The houseguests finished up their last of the third punishment when BB woke them in the wee hours to dance to the music. There are many pictures and gifs in the Media Forum.

10:30 AM
After sleeping late, they all manage to get moving. Only two things happened. Ragan jokingly stated his take-me-off-block speech would be even more controversial than Andrews. Enzo vowed to finish a tin foil space ship he started constructing last night.

One thing that hasn’t happened… Maid service!

Feeds were out for a half hour for the Veto Ceremony. It took about three seconds to determine that Hayden was the replacement nominee.

The Houseguests play the “I wanna” game throughout the day. Britney is particularly good at this. “I wanna spend the day with my parents… I wanna go home… I wanna look at my cell phone…”

(Daddy, I want an Umpah Lumpah!)

Lane, Enzo and Hayden chat outside. They think Andrew and Brendon were the life-long friends. They think Matt was the second saboteur. Enzo thinks they will be on Oprah after the show.

Ragan has stayed to himself most of the day

6:00 PM
Dinner time. Finger foods since they still don’t have use of silverware. They do notice how disgusting the kitchen has become.

Ragan came out of Diary Room in a snit. When Hayden asked why Ragan replied, “Guess. You can figure it out. They need an episode." .

Britney and Lane have a long chat in the HOH. She is sad she's the only one in the house who hasn’t won a prize and she’s the low person on the totem pole with Lane, Enzo, and Hayden. Lane assures her she isn’t and gives her quite the pep talk and ends it with, "Chill out, woman!"

Hayden and Enzo study the memory wall. Enzo may not understand the point of studying the memory wall as he observes:
Matty looks like a miniature wiener dog.
Annie looks like a mutt.
Rachel is like a pure-bred, but like one of those dogs from Afghanistan with the long hair. Either that or she's an ostrich mating with a dog.
Kristen looks like a nice lab. Sleek.
Kathy looks like one of those old grouchy dogs.
Britney is a Chihuahua.

Britney must have come out of the Diary Room as she reported to Lane, "All signs point to I [still] have a fiancé."

Ragan comes out of the diary room in another snit, "As if the past two weeks haven't been [bad] enough for me, now they want to make me go squirm". He goes on a rant about production that gives us intermittent Bubbles.

Lane tells Hayden and Enzo about his conversation with Britney. Later he says, “[She has] no clue about the Brigade!” They discuss reasons she shouldn’t get the money and what they would do if they got it. Enzo would help his family. Lane, "This is my family's money." Hayden, "My sister's student loans paid off… My loans paid off.”

Enzo thinks Ragan might pull a ‘Chima’ this week with the way he’s acting.

Britney goes on the elliptical while Enzo and Hayden jog and Lane lifts weights.

(Looks like they may have thought Rachel was coming back again.)

9:00 PM
Sho2 Crawl: Lane is the current HOH. Enzo and Ragan are nominated for eviction. The Brigade is moving forward with their final 3 plan although Hayden and Enzo are concerned with Lane’s loyalty to Britney. Enzo is worried if he doesn’t win the power of Veto, he won’t stand a chance at making final 2. The Veto Competition and Ceremony will air Wednesday night.

Ragan comes out of the DR. They seem to have talked him from the ledge. He makes a very good case to Britney why keeping him is better for her game and even Lane’s game. Britney agrees, but doesn’t think things will change. She also thinks she’ll be out after him.

She encourages Ragan to talk to Lane, "Don't do it from a relationship standpoint.” Talk game play on why it makes sense to keep him. He resolves to talk to Lane but may wait a couple days. He also mentions that Enzo “was a crazed animal coming out of the cage” describing him in the last Veto competition.

Ragan disappears into the Cabana Room taking a whole bottle of wine with him.

Enzo mentions to Lane and Hayden, “[The Diary Room has] been twistin my arm about voting for Ragan, yo." Hayden says they are stressing him out too. This causes another round of Bubbles as they continue to discuss Diary Room session with other Housesguests.

Ragan has yet another Diary Room session and joins the others when he comes out. They share unusual sex stories with each other prompting Enzo to say, “Yo wifey, I love you!”

Britney uses her 'tools' fidgeting with her hair and bikini while the boys look on.

(Has anyone seen my feminine wiles? They were here a minute ago!)

Ragan reads jokes from a String Cheese package to the group, "Where does an elephant keep his spare tire" Lane answers, "Trunk."

Up in the HOH, Britney tells Lane about her chat with Ragan; all the points for keeping him and evicting Hayden. She says they made sense for her game but may not make sense for Lane’s game, “that’s for you to decide.” Enzo is there listening to music.

Lane is thinking about dying his beard with some Just For Men. He reads the warnings and they all debate if should still do it. Apparently BB resolved the issue over the intercom. He is not allowed to dye his beard.

Lane has the green hard hat over the blue do rag and Enzo tells him he looks like Beastly Beast!

Britney does her impression of Enzo during the Veto comp, throwing Ragan out of the way and sailing in the air down the ramp! They are all laughing.

Britney rehashes her conversation with Ragan again. This time Hayden is there with Lane. She adds that Matt had told her Ragan was coming after Hayden and Enzo last week, not Brendon. She thought Matt was lying. But when she talked to Ragan, he said, "That was going to be my power move." She tells them not to tell Ragan that she told them that. (ed. I was listening to her chat with Ragan and he did not say that. His initial reaction when Britney brought it up was, “Thanks Matt!”. It was a long conversation though, so I could have missed it. Either way Britney has shifted into high gear on the gaming.)

2:00 AM
Conversation continues in the HOH. The guys question Britney about her degrees. Britney says that she can get a teacher's license by just taking a test because she has a Spanish degree. She says she could easily teach high school Spanish.

Hayden tells them originally he wanted to be an engineer and build skyscrapers.

After a small spat between Lane and Britney (he thought she insinuated his mother was loose), they work it out and they all continue joking around. Lane keeps announcing that he and Britney are the life long pair. Britney is not so amused, "We're not the pair, you're making us look bad! We’re not the pair Hayden!"

Britney lingers after Hayden and Enzo go downstairs to get ready for bed.
Lane asks her what side of the bed she wants and she says the Jumanji side!

Britney goes into the Jumanji room and they continue the “I wanna” game.
They want fast food.
Enzo wants to pay bills.
Britney wants to run errands
She also just wants to be in Best Buy.
Enzo wants to go for a long walk
Britney wants to drive her car and talk to other humans.

They drift off to sleep and the house goes quiet just before 4:00 AM.

Can Ragan convince Lane to keep him in the game? Or will he have to try to get a 2-0 vote by convincing Enzo and Britney of the golden opportunity to take out Hayden now? Will we get to see all the hype from the Veto comp on the Wednesday show? And will somebody please send in the Maid-bot?! Zing!

Much appreciation to the Updaters on such a slow day. Thanks!