Its the final Saturday morning in the BB house. BB has let them sleep in till 11:00am.

Everyone doing their usual morning routines. Dan mocking Danielle's voice & she laughed. She wonders if Dan could have picked on Kara the way he does with her. Dan thinks he could have a little but he worried about her Anxiety getting to her when he first saw it. Danielle doesn't think she would take being picked on well but Dan thinks she'd get used to it. Danielle agrees. Dan points out that when he makes fun of people, it doesn't go as far as Britney does. Danielle says that he rides the line but Britney goes over the line. Danielle mentions that Dan made some joke about Shane/Danielle was funny but once Britney made a magnet comment, Danielle was livid. Dan says he thought it was funny but couldn't have said it himself. Dan points out that no one ever made fun of Britney though. Danielle says she made fun of her negativity. Dan remembers that he had a long talk with Britney about why she's so negative all the time in the early part of the season & the DR asked him about it. Dan asks Danielle if she's been asked about Chelsea. Danielle smiles & nods yes.

Danielle telling Dan that Jordan had 2 stern moments in BB13. One with Shelly & one time when she was trying to calm Rachel down after Brendon left. Danielle says that she hasn't gone off on Dan the way Jordan did. Dan gave her a look. Dan starts mimicking her. She mentions that he was talking calmly so she had to bring her voice down or else she would have exploded. She then points out that he got stern too. Dan mocking Danielle "Is she mad at me? What did I do to her" Dan mocks himself "Go talk to her!" Danielle says that Dan was on his period that day. Dan says when you're trying to get a F3 deal done, things go down like that. Danielle says she aws an innocent bystander on both occasions. Dan says that her & innocent don't belong in the same sentence, especially when her voice chances when she says innocent. Danielle jokes that she has a halo on her head. Dan says it has horns sticking out. Danielle asks if he really thinks she's an evil person. Dan explains that he doesn't, he just thinks she plays the innocent card. He gives a metaphor that she pretends she's holding the worst hand in poker but she's really holding 4 Aces. Danielle tells Dan that she's getting offended by what he's saying & asks if he means she has a good poker face. Dan says she's fooled people into thinking she's one thing when she's another. Danielle asks if he really thinks she pretends to be a nice person. Dan says no but I think you're capable of Dan-like things. Danielle agrees with that & seems satisfied by that answer.

Dan tells Danielle that he made a private plea to America. She asked what it was about. Dan says he says he knows he may be viewed as Shelley bc he broke up America's Favorite couple but please don't send his wife death threats like they did with her. Danielle looks shocked & said she didn't know that.

Danielle comments on how mad some of her family must have been at Dan. Dan says he thinks they'll see it as a good game move. Danielle says that Dan is a lot like her dad with his humor & the way he views things. Danielle asks Dan if he thinks that Trey is over her. Dan says that they haven't talked in 3 months so he may. Dan asks Danielle what she believes that odds are of her & Shane really happening outside of the game. She says about 20-23%. Dan asks Danielle how she thinks Shane will feel when he sees that on the show, she was telling Dan everything. Danielle says that she still cares about Shane but she cared about Dan in the game more. Dan says that Shane was expendable. Danielle says she would never say that. Dan keeps saying expendable. Danielle is wondering what Janelle thinks now that Danielle has admitted that she has fake breasts because Janelle would talk about hers and Danielle would play stupid. Dan says he remembers Janelle's comment about Frank's luggage isn't as nice as her 3rd set. Danielle wonders how her life will change when she leaves the BB house, if at all. Dan says it will change for a few months but then go back to normal & "you'll always be a value to the BB community as long as you're not a doucher." Danielle "I'm never a doucher."

Ian, Dan & Danielle spend all afternoon sleeping, playing cards and general chit chat. Ian misses his hammock....hes rocking away in the kitchen chairs.

7:00 - 9:00 2nd part of the HOH is being played by Dani & Ian.

9:00pm Showtime shows fish for about 10 minutes then we see Dan emerge from the backyard... followed by Ian & Dani. Ian won! Dani is yelling at him. Telling him that if he takes that jerk to the final 2, she will get the jury to vote for Dan. Dani follows Ian in the bathroom and continues to yell at him. Ian says what Dan did in front of her was wrong (Dan hugged Ian and was happy that Ian won 2nd part of HOH). Meanwhile Dan is in the Arcade room laughing (Dan & Dani had planned to do this if Ian won, as a means to try to get him to throw part 3 to Dan). Dani tells Ian that he will never get her vote and she isnt mad at Dan she is mad at Ian, because Ian told her he didnt have a final 2 deal with Dan. Ian says he doesnt, but Dani doesnt believe him. Ian excuses himself and goes to the toilet where you can hear him vomited from the black chalk used in the competition.

Dan & Dani in back bedroom, Dan tells Dani that they cannot talk because Ian is afriad Dani will convince him to take her instead of Ian. Dani agrees and heads to the bathroom. Ian & Dan have a quick exchange while Dani is away from the room, reaffirming their Renegades alliance. Dani in the bathroom crying, saying she is disappointed in herself for not winning. Dan comes in an comforts her for a minute, saying she will be in the final 2, he promises.

While Dani is in the shower (still crying) Ian is in the DR, Dan sits at the kitchen table and says out loud that he cannot do this to Dani and he does have a concience. He says his best move may be to throw the 3rd round to Ian, so Ian is the one to evict her.

Ian returns from the DR as Dani heads to bed to cry some more. Dan & Ian stare at the memory wall and guess how each HG will vote. Dan making it seem that Ian is for sure going to win over him, but not Dani. Ian agrees and tells Dan he wont scumbag him in the end.

Lockdown over and Ian literally runs to his hammock. Dan & Dani in bed as Ian rocks away. Ian mumbles about big moves and reasons why he should win. As usual, hard to understand what he is mumbling.

**Since this is the final Saturday, I just wanted to thank all the updaters! Awesome as usual! See you next year! Crossing my fingers for another winter edition!