev/Nat.)…Jeff is shaving….Jordan is still in the WC, but out of view. At one point, Jeff asks Jordan if his neckline is straight….Jeff/Jordan continue to chit chat….Nat/Kev are sitting at the kitchen counter eating…At 2:11 the feeds go to trivia.

3:00 pm BBT—The feeds come back about 3:20 BBT….Kevin is lying on the couch in the WC while Nat takes a shower…Jeff is in the kitchen, munching as he slaps the cards on the counter…Jordan approaches Jeff. They make general chit about Jeff’s attempts to win at solitaire….Jordan asks Jeff for a hug, and mentions asking him to write a letter (and we get FISH)…Jordan tells Jeff she hopes he stays. Jeff replies, “It’s not going to happen. Nat’s acting the same way she did with Jesse. She doesn’t have any respect. Don’t listen to those f*cking *ssholes (Nat/Kev), we should have finished them off when we had the chance. Stick with Michele.” Jordan replies that then Russell would still be here. Jeff says, “And he’ll do the same thing they did? Pick your poison….” Then Jeff settles down and goes back to playing cards and Jordan playing with her hair….Jordan says it’s going to be so weird, Jeff replies, “What, not having me here? Ya, it’s going to be weird for me, too.” Jordan then says it’s only two more weeks. They talk about prizes, trips, etc….Jeff tells Jordan, “If you can use it (Ed note: not sure what) to take someone out, take someone out.” Jeff/Jordan go back to being quiet while Jeff plays cards.

4:00 pm BBT….Jeff is still in the kitchen playing cards….Michele/Nat/Jordan are in the WC getting ready, while Kevin watches…There is no talking for awhile…Then Jordan helps Nat fix her hair for the live show…. Jordan tells Nat, “Tonight no matter what happens, no matter how anyone votes I won't be mad.” She tells Nat to vote however is best for her. Jordan goes on to say, “If your gut tells you to go the other way and vote for the other then go that way and I swear I won't be mad.”…Jordan is done with Nat’s hair and leaves, Michele goes into the toilet again.

Jordan takes Jeff into the SS room. He picks up his bag. Jordan tells Jeff what she just said to Nat, and Jeff says “Thank-you.” (Ed note: Jeff seems to be avoiding Jordan, but it seems to me as if he is trying his best to keep his emotions under control.)…Jordan asks Jeff why he doesn’t want to talk to her and Jeff says that Jordan has been in every room but the one he has been in. (Ed. Note: Not true)

In the WC, Michele has gone into the toilet, then leaves….Nat tells Kevin about the last minute conversation Jordan had with Nat to try to save Jeff. Both of them laugh at the idea. Kevin adds, “(Jeff) sits and plays cards while (Jordan) campaigns for him?”…Kevin practices his speech he’ll make if it’s a tie vote….The feeds go to trivia about 4:45 pm.


Jeff is evicted by a vote of 2-1. Jordan voted to evict Jeff, Michele voted to evict Jordan, Kevin as HOH broke the tie.

The HOH competition is a circle divided in three sections with tall walls. Each of the HGs (except Kevin, as outgoing HOH) stands in one section. Julie reads statements about what former HGs might have done after they left the house, such as whether Casey sold banana-themed items on EBay. Each HG has to guess if the statement is true or false by stepping forward or backward. ...After 7 questions, the three HGs are tied. The tiebreaker question is “How many cans were in all five players’ tubes at the end of the last HOH comp?”. The correct answer is 91. Natalie’s answer comes closest, making Nat HOH.

As the show ends, Julie discusses the schedule for next week, including a live show on both Tues and Thurs, and says that “Pandora’s box will be offering another temptation to the new HOH, and this time, it’s bound to affect the game.”


The feeds return soon after 6:00 pm BBT….Nat/Kev are discussing game….Nat says, “I won and I kept my word.” Kev says, “There’s no way to throw that comp to you.” (Ed note: Not sure which comp Kevin is talking about—they are whispering…They talk about what Nat wants in her HOH and rehash the comp. Among other comments Kevin says are, “That was huge luck (that Nat won)….Kevin (talking about Jeff) says that Jeff wanted Nat to backstab Kevin, and then Jeff to backstab Michele. “It comes down to being a strong competitor, that’s all.”…Kev/Nat continue to rehash the comp...Jordan is next door in the SS unpacking.

Michele walks into the RR to grab something, but says nothing to Kev/Nat….Kev tells Nat that BB listens to their conversations. Nat/Kev both say that they never thought Julie would ask about the number of cans, and insinuate that BB purposely asks questions about things they haven’t talked about.

J/N/K move to the kitchen, Michele is in the WC….Nat is excited to see the pic of her BF…Jordan is called to the DR….Nat says that both times she’s been on her period she’s won HOH. (She’s including the first HOH comp, where the athletes won and Jessie was brought in.)…Kevin talks about his convo with Julie and says he had no idea he couldn’t say “mofo.”…Kevin says that Julie asked about the blood being on his hands, but Kevin replied that he had to do what he had to do….Nat says she’ll get some blood on her hands this week and that next week is going to be epic…They mention BB10 and that Memphis never got any blood on his hands, but won because he played a better game…Kevin says it’s not about who you like, it’s about who played better….Kevin tells Nat she made F3 without Jeff’s deal. Nat said she wouldn’t have taken the deal because the only alliance she has in the house is Kevin. Nat says she has not backstabbed any over her friends.

Nat tells Kev that if Michele wins POV he is gone for sure. If Jordan is listening to Jeff she will also evict Kev….Nat says she has to put Kevin on the block—it is the only way in case Jordan wins POV. Nat says if she wins POV, she will take Kev off then he sends Michele home. …K says that they have to let Jordan grieve Jeff….Nat tells Kev he needs to sleep in the SS room to keep M/J from talking. Kev says he’ll say he doesn’t want to sleep alone….Kevin says they need to tell Jordan that none of them have a chance with Michele because she has won so many POV…Talk about upcoming comps—dates things happened in the house? Endurance?...Kevin wants to make sure that Nat will try in the POV…Nat replies “For sure.” The two of them agree that they are going to the Final 2 for sure…They promise to talk further tonight.

Michele has joined Nat/Kev in the RR and they are making chit chat…Nat says she will help Michele make dinner. Nat talks about dinners she has cooked for her man, and dishes she has ruined…Nat says she has to learn some dishes and then maybe her man will want to marry her. Kev says he probably still wants to marry Nat….The talk turns to HOH goodies…She wants conditioner because her hair feels like straw. She wants the letter to be from her boyfriend because she already had the call with her dad. Nat also wants an electric shaver.

M/N/K then talk about pranks and whether they will show them on TV next week…Kevin hadn’t known the cameras had caught Nat’s freak out reaction to the dragonfly. Kevin didn’t know there was a camera there (the one that caught Nat freak out.)…Nat said she got freaked for a second when Julie said a secret about her was revealed, because she doesn’t have any secrets (Ed note: your age?), and in fact, Nat things she tells people too much.

7:00 pm…M/N/K continue to rehash the HOH comp in the RR…Nat says it sounds like Chima is fine—it was good to hear that Chima is not angry or anything. (Ed note: Julie’s question pertained only to Chima apologizing to Russ, but Nat seems to have forgotten that.)…Kevin was surprised to hear her name mentioned in the comp, because he thought if you were expelled you no longer exist…Nat says that maybe once she was out of the house Chima was fine. Nat says it would be nice if Chima were at the after events. Nat says to the group, “It feels good to be in the F3.”…They wonder whether Jeff/Jordan kiss happened when they said good-bye…Nat thinks the jury house will be strange because Russ, Lydia, and Jessie all like each other, and then in walks Jeff.

Jordan walks through….Nat tells Jordan she thought Jordan was in SS room. (Ed note: Was some of the previous convo for Jordan’s benefit?)…They talk about Pandora’s box and how they aren’t allowed to call it a luxury comp, and laugh at Kevin’s comments on TV about being bent over and handcuffed….More food talk. Kevin wants mac and cheese and women overrule him.

Nat says that if she and Kevin were a couple, they would fight. Kevin says, “Yeah, a lesbian couple.” Nat says she needs someone who will listen to her, and there are some things she puts her food down on. (Ed note: Big surprise, there.)…There is more talk about the HOH comp. Michele said she knew that Ronnie didn’t have the princess suit and she still got the question wrong, because it was something Ronnie would have done if he had the suit.

Nat is called to the DR…..The feed switches to Jordan lying alone in the GR. Her eyes go from open to closed, but she doesn’t look sleepy, just sad and worried….About 7:15 Jordan gets up and goes to the WC to wash her face….She then joins Kevin/Michele in the RR. (Nat is still in the DR.)…Kevin thinks the Pandora’s box is not over yet and the others agree…About 7:20 Nat is out of the DR. Kev tells her his theory that the Pandora’s box is not over yet, and Nat tells him she’s tripping. She said that if Pandora’s box comes back, anything she gets offered, she’s taking. If it’s either she gets 10K or the house, she’s taking it…Nat said she wouldn’t have stuck her hand in the box if she had been Kevin.

Jordan says she got to get the whole thing with Jeff out of her system…Jordan says that when you have a really good friend, and especially now in the final four, she feels like she doesn’t have anybody…Kevin says they each lost their special people….However, Kevin turns to Michele and says I don’t know who you lost and (kiddingly, I hope) asks Ronnie?...Jordan says she’ll feel better tomorrow…Kevin says that Jeff was so upset he didn’t say a word to Kevin after the POV ceremony…Jordan agrees that Jeff was upset…Nat says that she bets Russell will get a kick out of seeing him. Jordan mentions Russ’ final speech and thinks that how Russ was in the house is how he is in RL….Nat asks Kevin, “Are you still going to do what we said, sleep in the SS room?”…(Side note: As she is talking in the RR, Nat is clipping her toenails with all the other HGs present. Lovely.)

Starting about 7:40 pm, there is a long period of FISH/Trivia…

8:00 pm BBT…The trivia continues almost through the 8:00 hour, but at 8:53 the feeds come back, and it turns out it was a clothes comp….All the HGs are in the GR talking about their new clothes…Jordan goes to the SS room, but the others remain in the GR….At 8:56 Kevin is called to the DR.

9:00 pm BBT…Michele has joined Jordan in the GR…Nat/Kevin are in the WC and clothes are everywhere…Jordan and Michele talk about how the clothes show good taste….However, Nat complains that all her clothes are too big for her and offers Jordan a black and white dress because it is too big for her. (Ed. Note: Sorry, but LOL!)…The HGs also got two bottles of wine, and Jordan is opening one of them in the kitchen….(Ed note: There is lots of misc. clothes talk that I am skipping.)…Michele got new jeans and is primping with a huge smile on her face.

Jordan is in the kitchen, doing some cleaning up. A pizza is in the often…Jordan has a glass of wine while Nat comes into the kitchen trying to figure out how a black top she got is supposed to fit….Jordan cleans up the kitchen and puts all the dishes in the sink, except Jeff’s cup, which she leaves on the corner of the counter…Jordan sits at the KT with a glass of wine and the camera shows Jeff’s face in B&W.

The HGs are mostly very pleased with what they received. Nat puts away her clothes in the RR and says she has a pile of stuff that doesn’t fit her and puts the pile to the side….Nat has been wearing a bikini while she’s been trying on her clothes, and asks if her bikini is okay as her “seeing her HOH room” outfit. Jordan says, “Why not? It’s like a holiday.”..The HGs kid that BB gave them a bottle of white wine for Jordan and a bottle of red wine for Michele….Kevin is still in the DR.

While Nat and Michele continue to try on clothes, Jordan continues to sit quietly on a barstool at the kitchen counter….Michele/nat come back in the kitchen….Jordan talks game a bit, reminds Nat that she wanted Nat to vote for whomever she wanted to vote for, and Jordan wouldn’t be mad. Jordan is rambling and kind of stumbling a bit as she talks…Michele says she thought she might take back her vote to evict Jordan because of the speech that Jeff gave to Nat against Kev…Nat tells Jordan that she was surprised that Jeff was campaigning right in front of Jordan….Nat says to M/J that she never would have put up Jeff, but never committed to not voting him out (thus putting it on Kevin).

While Kevin is still in the DR M/J/N continue to talk. Michele/Jordan say there was a plane flying over and they couldn’t hear one of Julie’s questions…Jordan seems a little tipsy now, and has perked up a lot from 10 minutes ago when she was sitting alone….Jordan tells story about Lydia trying to fondle Jeff’s “junk” while the three of them were in bed.

Back to game…Nat says that she sticks to her word, and says she will put Kevin up (as she had told Michele before)….The pizza is ready and the three of them are chowing down and talking…N/J/M talk about the jurors.

10:00 pm BB…Kevin is finally out of the DR about 10:13 pm….BB makes an announcement that white clothes may not be worn. (Ed note: So why did BB give them white clothes?)…Nat goes to the DR at 10:14….Jordan says she might booger with Jeff in Hawaii.

Around 10:20, they are called up to the HOH room..Among her HOH treats, “18-year old” Nat has Mike’s Hard Lemondade…Among Nat’s presents is bear with a graduation cap and Nat is stumbling to explain it. Nat says it must be from a friend she graduated high school with. Jordan says the friend looks a lot older than Jordan in that picture. Jordan also picks up the picture of Nat and her boyfriends, and says, “You can tell he is, uh, older.” Nat’s BF sent her a blanket…Kevin wants to do a fashion show with the new clothes. He is trying to get them on board, because he’s says it’s not his idea (meaning it’s BB’s). LOL Trivia….Jordan reminds the others that she had never watched BB before this season and didn’t know Julie Chen’s name at first…BB has given Nat eight pounds of red vines in her basket (LOL)…It looks like Nat’s letter is from her dad. She reads part of it, “It would be good to win $500,000, but not at any cost. Make good decisions.

The HGs go downstairs to get ready for a fashion show…Jordan is called to the DR for only a few minutes, and then Michele is called….Nat tells Kevin that they gave him a couple of “straight guy shirts”. Kevin says, “Look at the price tag on that b*tch.” ($120) LOL…Nat holds up Kev’s Nike shorts and looks like she wants them for herself, but then Nat says, “All I get is (Kevin’s) hoodie. Kevin chuckles. Nat retorts, “Right Kevin, we AGREED.”…Nat estimates that her clothes were worth $800. She points out that she gave Jordan a pair of $300 jeans….Jordan wonders if they sent stylists out. Kevin thinks they got his style exactly (well except for those “straight man” shirts).

11:00 pm BB….The hoodie discussion continues…. Nat again asks for Kevin’s hoodie….Nat says she’s going to rock the competition in her new hoodie. (Did Kevin promise Nat the hoodie after the veto comp?) Kevin offers Nat his Nike shorts because they are medium…Then trivia.

Jordan appears sleepy drunk. She’s lying down and her eyes keep opening and closing. Not doing much talking. Ed note: I’m not sure where Jordan is…..Nat tell Jordan that she can sleep in Nat’s bed tonight if she doesn’t want to be alone. (Ed note: Isn’t that thoughtful of Nat—considering her earlier discussion with Kev.)…Kev says Jordan can sleep with him, but only if they make out like a couple of lesbians….Nat asks Kev if his bf would be mad if Kev made out with a girl…Kev replies, “Oh hell, yeah. Would you be mad at your bf if he made out with a guy? Nat says yeah, Kevin retorts, “Well there you go.”….The HGs are on an indoor lockdown and Kevin thinks something is up.


As midnight rolls around, Kev/Nat are in the HOH room, with Michele on her way. Jordan is asleep in the RR….Before Michele arrives, she plans her nomination speech, in which she will nominate Kevin and Michele. Nat/Kev hope to get Jordan on their side in case she wins POV, so they can vote out Michele….When Michele arrives the talk turns to chit chat…The HGs are all wearing new clothes they received tonight…Michele and Kevin talk about Jeff. They talk about the fact that Jeff never came to HOH after the veto. Kevin also tells Michele that Jeff wasn’t really on her side. Michele says she knows that, but felt she had no choice but to side with Jeff…..Nat is called to the DR.

Kevin tells Michele he thinks he has created enemies and can’t win against Nat in the Final 2 because Nat kissed up to people for votes, including Jeff before he left. They talk about how Nat threw some comps and left the dirty work to others. Kevin also thinks Nat would probably get America’s vote. Kevin also says he doesn’t think Michele can beat Nat in the Final 2….Kevin starts to talk about pairing up, but Michele says they can’t get Nat out this week. Kevin says he’s talking about next week. Michele listens but she is not on board yet.

Kevin says that he did to Jeff exactly what Jeff did to him, that is, Jeff put Kevin and the block and said, “Win the POV” and you’ll be safe. Kevin feels he only did the same thing back to Jeff….Michele tells Kevin that Nat approached Michele and Jeff right after the veto. Kevin goes “Really? I knew it!”…Michele tells Kevin that Nat called her untrustworthy. Kevin says he would have been stupid not to put Jeff up, that he would have turned down a million dollars if he had not put up Jeff. (Ed note: In his excitement, Kevin has forgotten that the prize is $500,000.)…Kevin tells Michele that Jeff considered her expendable, and that Jordan was expendable, too….Michele tells Kevin that she is aware of all of this.

Kevin tells Michele he is afraid to take Jordan to the end, he isn’t sure he’d win. For example, Russ said that if Jordan made it to the final 2, he might vote for her. Kevin feels Jessie might vote for Jordan, too….After some chit chat, the talk turns to other HGs…Kevin says that Michele would have gotten Chima’s vote if Chima hadn’t been expelled. Kevin says he didn’t understand Chima’s love for Michele and Michele says she also didn’t understand Chima’s attempt to bond with her…Kevin feels he could never crack through Chima’s desire for girl power in the house, and couldn’t get close to Chima in the game because she wanted all girls.

Kevin tells Michele again that if she goes to the Final 2 with Nat/Jordan, that Nat will probably win. However, if Michele were to work with Kevin and Jordan, she might have a better chance at Final 2…Kevin says he could beat that b*tch Jordan in any comp and he wants Michele in the Final 2. Michele comments that Michele/Kevin/Jordan can’t be the final 3 because Nat won HOH this week…Kevin says that if Michele is gone, he’ll be working alone to get Nat out next week….Michele says that if they do this, they must “seal the deal”—she doesn’t want to find out that Kevin turns around and tells Nat this entire conversation.

BTW, all through this conversation the FISH have come up briefly several times…Michele and Kevin are making random talk when Nat comes back about 12:50…Nat wants to know, “What did I miss?” Kevin replies, “Production,” and Nat calls him a liar….Kevin is then called to the DR.

1:00 am BBT….Nat/Michele make casual conversation in the HOH room. Kevin is in the DR. The feeds have not been on Jordan, so she may still be asleep in the RR…..Michele/Nat talk about Nat’s pictures, about past relationships, and different HOH letters that HGs have received..Kevin returns to the HOH at 1:12 am and apparently the HGs go to sleep after that.

Good night hamsters. The house seems very quiet with only four of you left. After tonight, there are as many HGs in the jury house as there are in the BB house. Get a lot of sleep HGs, because BB has a very busy week planned for you.