Howie: what up kay sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Howie: James sey wames sey
Howie: becca moosie kelbee bb chic everyone hello
Jokerette: Hey howie how ya doin
Howie: thanks Jokers for bringing me to Nashville
Jokerette: we're so glad you came
Howie: great Jokerette

Jokerette: so tell us a little about rebekah, howie your goddaughter how is she doing?
Howie: Rabekah is still ventilated and receiving radiation we need PRAYERS and I know you guys are good for them
Howie: the force is with you
Jokerette: we are taking donations for rabekah for two weeks. Jokers will match donations

Howie: Rebekah is my girlfriend Sonia's god daughter 4 years old she gave me the movie Free Willy for my birthday right out of her own collection
Jokerette: i feel so awful for you and her family and her. we'll see what we can do for you all tonight
Howie: thanks jokerette

Jokerette: for now, let's rock this CHAT!!!!!!!! ))
Howie: oh boy Jokerette

Jokerette: myladyamie asks: Hi Howie...what did you think of the RTVC is year? We loved have you there!
Howie: it was a lot of fun especially since BB stole the show there
Jokerette: it really did, didn't it I hear you had lines in front of you howie
Howie: no one can stop bb no one thanks bb lol
Howie: yes Kaysar krista ray ray cg and James were signing autographs all day long
Jokerette: lots of fans came out lol i agree

Jokerette: Shelley asks: Howie, how many times did you actually use the jackshack in season 7?
Howie: we will talk about that another time but use your imagination ????????????????? lol
Jokerette: roflmao!

Jokerette: cjj3 asks: Which BB8 house guest has most impressed you with their game play so far?
Howie: Jen saved her ass this week Danielle almost lost her ass by not using the veto in week 1 but it is starting to pick up Kail seems very smart but it is still very early I am enjoying it it is my first bb to watch on tv

Howie: I talked to Carol on House Calls on Friday
Jokerette: what did she say?
Howie: she said she was a huge fan of mine before Grethen cut me off lol Janie said she is going to join us on chat

Jokerette: Anon9360 asks: who are your favorite houseguests this season?
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Howie: I love Jen and her butt hanging out I like Dick I like a lot of them right now hard to pick my favs and least favs I like dick yelling and swearing and gettig pissed at Jen but it might get his ass evicted
Jokerette: i like dick also!
Howie: i know yo do! lol
Jokerette: i heard joe is being put up today.. who do you think will go?
Jokerette: roflmaooooooooooooo Howie
Howie: joe and dick left on the block??? I don't know jen will try and get dick out but I have not been watching the live feeds so I dont know who they will favor dustin will vote joe out

Jokerette: Moosie asks: If either of you were stranded on a desert island with another BB7 All Star House Guest who would you want it to be?
Howie: Happy Birthday Boogie
Jokerette: oh is it his birthday?
Howie: yep
Howie: tuff one someone from the sovs but Diane would be good for some play dani has a great rack will would get sun burn
Howie: maybe Nakomis lol

Jokerette: MDmy3sons asks: do you know if fans can attend the finale of BB8 show?
Howie: the wrap party possibly but I doubt they will be able to get into the Finale Show I hope they let me in??? lol

Jokerette: juju asks: who most resembles your style of bb play
caren: Hi James!
James: finally...
Howie: tuff one I tried to be funny and kick back and let everyone take everybody else out but I was trying to win every event and if I woudl have won some I would have made some aggressive moves
James: you made agressive moves... on will
Howie: no one has shown a glimmer of my PERSONALITY yet
Howie: yeah but he shot me down lol

Jokerette: bbfan asks: Hi James, how do you like the America's Player twist?
Jokerette: same question for howie
James: I'm not sure I do... He is the only HG I'm not fond of I wish they would have chose someone who raises both eyebrows
Jokerette: really? why so?
James: i think he has an unfair advantage, i don't think they gave us all the details of his game
Howie: If he drastically changes the game then it will be cool it kind of bores me like the twins twist in BB5 I dont care for someone pouring there eyes out in HOH but it could be interesteing
Jokerette: i agree it ups game play, I think.
Howie: it could get his ass evicted early
Howie: he has to win a VETO first

Jokerette: Shelley asks: James Do you feel like Nick is trying to copy your strategy by playing both sides and what mistakes do you see him making?
James: Nick is in a good spot, I think Kail is working really good right now I don't watch the feeds so I am going off the show only and some updates
Jokerette: yep you'd have to watch feeds, bad boy!

Jokerette: jasmine asks: Howie Where is Rabekah getting treatment?
Howie: a Hospital in Maine

James: It's wierd watching, I would have played so differnetly had I seen the show b4 no time for feeds
Jokerette: what would you do differently, James? had you known the game?
Jokerette: and howie too!
Howie: Nakomis is the only BB Houseguest with the feeds lol
James: chilled out a little more. I thought everyone was going to be devious so I tired to beat them to it
Howie: I would have won more vetos
James: no you wouldn't have

Jokerette: jasmine asks: James & Howie Do you keep in touch with the rest of the gang from All-stars or has everyone distanced themselves from each other?
James: I keep in touch with several of the HG
Howie: I talk to everyone accept for Nakomis, Jase and Ivette those are James 3 best friends from the show
James: EAD...
James: Not Nak, Jase, or Janelle
James: mostly Boogie Howie, Kaysar, Danielle Rachel

Jokerette: juju asks: james if you were not in the house and sara was in danielles position with nick would you be upset with sara or would you be thinkin your girl is smart for playin nick
Jokerette: replace sarah with rachel there lol
James: Is Danielle is playing Nick than I'd say good job, but I would be glued to the feeds!!!
James: Just b/c yo're playing the game doesn't mean you can dissrespect your loved one outsidete house

Jokerette: Ape asks: james how long were you in the sequester house and was it fun?
Jokerette: howie also.. how long were you in sequester?
Howie: 13 days in s-6 and 22 days in s-7
Jokerette: long time, howie
James: I loved sequester!!! Cabo was awesome! Sharks and copperheads everywhere
Howie: no cameras beaches pools coconuts james and I played for veto in sequester and I threw the coconuts farther lol
James: actually you lost... and I beat you in football
Howie: I almost stepped on a copperhead while jogging a couple days before james got there seriously
James: Howie told the copperhead story for the next year too

Jokerette: juju asks: do either of you know janelles reaction to this years bb guest. im curious how she feels about jen and also kail
James: you should ask her
Howie: I have not talked to Janie about the players yet she is suppoesed to stop in atleast at ette or tonite
James: I think it was either her or Kaysar that bid 200 to call me
Howie: I thought James bid on his call lol
Jokerette: i think becca did also
Howie: Rigged ask James?????????? lol

Jokerette: crazybiocth asks: what do think of this years cast and have you ever thought it was rigged in anyway?
Howie: James go ahead lol
James: I like the cast. I would have to watch the feeds to figure out the real story, but the producers are doing a great job this year.
James: Sundays episode was the funniest I think I've ever seen
James: Kragnus Von Magnus
James: I
James: I
James: I
Howie: yes the bodybuilding was awesome he was born with teeth

Jokerette: lola asks: Howie, what do you think of Eric's opinion of Kaysar? Do you agree or disagree?
James: yep
James: what did eric say about kaysar?
Jokerette: i have totally no idea. rofl
Jokerette: ok i have the eric answer... he laughed because Kaysar was evicted on the week or the day of his birthday twice. Kaysar the master strategist

Jokerette: foxxy asks: is it at all unnerving to see transcripts of everything you did and said on the internet for all eternity?
Howie: the game has a lot of breaks I did not expect boogie to be an all star and he ended up winning so everyone succeeds or fails for many reasons
JamesBB7> only if you actually read them...
Howie: no I went on the show with no fears or regrets
James: same here
Howie: Marcellus would not have been an all star if Jerry would not have vetoed him in s-3
James: well he would have left early
Howie: I am pissed for taking 3rd in the BB=6 Body contest

Jokerette: betsy asks: Howie, what are you up to these days? and James too?
James: I sell Meth to internet junkies
Howie: I was working for Lipton Tea giving out free samples at major league baseball games on the west coast now I am losing weight so I can model with James lol and Raquel man she has an awesome body lol

Jokerette: caren asks: What do you think of people saying that Daniele is anorexic?
James: she could eat a litle more, but she is on slop now
James: Howie could shed a few
Jokerette: not many tho lol are ya on jenny craig, howie?
Howie: millions of people are gonna have opinions Danille??? I don't want to judge anyone's physical apperance unless they nominate me lol I am eating healthy

Jokerette: Shelley asks: Hi Howie! Have you noticed Zach using your "big boy" phrases? Can you maybe crash the house and show him how the real Howie operates??
Jokerette: Liann asks: Aside from meeting me, what was your favorite convention moment?
James: the whole convention was a blast, but when chick George, my rachel, and I closed all the bars down it was one of the funnest nights ever
Jokerette: wow james.. any moments you can talk about?
Howie: Liann you have some great cans it was great to see my former housemates and a lot of positive fans
James: rachel was dancing with the band on stage while george and I were taking pics and signing autographs

Howie: your ok georgggg geeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Howie> he was just being funny it was good stuff James tried to get out janelle and you were just the back fire plan lol
Howie: Kaysar will address it at the wrap party lol
James: opps, that was Howies fault for throwing the Veto for Boogie
Howie: I could not handle the bugs
Howie: I tried to win it
Jokerette: didn't throw it?
Howie: I was Oh for
Howie: nope
Jokerette: wow.

Jokerette: Moosie asks: Both: Who would you like to guest host with on House Calls if/when asked?
Howie: I would like to host with James or Janie
James: I would like to do it with Bunkie so I could make him cry
Howie: CG would be great too
Howie: I would enjoy anyone even Gretchen lol

Jokerette: traveler asks: When and why is James going to New Zealand?
James: Rachel and I are going for there modeling season. we got picked up y the same agency over there
Jokerette: money better than here?
James: should be A BLAST
Howie: oh Yeah James oh yeah
Howie: I am going to visit ya in zealand
James: Probably about the same but it should be soooo much fun

Jokerette: Shelley asks: James and Howie: if you could give advice to any of the houseguests who would you choose and what would you say to them?
Jokerette: i bet it will.
Howie: I dont think they want my advice????? lol
Jokerette: yes they do lol
James: I would lie to all of them to confuse the hell out of them
Jokerette: you made it far, howie
Jokerette: lmao james you WOULD too!
Howie: but dont yell at someone until after nominations and teh veto especially the HOH EVil Dick
James: i like Dick being true to himself
Howie: me too
Jokerette: I love dick also

Jokerette: traveler asks: Can James talk about what happened with the Spike TV sexiest bartender poll?
James: like you don't know...
Jokerette: i have no idea, myself. lol
Howie: Raquel should have been number 1
Jokerette: I didn't even know there was a poll!
James: he meant competition...
Howie: I want to hear what happened why James and Jokerette were fighting before the convention??????????
James: Jokerette was meanto me and kicked my puppie
Jokerette: he bopped me over the head!
Jokerette: lmao that was it, James.
Howie: cant we all just get along ????????????? lol

James: I'm watching this stupid show on NBC and my friend Meagan is on there!
Howie: Megan???????
Jokerette: this is a double one for Howie... but we haven't heard from james yet so:
Howie: is she hot
James: they're trying to date a douche bag
Jokerette: yeah who is megan?
James: meagan dates my boss at underground
Howie: Jase is on the show?????????? lol
James: age of love on NBC
Jokerette: what does megan do on it? try to date a douchbag? LOL
James: they try to date some wierd looking guy, i hope he's at least rich...
James: 2 girls are crying and it's ruining their botox

Jokerette: jess599 asks: Do either of you know about all the comparisons made between Janelle and Jen, and Janelle and Daniele? What are your thoughts on that?
Howie: I was on Football Wives and this other show I will let you know when it is on
James: I think comparisons week 2 are a litte premature
James: I like how Jen stepped up to the plate and won HOH, it took me two seasons
Howie: Janie and Dani look alike Jen won and saved her ass but it is way too early even though Danille is tearing it up and Janie and James VETO records might be in Jeopary lol

Jokerette: nastysharkbite asks: What do you guys think of Jen? Would you try to hook up with her if you were in the house?
James: hmmm... if I was single I wouldn't hook up till like week4. I would try to keep all the girls in check for a few weeks to figure them out.
Howie: I would harass her from day 1 and if she did not become disgusted by me then I would try and get some play off of her in the HOH room
James: I would keep Howie on the side till they gave in

Jokerette: Shelley asks: James and Howie, if you could change one decision you made in the game, what would it be?
James: I would have put up Boogie instead of Jase
Howie: I would not have put up James and Sarah I would have won vetos and yes Boogie get him out

Jokerette: CHaoZZ asks: whats thier thought on boogie making it as a all star..and was it a deal will made to get him on
James: i don't know if you could tell, but it pissed me off a little
Jokerette: maybe just a little
James: Will says he made a deal, but Will likes to ummm... lie a little
Jokerette: a wee bit lol
Howie: He was the only all star that I thought would not make it in the House I thougth bb-3 lisa was in but he got in and he produced (Boogie)
James: I thought George shouldn't have been in
Jokerette: shouldn't have been in? whyso?
James: He didn't play BB like we did, his season was soooo differnet
Jokerette: it was.. but didn't he have a right to be in all star?
Jokerette: or did i misunderstand lol
Howie: BB-1 needed to be represented
Jokerette: yeppers
Jokerette: plus, george very funny guy
Howie: All Alll Alll Alll Stars
Howie: lol
Jokerette: yep lol
James: BB1 was even from a different production company and a different style, like NFL vs Arena Ball
Howie: your right
Jokerette: very true. George said how different it was.
Howie: but some arena guys go to the nfl
James: obviously I was wrong...
Jokerette> he prefers all stars he said
Howie: I preferred bb=6
Howie: lol
James: yes, Howie one did and he just got arrested again
Jokerette: did you really?
Jokerette: James, which season did you prefer?
Howie: I went farther when James swore he was putting me up lol
Jokerette: roflol
James: nom the arena player that went to the NFL Pacman Jones
Jokerette: trivia expert lol
Howie: is he from arena??
James: they were both completely different

Jokerette: yennifer asks: Howie, how was your trip to Maine?
Jokerette: yeah he sure did.
Howie: I am still tripping untill wed then to chicago having lots of fun you will see lay lay and sonia on my chat coming up after jokers

Jokerette: jess599 asks: Do you think the Dick/Daniele twist is taking it too personal?
James: Dick and Danielle were obviously not enemies. might be a little stretch by production
Howie: they should try to get a long better for the benfit of the game (500 thousand bucks) they can hate again this fall

Jokerette: BBChick asks: any word on the amazing race?
Howie: Me and James
Howie: no I have no idea
James: Erika said both were in the finals for BB6, i remember Dick but not Danielle
Howie: I remember Dick ab sah fuck ing loot leee
James: Howie would have to get permission from his orderlies, but yes
Howie: they will be cool with it lol

Jokerette: nastysharkbite asks: What BB house guests are you so glad you were never in the BB house with?
James: Karen from 5 and Funky from BB2
Howie: the twins from bb-5 I would have made the Busto rant look like and outdoor picnic
James: they would have kicked his ass
Howie: I would have hooked up with BB-2 Nicole lol
James: she would have cut you... with her toes
Howie: nice
JamesBB7> Everyone please bid on our crazy little items to help her out
Jokerette: We will open the chatroom now so folks can say goodnight! Thank you so much