Pandora’s Box or Trojan Horse?

According to Greek mythology, Pandora’s box contained many marvels. Once opened, all the marvels flew out but Pandora shut it in time to keep one thing in the jar: hope. However, these marvels were cursed. They left only the illusion of happiness. The world remained extremely bleak, until Pandora revisited the box again, at which point Hope fluttered out. Thus, humanity always has hope in times of evil.

Consequently, an idea was hatched this week, in the form of hope. The blackness that had descended on the house started to lift. It almost didn’t happen, but in the midst of the hopelessness, an idea was born. Was it possible to pull off the unbelievable feat of rescuing Jeff from his fate that would be? Was it indeed a gift in the form of hope that was released from Pandora’s Box?

I propose that Big Brother actually threw us another phenomenon, the Trojan Horse. Presented as a gift, the houseguests readied to descend and destroy the kingdom of the Big Brother house. A ridiculously clumsy comedy “tour de force” in the form of 5 ravenous houseguests emerged, ready with tongue in cheek and dagger in hand.

Monday morning started abruptly, unlike most mornings. The Veto ceremony was looming and the performance of a lifetime began to take form.

At 9:30 AM BBT Natalie and Michele could be found exchanging words as Michele found the opportunity to propose an exchange that would keep Jeff off the block and out of the jury house. Natalie used the opportunity to show a calmer, strong, competitor that was to be reckoned with. Not at a loss for words, her allegiance to Kevin was pledged. Voicing that she had not given 100% in competitions, she reaffirms that now she will be a powerful competitor to beat. Given the visible physical shape of Natalie, there can be no real doubt that she actually is a competitor – playing a very different game from the beginning. The largest argument from Natalie is that she cannot be trusted based on her history in the game. “Are you crazy? Do you not know the truth? You’ve lied. How could I trust you?” was her only reaction that carried on into the waking moments of the other houseguests as they entered the backyard.

Natalie states that she feels she is being offered a F3 deal & could not trust Michelle.

9:50 AM BBT Natalie proceeds to rail on Jeff the ‘indecent proposal’ Michele has made. Jeff attempts to secure his position by assuring Natalie that he can control Michele and that she has no chance of going home. All gossip, rumors, and talk is brought into question from both. Neither is at a loss for words. Jeff ensured Natalie’s safety for two weeks and Natalie felt she secured his fate because she did not put him up for eviction in the past weeks. Her loyalty is questioned; Why would she remain loyal to someone who is a liar? Doesn’t she want to win?

Jeff feels that Natalie’s proclamation of loyalty to Kevin is not warranted based on him nominating Jeff this week. Jeff reiterates many times that this is the time to repay him for him taking her off the block and protecting her. He agrees that Michele is a liar but the odds are better with him protecting her; Michele has no other choice than to work with him. In reality Natalie is targeting Kevin next week for eviction in her other conversations with houseguests. All blame rests soley on Michele’s dishonesty and Natalie’s loyalty to Kevin. This is the party line today.

At 10:03am BBT Michele enters the BY. Jeff and Natalie do not drop a beat and remain engaged in the conversation. Jeff continually attempts to assure Natalie of both Jeff and Michele’s allegiance to the offer from every angle possible. Natalie remains unmoved.

Michele interjects with a game-changing, jaw-dropping offer. “What if I remain on the block and don’t use my veto? In good faith what do I need to do?” she proclaims.

Natalie is offered her 2nd F3 deal of the morning and it’s barely 10:00am.

All stand floored by the proposition. Natalie said emphatically “No.” However, it’s evident to the other houseguests in the following conversation that they “opened her mind to more possibilities.”

As a bystander to Jeff’s venting in the WC to Jordan, a few short moments later at 10:14am BBT Jordan has already cornered Natalie to discuss her vote. She admits to Jordan that she actually wants Jeff to stay but the offer would mean that she goes home. Jordan throws herself on the proverbial sword and offers herself up – everyone should vote for Jeff to stay. Jordan is unworthy of staying and not capable of winning (could this selfless, simple, kind, young-lady be going for the sympathy vote? Could this altruistic act earn an award of the $25,000 America’s Favorite?). Natalie remains intent on keeping Jordan; at least it is a recurring theme in this duo’s conversations. She offers up Kevin as her target for next week.

Natalie also remains intent on having Michele offer herself up in lieu of the veto as a sign of faith and show of trust. Surely, she can’t believe she has all of the housemates under her spell. Could she?

By 10:28AM BBT, Jeff in the BY with a smile that has been missing for days.

Natalie already walks with a renewed skip in her step and a wide, boastful strut; Her ego seemly growing exponentially by the minute. Only moments pass before Kevin and Natalie take the opportunity to slam the competition with laughter of their calamity and desperation. Kevin insists that Natalie swears to vote out Jeff. She remarks with conviction “Do you want me to slap you? If the dumb b*tch uses it (the veto) on Jeff then I’m voting Michele out.”

She proudly announces in the BY, “This is great.”

Natalie stands beside her F2 deal with Kevin. Just to remind you, this is her 3rd deal of the day. They evidently are sticking with the grand plan. Natalie is all in, reporting her lies to Kevin. Why stop now? The truth apparently being the closest thing to the lie, those that she chooses to tell. Of course, Kevin could be the next casualty of this war. Unless . . .

Could this be Kevin making overtures to Michele about a final agreement? It’s 10:51am BBT, only moments later as this morning seems to be gaining more and more momentum; He stops Michele inside the house to compel her “not to be dumb.” He tells her to take herself off the block. It wasn’t that long ago that Kevin confronted Michele to utter that felt that he sensed “… that you have something with Jeff & Jordan but I sense that you know Jeff's connection with Jordan is closer. I'm just trying to figure out what everybody is thinking.” As he considers all his options and plants that poisonous seed.

Nat and Kevin make their case for the other houseguests’ insanity around 11:00am BBT. Nat is amused at how dumb the others must think she is. She “thinks it’s hilarious.” Kevin agrees. “Yep, they think you’re dumb,” fueling her ego more. Natalie admits to Kevin that she actually hopes that Jeff does go home this week so that he is not another threat that would dominate the endurance competition that is notoriously played in F3.

The house has fallen silent again. Michele retreats under the covers in the SS room unbeknownst to Jordan and Jeff who have retreated there as well to speak in whispers. They laugh at the discovery. Jeff and Jordan eventually settle in to relax before the veto meeting. Its 11:36am BBT, Natalie and Kevin return to the RR to listen in on anything that might be going on in the SS room. The usual bashing of the mental stability of Michele commences. Natalie can’t hold back the usual “dumb female dog” comment as par for the course. Kevin coarsely throws around his recent opinions regarding Michele’s newborn love for Jeff. Apparently, they believe Jeff is an evil Jinn with the powers to capture both women and make them sacrifice themselves for him. Jessie’s got nothing on this lothario according to Kevin. Nor do the women have either the fortitude or brains to resist.

Where’s Pandora’s hope when you need it?

The house goes into lockdown at 11:54am BBT. Nearly an hour of Big Brother trivia enlivens the feeds. No fish have come out to entertain this afternoon.

“He’s gone.” Kevin states flatly. The veto ceremony had concluded with Michele taking herself off the block. Jordan & Jeff now reside in those precarious positions. Reality starts to sink in with Jordan. She announced that she will be “pissed” if anyone votes for her. I’ll be “pissed” if I stay, she insists to Jeff. The duo agrees that whoever is left to stay will ensure that Kevin leaves next.

“I never thought I would make it this far. The money is nice but I wouldn’t feel like I deserved it,” an altruistic Jordan makes it known. It’s got nothing to do with Greek mythology. Pandora isn’t there. Jeff insists she does not give up only to be met with a beaten and weary Jordan remarking “…I can’t beat the show.” (She takes a final bow. The curtain closes.) Its 1:15pm BBT.

Big Brother summons Natalie while the houseguests settle in for a long summer’s nap. Jordan doesn’t escape the pleasure of the DR and must make her appearance next.

“This is a lockdown,” Big Brother announces. “Please go outside.” It’s nearly 2:00pm BBT and all HGs are resting wordlessly outside, except Jordan. She is the remaining soldier enduring DR and comes out oblivious to all that has gone on. At 3:05pm BBT the lockdown is over. The DR dialogs recommence. Michelle is next on her way to the confessional.

A sleepy Jordan is cornered again by Natalie around 3:15pm BBT. “You really don’t want to go, do you?” she inquires. Jordan runs over all the reasons she believes she will be the next evictee and doesn’t understand why Michele would insist. She surmises that it must be because Michele and Kevin are working together! Natalie disagrees with her and reassures her that she deserves to stay, that she has Natalie’s word that she will keep her. He vote is promised to Jordan and she follows up by assuring F3, since Natalie and Kevin want Michele out next week. She convinces Jordan that she needs her ‘strong and that she needs her help next week. Jordan remains deep in thought until she succumbs to the undeniable magic sleep of the big brother houseguest.

This is now Natalie’s 4th deal of the day. It’s F3 with Jordan.

In one fatal swoop, Natalie not only convinces Kevin to make her a BLT, she also manages to get in a Michele bashing, mocks Kevin as he prepares her sandwich, and manages to get lessons on how to cut an avocado. It’s after 4:15pm BBT and her self-worth is at full sail. She even goes as far as to tell Kevin that in all reality, she actually had power in the house weeks 1 thru 3. She’s no longer flying low now that Competitive Natalie has made her appearance! She comes marching out of that Trojan Horse with the stance of a warrior 7ft tall. Her cool certainty crushing any hope that might have been a remnant of Pandora’s Box. She only needs her trusty steed to continue her pillaging and the possibilities must seem endless to this young one.

By 5:50pm BBT, Michele and Jeff are awake and hashing the latest scheme in the BY. A simple deal they figure. Offer to throw the HoH and give it to Natalie. Offer her unconditional, guaranteed safety. They believe they can offer this to Natalie and agree to vote Kevin out “next” week. After all, a woman of integrity and honor such as herself couldn’t break her word – this week. Jeff cannot fathom how she could turn down such a deal or align herself with someone who has clearly not been honorable to his word, such as Kevin.

Ultimately, the 30’somethings have given birth to a new plan that does indeed include evicting Jordan and throwing the HoH competition to Natalie. The deal will be offered later, if only they can catch her without her new shadow, Kevin. Unfortunately, Natalie and Kevin remain sleeping in the RR. No chance for making deals now.

The SS room triad decides they are hungry. Its 6:00pm BBT and their stomachs are rumbling. Chicken Parmesan Michele supposes. No, Jordan vetoes that notion and asks for Chicken Cordon Bleu (her hand in the cookie dough as she says this). Chef Michele obliges as talk of game over the past few weeks resumes. Ah, children are usually so easily satisfied with cookie dough and chicken nuggets. If only…

Jeff is consumed by the idea that Natalie is playing the loyalty card to someone who hasn’t been loyal nor done “dookie.” The deal is sealed. They must speak to Natalie later. She will be safe with Michele and Jeff and they are upping the ante with the HoH enticement. It’s now a vendetta. Jeff is determined to have Kevin out of the game. Its 6:46pm BBT. Jeff and Jordan are discussing the possible jury votes for Natalie. Returning to the prior week’s happenings and unraveling the puzzle of juror votes.

A now awake Kevin walks into the BY and returns to the house to reiterate the gossip and stones thrown by Jeff in the BY during his conversation. He does not return with your average exaggeration, but that of a pro. He’s showing such great potential as a prospective winner.

Jordan returns from the DR and Jeff and she return to their BY shenanigans. It’s 7:00pm BBT and they are pulling into sillytown. Jeff asks how they should go out with a bang when he leaves. Should they make out? Or shall he hump her leg? Jordan goes over what her expectations for leaving and giving up her shot at the money would be. It’s Hawaii and diamond earrings. They laugh. Each disagrees and says they are the houseguest that will be leaving. Some comedy relief seems to have served them well.

It’s 7:17pm BBT and the houseguests are now disclosing their booty from the Pandora’s Box competition. Apparently, each trip to the DR allowed the HGs to find out their total take in the game. With check in hand, Jordan takes $1726, Jeff takes $3181, Michele takes $2563, Natalie, takes $1900, and Kevin pulls in the rear with a take of $626 (not bad for a handcuffed man!).

Random chatter and swimming fish fill the next few hours. The houseguests fill their time with non-game related activities. Eating, cooking, and singing… By 8:56pm BBT Jordan is doing dishes and Jeff sits in the kitchen eating as well. They are both sulking. However, Jordan bursts in with a remark regarding the key from Pandora’s Box. She implies that when she was in the DR, they implied some type of mystery power associated with it. Could it be? They engage in short-tempered banter. Jeff insists that Jordan must quit listening to Kevin and Natalie and he doesn’t care to hear any of it any more. He insists that her only safe bet is to stick with Michele. Apparently, Michele must have made an impression on him!

It’s into the BY for everyone. Natalie is bragging and cheating at pool while playing with Kevin, unknown to him. Michele is draping her feet in the hot tub at a safe distance from everyone else. A lone Jordan attempts to do some exercise while Michele complains of a full tummy. Jeff is playing solitaire. Michele and Jordan shortly retreat to the shower to speak a bit. Both unnerved about how much they believe the jury members dislike them. Both agree it’s enough to keep them out of there.

Meanwhile, 9:31pm BBT, Jeff takes a moment to explain the deal to Natalie while the ladies are gone and Kevin has gone to DR. Only Michele need speak with Natalie. The scheming is on! Michele makes it back to the BY to briefly discuss the options with Natalie. The outcome was that Natalie would “consider” saving Jeff if guaranteed safety of the HoH. Michele is agreeable. Could Natalie be considering this in reality, despite her cries of foul to Kevin?

Kevin returns around 10:04PM BBT and Natalie spills the entire deal to Kevin. They berate and taunt their roommates for their desperation. She laughs, cackling at their feeble attempts to lure her. Nat assures Kevin that there are no deals and that he of course would reciprocate with the same. He replies with a “… yeah, yeah…” seemingly tiring of her ranting. Thankfully, the other houseguests fill the BY will talk of sports and football – drawing the young Natalie’s attention to other things. They banter about players and new stadiums. It’s close quarters and no one is bashing nor scheming.. It’s a relatively merry bunch as Jeff eats his peanuts with his blanket on his lap, and girl at this side; he is reminiscing of football on a chilly night. At 11:00PM BBT Jordan and Jeff, leave the football bleachers for the hammock for time alone and silly conversation. Truly I expected him to have on earmuffs and gloves… he really was somewhere at Soldier Field in his mind!

Natalie and Kevin sneak off to the HoH room for some quiet calculating. It’s 11:20pm BBT and they’re still talking about Bizarre world, where they rule the roost and their puppet playthings are crawling in desperation. Ego doesn’t even begin to encompass this mania. They are indeed in Bizarro world. The HOH-itis has taken hold. Kevin repeats that Jeff is campaigning against Jordan and that she actually wants to leave. Natalie takes credit for talking her protégé into staying in the game and explains that tomorrow she will approach Michele and decline the deal, giving her enough time to act as if she seriously considered it. She doesn’t want a F3 agreement in any way – it’s F2 with Kevin and Natalie. Isn’t it?

Could this F2 be deal number 5 for Ms. Natalie today? How does she ever keep up?

Kevin and Natalie play chess, its 11:40pm BBT. Kevin catches Natalie cheating, again. Et tu, Brute?

Talk returns to the competitors. They contemplate stinging remarks to embellish the eviction speech so that Kevin may add insult to injury to the evictee, Jeff. Its 1:40am BBT in the house. The HoH members have not tired yet of making crass remarks about the others. Chess play continues.

The other houseguests have gone to bed. The SS room gang has retired and is enjoying some well-deserved relaxation. Light talk and laughter are the only subjects they approach. Yet still Kevin and Natalie find themselves compelled to again spy on them. Stealthy sneaking into the RR, they listen patiently only to find giggles and talk of hugs. Kevin and Natalie begin playing BS, the card game, in an attempt to stay within earshot of the others. It’s now 2:53am BBT and Kevin’s paranoia is not waning. Natalie hints that they could remove the bottoms drawers from under the bed so she could hide and eavesdrop.

Natalie attempts to comfort Kevin. The other houseguests have said their good nights and have gone to sleep, with the exception of the occasional Jordan giggle. Nat says, “It’s only Monday. It’s a long time. The veto ceremony is tomorrow so the houseguests have plenty of time…” Kevin gathers up some blankets and plans to retire to his room to sleep, though still hesitant and debating whether to sleep downstairs. “Sleep well, my dear.” Kevin says to Natalie.

3:03am BBT Natalie continues her soitare games in the RR. Finally lights out.

The houseguests have all settled in for the evening. Natalie retires to bed, finally at 3:23am BBT.