9:00 AM

It was a pretty quiet morning in the house. Feed watchers could hear the builders in the backyard and knew something was up. Sure enough, BB woke up the Houseguests to pick players for the Veto competition.

10:30 AM

We learned Russell, Natalie, and Casey would be playing along with Ronnie, Laura and Jeff. Lydia would be hosting.

We learned Russell worked in investments and had really rich clients.

11:30 AM

Ronnie up to his tricks telling people he only really started watching at BB8 and knows so much about previous seasons because he read up on them on the Internet.

Lydia schemes with Kevin to use Michelle or Casey to get Natalie out.

Elsewhere Ronnie tells Jordan that ‘everyone wants Russell out’ and eludes he would backdoor Russell if the Veto is used.

Later, Russell tells Jordan that Ronnie is a bigger player then everyone thinks and he’s fooling everyone with the nerd routine.

1:00 PM

Light conversation all around while everyone anticipates the Veto comp.

Casey walks in on Jeff and Jordon as she is ‘shaping’ Jeff’s eyebrows. Casey razzes him about it and leaves. A little Jeff and Jordon flirting ensues.

Ronnie entertains Chima how he’ll be 90 years old telling people what she said on the live show.

Feeds are cut just before 2:00 PM for the Veto comp.

6:00 PM Feeds back… finally!

And we learn that Jeff won the Veto. The comp had something to do with grabbing falling quarters and coming up with the right amount to win prizes, including the Veto. Jeff figured out that a handful of quarters was about $5.00. Ronnie had quarters fall out of his underwear when he went to take a shower. Natalie won a slop pass, but thinks it should include hot showers and bed pass too.

Most everyone sits down for dinner where Ronnie reveals that his mother-in-law didn't like him. They were concerned she would object during the wedding ceremony.

7:00 PM – Hang on to your hats…

Natalie, Jessie, Chima are worried because Russell and Jeff made dinner together. Natalie wants to back door Russell. Jessie doesn’t.

Chima goes to tell Lydia and Kevin that they should back door Russell this week. Lydia doesn’t. Chima convinces Lydia that Russell should go up. Kevin is a willing participant already.

Jessie tells Jeff and Natalie that Laura will go no matter who they put up.

Casey walks in on Chima, Lydia, and Kevin. They try to feel him out, but he offers nothing.

In the HOH, Ronnie tells Jordan his plan all along was for Jeff or Laura to win POV so they can backdoor Russell. Jeff walks in and Ronnie tells him too. Jeff is having nothing of it. They call Ronnie out about the Braden vote and Ronnie admits to it. (ed. Then, he goes into a classic Ronnie rationalization that leaves us all amazed that he thinks anyone would buy what he’s selling).

8:00 PM

Lydia joins the HOH crew. She wants Russell gone. Jeff and Jordon are having no part of it, whatever Ronnie decides to do.

Jeff leaves HOH, Chima and Kevin enter. Chima is still on the Russell back door plan and they try to figure out how to sell it to Jessie.

They get Jordon to agree that she will vote out Russell and won’t put any of them up, including Jessie. AND she agrees to pretend that they are putting her up still. Then Ronnie, Chima, Lydia, and Kevin bask in their own brilliance.

9:00 PM

Show2 Crawl: Ronnie is the current HOH, Russell was overheard making a deal with Jordon and has become the biggest target in the house, The tension between Russell and Ronnie is growing, Russell has apologized to Lydia for blowing up at her but is still viewed as unpredictable by most of the houseguests, The nomination ceremony will air Sunday night.

Jordan is still in the HOH while they reinforce the ‘Russell back door’ plan.

Outside, Russell makes a case to Michelle that Ronnie should go home next. Michelle would still have to vote to keep him, since he’s on her team. Laura is there too and trying to get Michelle on the ‘get Ronnie out’ idea.

Jordan joins Russell, Michele & Laura and indicates she is going up.
Jeff joins and tells them that Ronnie admitted to the Braden vote.
When Jeff leaves, they encourage Jordon to tell Jeff she is going up.

Jordan goes to Jeff in the hammock and tells him she is going up. Jeff doesn’t believe her. They eventually resolve to go to talk to Ronnie later.

Jordan goes inside and reports she has told everyone she is going up.

10:00 PM

Russell, Laura, Jordon and Casey in the backyard chit chat where Casey says he's the 13th best looking cast member this year. Russell disagrees and tells Casey he'll have a bunch of ‘older’ woman fans. Everyone zeroes in on the use of the word ‘older’ and has a lot of fun with it.

Ronnie, Jordon and Chima end up in the HOH where they continue going over the ‘Russell back door’ plan. Lydia is there and Jeff comes up too.
They bring Jeff up to speed on the plan and that he has to pretend that Jordon is still going up. Russell and Natalie can’t know about it yet.

There is a real rat in the backyard they have named Gus. Kevin sees it and bolts inside. Also, there is a brief power outage in parts of the BB house at this time.

Natalie tells Ronnie in storage room she wants Jordan to be the replacement nom. There was an earlier indication that Chima told Natalie about the Russell plan and that Jordan "still thinks she's going up".

Natalie joins Chima and Ronnie in the HOH and wants to know what’s going on. She’s quite insistent in her questions as Ronnie tries to prep her for the ‘Russell back door’ plan. She agrees to it but doesn’t think Jessie will go for it.

11:00 PM

Natalie tells Ronnie that Jeff has to agree to keep them all safe. They let Natalie think Jeff and Jordon don’t know anything yet.

During this time, Jessie has been called into the DR. When he gets out he goes straight to the HOH. They tell him what they are thinking. (ed. Jessie seems suspiciously prepared for this). Lydia joins too.

Jessie agrees to do whatever Ronnie wants, but he and Natalie eventually talk him out of the plan all together. Jessie tells them he’s not afraid to put up Russell and he’ll do it. (ed. Surprisingly, no one mentions that Jessie can’t since they are in the same clique).


Laura and Michelle talk in storage room to trying to come up with a plan to save Laura.

The HOH crew figures a plan how to cover their tracks with the others and break up. Ronnie goes outside to tell Jordan and Jeff. They are not happy with the new developments and eventually Ronnie leaves in huff because they tell him Russell called him ‘fat. He quips he will stick with the ‘Russell back door’ plan as he is leaving.

Ronnie goes in the green room and announces that Russell is going up.
Lydia tries to talk him out of it.
Chima tries to keep him on it.

Natalie, Jessie and Ronnie go up to the HoH. It seems they have talked him out of putting up Russell again.

Outside Jeff says ultimately Jessie is controlling everyone's minds in here. He or Jordon can’t figure out why, but they note how flustered Jessie got when Dan was around for the food comp yesterday.

Jeff leaves and Laura joins Jordon. Jordon gives her a hint that people were trying to get Russell to go up so that Laura would be safe. Michelle joins too and says she could over hear talking about wanting to back door Russell.

1:00 AM

Things finally lighten up for a bit.

Ronnie has brought out his bubble wand. He and Lydia play with it but are not getting any bubbles.

Jessie and Jeff banter in foreign accents.

Lydia, Ronnie, Kevin and Chima talk inside about the nomination again.
They are using candy as different people in the house.
Ronnie polls them for one name to put up:
Lydia: Russell
Kevin: Russell
Chima: Russell

2:00 AM

The HOH crew continues. Somewhere in there Ronnie tells them he was on the International Persuasion Team. They eventually decide they want to talk to Laura and ask Jordon to run interference with Jessie and Natalie.

They barely have time to start talking to Laura when Natalie appears. Laura hides in the bathroom at their request. Kevin goes in too to make it look like he’s the one in there. Ronnie says he will be going to bed soon and that manages to get people out of the HOH. Laura says "Oh my gosh this place is crazy!"

Ronnie, Lydia, and Kevin get the opportunity to propose the ‘backdoor Russell’ plan to Laura. They ask for safety for all of them but leave off Natalie from the list. Laura seems to be on board and they sneak out of the HOH room.

3:00 AM

Laura and Jordan are in their bedroom giggling. Jeff walks in and asks why. Jordan says Ronnie approached Laura about Russell's comment. Laura goes to bathroom. She wants to tell Laura everything. Jeff does not. Jeff leaves when Laura returns. Laura indirectly lets on she knows about the Russell plan.

Chima and Ronnie are in the HOH reinforcing the Russell plan. Chima leaves to go to bed.

Jessie and Natalie are outside still. Jessie thinks Lydia knows something was up.

Natalie finds Lydia inside and Lydia lays it on thick, cries, says she cannot keep going one way one minute and then another way the next (ed. Neither can we, my gosh you guys!)

4:00 AM

Lydia finds Jessie in the backyard. She is trying to keep things cool with him and repeatedly throws Chima under the bus about the Russell plan.

5:00 AM

Jesse and Lydia get ready for bed. Lydia tells Jesse that she is going to have a chat with Ronnie later on concerning Russell. All others are sleeping.

Holy cow, what an evening! Will Ronnie go through with nominating Russell? Will Russell wake up and figure it all out? I don’t know, but it’s going to be fun to watch!

Thanks, as always, to the updaters. I fell asleep around 2:30 and could not have finished this recap without them!