Welcome to my first column of this season’s Big Brother. As the title of this column implies, I’ve grown rather bored? Annoyed? Tired? Weary? I dunno fill in the blank yourself with the last few seasons of Big Brother.

Once upon a time I couldn’t wait for Big Brother to start, to fire of the feeds and be glued to them. Last year? Yeah I didn’t watch. NO! Really! Like not even on TV – okay so I may have attempted an episode or two but when the urge to throw something at the tube welled up the channel changed.

And I’m not feeling the love this year either. So here I am, with a column (thank you, Jokerette) and a trunk load of snark and a need to get it out of my system. By the way – I ‘met’ ‘Ette at a previous site during Big Brother 2 (which forced me out of the world of AOHELL and into the real internet) and followed her here.

I’ll try to be with you for the whole season (even when the Olympics start at the end of July and I find my attention drifting to gymnastics and swimming. Even when my fiction writing come knocking, or the day career interferes, or when I decide to go traipsing through cemeteries in St. Louis and Southeast Kansas. No – I’m not joking, it’s on this summer’s agenda as it falls under genealogy research – which is the latest bug that has bitten me – so I may have to confess to tracing ancestry at Ancestry.com while ‘watching’ feeds this year. I won’t promise to be with you during a planned trip to Las Vegas in July as well it IS Vegas and I’m there for a writer’s conference. I’ll even be with you when the pool beckons. Just don’t expect me to not gripe, moan and complain my way through the season.

Which leads me to today’s topic. The season hasn’t officially started yet and the rumor mill is churning full speed ahead. I’ve seen them on the board already. It is all stars. It is not all stars. This person or that person will be back. Yeah Yeah Yeah. I’ve heard it before. Wake me up when they actually get around to introducing (most of) the houseguests. I say most of due to Alison Grodner’s long running tendency to ‘twists.’ So I have come to the conclusion based on experience (and getting smacked in the head like last year) that until this year’s “GENIUS!” (Read that as lame) twist we haven’t seen everybody. Fine. I don’t like it but I do accept it as the way Big Brother works these days.

I’m filing the potential of “ALL-STARS!!!!” under a giant load of MEH! Sorry but the last one was lackluster. The seasons since that have brought back any or many past houseguests have made me want to stick a Spork in my eye. And last year – well that sent me right over the edge. So count me among those praying that we won’t see anybody we’ve ever seen before on this show. Just like I’ll also be praying for no casting twists and challenges that don’t look something from my church’s vacation Bible school. And I fully expect said prayers to be unanswered. And that we’ll see the same tired, redone, fully predictable challenges that we’ve had in the past.

Which brings me toThe Glass House, I’m not watching that one so comparison will be lost on me. As you read above, I have a full summer agenda and am choosing to stick to original recipe Big Brother. Not because I LOOOOOOOOOOVE Big Brother but because I have time to allot and it doesn’t fit in. By the way, I welcome The Glass House and its competition to Big Brother. I am hoping that said competition will bring us something different if not this season, then next. And that Big Brother production will step up its game to show us some real creativity.

Until next time….

I welcome your feedback and commentary. If I receive enough, I may do some ‘mailbag’ features in this column. This leads me to state that any feedback or comments received, unless otherwise stated might just be used by me in my column. If you do not wish it to be used or wish your name withheld – please state so your comment/feedback.

By Milisa Henderson