8:00 am and HG are waking up for the day, doing routine morning rituals.

Rachel and Kathy in HOH, Rachel asks Kathy what she will do if she wins POV. Rachel lets her know if Kathy wins POV and use it on Kristen she will take that as a personal attack. She reminds her that she didn't put her up twice and if she did that it would be like a slap in the face to her. Kathy tries to change the subject but Rachel is determined to get her point across. Rachel tells Kathy she know Kristen is Kathy’s friend but you have to consider yourself in this game, Kathy agrees. They leave HOH and Kathy runs to Kristen to tell her about the convo. Kathy says if she won the POV she would take Kristen down just so she and America could see the look on Rachel’s face. Says what does it matter, if Hayden or Kristen come down she is going up in their place anyways.

Rachel and Regan is SR. Rachel tell him about the convo with Kathy. She tells him how she told Kathy she would take it as a slap in the face is she won and used the veto, reiterating she didn’t put her up twice. Regan tells her to calm down, she may not even get picked to play. Regan says if she gets picked then we should have another convo with her. Its hard enough to put up two. But with two HOHs you will have to put up 6. They are interrupted so convo ends.

10:00 am Veto players picked are Britney, Enzo & Regan.

Britney, Rachel & Brendon in HOH discussing POV and how happy they are with the players picked. They were afraid that Kathy would get picked. They says that they are all mad at Kathy and once Kristen is gone she will try and be their best friends again. Brit points out that Kristen in the JH would not be a vote for any of them. R & B agree. Brendon says that Kathy doesn't deserve to be there either. Brit & Rachel agree but say that Kristen is more dangerous to them because she wouldn't definitely not be a vote for them. wouldn't make a deal with them. They discuss Matt and how they do not trust him and that when he was HOH he said we weren't his target but agree he would still put them up. Discussing Regan's reaction to putting up Matt. Brendon thinks Matt is going to blindside them and Rachel says they are all going to do that. She doesn't trust Matt but doesn't want to put him up right now. Downstairs, Enzo is all fired up about getting to play in the POV. He says when he wins HOH, he is going to put up 2 people and yell at 3 more! Enzo tells Hayden after this week the Brigade is half of the house because Kathy doesn't count. They laugh. Enzo said he would be embarrassed if Kathy wins 500k. Enzo is very cocky, I mean confident that he will win the POV and the Brigade is the best alliance in BB history. (LOL)

POV begins at 2:45 feeds back at 5:15.…the winner is BRITNEY! This was a prize and penalty type of POV, Kristen has to wear a hippy unitard complete with wig and Hayden is sent to solitary confinement, which is in the H/N room. The Solitary room has a curtain to hide the port-a-potty, a bucket of slop and bread and water. Enzo won a 3D TV, Regan a “veto card.

Kathy & Kristen in bed talking about trying to get Britney to use the veto. They go over different reason as to why she should use the veto. Kristen is saying she'll do ANYTHING Britney proposes just to get off the block and stay safe. She doesn't want to go home this week. Kathy tells Kristen she'll talk to Britney alone first to see where Brit stands, if she's playing ball w/Rachel or not. Kristen thinks Rachel is in Britney's head. Kathy seems pretty invested in getting Britney to use the veto on Kristen. Kristen says her deal to Britney would be: "if you keep me, you can put me up whenever you want and I will never put you up." Kathy wonders what Rachel offered Britney, if anything. Apparently Britney said something to Kathy in the storage room today and says if Kristen talked to Britney and Britney didn't tell Kristen what she (Brit) said to Kathy, then Brit is lying and can't be trusted. "And if she says it's not even on the table that she's gonna use it," said Kathy, "Then we have to start working on votes." Kristen believes she would go in a 5-2 vote (only Kathy and Ragan would vote to keep her, the rest of the house would vote to keep Hayden). According to Kristen, Britney's not a risk-taker and she's a floater so she wouldn't want to stick her neck out for Kristen.

Rachel & Braden discussing the comp, saying they lost a lot of respect for Hayden. Apparently he was greedy and did not take the veto instead took a mystery prize that ened up being solitary confinement. They agree that he showed that he really doesn’t care too much for Kristen after all and they are the only “real” romance in the house.

Britney, Regan, Enzo, Matt & Lane are all in palm room talking through the walls to Hayden (who has no problem hearing them at all…hint hint people!!)

Kristen wearing her unitard sitting at Haydens door talking to him. All others are in the kitchen. They are saying the comp sucked and it was the worst thing they could have had.
Hayden tells her he really does wish she could stay. She says she will try to stay. Hayden says he feels like he's in jail....hates being in this house. He is advising Kris what to say to Brit when she tries to get her to use the POV...says she might want to try to get Brit to pull him off instead...if that happens, Kath might go up. They both have their fingers stuck under the door and are able to touch the tips of each others fingers.

Lane is talking to Hay & Lane is telling him that Matt told him that Brenchel is trying to get Brit to use it/Lane is confused because Brit told him she wouldn't use it. He is going to talk to Britney later. Hayden is saying that he is going to tell Brenchel that he is all alone now & wants to be in an alliance w/them to get info. Lane is saying that he can't stand Brendon & he keeps talking in POV role voice & then Hay calls Bren a "toolbag".
Enzo walks in the house from BY & asks Lane if anyone else is in there. Lane: NO. Enzo yells BRI-GADE! ( note this is about the 8th time today Enzo has said Brigade out load in the house). Enzo now at Haydens door talking game and how they are the best alliance ever and talking about how much they hate Brenchel.

11:30pm Kristen asks to speak to Britney alone. They head to the bedroom. Kristen tells Brit that she knows she has no right to ask her to use the veto on her but she really needs to stay in the house another week. She says she has no home to go home to. She needs Britney to help her. She says she will always have Britney’s back if she does this for her. She says it would be a favor for her outside this house, not just inside. Kris says she has financial problems in her personal life and if she leaves now she will have nothing. Now saying that Kathy is also a good honest person and she's glad Kathy is there because she believes in her. Kris apologizes for putting Brit through this and then she will have to go talk to Rachel. Brit says it's OK because she's been there (on the block) and knows how hard it is. Kris again promising that she will take Brit as far as she can in the game if she gives her a 2nd chance. Brit tells her that what she says makes sense and she believes she is a honest and trustworthy person. She says she will think about and will process it and will come talk to her and Hay. Now she floats the idea that Brit could save Hay, but quickly adds that she would still probably go against anyone. Kris says she would be coming after Rachel if she stays. Brit says next week Rachel can't play and she thinks it's the whole house vs. Brendon. Kristen says you have someone right now who is at the very, very, very bottom and will do whatever she can to push you through this game.
Brit tries to end the convo by saying they will pick a time and talk again tomorrow. Kris agrees, but keeps talking...repeating her case for Brit to use it...asking Brit if there's anyone else she can trust to push her through the game. Kris saying she's there to win "That's why me and Hayden haven't done what Brendon and Rachel have done. We're here to win, not for a showmance." Kris saying she's telling the complete trust. Brit says she knows she is. Kris continues talking...Brit mostly nodding and saying "mm-hmm" . Rachel walks in and asks Britney to come talk to her when she is done with Kristen.

12:30am Brit and Rach head up to HOH They spend several minutes saying they think they are gaining weight and look like a "fattie" both telling the other they look good...joking about how much candy they eat and how BB should give them diet pills in HOH baskets. Rachel asks if Brit had a good chat with Kris? Brit says it was Kris pleading her case...saying she was a competitor and is going home because of Andrew lying....how she deserved to be there. Brit says that basically all she said (leaving out the deal/alliance stuff Kris said). Rachel isn’t pushing for more info. Talk turns and Brit asks what B/R would do next week. Rachel saying both Hay and Kathy are possibilities for going. They both think it would horrible for Kathy to make Jury because she hasn’t done anything. Rachel saying they have to take people out who are coming after them (Kris). She says they can take Kathy out next week or whenever. Brit worries that Kathy would make it to F3 because she would skate by. Rach asks Brit where she thinks Lane is game-wise. Brit says she doesn't know because he doesn't talk game with her. Rach says she feels like he doesn't talk game with anyone. Rach asks about Enzo...Brit says she doesn't know about him either...would see herself talking to him than Lane, but she doesn't know what Enzo would do. Rach thinks Lane/Enzo would take out Kathy if they got HOH.
They are speculating about a possible platinum veto that would let you choose who goes up. Now talking about America's player. Rach says America always picks boys for AP...Both agree Enzo would be a funny AP. Rach thinks America likes Brit. She thinks she will be hated. "I'm totally prepared for haters."

2:30 Britney, Lane & Enzo in BY. Brit telling them about her convo with B/R. Says she told them Enzo would put up Kathy, Enzo says he told Brendon that as well. They agree that worked out good then. Enzo saying B/R are scared because only Brendan can play in HoH. They wonder if Ragan would nominate them, Brit says she doesnt think so, Enzo agrees. They wonder If Kathy wins HoH would she nominate them? they are not sure.
Enzo says Brendon talked his ear off tonight. Enzo now tells B/L about his convo with Brendon . Enzo thinks Kathy acts dump because its TOO dumb, and she is a sheriff. Britney says it isnt an act. Enzo says Kathy was freaking out because she thinks Brit will use PoV and she will go up. Brit says why would she use the PoV? Enzo says "Kathy calm down, ur not going home this week... your going home next week so just stop" , they all laugh. Enzo thinks Rachel should go first. Brit disagrees and says Rachel will crumble. Enzo agrees. Lane accuses Enzo of becoming friends with Brendon. Enzo jokes and says yeah he is. Britney is disgusted. They then make fun of Brendon trying to be funny as the Veto host. Enzo now telling them how Brendon tried to make him swear on his family. He says his daughters name should not come out of anyone's mouth in this game.

3:30 am Enzo & Matt playing pool & Enzo says "sometimes i feel bad we are abusing people in here" He & Matt have been bashing Brendon & Kathy mercilessly saying no way that Brendon & Rachel still deserve to be in the house. Matt says, "yeah WE really f*cked up not getting them out when we had the chance". Enzo saying that Hayden was so nervous today, he kept checking if everything was still ok. Enzo jokes "Hayden's like is the brigade still together is everything cool?" Matt wants the brigade, Kristen, Ragan, and Britany in the final 7 but knows that's not going to happen now.

4:00 am HG all asleep…..